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Subj: Reviews of: ASM Vol. 3 #'s 8-9, Spider-Verse Team-Up #1 (of 3), Spider-Verse #1 (of 2), ASM Vol. 3 #10, and Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #1
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Finally catching up here:

ASM Vol. 3 #8:

Story #1:

Recap: Peter recently learned that someone else, Cindy Moon A.K.A. SILK, was bitten by his radioactive spider giving her similar powers for Peter's. After being locked in a bunker for ten years, Cindy's ready to get back to live and started an internship at the fact Channel cable news network.

Meanwhile, Dr. Minerva, a scientist from the alien Kree Empire, is wreaking havoc in Manhattan. She stole a mysterious cocoon from a local hospital--much like the cocoon that Kamala Khan hatched out of weeks ago. With amazing new powers, Kamala has taken up taken up the mantle MS. MARVEL and is geeking out that she's teamed up with Spider-Man to defeat the alien assailant! Her excitement lessened when Dr. Minerva transformed herself into a giant monster!

Back on the city streets, Spidey and the new Ms. Marvel start duking it out with Dr. Minerva in her monster-form. A little in, Spidey comes up with the plan of them taking away the cocoon, as that's what Dr. Minerva wants. In the henchmen van, where the cocoon is, one masked henchman freaking out about Spidey. The other shown says they don't have a choice about dealing with him. The first henchmen turns away, just as Ms. Marvel extends her arm to punch out the second henchmen, the first talks again unknowingly, about turning a nearby "sonic scanner into a weapon." By this time, Spidey's pulled the cocoon away with a webline, and he and Ms. Marvel take off with it. Minerva gives chase, yelling at the two to give it back. Spidey plans with MM that she take off with the cocoon while he covers her, but after MM grows in size to do so, Minerva pushes her aside. Suddenly, while the cocoon is in Spidey's grasp, it begins to hatch.

At Fact Channel Studios, Cindy Moon (Silk) is called in by her boss, Ms. Long, at her main office, who mentions wanting to the masked hero Silk "their's," as the Bugle does with Spidey, but comes off terribly with the tacky webbing costume. Ms. Long get a radio call about a crime-scene being handled by Spidey, and another taking place in the Diamond District. Long agrees to take on the latter, then turns to Cindy and talks about them going there in case another hero shows up there, but she is gone. We next see her on the building top, webbing herself up (and mentioning have costume-differences this time) to deal with said-mentioned crime-scene, internally commenting on her boss calling the costume "tacky."

Back at the fight, the cocoon hatches to reveal a newborn baby, much to MM's and Spidey's suprise. As MM picks her up, Spidey tells her to take off with the child, while he continues to deal with Minerva. He does so by throwing the cocoon in Minerva's face, temporarily blinding her, with MM carrying the baby off in her arms. Blinded Minerva orders her hencheman to pursue MM and the baby, then blasts at Spidey with laser eyes, knocking him back, as well as MM, who falls while still doing everything she can to hold onto the baby. The henchmen approach her with guns, with her yelling at them being monsters for trying to hurt a small child. One of the henchmen confirms about them being monsters, apologizes, then suprisingly turns his gun on the other henchemen (obviously some kind of sonic cannon), knocking them out. MM suprised, the traitor henchman says even HE wouldn't hurt a baby, as he didn't know there was one in the cocoon. He then takes off his mask, as MM says the suit is scaring the baby, to show he's some bearded guy. Spidey is still down, stunned from his last attack from Minerva. She then fires more eye-lasers at him, but he manages to dodge them all. Minerva then mentions about "the inhuman genetic material she harvested increased her power unimaginably, and she she's shared it with the soldiers of the Kree Empire--." MM and the turned henchman approach the scene, with MM asking where these "soldiers" are. The henchman also expresses his doubts, with Spidey stating that the Kree must have no idea what she's up to. Minerva repsonds, trying to act like she did, but Spidey then sends in a radio call on his ear to Avengers Tower, asking Jarvis to transmit a message to Kree space: "Do you know what Dr. Minerva's doing on Earth?" and says to have sent it. Knowing she's been discovered, Minerva leaves into the air in anger, swearing revenge. Once she's far enough away, Spidey reveals he didn't really send it, but will in a bit, after they get the baby to its parents.

In the Diamond District, a super-villian named "Ringer" is stealing a suitcase with a diamond image on the front, and is almost immediately taken down by Silk, wearing a new costume, who webs him up. Nearby is Ms. Long with a camera guy, asking Silk what inspired the new outfit. As she webswings away, she responds that she, "Felt like time for a change," and, "in a lot of different ways."

At St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, MM is handing the baby over to it's parents, with Spidey and the turned-henchmen talking privately nearby, telling him to not go anywhere, and walks up to MM. She tells Spidey that she wonders of the baby's parents would still love him if he's got powers. Spidey cuts her off, saying they love her, and that he needs to get to Avengers HQ and put out an APB on Minerva, then finishes that she did a good job today. As she takes off cheerfully, Spidey talks wih the henchman some, who tells him he's had a hard time trying to get a legit job because of his henching in the past and juvie-record. Spidey then reveals he knows, and that he was "Clash" all those years ago (from the Learning to Crawl storyline). The henchman is shocked he recognizes him; Spidey saying the beard almost fooled him, and only Clayton Cole could've whipped up a sonic cannon that fast. He then offers him a card to Parker Industries, to tell Parker he sent him.

We next see, at Parker Industries, Clayton shaking hands with Peter Parker, with Anna and others in lab coats standing around nearby, who congradulates him on his new job there. Spidey/PP internal: "I've been working on curing super-criminals AND reforming them. Time to put my money where my mouth is. Running this company gives me great power...and great responsibility. And I know better than anyone, heroes can come from the UNLIKELIEST places.

The End.

Story #2:
Daemos is inside the MC2 Parker family home, which is on fire and wrecked up. He has Spider-Girl beneath one of his feet, mask ripped, and her boyfriend (Wes) hanging onto one of his arms. He then tosses him into a nearby wall. Spider-Girl tries to reach for him, to see if he's ok. Peter is nearby, as well as MJ holding baby Benji, and makes his way through the wreckage, and jumps into Daemos' back. He starts to fight him, saying he won't let him hurt May, with Daemos replying that he's after all 3 Spider-people: Her, him and the baby. Peter tells MJ to save the children. SG gets up, and MJ orders her to get out of the house with Benji, while she helps Peter. She gets outside with the house-fire growing larger, Benji in her arms. Almost instantly, a portal opens up before them, revealing Spider-UK and Old Man Spider. They ask her to come with them, adding that they're Spiders, from other times and dimensions, and that they wish to help. SG asks them to save her parents, but OMS states their scanners only found two spider-totems in this dimension: her and the baby. Daemos walks from the burning wreckage of their home, carrying Peter's consumed body. OMS says they're too late, and before all three disappear through the portal, Daemos says he will get them eventually, and SG states she'll save her brother, avenge her family, and will kill him. After the three are gone, Daemos says she's more than welcome to try, next time they meet.


Comments: Not bad stories. I really need to catch up on my Spider-Girl. I bought the series (and the rest of MC2) awhile back, and stopped for reasons I can't recall. Perhaps once SV is over, as I'll be buying less by then. I really hope at least the MC2 dimension's killed off Peter and MJ are brought back somehow.

ASM Vol. 3 #9 (SV part 1):


PETER PARKER'S PAD. Shhh. He's not up yet.
Almost 6am in Peter's apartment, and he's sound asleep. He wakes up to a telephone call. Peter: "Huh? Phone-sense tinglin'..." He picks it up: "Hey, Peter here. Who's--" JJJ (over the line): "PARRRRRKER! Why in BLAZES are you LOLLYGAGGING ABOUT?" Peter is then hurryingly putting on his Spidey costume: "Mr. Jameson? I was just..." JJJ: "Whatever you're doing, DROP IT! And get your posterior over to ARMSTRONG PARK! Some super-powered punk is tearing the place apart! And I want PICTURES! PRONTO!" Peter: "Never fear, oh' fearless leader. I'm on my way, JJJ!"

Spidey is webswinging through the city: "Ugh. Just another early morning adventure...for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Y'know, I really shouldn't be grousing. Wake-up call or not, this assignment couldn't have come at a better time." We now see him webswinging towards the devestated park: "Selling some pics to the Daily Bugle could really help pay the bills. Rent, phone, oxygen, student loans. You name it. So here's hoping whichever freak-of-the-week this is..." He lands within the park: "...they put on a good show. 'Cause I need the dough!" We see a black-clad figure in front of Spidey. Spidey: "Hey there, gruesome. You the bub who's been causin' all the hub?" Figure: "Hmm. Took you long enough...PARKER." The figure then turns and levitates towards Spidey. Spidey: "What?! How do you--? Spider-sense! Tingling like NEVER BEFORE!" The figure grabs hold of Spidey's head. Spidey: "WHO ARE YOU?!" We now see the figure's face. It's Morlun. Morlun: Always the same question. I"m MORLUN. Peter. And we've done this a thousand times on a thousand Earths." Spidey: "What are you talking about?! We're not ON Earth! We're not--" Morlun: "Why do I bother explaining...when all you ever do is DIE?" Spidey: "UHHH" Morlun: "Shh. No more talking. Time to feed." Morlun proceeds to consume Spidey with his mouth, with a park statue behind them, saying: "ARMSTRONG PARK New Lunar York Parks Department"
And that was the Spider-Moon-Man of Earth-449.

