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Subj: Sliders "Eggheads," "The King is Back," "Luck of the Draw," and "Into the Mystic"
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The is a lot to like in this episode. I love this world where intellect is so widely admired and people are so eager to learn that their libraries have to extend their hours! However, since they don't seem any more technologically advanced than we are, it's all just hype isn't it. The players in the game Quinn players can rattle off an endless number of facts they have memorized but can they apply the knowledge?

Wade has a great line in this episode when she says to Rembrandt- "You bet on a game you don't understand. You're an idiot!"

The storyline with Arturo meeting his an older version of his wife that died at a young age was interesting too because rather than trying to make something of it when he knows it isn't really his wife, he tries to reason with his double. Only his double isn't around so he leaves him a video message.

Quinn and Arturo's double claim to be sliding, but since they can't find their lab the gang assumes that they were just lying about this and are hiding somewhere on their own world.

It's also funny how obsessed the alternate Quinn is with dinosaurs.

The King Is Back

This episode had a fun opening sequence. Quinn is on trial because he double had spray painted under a bridge or somewhere and apparently on this world you could get the death penalty for that. The judge on the case looks a lot like judge Ito from the OJ trial. Quinn is found guilty but the gang pull a jail break and slide out of the world in the middle of the courtroom.

The rest of the episode takes place on a world where Rembrandt was bigger than Elvis.

Arturo has a really funny scene when he treis to reason with a mob of crazed fans and loses most of his clothes and gets really angry that everyone thinks he's Pavarotti

The neat thing or confusing thing about this episode is rather than trying to have two Remys on the screen at once through camera trickery they got Cleavant Derricks real life twin brother to play the alternate world Rembrandt. The two of them look like brothers but not identical.

Luck of the Draw 

The plot of this episode is familiar to anyone that has read Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery." They go to a world where there is a lottery that seems like a chance to get easy money so the gang all enter not realizing that the "prize" for this lottery is death.

This is the season finale and they tacked on a God awful cliffhanger. Quinn gets shot as he is jumping into the vortex. when they get to the other side Wade realizes what happened when she touches his back and gets his blood all over her hand. And then she screams a really ridiculously over the top "Nooooo!!!!"

Into the Mystic
This is the first episode of the second season and it's a weird one. It starts off with a fever induced dream sequence Quinn is having while recovering that is pretty funny. Quinn is dead and at his funeral the gang can't wait to just go get some pizza.

When Quinn walks up he seems fine and they slide to the next world. But the slide takes a lot out of Quinn so they decide to take him to a doctor. But the world they're on is a strange one. It's a world where all the doctors are witch doctors. The occult is all the rage on this world. Well, they can't pay the witch doctor and he didn't really help Quinn anyway so they run away rather than pay the bill.

Well this was a bad idea because the witch doctor sends bounty hunters after them. So the gang's only chance is to go see the mysterious sorcerer who also knows about sliding.

Well after some adventures it turns out the sorcerer is an alternate Quinn. Who else would it be? And he thinks he can send the gang home.

When they get back to Earth Prime they only have a minute to decide if it worked. They look at the newspaper and it says that the Cleveland Indians were in the world series and that OJ Simpson was on trial for a double homicide. This stuff happened after they left I guess. Then Quinn says his gate has squeaked since he was a kid and he opens it and it doesn't squeaked so they slide. His mom comes out of the house immediately and the groundskeeper says he fixed the fence and that he thinks Quinn will be back someday. So they were home and they would have known it if they'd knocked on Quinn's door or had him open it and asked his mother if Quinn was missing! or ran to the basement and seen the equipment. 

Okay so unfortunately the episode order is just as screwed up in the second season as it is in the first. So this is the order we're supposed to watch it in (don't worry, I already messed up and watched "Love Gods" early).

11. "Into the Mystic"
16. "Time Again and World"
15. "El Sid"
14. "The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy"
12. "Love Gods"
23. "As Time Goes By"
13. "Gillian of the Spirits"
19. "Obsession"
22. "Invasion"
18. "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome"
17. "In Dino Veritas"
20. "Greatfellas"
21. "The Young and the Relentless"



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