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Subj: Thoughts on this week's Superior Spider-Man #30 and Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW (with S-Man and Doom)
Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 at 07:28:31 pm EDT (Viewed 119 times)

I had pre-ordered SSM #30 from my LCS from Previews, as I knew since S-Man appeared in #29, he had to be there too, so I was able to get that saved for me. It did have S-Man, as stated on both Iron Man Unit 007's Spidey board review and Marvel Wikia's site. I didn't pre-order SSMTU #11 or UA #18.NOW originally, as Previews didn't mention any S-Man or Doom appearances there, but it was confirmed on Marvel Wikia yesterday that there were. SSMTU #11 sold out before I was able to get an extra copy, and UA #18.NOW had some copies left, and was able to grab one.

Here are my reviews and thoughts:

SSM #30 Recap (Goblin Nation part 4):

In a last-ditch effort to save himself from death, Otto Octavius swapped minds with Spider-Man, leaving Peter Parker to die in his place. Taking on Peter's sense of responsibility, Otto carried on his mission as the Superior Spider-Man.

But part of Peter Parker lives on as a memory fragment deep inside Superior Spider-Man's psyche. However, after hiding inside of Otto's memories to avoid detection, Peter has become trapped there and is fighting for control.

While the Green Goblin's army terrorizes New York, the Goblin himself is playing a game of cat-and-mouse with Superior Spider-Man. Destroying both people and places close to Otto Octavius, and next on the list, Anna Maria Marconi, a woman Spider-Man once saved (but, unknown to the Goblin, she's also Otto's girlfriend).

Making things worse, Mayor Jamenson unleashed a fleet of "Goblin Slayers" to capture Spider-Man, who he believes is working with the Goblin. Luckily, Spider-Man 2099 showed up to help. As one of the scientists who secretly worked on the slayers, he should've been able to shut them down, but something went horribly wrong...

S-Man and Ock/Spidey are shown fighting the Spider-Slayers, seemingly controlled by Norman Osborn, as his face appears on the slayer-monitors, and his voice heard, taunting Ock/Spidey. S-Man explains they're weak in the joints, to which Ock/Spidey says he already knows. "Norman" explains he's kidnapped someone Ock/Spidey saved, showing over the slayer-monitors to be Anna Maria, then the images change to the Green Goblin face. S-Man doesn't understand why his controls aren't working anymore, and Ock/Spidey replies that it's actually HIS tech. The Green Goblin then says that if he leaves S-Man behind to deal with the slayers, that he'll help guide him to where Anna is. S-Man states that GG's tipping his hand, that he knows together that they can beat the 'bots. Spidey seemlingly accepts the terms, thus taking off, with S-Man yelling and calling him a poser, before being overwhelmed with Spider-Slayers piling on him.

In Ock/Spidey's mind, his "Mindscape", Peter's conciousness is still confused about who he really is, thinking he's Otto, and recouting the events when Ock took over his mind originally.

All over NYC, the Goblin-rewired Spider-Slayers lay waste, alongside the Goblin gang mobs from before. Both police and the Avengers are shown doing their best to deal with the crisis.

At City Hall, where a press conference with Mayor Jamenson is taking place, one reporter comments on how the robots have turned against authorities, and if JJJ will resign. He responds, saying Spidey coerced him into it, and that it was the fault of the Alchemax. Liz Allan is shown on an iPad (or whatever they're called) by one of the press, responding to JJJ's accusations, saying they're false charges, and that they warned him that the robots weren't ready, but he went ahead anyway. She's now shown in her office, talking into her laptop, showing three waivers, signed by him, to prove it, and states that Alchemax is severing all ties to the Jameson Administration. She finishes, saying that they're doing all they can to correct the mayor's mistakes, and that she'll have another statement when the crisis is over. Right afterward, she notices something lying on the ground near her desk, and picks it up right when Normie steps in, saying he misplaced something in her office, but she has him leave, saying she's busy, and is doing it all for him. Afterward, we see what she picked up and is holding behing her back: a Goblin-mask...

Ock/Spidey is webswinging through the city, commenting to himself that Anna's probably underground, but the Goblins have miles of tunnels. Trying desperately to think of what to do, Menace shows on her glider, saying they have a girl hostage, and leads Ock/Spidey underground into a subway tunnel.

Back in the "Mindscape," Peter's conciousness finally fixes itself to who he really is, and seems to step into a light, saying he's going to finally take back his life...

In the subway tunnel area, aka the Goblin Underground, Menace continues to lead Ock/Spidey on, to where a small human form, assumed to be Anna, is tied up on a subway track, with GG approaching, driving a subway car. On closer inspection, Ock/Spidey notices it's really Amy Chen, another person Ock/Spidey saved in the past. With some guidance from Peter's "ghost," which only he can see, Ock/Spidey jumps in and saves the girl. After the subway car is gone, Peter's "ghost" lectures Ock/Spidey, then both travel to Parker Inudstries, which catches Peter by suprise. Inside, Sajani says he should be out fighting the Goblins, but is about to ask for his help with something (presumably Carlie/Monster, who seems to have escaped, with all the damage shown around), but Ock/Spidey says he's too busy, and ducks into Peter's lab. With the help of the robot, and some machine-helmet-device, Otto erases all of his memories, even his own consciousness, so that Peter can have his body back. His final wish is that Peter saves Anna, as HE'S the Superior Spider-Man, not Otto. Peter wakes up back in his own body, pulls his traditional Spidey outfit out, puts it on, and says, "My turn."