LOOMWORLD Earth-001:
Daemos and Verna speak before the Master Weaver. Daemos: "MASTER WEAVER!" MW: "At your service, my lord." Daemos: "Open a world for me so that I may feast. Verna: "Have patience, brother. The weaver is busy spinning his great WEB." Daemos: "But I'm starving." Verna: "You're always starving, Daemos." Daemos: "That is...true, sister." Verna: "He will be done shortly. Once he has spun Morlun home." Daemos: "Morlun. It's always about PRECIOUS MORLUN." Verna: "Father's favorite." Daemos: "What an @$$." A great light eminates from MW. Verna: "Here he comes now. Welcome home, dear brother." Morlun (his figure coming through the light): "Verna. Daemos." Daemos: "So tell us, Morlun. How goes the culling? Which world have you rid of spiders this time?" Morlun (now fully visible): "Does it matter? One Earth is as good as another." Verna: "Is that so? Keep telling yourself that, dear." She then turns to her side: "Servants, attend me. I wish to go on a hunt. Fetch my hounds." We now see two more women, with three animalistic-humans on all fours, muzzled and on leashes held by them. Servant #2: "Yes, Lady Verna. Sable, Fireheart, and Kravinoff are already leashed and waiting. Will they suffice, Ma'am? Or should we collar more?" Verna: "No, these shall do nicely. Weaver?" MW: "I hear and I obey." A new great light eminates from MW. Verna: "Open a doorway. And this time, send me to a world with YOUNG spiders. They taste so sweet when they're just ripe." Morlun: "What did she mean by that, Daemos? Keep telling myself WHAT?" Daemos: "Please. The whole family knows...there's a thread on the great web which you've been AVOIDING." Morlun: "SAVING. I've been saving it for last." Daemos: "Of course, Morlun. Say...maybe *I* should give that world a try, eh? What was it called again?" Morlun turns and walks away: "Stay AWAY from it, brother. It's MINE." Daemos: "616. Yes. That was it. Weaver, open a door to 616. It's time I saw what makes that Earth so SPECIAL."

Peter Parker's apartment, Earth 616. Yes, this is OUR Peter Parker
Peter is laying asleep in bed, on his stomache, blanketed from his lower back and down. Peter (groggy): "Huh? My something-something sense is tinglin'..." He looks up and sees Cindy's upsidedown face closely looking at him. Cindy: "Hello." Peter (shocked and pulling the covers over his body), with Silk shown handing from a webline from the ceiling in front of him, maskless: "AHH! SILK! What are you doing here?!" Silk: "Good morning." Peter: "Why didn't you set off my--ah, right. You don't set off my spider-sense." PP/Spidey (internal): "Cindy Moon, the girl who CLAIMS we were bitten by the same spider." Silk sits down on the bed before Peter. Silk: "We need to talk." Peter gets up and wraps the blanket around his lower half: "One sec. clothes. I need clothes... Peter (whispering): "...and possibly a chastity belt." Peter/Spidey (internal): "She's got spider-powers. Like mine. But different. And also there's this 'thing'..." Silk lays on the bed, head turned to Peter. Silk: "I've been thinking about our problem. And while it's a nice problem to have..." Peter: "No. It's not." Peter/Spidey (internal): "Whenever we're together, our 'animal urges' kick into overdrive and...how do I put this delicately? We BOTH feel the urge to mate. Like spider-bunnies." Silk: "Well, I've come up with a solution. Peter (putting his Spidey-leggings on): "I'm all ears." Silk (quietly): "Mmm. You do have nice ears, but that's not the point. Silk: "You should move." Peter (putting on his spidey shirt and sleeves): "WHAT?!" Silk: "I've been training. Getting my spider-routine down. I'll take care of New York...you go somewhere ELSE. Maybe even off-world. How about the moon?" Peter: "Okay. That's silly..." Silk walks up to Peter, who's got all of his Spidey costume on, except the mask, gloves, and socks, but is holding his mask. Silk: "C'mon. You know it. I know it. If we share the same space..." Silk gets close to Peter's face as he's putting on his Spidey mask. Peter: "...we get too..." Silk: "Yeah. One of us HAS to go..." Peter finally puts on his mask. Spidey: "Outside. Now."

Both are now webswinging through the city as Silk and Spidey. Spidey (internal): "Okay, this was a good plan. Open spaces, fresh air...and not breathing in each other's pheromones." Spidey: "All right, Silk, I haven't seen or heard from you in days...and now you're breaking into my boudoir? What's up?" Silk: "I--I can't explain it, Spider. I just woke up thinking about you. And ONLY you. Something more PRIMAL than our attraction. And keyed into my spider-sense. Like ALL of the threads of the great web were DRAWING me towards you--" Spidey: "'Great web?' Stop right there. You need to get over that hokum...and focus on the REAL WORLD, like--" A loud "CLANG-A-LANG-A-LANG" noise can be heard nearby. Down the ground we see some devestation and a large tank-like robot. Spidey: "There we go! Bank robbery in progress. Perfect timing--What? A spider-tank?!" Silk: "You have a tank?" Spidey: "It's not mine!" A close view shows five masked henchmen (former Superior Spidey henchmen) carrying large brown bags of something. Out of the "spider-tank" comes a differently-clothed henchman. One ground henchman: "See that? Took 'em forever to trip the alarm." Another ground henchman: "It's the uniforms. They think we still work for Spider-Man. Like we're good guys or sumthin'." Another ground henchman to spider-tank henchman: "Smart move, boss. Swiping all the stuff from Spider-Island!" Tank henceman: "Yeah, I'm a real genius. Now shut up and toss me the money." From in the distance in the air, from Spidey: "LOOTER!" Looter (Spider-tank henchman): "The Wall-Crawler?! Knew this'd happen. He wants his stuff back!" Spidey: "That's NOT my stuff! Doc Ock was PRETENDING to be me and--" Silk: "Stop. This all sounds WAY too complicated. See? This is what I'm talking about. You SHOULD move. I'll take over. Fresh start for everybody." She then webs up part of the spider-tank. Silk: "And I'LL have NO problem cleaning up YOUR messes." Spidey then swings and kicks the spider-tank hencheman in the face, and says, "Nuh-uh. Don't think so. These are MY friendly neighborhoods. And I know this stuff like nobody's business! See? BAM. Looter dealt with. All me." He then lands on a car and turns to Silk. Spidey: "While YOU were...." Silk is shown having webbed down the spider-tank, with the ground henchmen taking off: "Taking down the giant robot. You're welcome. By the way...you were planning on going after the fleeing henchmen WHEN?" Spidey: "Hey, I'm on it! I--" Spidey's attention is distracted for a moment when he sees fellow Avegers member Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon, Spider-Woman's protege) up on top of a nearby small building. Spider-Woman: "Don't worry, Spidey. We've got 'em, Anya?" Spider-Girl (while shooting a webline down below): "I see 'em. Making with the thwip-thwip." Spidey: "Jess? Spider-Girl?" Up above Spidey webswings S-Man. S-Man: "See some more stragglers this way." Spidey (looking up): MIGUEL? What're you doing here?" S-Man: "We hav to talk!" Spidey: "What is this? A spider-convention?" Up above the henchmen, Silk, SG, and S-Man continue their webbing assaults on them. One henchman: "Five of 'em?!" Another henchman: "They're eveywhere!" One henchman takes off down a crosswalk, only for Spider-UK to drop upsidedown on a webline to greet him after crossing. Spider-UK: "You there! Stop mucking about!" Henchmen: "What the--? How many of you are there?" Webswinging into the scene behind Spider-UK is MC2 Spider-Girl. MC2 SG: "Quit playing with him. There's work to do." Spider-UK: "Fine. Peter? Will you do the honors, mate?" Mysterous voice: "You got it." The henchman spins around to see, but sees nothing. Voice: "Down here." We now see Spider-Ham (aka Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham of Earth-25) jumping up and punching the henchman in the face. SH: "One pig-knuckle sandwich comin' up!" Spidey surrounds himself with all the differnet spider-beings: "Whoa! Time out! Future-me! British-me! And one that's a carton pig?!" SH: "Yeah?! Wanna make somethin' out of it?" Spidey: "Like what? A LUAU?!" Spider-UK (while pressing a button on his wrist-spider-device: "Spider-Man, please. I can explain. We're the spiders of other DIMENSIONS." A portal now opens up next to him: "And we were drawn here, like the spiders of YOUR world...because ALL the strands of the great web are converging...ON YOU." Silk (turning to Spidey): "See? Toldja." Spidey: "Wait. This is for REAL?" SH (semi-quietly): "Want me to pinch ya? 'Cause I'll do it." Spidey: "Nope. Not falling for it. You had me up till downtown webby and the Spider-Pig. But I know what this is. It's MYSTERIO isn't it? Trying to make me look like an idiot or somethi--" MC2 Spider-Girl approaches Spidey. MC2SG: "Stop." She removes her mask: "We've met before. You know me, and I'm telling you, it's serious." Spidey: "Mayday?" MC2SG: "There are creatures called the INHERITORS. They're slaughtering our kind across the multiverse. We NEED your help." Spidey: "Me? Why ME?" Spider-UK: "You've faced one before. Morlun." Spidey: "MORLUN?!" MC2SG: "We detected an inheritor on the way here so we opened a portal to--" Spidey: "MORLUN is coming HERE?!" Spider-UK: "No. Daemos. Morlun's bigger brother." Spidey: "Morlun has a BIGGER brother? Coming HERE?" Spider-UK: "Yes, and--" Spidey: "SHUT UP! Everyone! In that portal NOW!" They all begin to. Silk: "I said something like this would happen with Morlun, but you--" Spidey: "Yes. You're VERY clever. Now MOVE! PORTAL! GO! Something BIGGER than Morlun's coming...and call me crazy, but I don't want to be ANYWHERE on this planet when THAT happens!"

