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Subj: Robocop 2014 vs the original
Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 at 01:25:12 am EST (Viewed 10 times)

Well the "electric frankenstein" concept is still present in Robo2014.

Don't read if you don't want spoilers.

In Robo2014, Alex Murphy is a Detective on a case with hsi partner that begins to expose some dirty cops. A car bomb is left for him as a present and he is blown up and badly fried and wounded.

At least one eye is blinded, his ears were damaged, 4th degree burns, spinal damage, limbs missing.....

At this point you could start thinking "Detective Alex Murphy, a man barely alive......Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we have the technology"

His wife is told of the injuries and she signs off on the forms to transform him into Robocop.

America is robo phobic and the govt has legislation keeping robots out of America while around the world robot technology is embraced. Omnicorp is the company in Detroit in this version but is later revealed as a subsidiary of OCP. ED-209 units and EM-208's are deployed overseas to fight terrorists, and they are successful. However ED-209 and EM-208 designate anyone with a weapon as hostile, and this includes a kid in a terrorist country whose father launched a suicde run on Ed-209's and the kid runs out with a knife to join in......and ED-209 blasts him. This shows the difference in ED-209 vs Robocop as Robo2014 can still apply judgement.

Robo2014 does NOT have Prime Directives constantly telling him his job, however if someone wears a red sensor they are designated "Red Asset" and cannot be attacked by ED-209's, EM-208's or Robo2014.

MUrphy is not a reanimated brain in cyborg armor like the original. Murphy was alive, albeit barely when the procedure was done, he is quite cognizant of what has happened and in a scene that was indeed a bit of a shock and somewhat gruesome, Alex is shown what is left of him in the Robo-suit as it can be modular dismantled like Iron Man's armor. Of course at first he wants to die but then for the sake of his wife and kid he sucks it up and decrees that he shall not see himself like that again and his family MUST NEVER KNOW.

Murphy is played up as a national hero despite some glitches in the system that result in him being altered for a time into an emotionless cyborg like the original.

Everyone knows Murphy is Robocop, his family is in the media and they are media targets.

His suit at first is a trimmed down, modernized version of the original and then is converted into a sleek black suit. He is capable of running at speeds close to the Bionic Man's but still slower then the legendary Eight Man, and his right hand appears human so that people can shake what appears to be a human hand for psychological comfort.

Make no mistake though he is still the electronic Frankenstein like the original.

It's a good remake, worthy of the original.

Original Robocop is a dead man whose brain and nervous systems was reanimated and grafted into the cyborg armor.

Original was always plagued by the Prime Directives and the fact that they tried to suppress his memories, which didn't work out that well.

Both pack some nice firepower, but of course the new one takes advantage of the latest technology.

However in terms of durability, it is made quite clear that Robo2014 has weaknesses. 50 caliber rounds will pierce his armor and damage him, headshots with 50 caliber rounds can do grave damage and risk killing him.

Original Robocop's body was titanium/kevlar composite, as such I'd give him the edge in durability, however Robo2014 is faster and his brain while bonded to an A.I. still reacts faster then the original.

Go see the movie.

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