To be concluded!

UA 18.NOW Recap:
X-Men's Havok is narrating with black panels: "If you're reading this, Katie, you've made it to your sixteenth birthday. For that much I am grateful. I know Hank has raised you well. He's a good man, the only other soul who didn't give up on humanity. He delivered you into this world, and as your Godfather, I knew he would see you through it. It was Hank who diagnosed you as human. Hank who forced us to realize that you'd never be safe here. That Eimin's forces would never stop hunting you should your existence be discovered. That's only one of the reasons we've continued out struggle to undo this. I can't abide my failure to unite man and mutant. Can't abide what that led to. When unity was most needed, we were divided. I was the one responsible for bringing them together..."

New page with panels showing Havok running fast through what looks like a futuristic city, then shopping center. Pursuing him are The Blob and another guy in a red outfit and Cyclops-like eye-visor, but with a red line for each eye. He shoots out some flame attacks on Havok, but he manages to avoid them. Havok continues to narrate: "...and I was the one who failed the Earth. I'm more sorry than you'll ever know that we couldn't be there to raise you. Please know it's our love for you that fuels this struggle. Looking into your eyes, the same color as my mother's--it gives me the resolve to fight against a world determined to forget the past. Eimin has rewritten history. Convinced Scott and his X-Men that the day of Armageddon was inevitable. That all blame lies with Thor, the Avengers--and with ME. She's convinced everyone to accept the death of humanity. Don't judge them. They weren't there to see the truth. But your mother was. She watched it happen. And it was avoidable. Had we mutants been there to help. Once they work out what we mean to do--they'll go to any lengths to stop us. But what we set out to do, it IS the RIGHT thing." As Blob is calling him a traitor, Havok uses his mutant power to open a hole in the side of the buildings glass wall, then jumps through, right before Blob could grab him. As he begins to fall, his narration continues: "To risk leaving you without your parents, we don't take this lightly, my beautiful girl. But there is too much at stake for us to be selfish. That's the meaning of being a hero. Doing the hard thing when it's right. In order to undo my failure and save the world--I have to destroy Planet X."

Previously in Uncanny Avengers:

Uriel and Eimin, the rebellious proteges of the time-travelling mastermind Kang, announced their arrival on present day Earth by felling a celestial, dooming the planet to destruction. Hellbent on ensuring the survival of mutantkind, the Apocalypse Twins raptured the mutant race aboard their interstellar ark, planning to tranport them to a new homeworld.

As the celestial executioner, Exitar, bore down on Earth, the remnants of the Avengers unity squad raced to save the doomed planet. Thor engaged Uriel and Eimin in combat as the Wasp attempted to destroy the Twins' Tachyon Dam, which would allow Immortus, protector of the timestream, to come to the Avengers' aid. But while Thor did manage to defeate Uriel, both Avengers Ultimately failed. As Exitar reduced the Earth to little more than dust, the Apocalypse Twins' ark sped off into space...