Mount Wondagore, Eastern Europe, Earth-616. Home of the New Warriors, or what's left of them.
The HQ is trashed, with Nova and another member shown layind down, either unconscious or dead. Daemos stands above it's Scarlet Spider (Kaine), his right foot on him. SS (weakly): "The children...were under my protection...you shouldn't have...hurt them..." Daemos: "Then you should have kept them away from me, spider. They'll live. Or not. I honestly don't care." Daemos places his right boot on SS's head. SS: "Make you...pay for that..." Daemos: "No, little totem. What you are going to do...is pay for my NEXT MEAL. With your LIFE." SS grows spikes on his left arm: "You want lunch on me? FINE--EAT THIS!" He jams the spikes clear through Daemos, but it has not effect on him. Daemos: "Pain. Interesting. You're not just any old spider...you're THE OTHER!" Daemos (whispering): "Oh, what a MEAL you'll make!" He then starts to feed on him, as with the Spidey from the start of the story: "I wouldn't dream of cobbling you all up. No. I'm going to savor you for DAYS!" SS screams, and a voice comes form behind Daemos: "NO! That's not happening, Daemos." He turns and sees a portal, with emerging "Bruce Banner, the Spider-Man of Earth-70105 & Old Man Spider of Earth-4, his identity...hidden for now," along with another that's hidden some within the portal light. OMS: "You're about to go hungry!" He then jump kicks Daemos in the face, and adds: "Bruce, with me." Banner Spidey: "You heard him. We'll keep the Inheritor busy. Get his prey out of her, Gwen." Spider-Gwen tries to help SS up. SG: "C'mon. On your feet, handsome." SS (weakly): "Gwen? Gwen Stacy?!" SG: "Whoa, guys! I may be a zillion miles from home, but it's still a secret identity!" SS: "Shut up! I know what this is now! It's a trick! A sick game! And it has the Jackal written all over it! You're a CLONE! ADMIT IT!" Nearby we see Ben Reilly Spidey from Earth-94, cloned from his world's Peter Parker (maskless): "No, she's not. That'd be ME, brother." He approaches SS. SS: "Ben?! BUT HOW?!" BRS: "We'll explain later. But right now we gotta take off before--" Daemos gets back up on his feet with an angry yell, knocking Banner/Spidey aside in the process with a SKRAKKK sound. BRS: "BRUCE!" OMS: "Forget him. That was his spine! He's GONE. BUG OUT! NOW! Whoever this 'Kaine' is, he better be worth it...he just cost us a good Spider-Man today." The spider-people all then escape through the portal and it closes, leaving Daemos behind.

Central Park, Earth-13, The Spider-refuge. Also called "The Safe Zone."
Many of the Spider-beings that we've seen before are all gathered together, S-Man even carrying Spider-Ham on his shoulders. Spidey stands near Spider-UK, as a portal with OMS and others materializes. Spidey (to Spider-UK): "This is trippy. So tell me, Benedict Comber-bug...how many Spider-Men do you have stashed away here?" Spider-UK: "It's Spider-UK, and currently, we're a little over twenty strong...with, hopefully, more on the way. Speaking of which... Old Man. Reilly. How'd we do?" Maskless BRS (walking to them): "Not good, I'm afraid..." Spidey: "Reilly?! BEN Reilly?!" BRS: "We got his world's Scarlet Spider. But we lost Bruce. The old timer and Gwen made it." Spider-Gwen (also nearby) unmasks: "We're safe. For now." Spidey: "GWEN?! I--I can't process ANY of this. And why are we safe NOW? What's so special about--" A maskless Cosmic Spidey then decends to them, native to this earth, holding Mayday's brother Benji: "This place? I think I can answer that." He then hands May's brother to her, adding: "But first...here's yoru brother, Mayday. He's fine." Mayday (quietly while holding him): "Thank you. You've no idea what he means to me. He's my world. ALL the family I have left." SH (while still on S-Man's shoulders): "That ain't true, May. You got US now. We spiders gotta stick together." Mayday: "Thanks, Ham." Spidey and Cosmic Spidey talk to each other nearby. Spidey: "Okay, think I'm getting it now. You're me...from a world where I never lost those cosmic powers." CS: "The ENIGMA FORCE. Yes. I've kept the powers of a god. The Inherirors would be foolish to face me here. And as long as the rest of you stay in my world, I can keep you safe." Spidey: "Hold on. Why don't YOU just go to them and--bam--problem's over." CS: "The Enigma Force is tied to this dimension. If I go, it STAYS, and I'm just another Spider-Man. But in the coming battle, if one spider can make the difference, I'll come." Spidey (really confused): "Battle? What battle?" BRS: "Peter, that's why they brought you." Some other Spidey (MC2SG with her mask on?): "This is a WAR. And you're our secret weapon." Spidey: "ME? Why ME?!" BRS: "Because you're the greatest of us all." Spidey: "WHAT?!"

Miles Morales stands before a grave in a cemetary, talking to it, in the night rain: "Sometimes I think I'm the worst Spider-Man ever. No matter how much good I do, how many people I save...I couldn't save my own Mom. I was right there. And I couldn't--" A voice from behind him: "Stop. Am I going to have to "pep talk" you again? Do NOT make me do that. I'm not big on pep. Also..." The voice comes into view: Jessica Drew, female clone of this world's Peter Parker. She's holding an umbrella, and walks to Miles side. JD: "...there's only so many times you can tear up a Spidey suit...and have me to bring you a new one." MM: "I'm not quitting, Jess. It's just...sometimes it all seems too much, y'know? How my uncle went..." JD: "Miles, he was trying to kill you." MM: "I know. But Dad blames me for both of them. And he left. Face it, being Spider-Man cost me my family, Jess." JD: "Then you make a new one. You have me, Miles. We Spiders, have have to stick together, right?" A new voice from behind: "Actually, dearie, you're better off splitting up." MM: "Huh?" Voice: "When you stay in a pack..." Both look up to see Verna and the three animalistic-humans. Verna (continued): "...the HUNT is over far too quickly. Also, it's so much better when you RUN!"


Loomworld, Earth-001, An unending landscape of conquered realms...from countless wars across the multiverse.
We see a large city, and inside one below are two male workers moving barrels and a woman signing something for some guy. Woman: "This way to the great hall, gentlemen. Mr. Robertson, I trust your servants know...if by some chance they cross paths with my masters, they are NOT to make eye contact. And by NO means should they speak out or offer up apologies if they do." Mr. Robertson: "Bannon? Katzenberg? You heard the lady?" One Barrel roller: "Yes, Squire." Mr. Robertson: "So, the Inheritors? The stories of their tempers are true?" Woman: "Last week, my mistress Verna tore off doctor connor's arm for not removing a splinter fast enough. And we don't talk about what Morlun did to the Thompson boy for dropping a plate." Mr. Robertson: "Understood, Ms. Drew. Consider these barrels of wine a gift then. I also import fine foods as well." Ms. Drew: "That won't be necessary...the Inheritors provide their own...meat for their feast."

On a large dining table, sit Brix, Bora, Daemos, and Jennix. At the far end of the table is a large turned around chair, facing a large fireplace. Being served on the table are three living but motionless Spider-Men bodies, each one on a different large plate: one a vampire, another man-spider, and the last Bruce Banner-Spidey (I think). Brix: "Enough! There's only so long I can play with my food, Father." Bora: "For once, I agree with Brix. Why can't we dig in? Or just pick at it at least. A finger or two. Maybe an eye. Something no one would notice." Daemos: "Yes, why MUST we wait? I'm famished!" Jennix: "Daemos, you're as bad as the children. But still...Verna and Morlun are out hunting and won't be back anytime soon. If we let these totems expire, logic states there will be no life force left for us to consume. I say we--" Person behind the reversed chair shown: "We wait. For Morlun." Bora: "And the great SOLUS has spoken." Brix: "Stupid Morlun." Daemos: "I swear I'm going to waste away. Till I'm nothing but a withered old stick like you, Jennix." Jennix: "Spare me, brother. I could not care less about the food going to waste. It's the TIME that bothers me. Time I should be spending on my research." Solus (now turned to face the others): "What petulant offspring. So impatient. Look. Here comes your brother now. Fresh from the hunt. Stepping through..." We now see a large spider-web above Solus, each hole a view into another Earth Spider-Man. MW is shown in the middle of them all. Solus: "THE GREAT WEB OF LIFE AND DESTINY! Tell me, Master Weaver, what world has he cleansed of totems this time?" MW: "Earth-9105, Lord Solus. A land where the mighty Pharaohs of old still reign." From the other side of the room steps in Morlun, carrying said-Spidey. Morlun: "That's blasphemy, Weaver. And I should cut out your tongue for saying such lies. We are the INHERITORS of REALITY. On every world. In every dimension. In all points of space and time...my family reigns supreme." He then drops the Spidey on the table where another large plate is, then adds: "Now let's eat." Solus: "One moment, son. First I would hear of your tributes. Tell me, children. What have you brought to the feast?" Brix: "My offering has the sweet taste of irony, Father. My spider totem is also a VAMPIRE. But it is WE who shall suck out HIS life force. Brilliant, right?" Bora: "No, it's stupid. MY Spider-Man is a man-spider. That's FAR better." Brix (turns to her): "In WHAT reality?" Bora (turns to him): "THIS one! He's a spider with EXTRA spider! Double spider, double points! Clearly I'm WINNING!" Brix: "Winning?! I'D be winning if you and KARN hadn't gotten in my way earlier! I'd have killed a DOZEN spiders then if--" Morlun: "Karn? You ran into the OUTCAST?" Daemos: "Ha! Our dear lost brother. He still hiding his head in a bucket?" Jennix: "Forget Karn. That's a distraction. You're missing the important piece, brothers. Didn't you hear what the twins said about the spiders? They're gathering. That's new." Daemos: "What are you burbling about now, Jennix? That's nothing new." Pours and drink some wine in a cup: "I ran into a pack of the spindly little creatures myself." He then points to the (I think) Bruce Banner-Spidey, adding: "This milksop wasn't even my intended prey." The Spidey moans for a bit. Daemos: "Quiet, meat. I'm talking. The one I was after was snatched away by the rest of his herd. And what a PRIZE he would have been. Not just a totem, the current receptacle for THE OTHER. And best of all...a spider from 616." Morlun (hitting Daemos' shoulder, making him spill his wine): "You SELF-SERVING OAF! I told you--that was MY hunting ground! THAT WORLD IS MINE!" Daemos: "You. Spilled. My. Wine." The two get into a fight, a hand-to-hand struggle. Daemos: "How best to pay you for THAT great offense, little brother?" Morlun: "Gluttonous swine! You know what that Earth means to me!" Daemos: "Oh I know FAR too well! That small, fragile sphere and its bland, flavorless totem. How many time has he sent you home, CRYING to father?" Morlun: "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL FEAST ON YOUR--" Solus (banging his fist down on the table): "ENOUGH! I have known the location of THE OTHER for some time. And that of THE BRIDE. And even THE SCION. I know how EVERY important skein in the web of life and destiny is laid out. Isn't that true, Weaver?" MW: "Yes, Lord Solus." Solus: "Look to that tapestry, children, and NEVER forget. Our hand is on the loom at the center of reality. WE possess the great web. Tell me, family, what does THAT mean to you? Brix? Bora?" Brix: "The great web is a game, father. A chess board. A sports pitch. A place where we reap rewards. And hand out penalties." Bora: "The Weaver has told us, it's where we shall play and play. Till the end of time." Jennix: "It's a mystery. A puzzle. A question to be answered. The Weaver has told me my studies will NEVER unravel its hidden secret. I take that as a challenge." Daemos: "It's a license, great Solus, for DEBAUCHERY! Freedom from obligations. The Weaver's told me that YOUR skein shall far outlast mine, and even though I am the eldest...I shall never face the burden of wearing a crown. And that means I have centuries of good food and fine wine ahead of me!" Morlun: "I know full well what it represents, Father. I don't need the Weaver to tell me what it is. It is out legacy. And as your heir, it is my OBLIGATION. It is a weight as heavy as all of history, and one which I alone must shoulder." Solus: "Close, my son. The great web is ALL THINGS. It is everywhere. In all domains. And it is OURS. It is our KINGDOM. Every thread of it IN OUR GRASP. And it makes us THE INHERITORS OF ALL CREATION." The Pharaoh-Spidey begins to speak, weakly: "No...it's not yours...you're just thieves. The spiders...walk its path...we won't look away. We...will stop you. You may have...it's power...we'll always have our respons--" Morlun rips off his mask, and grabs him by the hair. Morlun: "SHUT UP! Parker! With the speeches!" Peter: "How did you--?" Morlun: "And the questions. SHUT UP! I'm done with you. With ALL of you. When will you LEARN? You and your kind are only one thing to me. FOOD!" Solus: "HaHaHa! Well said, my son. And with that...LET THE FEAST BEGIN! Eat, my children! Devour them all!" They all begin to consume the Spideys, with their life-energy blazing in energy around their eaters.

