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Subj: War of the Realms #4
Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 at 05:58:44 pm CDT (Viewed 286 times)



Norse cosmology was front and center in this issue, much to my delight, as Norse cosmology is the whole reason I'm buying this.

We start out in Alfheim. We learn, among other things, that the Light Elves like chocolate-covered mushrooms, so now I want to try some.

We meet Sir Ivory and Queen Featherwine. Part of the fun of this series is Jason Aaron's penchant for colorful names. We also learn Light Elves carry pistols. Or at least Sir Ivory does.

In Asgard we get Lord Daredevil and All-Mother Jane. Weird? Yes.

In Svartalfheim we get Dark Freyja wielding the Bitterblade and standing over the dying Bitterhand, one of the many, many Dark Elves being laid to rest by Thor's very metal Mom. I don't know if the Bitterblade used to belong to Bitterhand. Seems like it might have.

"Aye, just one Goddess. And how many Dark Elves do you think one Goddess is worth? Hundreds? Thousands? ALL OF YOU? Keep coming until we have an answer!"

In Nidavellir we get -

She-Hulk: "Big War. Dwarves follow Hulk. Dwarves smash!"

Dwarf #1: "This one quite motivational speaker."

Dwarf #2: "Stonefoot must have cave dust in eye." (Wipes tear.)

Dwarf #3: "To Midgard!"

In Vanaheim we get a glimpse of one of the Vanir. He has a giant fox headdress and a green glowing war-club. Don't know his name but I want to see more of him!

In Niffleheim we get -

Ghost Rider: "...Just when I think my life can't get any more metal."

(By the way, buy the Murder Falcon TPB when Image publishes it or live in everlasting regret. You have been warned.)

In Jotunheim we see the heroes carry Thor to the portal.

In Midgard we get -

Ghost Rider: "....Uh, the spiders are cool. Trust me." (Spoken to Captain America. The spiders are gigantic and used to be denizens of Niffleheim. Apparently they're buddies with Ghost Rider.)

T'Challa and Shuri use a dead Celestial to blow stuff up.

Odin wakes up and wants to know where his wife is. When he finds out, he asks for his spear so he can go lay waste to his wife's assailants. (Which is amusing since, against Lady Freyja, the Dark Elves in their swarms are already outnumbered.) Tony Stark and the Dwarf Screwbeard give Odin something other than his spear. They give him some ridiculous Iron Allfather armor. I mean, seriously guys, how ridiculous. And of course it has Bullwinkle-sized buffalo horns.

Odin and Freyja put paid to every foe within reach, and go out with a bang, destroying Black Bifrost, apparently dying, but also rekindling, in their last moments, the passion of a millennia-old marriage.

Oh, and Thor has a new arm - taken from the Destroyer armor!

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