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Subj: Post-ENDGAME: Predictions?
Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 at 05:22:23 pm EDT (Viewed 284 times)





So what are your predictions regarding the MCU post-Endgame?

Here are mine:

Thor 4 will be made, will take place in outer space, will feature Tana Nile and the Recorder, and - here's my weirdest notion - will introduce the Fantastic Four to the MCU! (That last one is based exclusively on the numeral "4" in the movie's working title.)

Warlock will appear in the next GotG movie and will be instrumental in the rescue of Gamora from the Soul Stone universe.

The Magus will be the Big Bad of the next giant story arc! How's that for a weird prediction?

There won't be a War Machine movie. Nor will there be a War Machine TV show.

Bruce Banner will never appear again.

Clint's daughter Lila and Scott's daughter Cassie will follow in their dads' heroic footsteps. Tony's daughter will not.

There will be a Champions movie. Lila and Cassie will be founding members of the team. Brawn will be a member. He will have turned green as a random result of the Snap. (Remember: the energies of the Gauntlet are largely gamma.) It will be discovered that "Hulklings" like Brawn have popped up on more worlds than just Earth.

Ms. Marvel, Iron Heart, Miles Morales, and Sam Alexander won't appear in the MCU.

She-Hulk won't appear in the MCU.

The next Doctor Strange movie will deal in some way with the absence of the Time Stone.

Captain Marvel will fight the Magus and the Universal Church of Truth in either her second or her third film. Probably her second.

Quill will die in the third GotG movie. His death will be instrumental in the rescue of Gamora.

The Gamora who isn't in love with Quill will fall in love with Warlock but will die.

Nebula and the Gamora we know and love will continue to appear randomly in the MCU, always together. They will make their living as bounty hunters.

And most unexpected of all -

There will be a Star Wars/MCU crossover. Nebula and Gamora will be in it.