Comments: Awesome, except for that S-Man got less of an appearance than I was expecting. And when did 616-Spidey meet MC2 SG? I've really got to catch up on MC2 again. I also hope Spider-Ham 2099 shows up at some point. I don't see why he couldn't be used in SV. As for the epilogue, I haven't read anything like this since Marvel Zombies. It's not quite as dark as that, but still... And I can't remember the "THE OTHER" story from another Spidey storyline, for the most part.

SVT-U #1 (of 3):

Opening Narration: Welcome to the SPIDER-VERSE! The insatiable Inheritors have been rampaging across the multiverse, ravenously feasting upon the essence of Spiders. Spider-Man, Women (and sometimes animals!) have been joining forces to stand against these hungry hunters who threaten to wipe out EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER! These are the tales of some of the unlikely inter-dimensional team-ups that result!

featuring Spider-Man [I'm sure they meant to put "Spider-Ham" here], Old Man Spider-Man and Ben Reilly!

featuring Six-Arm Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir!

Story #1:

Ben Reilly-Spidey dukes it out with the Vulture over the city, with the Vulture mentioning that a "mistress" is coming, and showing he has sharp teeth. Someone with sharp claws attacks from behind, revealing four more Vultures, talking about "him having those teeth because the masters only feeding on a spider's ESSENCE, but the bodies are their's." One of the new Vultures pin BRS onto a roof, with him and another about to pray on and eat him. Out of nowhere, a pantsed-leg kicks one of them off him, and some other person then shoots webbing on the other's head from the back, pulling him back. BRS turns to see Old Man Spidey and Spider-Ham as the ones doing those, respectfully, also punching and kicking the other Vultures. BRS doesn't know what to make of this. OMS offers BRS a hand up, and tries to explain some, with SH webbing up one of the Vultures. The main Vulture then flies off, saying, "for disrupting her hunt, Mistress Verna will make your agonies last for HOURS!" knocking SH off the roof at the same time. SH sticks to a wall, with OMS webbing Vulture back, then breaks his arm, much to BRS' disgust. The remaining Vultures then begin to feed on the main Vulture. OMS explains Verna doesn't feed them much, then goes into the other Vultures being slaves to the Inheritors, and explains the situation with them and the spider-people some. As SH finishes fighting a Vulture, and stands with the other two Spideys, each of the three gets hit knives with "a short-lived paralytic coating" from two of the other Vultures, also saying, "they won't do any lasting harm, as that'll be for Mistress Verna, but they'll still eat them a little." All three Spider-guys are immobilized, with the closest of the two Vultures secreting acid from his mouth. BRS manages to move his arm enough to shoot webbing at the acid-spitter, causing him to accidently spit on the other Vulture. The other Vulture responds by stabbing the spitter in the gut with a knife or something, then all three Spider-guys totally web the two up. OMS then opens up the portal, and all three leave through it, OMS letting BRS know that his dimension, and it's powerless Peter Parker, will be ok.

All three enter a new Earth, with Spider-UK and others already there. As BRS mingles some with the others, maskless Cosmic Spidey comes down to meet up with the new troop.

Story #2:
NYC, 2014; another reality...
Six-Arm Spidey and Spidey Noir hang on the side of a hospital building, looking in through one window. SN (internal): "When I became THE SPIDER-MAN, I thought I was unique. That was before I was plucked out of my own time and by a future Spider-Man. It seems there are Spider-Men scattered across an infinite number of realities...like this SIX-ARMED MARVEL I've been partnered with." Inside the room is an unconscious Peter Parker on a medical bed (with one arm part-spider), surrounded by his Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and a doctor. SN (internal continued): Our self-appointed superior sent us off to find and enlist this world's Spider-Man for a war against a clan of murderous 'Inheritors' who want to wipe us all out. But this Peter Parker is in no shape to help. Just out luck." SAS: "According to local news my phone accessed, this Pete had a huge allergic reaction to his spider-bite. He's been on life support for weeks. That arm of his is a weird side-effect. And here's a bit of irony...his aunt and uncle have practically been living here. And during the vigil, their house was burgled...so this Pete's condition led to his Uncle Ben not being killed." SN: "Nothing more for us to do here." SAS: "It's not that simple. This Pete is still a spider-totem, so he's still a target. He'll still eventually attract Karn, or his crazy siblings. We can't let the bad guys claim more life force! Besides, May and Ben--and who knows how many others--could be injured." SN: "Right. Can't let that happen. Maybe we should just put the poor little freak out of his misery--!" SAS: "Hey! I know you're from the 1930's, but we do not use the f-word here! Got that?" SN: "Sorry, kid--I meant no offense." SAS: "KID?! Look, 'BOGART'--I'm as much a Spider-Man as you. And we're not putting li'l Pete 'out of his misery.'" Snaps fingers. SAS: "I have an idea. You wearing that transceiver I gave you?" SN: "Yes. And it makes my ear itch." SAS orders him to stay and guard, while he goes of to do something else. SAS goes through the air vents, and enters an office below once the doctor inside leaves. Using the doctors laptop, SAS finds this Pete's blood work, then leaves for the lab for the chemicals he needs. Back with SN, he talks internally about how this Aunt May and Uncle Ben look so young; with how in his day, people wanted to look older, not younger, like in the present. Suddenly, SN's spider-sense goes off, and he watches as this reality's Peter starts to convulse, jerk about and damage machines, much to his aunt and uncle's dismay. SN radios the news to SAS, and that the lights are dimming, SAS responding that it's the same where he is too. This Earth's Pete then soon goes full "man-spider," with SN breaking in through the window, webbing him up, then takes him out the window with him. He radios what happened and what he's done to SAS, who asks where he's taking him. He says the roof, and does so. SN tries to calm the "man-spider" down with words, but he attacks him, who just barely avoids his spider-claws. SAS enters the scene, suprised at "li'l Pete"'s developments, and begins to move all around him, SN wondering what his plan is here. SAS is now on "man-spider"'s back, and injects him with some fluids from a syringe, but in resonse gets thrown off and into SN. Both struggle to get back up, with SN pulling out a gun, but SAS stops him. Both turn to see "man-spider" change back into "li'l Pete," who starts to fall over the side of the building, but SAS catches and saves him. He's unconscious, but otherwise ok. He wakes up to see his saviors, confused about who they are, then returns to unconsciousness. SAS uses a device to reveal that he's normal again, no sign of the spider-essense. They web up a cot for him to lay on, then go and hide elsewhere on the rooftop as May, Ben, the doctor, and a cop enter through the roof door, the cop holding a gun, telling the others to stay back. May immediately notices Peter's unconscious body on the webbing cot, and all four rush to his side, the doctor saying his pulse is strong, and he's breathing steady. SAS says to SN that he wasn't sure the serum would work, as he'd made a similar serum once before, in an attempt to wipe out his own spider-powers, but it just gave him extra arms. He reasons that, as this "Peter" is still younger, and the spider DNA hadn't completely altered his cells, he'd figure the odds were in his favor. Realizing that Karn, nor any of the other Inhibitors, will ever take this Peter Parker, they depart through a portal. "Li'l Pete" wakes up to see his aunt and uncle happy for his recovery. SN (internal): "I don't know what our superior will think...but I'm calling this a VICTORY. The Inheritors have one less target. And, in at least ONE reality...the Parker family has a HAPPY ENDING."

