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Subj: Thoughts on Superior Spider-Man #'s 28 & 29
Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 at 12:54:19 am EDT (Viewed 98 times)

I apologize for the late reviews. I just picked-up my copy of #29 today, and decided to review it and #28 here in one post. Not sure if the SSM Annual #2 coming out this week has him, but should know early afternoon on Wednesday, which is when Iron Man Unit 007 usually makes his SSM reviews on the Spidey board:

Recap of #28:
The Green Goblin's goblin-group continue to obliterate Spider-Island and it's minions, with Ock/Spidey escaping on his own, with his own robot and suppies of things, while Peter's consciousness continues to roam in his head, and Ock's memories. With the Goblins now in control of Spider-Island, GG orders them to go and do more things that'll effect Ock/Spidey.

At Alchemax Tower, JJJ, along with Liz Allen, another guy, Tiberius Stone and "Michael O'Mara" stand before the press, with JJJ commenting on the shown upgraded Spider-Slayers to being used now as "Goblin Slayers", to stop the Goblin gang.

At MJ's apartment, her and current boyfriend Ollie, are watching this on the news, when two Goblin minions break in through the window, in an attempt to kidnap her. She fights back with a couple spare web-shooters, immobilizing them to the wall, then she and the boyfriend escape.

At Parker Industries, Pier 64, Ock/Peter arrives with the robot and supplies, and runs into Sajani Jaffrey, demanding to know where he's been. She also makes a comment on the supplies belonging to Spidey, and also berates him for the cops staking them out, because of the disappearance of Carlie Cooper, which Ock/Peter didn't know, but upsets him. Suddenly, Wraith (aka Police Captain Yuri Watanabe) jumps onto the scene, berating Ock/Peter on "what he did to Cooper". He continues to state that he doesn't know, and her mask's facial-recognition software tells her he's being honest. Just then, one of the Goblin-minions enters the scene and attacks, firstly Wraith. Ock/Peter notices that the Wraith's lenses are being affected by the goblin protocols, blocking all goblins from view, so the Goblin quickly takes her down. She then confronts Ock/Peter (Sajani missing), tauntingly revealing herself to be called "Monster", and to really being a Goblin-transformed Carlie Cooper!

At May Parker and Jay Jamenson's place, Goblin minions arrive, but find no one there. Just outside, MJ is escaping in a car with them, along with Ollie. With Ollie driving, MJ is on the phone with Aunt Anna, saying they're ok, and that she's going to fight back against the Green Goblin. May and Jay wonder about Peter and JJJ; MJ assures them that they're both safe.

As Peter's consciousness continues to rummage within Ock/Peter's head and memories, Ock/Peter and Sajani run into the Parker Industries building to escape Monster. As she gives chase, Ock/Peter pushes Sajani to another room to keep her safe, then takes on Monster in another room. After a brief fight, she gains enough self-control to reveal that she hasn't told the others he's inside Parker's body as Spidey, and begs him to find a way to cure her of the Goblin-transformation, it's effects on her body and mind.

Near ESU, people are being told to go home and stay safe, due to the Goblin crisis. Anna Maria is picked up by-car by a woman named "Lily Hollister", claiming MJ sent her to help keep all of Peter's friends safe, and is one of Peter Parker's close friends herself (no idea if that's true, or was true at one time), promising to take good care of her. It's also revealed here that she's also secretly "Menace", one of the Goblin minions...

Recap of #29:
At the Goblin Underground, GG is watching the Goblin Army news footage, when Menace shows up with Anna in tow. The news reports go on with showing Sajani, who says Monster attacked them because of their ties with Spidey, and that the roof-part of the building with Ock/Peter and Monster was destroyed by Goblin-bombs, and she's not sure if either of them are still alive. Menace is clearly concerned for Monster, but GG assures her that she can be replaced ("goblin serum's thicker than blood"), and they'll "just have to find someone else he cares about..."

At the mayor's office, Tiberius (along with "Michael", Liz Allen, and Glory) makes note to Mayor JJJ that the "Goblin Slayers" could currently be used to help the Avengers and other heroes in the rescue efforts, as the units aren't combat-ready yet, and would be great PR for Alchemax and the Mayor. JJJ says he still wants the units to just take down Spidey, as he still believes he's behind the Goblin crisis. Glory, in disgust for JJJ's lack of concern for the city's people, as well as the "possibly-dead" Peter, quits on him.

Outside Mystic, Connecticut, MJ and the other step out of the car for a bit. Aunt May is concerned how she can't reach Peter, Jay the same about JJJ, and Ollie, as he's a firefighter, says should be out there helping with rescue. MJ then gets a call from Ock/Peter, who states his "death" was "a ruse to buy time," and asks if the others are safe. MJ confirms, and says May is freaking out. Ock/Peter says to "deal with it," and that he has important things to do. MJ chews him out over "what he considers important, and what he doesn't," and how they're not together anymore. Ock/Peter cuts her off by hanging up.

