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I must admit the two preliminary mini-series were superior to the attempt at an ongoing weekly show. Jane Badler as Diana. Marc Singer as Mike Donovan. Faye Grant as Juliet Parish. Robert Englund as Willie. Michael Ironsides as Ham Tyler. There was so much potential here. I think what sucked the soul out of the ongoing weekly show was the loss of producer/writer Kenneth Johnson.

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The first mini series was outstanding, then it fell into the hands of other writers and we got that Star Child crap with her magical powers in the second part. Kenneth Johnson was the writer of part one, and he quit over creative differences with NBC regarding the direction of the sequel. Just look at the wiki page and see how many writers there are:


It's also backed up by IMDB:


No wonder the second half was so inferior to the first, with so many writers trying to put together the pieces of Johnson's story while at the same time trying to keep NBC execs happy (Johnson is credited under the pseudonym Lillian Weezer, btw).

I just really, really hate the second mini series. The concept started out strong and just fell completely apart. I imagine Johnson had a much darker tone in mind and the execs freaked. Well, what did you expect? He had alien reptiles eating people, for God's sake.

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I watched the movies and started to watch the series but the Alien invaders must have ercased my memory because I can't for the life of me remember anything except the premise of alien invaders and the big ships, and how they looked like humans but were really lizards and how they had infiltrated the world.


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The first mini series was a pretty big deal, as I recall. I really enjoyed it. I don't think I saw the other series.

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