Comments: These were ok reads. I think I might try getting back-issues of Spider-Ham in the future. I knew of him during the 80's, but never bought an issue. I'd like to know how BRS survived his death from 616. He says he knows he's a clone, but our Ben died still thinking he was the real deal. And it's nice to see a timeline where Peter's life doesn't go to hell in becoming Spidey.

SV #1 (of 2):

We go to the story from Amazing Fantasy #15 where teenage Peter Parker goes to the science exibit to witness a radio active experiment, except here his Uncle Ben shows up suprisingly, to watch it with Peter. Narrator at this time: "Our lives are laid out like a vast tapestry...that follows the same familiar patterns again and again. Though sometimes there's a TWIST in the tale...and all the strands reweave themselves in strange and wonderful new ways. I know for I am the one who pulls at these threads."

We now see the Master Weaver, holding onto a giant web, with it's holes showing Spider-people getting killed or consumed by Inheritors, and on the other side are Scarlet Spider 2 (Kaine), Ultimate Spider-Man 2 (Miles Morales), and other spider-variants. MW: "I am the MASTER WEAVER...and this is the WEB OF LIFE AND DESTINY. It spans and spins into EVERY world that is, was, or will be. Spinning and spinning until each last skein is severed. I can see countless lives trapped in its threads, and yet I can only spy...those rare souls with the power to walk along its silken strands...and the responsibility to spin new paths and change all our fates. They are the spider...and this is their SPIDER-VERSE!"

Intro page opening: "The insatiable Inheritors have been rampaging across the multiverse ravenously feasting upon the essence of Spiders. Spider-Men, Women, and Children have been joining forces to stand against these hungry hunters who threaten to wipe out EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER!"

Enter the Spider-Verse

Spider Clan: The Many

Steampunk Lady Spider

Penelope Parker

Story #1:
Earth-2301 (aka the Mangaverse):
Its Spider-Man, maskless, is holding his dead Aunt May in his arms, who's face shrivels, then says (gargled), "Peter, join us." Peter: "Who, Aunt May?" AM (gargled): "The Many." Spiders then come out of her now empty eye-holes, covering Peter. AM: "We are so many, Peter." Peter then wakes up in a dojo-looking room, with just white leggings, on his knees, right-fist extended and closed, screaming. He opens his fist to show a spider with Venom-like markings on it, having just bitten him. Peter: "Venom?"

Peter now goes to his chest, to dig out his Spidey suit. MJ asks him not to, but he replies that he saw something, and he needs to go to his brother, Venom, to return to the Spider-Clan.

In his Spidey suit, and other warm clothes, he walks a long snowy distance, and eventually reaches (what I'm guessing is) the Spider-Clan building. Uncle Ben greets him there, leading him inside, saying (old man weakly): "Join us, Peter. We are many." Mangaverse Spidey: "Uncle Ben! How is this possible?" A voice from behind: "It's not, brother." MVS spins around to see MV Venom. MVV: "You should not have come here. I WARNED you to stay away." MVS (taking off his warm clothes over his costume): "Are you talking about the spider that bit m? I took that as, 'Hey, I'm in trouble, come help me.'" MVV (covering himself with some symbiote-like substance): "I should've known you wouldn't interpret the signs correctly. You've never fully committed yourself to your calling. You've always been unwilling to SACRIFICE." MVS (pointing at MVV): "WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SACRIFICE? You hide up on your mountain playing ninja while I've lost EVERYONE!" He then turns and walks towards the entrance: "One of those people just asked me to join them. I'm going to see what that's all about." MVV's "symbiote" is done, showing Venom in a samurai clothing now, along with a large poll/mace thing: "I'm afraid I can't let you do that." One with the costume now, he turns his right arm into tendrils towards MVS, who dodges. MVS tries to jump and punch, but MVV catches him on the top of his poll, then slams him into the ground with it. He then uses it to pick him back up, and then toss him into one of the nearby entrance-structures. MVS' mask is off as he lays on the ground, hurt. MVV stands over him, forminga sharp blade with his left-arm, and is about to use it to stab-through MVS, when suddenly he gets heavily webbed up somehow. MVS looks up to see, coming from the entrance, 616-Spidey with a bunch of other alternate Spideys, behind them the glowing doorway they came through. Old Man Spidey to MVS: "Peter, join us."

Story #2:
We see a large, late 19th century-type city. Spider-person of this dimension's internal dialog: "New York City, 1895. The city of dreams, here? The sky's the limit. Unless of course, you have had the misfortune to be born a woman." Inside a dressing room (filled with caged animals) comes a woman-maid, who helps another woman in the room, called "Lady Reilly," finish putting on a dress outfit, but to her facial dismay. More Spider-person internal narration: "Father kept many animals in his study. My favorite was the spider. That spider always looked so sad. She truly hated her cage. I know the feeling." Elsewhere, in a ballroom party. Spider-person internal narration: "One day, I opened it's cage to pet the poor thing. Give it some comfort." Ballroom woman to everyone in room: "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present my only daughter, my pride and joy, Lady May REILLY!" The unhappy woman from before enters the room, greeted by another man, respectfully, asking to dance with her. Spider-person internal narration: "As soon as my hand got near...the spider bit ME." Male-Dancer (as they dance): "I can only presume this ball announcing your season was not of your own making or desire." Lady Reilly: "You always were the smartest boy at university, Lord Osborne." SP internal narration: "Afriad, I pulled my hand back, and the spider escaped." Lord Osborne: "And you, the smartest lady." Lady Reilly: "The ONLY lady." SP internal narration: "She taught me an important lesson that day: Let no one cage you." The party-goes all turn in shock to another part of the room, where some man in a mechanical/electrical suit (this Earth's Electro, obviously) kidnaps the mayor there, and leaves with him, charging all the doors and locks so no one can get out, and took out the lights (I think). In the darkness, Lady Reilly runs, with more SP internal dialog, obviously supposed to be from her: "That electrical villain has charged the doors and locks. Only one way out. Well, dear spider. Now, it would appear to be my turn to follow your example. At last, I can breathe in. At last..." We now see her exit the glass roof, in a spider-outfit with four robotic spider-legs extending from the back. SP internal narration: "--I'm free."

Down on street level, the police move along through the fearful crowd. One officer orders the others to move out and find the kidnapper. SP internal: "Try to keep up, lads." On another building top, the villain stands, with the mayor behind him, shooting an electrical burst as at the female Spider. SP internal: "After Father died, Mother closed our garage. Women, she declared, weren't meant to drive. I had no interest in driving, either. I wanted to fly." The electrical bolt hits her in the gut, throwing her back. SP internal: "I built this suit with car parts. Finally getting to put my three university degrees to good use. Should have remembered to ruggedize the damn contraption. Fortunately for me, I'm not just a mechanical wonder." She gets back up on her feet. SP internal: "I've been listening to the telegraph for weeks. Waiting for my chance at a field test. If I had known my ball debut would have brought out the worst in the city...I would have had it months ago." She shoots webbing at the villain. Female Spider: "I'm sure the police will have questions for you, good sir." He gets webbed to a nearby roof structure. The mayor points to behind her: "Miss...it would appear that battle has only just begun." On the scene comes this Earth's Kraven the Hunter (19th century hunter-looking type in a large flying machine), Green Goblin (fancy-dressed guy in a goblin mask), Doctor Octopus (with primitive tech octopus arms), and The Vulture (winged guy with goggles). GG: Vulture, reclaim our prize. We don't need the man, just the plans. Let's deal with our new little friend, Doctor." Two of Doc Ock's tentacles grab the female Spider's top two spider-legs. Her internal narration: "I had heard whispers that the masked villains had united." Vulture grabs hold of the mayor. Female Spider's internal: "But to what end?" GG begins to attack her too, while held. She notices a jewl on GG's chest. Female Spider internal: "What have we here? No time to think, May. Just act." She flips out Doc Ock's grasp, then shoots two weblines between GG and Doc Ock, which it a nearby water-barrel-tower behind and above them, which the two don't notice. GG: "The ever reliable aim of the female." The tower then falls onto the two. Female Spider: "And the equally reliable arrogance of the male." As the water goes around them, another voice says: "ENOUGH!" A green/purple clothed man with a scuba helmet appears nearby through green myst (this Earth's Mysterio). Female Spider internal: "And this odd gentlemean makes six." He asks Electro the state of the plans, but he reveals it's burnt-remains in his hands. Mysterio then spreads more myst around him and the other villains: "This round goes to you, fair spider. But you shall hear again from the Six Men of Sinestry." They all then disappear. Female Spider internal: "Sorcery! I best return to the ball. I'm sure I'm missed. And so, too, perhaps, is Lord Osborne..." Mayor (nearby): "Those were the plans to the new subway system--the city is forever in your debt, Miss..." The female Spider takes off: "It's Lady...Lady Spider." She then webswings away. LS internal: "And up here, with the mask...well...the sky's the limit."

Story #3:
A quick parody of those advertisements from decades ago in comics, where Spider-Man promotes "sugar cakes" snacks to the reader. He's first climbing a building, holding flowers and treets for MJ, talking to himself about it. Someone then punches the side of the building, causing Spidey to fall off the building and land on his feet before him. It's Morlun, explaining he's come to feast on him. This Spidey: "Yeah? Why don't you feast on THESE first?" He throws several "Mostess Cakies" packages at him, but just bounce off his chest. He then grabs Spidey by the neck. Spidey: "Wait! What are you doing? Those were Golden Sponge Ca--AYKK!" He is then consumed by Morlun. Morlun: "FOOL! Only your LIFE FORCE can sate my hunger!" He then walks away from Spidey's body, saying to himself: "What a sweet and succulent soul you have! The greatest snack of all!" A banner appears below him, saying: "YOU GET A BIG DELIGHT IN EVERY BIT OF SPIDER-TOTEMS!"