Avenge The Earth

Part One

Blob has jumped out the window now too, falling after Havok. Blob says, "Don't know what brought you out o' yer hindin' hole--put ya SCREWED UP. You an' yer GENE TRASH wife are wanted. Public enemy number one!" Havok replies, "There's a reason for that, Blob. We're VERY dangerous!", then attacks Blob with his power. While burnt, and/or covered with dust, Blob reaches for Havok, "Nah. Yer INCONVENIENT. Makin' me run an' jump--I ain't had to do none of this since my x-gene was reignited." Grabbing Havok around the shoulders, he continues, "We figured out what you're after. Why do you have to screw everythin' up for us, CHUMP? Tear down our HEAVEN so we can all go back to that--" Havok disappears, with Blob finishing, saying, "--hell?" and we see he was saved by Wasp (Janet van Dyne-Summers) by shrinking him down to her small size. After a little romantic-joking between the two, Wasp says that shrinking him used up the rest of her external Pym particles. Havok replies, "All the more reason to abort the operation. They're onto us, Janet. They know we mean to destroy the Tachyon Dam." Wasp: "If that's true, then this is the last chance we'll have at it." We see Blob continue to fall, but right before he would've hit the ground, he stops, shown to have been saved by Magneto and his powers (somehow), with some guy in a flying car near them. Blob says Havok and Wasp are heading for the ark, then all three pursue the two, Magneto continuing to use his powers to bring Blob along in the air. As Wasp and Havok continue on, Wasp asks, "Are you sure that Beast can send us back? ALL of us?" Havok replies, "He told me he was working on it." Wasp: "WORKING ON IT?" Havok: "It's Hank. He's done it before, he can do it again." Wasp: "So we're attempting a full frontal assault on the APOCALYPSE ARK, in BROAD DAYLIGHT--and we're not even sure this can WORK?" Havok: "It'll work. If it doesn't...then there truly is no hope." As Havok finishes, some large sand-ish/smoke-ish substance, some of which in the form of giant hands, breaks through the tops of some nearby buildings, reaching downward towards the two. We next see that it was Magneto's doing, by "heating metals with high magnetism...a hot light to zap insects." Havok and Wasp have a hard time outrunning it. Havok has her make him full size again, and then uses his power to destroy the substance. He falls into the open top of an approaching futuristic car, driven by Toad, blasts him, then escapes with the car. He meets back up with Wasp, only for Blob to suddenly appear on the scene, and flying again. He uses his momentum to destroy the car, with Havok jumping out just in time. Wasp runs to Havok's side, saying to get up, that they're almost there, and helps him up. She then says she'll deal with the Blob if he goes ahead and takes down the dam, and he departs to do so. He immediately runs into Magneto, who asks if he'd really allow Havok to undo all his daughter gave her life to accomplish, while also holding up another futuristic car. Havok says he's got it all wrong, with Magneto saying that one of them does, and throws the car down to near Havok, which explodes and repels him. Back with Wasp and Blob: Blob tries to give her a right-hook, but she shinks down so he misses, then gets inside his ear, and shoots a small laser-blast into it. Blob falls down, unconscious. Havok is now holding onto the side of a building ledge, with Magneto above, asking, "Why, Alex? Why risk this utopia to save a population that went to such lengths to HUNT and KILL us?" Havok replies, "This world is built on the graves of BILLIONS of innocents! Innocent blood on EIMIN'S hands!" Magneto replies, "I see why you hold onto this Avengers leadership nonsense so fervently. You married one. Betrayed your own people to side with them. Sadly, you're no Avenger, Alex...because there is no longer such a thing. The very name 'Avenger' is detested. Everyone knows the truth--THE AVENGERS FAILED. Thor's HUBRIS angered the celestials and Earth paid for it. Your wife has been POISONING your thoughts--DESPERATELY clinging to a truth more to her suiting--" Suddenly, one of Wasps bolts hits Magneto in the head, knocking off his helmet in the process. She helps Havok back over the ledge, with him asking her if she killed him, to which she explains Avengers never kill. Havok then says, "This Tachyon Dam is the reason Immortus couldn't intercede. The reason we can't go back and change things. And even if it kills us...I'm going to open that door." He then uses his power to blast something (I assume the dam), which repels him back, and somehow gets Wasp trapped in some kind of "mudball prison," and travels into Magneto's hand. He tells her that he's fallen to his death. Blob then says, "You don't believe that," and Magneto says he doesn't. Blob asks why they aren't following Havok, and Magneto says, "There is no need to hunt Mr. Summers any longer, Blob. We hold the only thing he cares for..he will come to us."

Havok is shown walking down what looks like a slum, outside the main city. He touches an invisible panel on a building wall, and steps through a hidden doorway near it. We see we're in Beast's hidden lab, with Beast asking where Wasp was, and he says she was captured by Magneto. Both have a conversation, Beast: "It's worse than I feared." Havok: "We took down the Tachyon Transmitter." Beast: "I saw. I've been running tests since." Havok: "And? Can you send us back?" Beast: "I have bad news, Alex. I hypothesized that the dam going down here would eliminate the Tachyons...but they are still somehow anchored in this era. In the timeframe we wish to enter, the dam is still up. There is no way any physical body can go back." Havok: "The why the hell did we just risk our lives?!" Beast: "Don't you DARE put this on me. I told you I WASN'T SURE. Told you I couldn't know until the dam was down!" Havok: "I'm sorry... You're right. We knew the risks. Right now the only thing I want...is to see my daughter." He opens a door, and inside a little girl, playing with toys, looks up and sees him. "Daddy!" she yells in excitement. He then picks her up and holds her, with her asking where Mommy is. Havok tells her she'll be home soon, and promises. Beast and Havok start talking again. Havok: "Janet believed that if we got the dam down, immortus was waiting to send an army to help us." Beast: "Help us do what?" Havok: "Save Earth." A new voice says, "Your Wasp had it half right..." Havok, his daughter, and Beast all turn to see Kang appear, continuing, "...only it is Kang The Conqueror who hold mankind's final hope, Havok. And YOURS." Behind Kang are the others he recruited, from other dying future timelines in #14, which still includes Doom 2099, in his original 2099 costume.

To Be Continued...

I liked both these issues, even if I'm a little fuzzy on everything happening in UA. We got some of S-Man in SSM, but I was expecting more. I get the feeling that, now that the real Spidey is back, we'll see another grand-uniting of the two Spider-Men, together taking down the Goblin group, with S-Man playing a huger role, finally. I'd like to know what post-SSM issues (ASM) S-Man will appear in next, if at all. There is still that rumored LS (or some kind of comic) for him that's coming later this year. In UA, why was 2099 dying that Kang had to pull Doom from it? Hope that's explained.

I'll try to get a copy of SSMTU #11 as soon as I can. Probably online order it.

- Rodimus

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