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Subj: Guardians of the Galaxy #9: PBP...
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Guardians of the Galaxy 009

Pretty much just a "coasting along" issue. And a disappointing one at that.

00: Cheap cover grab. Sure the others are all enthralled but none of 'em appear besides Quill and Patriarch.

RECAP: Hey, y'probably didn't look, until the Letters Page, but Lockjaw made the Roll Call. And in the Letters Page it seems the only reason he's 'officially' considered a member is because all the letter writers asked for it. It doesn't seem story organic or deservedly logical. It is what it is.

01-05 Meaningless tripe and pagewaste. Quill discredibly witnesses the apparent End of Everything, millions of years in the future. He discerns through baffling means that the ominous figure of "Death" standing there has somehow (other than naturally?) annihilated all on Earth. Uhh... [sarcasm]What a shock! Death will be the end of us![/sarcasm] And Patriarch's plan is to send his unhatched cocoon-messiah to "kill Death in the Future"?! Seriously? And this is all totally believable because we see the remains of 21st Century surviving superheroes spandex strewn all over - a million years later. Uhh... yeah, no.

06-10 Somehow Patriarch has means to grant Quill this future vision through religious tech or somesuch. It also appears that Patriarch did enthrall Peter, afterall his staying off, behind the scenes between TWO issues ago and this one. At least to his satisfaction - even if not the readers. So, now the big mystery plan has evolved in The U.C. wanting to "guard the galaxy"? *insert almost any emoji here* Which emoji would you want?

11 The psyche out and punch back was a good moment. Of course, we don't see HOW Quill got un-enthralled or if he was just faking which detracts from that high point some.

12 He channels Indiana Jones for WHOLE PAGE just to recreate that moment that just tried for a copycat thrill that might excite more if you didn't see that better, classic, truly thrilling film.

13-14 Star-Lord vs Cosmo faceoff... aaand it's over like that. Another attempt by son to get thru to the father... aaand he fails again.

15-17 The remaining 3 GotG (not counting those useless twig kids) are on some side mission presumably to advance their rescue mission direction from last issue. Rocket was told about this place (and target) by Gamora. Generic battle against a bunch of... somethings. We robbed of any cool showing by Rocket in his 'shogun warrior' armor set up nicely last issue. NuGroot does nothing but bug me again. Even though it's interpretative of what Moondragon is doing - it looks impressive. And finally we get their surprise target of the issue: Kid Magus! Quick someone update me on what we should know of him ATM?

18-20 Stretched out THREE PAGES for the ending -and pretty much whole point of the issue- to reveal the cocoon-messiah is. (Who is in ALL the cocoons?) The surprise is... (also) nepitistic as ever: DRAX! Quick someone remind me the end of Secret Warps origin where Drax sacrificed himself to re-merge or something with the already merged merged-Drax in an ridiculous exercise to make that Requiem/Gamora created fake Earth (and Secret Warps Galaxy?) permanence?

LETTERS PAGE: Bunch of jokey non-answers. EXCEPT: The 'confirmation' that a 616-Moondragon DOES co-exist currently in this timeline alongside this GotG-Heather! ARGGH! All those previous posts of mine trying to get clarification on which Phyla and Heather alt-versions survived since Knowhere Korps formed - and it turns out BOTH Moondragons (and 1 Phyla) are in our galaxy right now?! Sheesh.

I miss Dad & Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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