Story #4:
A young girl named Penelope Parker is at a class science exibit fieldtrip with MJ and others, with teacher "Ms. Kraven," learning about radioactivity, with a couple radioactive machines in the room. The machines have green spheres on parts of them, with one of the said-spheres has a spider on it. It falls on Penelope's hand and bites her. She yells in pain, and tries to get it off her (scannering her school-notes in the process), which is funny to all the other kids. She finally manages to flick it away, and Flash steps on it. Everyone leaves, leaving Penelope to pick up her notes by herself. She then begins to feel weird, and starts shooting webbing out of her right wrist, which sticks to a school book. She flips out, then tosses the book to the ceiling, which gets stuck there, leaving her dangling by her own webline. She realizes it must have been from the spider that bit her, and while still trying to understand her powers, can also hear her friends outside now, talking about trying to find her. She then removes herself from most of her webbing, with just some still sticking to a garbage can, and leaves outside.

MJ is there to meet her. She explains she "stepped in gum," and she helps her clean it off. Next thing you know, Flash is up on top of some large orange-structure, trying to impress Penelope and MJ. Ms. Kraven sees, and orders him to come down immediately. He tries to climb down, but slips and grabs onto one of the many holes in the structure, yelling for help. Ms. Kraven leaves to get help, but Flash's grip is already starting to weaken. Penelope runs off and hides nearby, thinking if she helps, people will think of her more than a social pariah, but a freak, as well. She then comes up with a plan, where she puts an eye-holed lunch bag from her backpack on her head, as well as her red jacket from it too. Just as Flash totally loses his grasp, Penelope, as a masked webbing person, webswings in and saves him. Flash asks her who she is, astonished, while she's blushing under her bag about touching a boy, tounge-tied. After landing both of them on the ground, she replies: "Er...just your friendly, neighborhood Spider...Girl." She swings away as the other kids admire her.

Back at home, later at night, she cryingly-explains it all to her Aunt May, including how she later got rid of the bag, and went back to MJ like she hadn't been there at all. Aunt May conforts her, saying she's been given a gift to do something great with, and that they maybe shouldn't tell Uncle Ben about it yet, or anyone else. Penelope asks how she can just accept her like this, and she responds that because she loves her, and they've taught her to always to the right thing, and that the world needs heroes.

Later, over time, she starts drawing out possible costume ideas on her desk. Eventually she finds one she likes: Leg warmers, tutu, shirt with spider-logo (hand drawn), and luchador mask. She also realizes she doesn't need glasses anymore. She's last seen swinging through the city, saying: "Okay Penelope...let's see what this gross spider side of you can do. WOOO!"


Story #5:
We see a series of b&w two-panel Spider-Man newspaper comic-strips:

Strip #1:

Panel #1:
Peter and MJ are enjoying a picnic in the NCY park. Peter: "Great day for a picnic, right, Mary Jane?" MJ: "You said it, Tiger."
Panel #2:
A portal appears nearby, and Morlun steps through. Morlun: "Yes! With you as the main course, Spider-Man!" Peter: "Spider-sense is tingling! Get back, MJ."

Strip #2:

Panel #1:
Peter (in attack-position before Morlun): "Can you believe it? Here we were enjoying a picnic when this guy shows up!" Morlun: "The name, Parker, is MORLUN. Prepare to die!"
Panel #2:
MJ: "Watch out, Petey. Somehow this freakshow knows your secret identity!" Morlun: "That is the LEAST of his problems, woman."

Strip #3:

Panel #1:
MJ: "Way to ruin our picnic, freakshow." Peter: "Yeah. Who ARE you? And how do you know my secret identity?"
Panel #2:
Morlun: "I told you! I'm Morlun and I'm here to--wait. You've said that before."

Strip #4:

Panel #1:
Peter: "I don't know who you are, why you're ruining our picnic...or how you know my secret identity..." Morlun: "Wait!"
Panel #2:
Peter: "...but pal, you're asking for it!" Morlun (repelled): "Why do you keep repeating yourself? Are you brain damaged? Is there a short-term memory in this dimension?"

Strip #5:

Panel #1:
Peter punches him in the face. Peter: "Pal, you asked for it!" Morlun: "No, it's not your memory. I can feel it."
Panel #2:
Peter (while looking at his fist: "He took my best shot. Like it was nothing!" Morlun: "It's time. Time keeps resetting in this reality!"

Strip #6:

Panel #1:
Peter: "We're in trouble, MJ. He took my best shot. Like it was nothing!"
Panel #2:
Morlun: "That's it. In this world it takes DAYS to perform the simplest actions. Weeks even!"

Strip #7:

Panel #1:
Morlun goes back through the portal. We see Peter and MJ start to fade away behind him. Peter: "I don't know how I'll get us out of this one, MJ!" MJ: "You'll think of something, Tiger!" Morlun: "What--What transpires here?"
Panel #2:
Back in his home dimension in front of Master Weaver. Morlun: "Master Weaver! What happened to the dimension I was just in?!" MW: "Sorry, Lord Morlun. It was chronally unstable. It collapsed and disappeared. Shall I send you somewhere else?"

Strip #8:

Panel #1:
Morlun: "No. I've had enough dimension jumping for one day." He then starts to walk off. MW: "As you wish."
Panel #2:
MW: "This shall be one of my only acts of rebellion. To take this pure, innocent world...and place it aside in its own pocket reality. Forever safe from the dangers of the Spider-Verse."


Comments: Okay. Never read Mangaverse, so can't really comment on this one of that dimension. Steampunk Lady Spider is cool. The cakes and newspaper bits were hilarious. And the Penelope story was interesting, I have to admit. Would like to see more of her and Lady Spider.

ASM Vol. 3 #10 (SV part 2):




Back in the graveyard, both Miles Morales and Jessica Drew (of this Earth) are being overcome by the three animalistic-humans. MM: "Who are you guys?! JESS?! Jess, talk to me!" Verna: "So disapointing. The hunt's over before it barely began. What I wouldln't give for more formidable...prey?" She looks up to see a portal open, with Assassin Spidey, Spider-Punk, and Superior Spidey. SSM: "Parker, take 9 o'clock. Brown, on my 10. Last one's mine." ASM shoots and presumably kills one of the monsters; SP kicks another in the jaw, breaking his neck, then SSM impales one of his spider-legs into the last one. SSM: "You too. You're the spiders of this world, yes?" All three Spideys approach Miles and Jess, who're still picking themselves up. SSM: "We're all being hunted. You want to live? Suit up and come with us--NOW!" MM: "Um, Spider-Man?" PS: "Shut it! There's no time. You heard the big man. SPIDER-UP OR DIE!" Both MM and JD get into their spider-outfits. JD: "Miles, is that--?" MM: "Yeah, the Spider-Man from that other world I told you about." MM (whispering): "Least that's how he looked last time I saw him.*" (* - Cataclysm #3) SSM: "No time for dawdling! This is our way out!" Verna (overlooking the remains of her three animalistic-humans): "My pets. My babies." She then flies towards the others: "How DARE you!" A portal has already opened for the Spider-beings, with the new three leaving through it, followed by JD/Black Widow and MM/Spidey. BW: "Miles! C'mon!" MM: "One sec. Lady, just so you know...I have no idea what's going on...but you just made it personal." All five go through the portal, and it then disappears. Verna: "Personal?! You little whelp! I am VERA of the INHERITORS and I will feast on your bones!"

The Safe Zone, Earth 13:
Spidey (with his mask off): "There's been a mistake. I'm just Peter Parker. No different than a lot of you. Me. Us. What makes ME your 'chosen one'? Spider-UK: Because out of all of us, you're the ONLY one who's fought an Inheritor...and WON! In Harry Potter terms, you're the boy who--" His wrist device makes a BREEPing noise, then adds: "Hold on. I've got a reading on the second team." Spider-Woman: "Second team?" Old Man Spidey: "We should go. We've detected another group out there. Like us, gathering Spiders..." Silk (to herself): "Spiders. Spiders. Everywhere." Silk (internal): "And so many of them are Peter Parker." She begins to walk around, looking at the various Spider-beings (including Spider-Man 2211!): "I wonder...do I share the same bond with any of THEM...that I share with MY Peter? Didn't get a 'hit' off the cosmic guy. Or blondie here. Ooh. Hel-lo Mr. All-in-red. What's your story? Pheromones like Peter's but...off somehow. Stop. What am I doing? Important stuff's going on. Gotta focus." OMS: "...with so many in one place, Morlun's family will find them in no time." Spidey: "Then let's bring them here." Spider-UK: "That's the plan." OMS: "Three teams should do it. Reilly, Stacy, fall in." Spidey: "No! Gwen stays behind!" Spider-Gwen: "Hey! What'd I do?" Ben Reilly Spidey: "In his reality you--I'll explain later." OMS (tossing Spidey the portal device/communicator): "All right, 'Chosen One.' Let's see what you got Your own portal device slash communicator. Pick a team." Spidey: "Okay. Miguel, Spider-Woman, and Silk--" OMS: "No. Not Silk. I have my reasons." Spidey puts the device on his wrist. Silk: "What?! That you're sexist? Why aren't you letting any Spider-Woman come along?" SW: "Hello? Standing right here." Spider-UK (touching his wrist device): "Mayday, Ham. You're with me." Cosmic Spidey to Mayday: "Don't worry, May. I'll watch after your little brother." Three groups, each with three members, take off in three portals. Spider-Ham: "Last one picked. It's the schoolyard all over again. To be fair, that's probably 'cause I WAS the pigskin..." Silk is watching them depart. Silk: "'Reasons.' Know what? Don't care." Silk then runs towards one of the portals. CS: "Silk! Don't--" She goes through it, and the portals all close. 1610-Black Widow (I think): "Ohh. THAT won't go over well." CS: "No, it won't."