At Parker Industries, Ock/Peter and Sajani have Monster/Carlie restrained (as she's still flipping out), studying her to help find a way to cure her. Just then, GG sends Ock/Peter a radio message on his head-piece, saying he still doesn't know who's body Otto is really in still, saying "he has something special to show him". Ock/Peter then tells Sajani that he has to leave for something important, and that he's sure she's competent enough to continue curing Carlie on her own. Sajani is mad, even yelling and calling him a jerk. Now in his Ock/Spidey garb, and (I think) on top of the damaged part of the Parker Industries building, GG sends him images through his costume-goggles, of Otto's childhood home, of his old lab where the accident that changed him into Doc Ock happened, of the "Boneyard" where the police have his greatest inventions locked away, of the bottling plant where Ock/Spidey saved those factory workers who're there now pulling a late night shift, and of the H.E.A.R.T. Clinic, where Ock/Spidey has been working to help the sick: ALL BLOWING UP. The distraut Ock/Spidey says he'll kill him, with GG saying "the lesson's not over yet," and that he's "going to teach him just how much he still has left to lose," saying for him to meet him at his Alma Mater, ESU, as he's kidnapped one of his Otto's "classmates", someone dear to him, and "not to be tardy". Ock/Spidey knows it's a trap, and wonders what Parker would do...

We next see another mindscape within Ock/Spidey's brain, lamenting on his hatred for the real Spidey. After that, he's webswinging through the Lower East Side, calling Anna Maria, but gets no response. Over a secure line, he then calls Chief Pratchett, and tries to send coordinates of Goblin activity, and a mugging (which he was otherwise ignoring), and says he needs help locating Anna. He's cut off by the Chief, who says he's onto him, that he's in on the Goblin stuff. Ock/Spidey says he's wrong, but gets hung up. At the Chief's office, JJJ, Liz, Tiberius, and "Michael" are there. The Chief asks JJJ what to do now, to which he replies to send the Spider-Slayers to where he was calling from, and fan out from there. Liz orders Tiberius and "Mike" to activate their slayer-program. Tiberius obeys, and turns in "Mike"'s direction, saying they should get back to Alchemax to monitor the Slayers, when he notices the man has disappeared...

At ESU's "Marla Jameson Memorial", Ock/Spidey swings in through the glass-window, and follows goblin green spray-paint to a room where GG has Don Lamaze captive, but Ock/Spidey laughs it off. GG is upset that he wasn't concerned about the guy, and says he'll leave, and try to find another person he cares about to use at another meeting. Ock/Spidey activates his spider-legs to attack GG, but GG overrides them, making them turn on him, commenting on how easy it is with that old tech. GG takes off, and Ock/Spidey wrestles with his spider-legs as they try to kill him, yelling at Lamaze to escape. He manages to get 3 of the 4 off, right before the last one is about to stab him in the back. Lamaze sees this and sacrifices himself by getting in the way of the leg before it stabs Ock/Spidey. Distraught over why he'd do this, Lamaze replies that he wanted a chance to do what's right, after Ock/Spidey saved him and Anna, to be a hero like him. The man then dies in Ock/Spidey's arms. After then standing and swearing vengeance on GG, that he'll find a way to track him, JJJ's Spider-Slayers arrive, piloted by remote by him, his face appearing on their monitors, saying they're going to arrest him. Ock/Spidey points out that if anything happens to him, JJJ will be outed as lying to the public for what the Slayers were for. JJJ says he doesn't care, saying he lost his wife, self-respect, his office, and his freedom, because of him, and it'll be worth it to put an end to him. He also states these new ones are much more powerful than the old ones. However, the Slayers all shut down suddenly, and JJJ's face disappearing on them, with Ock/Spidey wondering why. S-Man appears on a wall nearby, saying it was him, holding a button-device he pressed. Ock/Spidey asks why he's still in this time, and replies he should be glad, having just saved his life, saying he had "an in" on the Slayers. Ock/Spidey offers a team-up against GG, using the Slayers under their control, but S-Man says he has some questions for him first. Ock/Spidey says there's no time, but S-Man states he has decades, that he himself doesn't belong here, and he's not sure Ock/Spidey does either. He says there's something wrong with history, and Ock/Spidey (still not knowing Doc Ock is in his mind instead of Peter), and that he's not acting like how Spidey should act, and he's not letting him go until he knows what's going on. The Slayers then reactivate for some reason, breaking free from S-Man's control. Norman Osborn's face now appears on the Slayers, saying that HE runs the city, laughing maniacally while holding both Spider-Men by the neck with Slayers...

While I still dig this storyline, issue #28 was just another as usual small Mig-cameo, but #29 was better at showing him off. I get the impression that #30 will have Mig/S-Man with a larger role. I really want S-Man to stay in the present until Peter can get his body back, and have them become closer buds. Still very much looking forward to whatever LS or whatever book that's coming for S-Man later this year.

Anyone else have thoughts?

- Rodimus

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