In 2099, SSM's team's base, Noir Spidey and Assassin Spidey witness the portals opening with other Spiders. NS: "Look alive, fellas. We got company." AS: "Waste 'em?" NS: "Nah, they're with us." AS: "How can you tell?" All of SSM's Spiders witness the three portals open up, and nine Spiders coming out (the last three of which: Reilly Spidey, Scarlet Spider 2, and OMS). NS: "For starters, their dress code." Spider-Ham: "Yeah, yeah. We come in peace. Now listen up, 'cause we're running outta--" Spider-Monkey: "What the...?! A TALKING PIG?! That's INSANE!" SH: "...You're kidding, right?" Spidey: "Okay. That WINS, NOTHING is topping that today." Ashley Barton/Spider-Woman: "BOSS! You better ge out here. You need to see this!" SSM walks in from nearby, cleaning his hands with a rag: "Of all the insufferable--I was in the MIDDLE of an important experiment! What have you buffoons done now?!" Spidey: "No, it can't be--" Spidey (internal): "Doc Ock! The 'Superior' Spider-Man! How is this possible? Is he from another dimension or..." SSM: "More Spiders from other worlds. Obviously here...to join the ranks of my SUPERIOR SPIDER-ARMY. But you're too soon! You're going to ruin it!" OMS: "That's odd. My scanner says he's from 616--" Silk: "What? Like me?" OMS: "SILK? I told you not to come!" SW (softly): "Wait. How is HE here?" Scarlet Spider 2 (softly): "A clone?" Spidey (softly): "No, he's from the past, I remember...there was one point where he got shoved out of time...*" (* - SSM #19) (softly) "It must've knocked him here, into the future." S-Man (looking out a window): "Son of a glitch." Spidey: "Miguel?" S-Man: "Not just any future...2099. MY FUTURE. I'm home." Spidey: "Miguel, please. Not now. We gotta deal with this!" Spider-UK: "Look lively, people. We don't have much time. You all have to come with us to our SAFE ZONE now, before--" SSM points and and gets in his face: "No! You British idiot. Shut up. That goes for all of you mindless dolts. I had everything under control until you lot came stumbling in." The then holds up a small device: "For months I've been studying these Inheritors! Assembling my army! Fighting them! AND WINNING! See this?! A cloaking device. I built this! It masks our 'SCENT' from them..." He then holds in before SS2. "But only up to a point. Take Kaine here. His readings are abnormally high. EXPLAIN!" SS2: "Back off! I don't know why I'd--" SSM: "He's 'The Other'. A being unique to his--or any dimension." He then holds it to Silk: "And this girl..." (softly): "this STRANGELY fetching woman. Her...uh...levels are off the chart." OMS: "That's Silk. She's 'The Bride.' A special totem who--" SSM: "Totems?! Spare me your superstitions, old man...I'm talking SCIENCE with enough of our unique signatures together--especially THOSE TWO, it won't take the Inheritors long to find--" Suddenly, Daemos pops out of a portal: "What have we HERE?! Oh, Weaver, you've outdone yourself this time! So many Spiders! Why it's a veritable BANQUET!" Spidey: "HOLY--Look at HIM! He's like Morlun times TEN!" SSM: "You fools! Any other time, this would be certain doom! But fortunately for you all--I'M HERE! Team, like I trained you--ATTACK! Long-range fighters, OPEN FIRE!" AS, Spider-Cyborg, and NS all shoot their guns at Daemos, who just laughs it off. SSM: "Second wave: In close! Go for his vitals!" ABSW, Six-Armed Spidey, and SM attack. Daemos: "Such spirit! But I will only stomache so much. Take it outside...AWAY WITH YOU!" He then tosses the three through a wall and outside, shown to be up high. Daemos then grabs and consumes/destroys Spider-Cyborg. SP: "$%&$#! Cyborg's down!" Nearby: Spidey: "Your plans aren't working! Everyone! All together! NOW!" USM2: "I'll give it my best..." Spidey: "MILES? You're here too?" USM2: "Wait, Peter? I thought the boss-guy was you!" Spidey: "Yes and no. Long story." Mayday SG and SS2 move towards Daemos, ready to attack. MDSG: "DAEMOS! I've been waiting for this!" SS2: "Yeah? Get in line!" Daemos is shown getting jumped by them, and other Spiders. Daemos: "The Other! And the orphan girl! Oh, this is glorious! That's it, Spiders! Make me work for my supper!" Silk and OMS standing nearby. Silk (whispering): "This's my fault. I shouldn't have come." OMS: "No, you never should have left your bunker." SSM: "Scintillating conversation. Now if you don't mind...there's a battle going on!" He then jumps high into the air above Daemos: "One I intend to WIN--with OVERWHELMING and SUPERIOR FORCE!" Daemos: "Silly little Spiders. I will feast...on you AA-HHKK--" SSM stabs him him through the back with his mechanical spider-legs, then falls dead. Spidey: "You--you KILLED him." USM2 (whispering to him): "Um. You're right. He's not you." SSM (over Daemos' body): "Sadly, I can't take ALL the credit. My sensors show that Kaine's attacks did the most damage. Of course, the killing blow WAS mine." Spidey: "It's wrong." MDSG: "No, it's justice. Just wish it was by my hand." Spidey: "You didn't mean that, May. And that's NOT what I meant. I've fought his kind before. When they die, they crumble to dust." S-Man: "But this bithead didn't. A stasis charge." He overlooks the body: "You augmented your weapons with 2099 tech." SSM: "Of course. And now we have a tactical advantage. We can study this corpse and learn more of our enemy's weaknesses." Six-Armed Spidey: "I can help with that. I'm a bit of a bio-specialist." Lady Spider: "As am I." SSM: "Information is key, and from what we've all learned..." Points to Silk: "This woman, Silk, is the SOURCE of all our problems." OMS: "Stay away from her." SSM: "Her scent is drawing them to us! So I believe we should--" OMS: "It doesn't matter what any of you believe. You're all just fumbling around in the dark. I'm the only one here who knows what's REALLY going on. And you all better listen to me if you want to--" Hands grab onto OMS's head, feeding off him. As he falls, the attacker can be seen to be Daemos (somehow), along with Brix and Bora. Daemos: "Sorry, you were saying?" Bora (I think): "You'll have to forgive our brother, Daemos, he's always interrupting people." Brix (I think): "And turning up late. Took him forever to get dressed. SSM: "Impossible! I killed him! You all saw!" Spider-UK: "Everyone, through a portal! We're bugging out! NOW!" SP: "He's back? How is that &#%# back?!" Spidey: "Worry about that later! There's THREE of them NOW!" Daemos: "Quick, children. Before they can scatter, kill as many as you can!" Brix: "Dibs on the pig." Bora: "No fair! *I* wanted the pig. He looks succulent." SW: "I'll buy us some time!" Spidey: "NO! We have to pull out." (quietly): We can't win this." SH (with other Spider fighing the three): "Hey! What'd I do? Why are they going after my bacon bits?!" Bora: "Ha! So many!" It's hard to miss!" Daemos is shown biting int AS's neck, draining his life-energy. Nearby, SSM: "This isn't FAIR! I killed him! I brought us a victory! How--?" SS2 to Reilly Spidey: Reilly, you thinking what I'm thinking?" RS: "Clone! Gotta be!" Both dodge some thrown equipment, and continue. SS2: "They can clone themselves! Come back as many times as they want. Our guys don't stand a chance. We'll never win!" RS: "Unless someone does something about it! Here, I can open a portal to their frequency...and take us wherever that clone came from." SS2: "And as the two guys here who know the most about this stuff...guess it's up to us to go there and--" As the two go through the now-open portal, JDBW sees: "There. There's three of us here who 'know about this stuff.' I'm coming too!" USM2 witnesses as she jumps in towards after them. USM2: "Jess?! You're bailing on me?" JDBW: "Miles, I have to do this. It's a clone-thing. You wouldn't under--" She fully goes through the portal. USM2: "Jess!" (Follow the clone club in Scarlet Spiders #1) Spidey puts a comforting hand on USM2's shoulder. USM2: "Can't believe she did that." Spidey: "Worry about it later, Miles. We're all going. Now grab a portal and get to safety. Please. Follow me." USM2 goes through a portal: "All right..." OMS (on the ground, weak): "Par...ker..." Spidey runs to his side: "The old man's still alive? Hang in there, I'll--" OMS (weakly): "No time...but y-you have to hear this..." Spidey removes OMS' mask. OMS (weakly): "L-Listen to me." Spidey: "EZEKIEL?!" OMS (weakly): "Not your...Ezekiel. From a world where Morlun killed you. Got this...stupid suit made. C-Carried on in you name." Spidey: "Wait. You know ALL about the totems and Morlun. All of it. What am I supposed to do?" OMS (weakly): "The Scion. The Other. The Bride. They're...all that matters. Keep them safe. Or this's...all for nothing." Spidey: "The Bride? That's what you keep calling Silk! Why..." Silk swings nearby: "Need this. Gotta make things right. Those freaks are drawn to me? I can USE that! Lead 'em away from the rest of you!" She then take's Spidey's wrist portal device: "Sorry, Parker!" She then flips into the air, and whistles to Daemos. Daemos: "The Bride!" Silk: "Hey, bad guys! You want me? Gotta catch me!" Brix or Bora: "We need her! Brother, what do we do?" She then enters a portal. Spidey: "SILK! Hold on, I'm--" SW: "Don't! I'LL go. The team needs you, oh 'CHOSEN ONE,' remember?" She takes off towards Silk's portal, which NS shown joining her: "'Turtleneck?'" NS: "That's not my name, Doll." SW: "DOLL?" (and follow them in Spider-Woman #1) Elsewhere in the compound, S-Man and some other Spider(s) take off with Daemos' body from before. The three Inheritors hot on their trail. S-Man: "Shock! They've spotted us. You got the corpse?" ???: "Yeah, what now?" S-Man: "Run for it!" Bora (I think): Daemos! Your old body. Should we--?" Daemos: "I'll retrieve the blasted thing. Get The Bride. Or Father will be most...displeased." Brix (I think): "Consider her caught." (seeing a trend? Spider-Man 2099 #6!) Elsewhere, Spidey continues to lead the remaining Spiders through the portal back to the "Safe Zone," including SSM. MSG: "I'm not letting him ge away!" Spidey: "May! ENOUGH! That--tat went south really fast. The heat's off us for a sec. We should stop and figure out our next--" SSM: "Way ahead of you. YEARS in fact. *I* know what we have to do...so take me to this 'Safe Zone' of yours."

The portal opens back on Earth-13, with Spidey, SSM, and others coming out of it. CS gives MSG her little brother back. MSG: "My brother? Is he...?" CS: "Right here, May." Spider-Gwen to Spider-UK: "I don't see the old man." Spider-UK: "Sorry, Gwen. We lost him. And not just him." Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl to Spidey: "Ohmigod! Where's Spider-Woman! She didn't--?" Spidey: "She and Silk are all right, Anya. We should talk." SSM (elsewhere in the crowd): "NO! The time for 'talking' is OVER!" Spidey (internal, and turning behind himself towards SSM): Whoa! Spider-Sense is going off, why--?" SSM: "DON'T YOU GET IT? THIS IS WAR! And from this point on--I'M IN CHARGE!"


Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #1:

As a child, JESSICA DREW fell ill with a fatal disease. So, to save her life, her scientist-father injected her with a serum of spider blood. The injection worked, but it also gave her unbelievable spider-like powers. With this power Jessica became


A Villainous family called THE INHERITORS is travelling the multiverse, hunting down spider-totems to feed on their life force. Spider-Woman has teamed up with other Spiders from across space and time to fight back against the threat.

When the Spiders discovered that another arachno-powered woman named SILK attracts the Inheritors' in like chum in the water, she fled, jumping from universe to universe to lure some of the Inheritors away from her spider-friends. Spider-Woman and a Spider-Man from the 1930's are Silk's only protectors.

Story #1:

SW, Silk, and NS can be seen together riding some four-legged, green lizard-like creatures like horses through something of a purple desert. Silk: "You don't think this is cool?" SW: "No." Silk: "That's crazy. YOU'RE crazy. We're riding giant lizard donkeys through purple sand, heading for a manhattan carved out of GOLD. But your so jaded super hero OVER IT...you can't even admit it's cool." SW (internal): "Of course Silk thinks this is cool. If I spent the last decade in a y2k bunker drinking the world's last remaining cans of surge while wearing out my VHS of CLUELESS, I'd probably think this alternate universe suicide run was the bee's knees." Silk: "Different strokes." SW (internal): "Instead I was out hunting super-skrulls and fighting space wars. I know better." Some kind of vast city can be seen in the distance. Silk: "Buzz. Kill." SW: "Is a thing people no longer say." NS: "I, for one, think it's BREATHTAKING. No doubt about it." SW (internal): "Thank you, prohibition Spider-Man. The man wears sock garters. My cell phone would take his breath away." Silk: "Just sucks. I finally get to hang out with THE Spider-Woman. And it turns out she's a friggin' stick-in-the-mud." SW: "Oh, COME ON! I can do all the fun. People call me a...fun, fun lady. All the time. You wanna come back here for a long weekend after this thing's over. I am down. We'll rent golden dune buggies and take embarrassing bikini selfies with this universe's sexy male Elektra. It'll be FAB."

All three begin passing through some kind of desert village. SW: "But with everything that's going on right now--all I can think is that in my experience, the WEIRDER someplace looks--the more exotic and alien--" They dismount their rider-animals. SW: "--the higher the likelihood we're all gonna die there." Silk: "Okay...so now what?" SW looks at her wrist device: "We need to be ready to BOUNCE the minute those twins show up. So I'LL go find us some blending in clothes--You two stay here and try to keep a low profile." Silk: "What does that--?" SW: "It means stand in one place staring at each other until the crushing boredom threatens to EAT YOUR SOUL." Silk: "Geez. Enjoy ourselves? NOT! Lest we incur the...WRATH of the Spider-Woman." NS (looking behind himself): "Silk. Take a look over there. What do you make of those two?" We see two young teenage boys riding flying disks of some kind, approaching a female villager with groceries nearby. Boy #1: "Wowza! Whole lotta food there for a DUNEY." Boy #2: "Yeah it is. I heard THREE of 'em can eat on one loaf for a WEEK. She's got herself a FEAST!" Villager Woman (softly): "Not again." Boy #1: "Looks TERRIBLE heavy though. Let's do h er a favor. LIGHTEN that load." Boy #2: "Heh heh heh." Boy #1 swoops down and knocks the groceries out of the woman's hands. Boy #1: "Nice." Silk: "Weird. All the sudden I've got a hankering for badly beaten bonehead stew." NS: "Me too." Pulls out his gun: "Find us a big pot. I'll go fetch the MEAT." Silk: "Pete, we CAN'T. LOW profile, remember?" Woman: "LEAVE ME ALONE!" The woman then throws some eggs at Boy #1. Boy #1: "You threw EGGS at us?" Robot-suits forms around both boys: "Hope you enjoyed that, Duney. You're about to PAY for it." NS: "COME on now. I can't just stand here watching... Silk?" Silk (elsewhere nearby): "Over here, Pete!" We see her duking it out with the robot-suit kids. Silk: "If Jess wants to YELL, she can YELL. Profile shmofile."

SW is still touring the village, looking at the various people and huts, her now holding onto a plate of food before a nearby server. SW: "And a little bit of that, too...I guess, yeah. Really don't know what I'm looking at here so whatever you think." SW (internal): "This is New York. These people are human. Their food won't kill you. Just keep telling yourself that." SW: "Okay, folks, I'll bite. What's all the...hullaboloo?" She sees, in the distance, Silk and NS fighting now three robot-armor guys. After cursing to herself (internal): "I knew they were GREEN." She kicks a biker off a nearby hovering motorcycle and rides it towards the others. SW (internal): "But if I'd known they were GREEN and STUPID--I would've duct taped their feet to something heavy--or just beat them till they quit moving." SW: "Don't look at me, fella. There's not one part of this that was my idea."

Back at the battle-scene, all the robot-armor guys have been taken out. Silk: "I'm not ashamed to admit it, Pete...I get a big KICK OUT of beating on morons. Silk's spider-sense goes off. Silk: "AHH!" Nearby voice: "Smell that, sis? Her spider-sense is all a-TINGLE." NS and Silk turn to see a portal, with Bora and Brix coming in from it. Bora: "Must be trouble brewing." Brix: "I guess so." NS: "SILK! GO!" NS shoots at the twins, while Silk obeys and gets down. The bullets just bounce off of Brix. Brix: "Heh, THIS guy." Bora jumps down on top of NS's back, followed by a "KRAAK" sound. Bora: "Yeah..." She then hold his head up, looking into his eyes. Bora: "Barely worth eating." Silk: "NO! LEAVE HIM ALONE!" She webline's NS, and pulls him to her. He lays there before her, motionless. Silk: "Oh GOD, Pete... What do I do? What do I do?" Brix: "You could RUN. I LIKE IT when they run." Bora: "Don't be GROSS, brother." At that point, SW on her flying motorcycle arrives on the scene, up above evereyone, and jumps down into the scene. SW: "Yo, TWINKIES! Suck speeder bike!" Bora or Brix: "Twinkies?" The bike spins around and crashes into the twins. SW: "Cream-filled snack cakes that come in pairs. Don't worry about it." She then reaches down with Silk over NS. Silk: "SPIDER-WOMAN! They were gonna..." SW: "Don't get too excited, Silk. After the IDIOT STUNT you just pulled...somebody's still GONNA." All three then teleport away again. Out of the wreckage of the flying motorcycle comes Brix and Bora, same as they were before. Bora: "So, brother...you'd say you LIKE IT when they run?" Brix: "LOVE it."

Story #2:

Earth-90214. Felicia Hardy's The Black Cat Speakeasy:
We see a then-styled car parked before the speakeasy building in the city in the rain. SW (internal): "What do you THINK was going to happen, Jess? Leaving her alone with greatest generation Spider-Man." We now see inside of the Speakeasy, with people talking and drinking. SW (internal): "Those two would try to root out evil on PUPPY DAY at the DOG PARK. I can force her to run and I can tell her to hide." This Earth's Black Cat is shown treating Peter/NS while holding his mask, in some kind of storage room in the building, with SW hiding nearby. SW (internal): "But this is NEVER gonna work. Sooner or later they'll walk through this door--or one just like it--and there won't be a damn thing I can do to keep her safe." SW is now shown with Silk also hiding behind her. Silk: "This seems DUMB." SW: "Agreed." Silk: "I mean...why did we bring him HERE where it's like nineteen-thirty-whatever and there aren't any SUPER SCIENCE doctors to fix him?" SW: "We brought him HOME. He has friends here. They'll take care of him...DISCREETLY." She adds that he's beyond fixing. Silk is angry that they're going to leave him there, but SW assures her it's all to protect her. Silk is sad about it, but SW conforts her anyway. A loud "KREESH" is heard coming from the main room, with Silk, SW, and Black Cat race to see what it is, thinking Inheritors, only to find Anya, Spider-Man, and Spider-Gwen on the bar table, and lots of broken glass all around. Spidey mentions he/they is/are still trying to master universal teleportation.

Outside, Spidey explains to SW that she's being replaced with Anya and Spider-Gwen, as they're currently losing the war against the Inheritors, and they need her help elsewhere. SW is reluctant at first, saying the two kids couldn't handle caring for Silk, but then complies a little afterward, then gives the two young female Spiders orders, mainly watch over Silk and keep running all the time. Spidey and SW then disappear through a portal, with Anya and Spider-Gwen going back into the speakeasy building, asking Black Cat where Silk is, to which she replies she though she was with them. Both heroes realize what must have happened...

Story #3:

New York City. Earth-981:
Silk materializes out of her portal to a NYC that seems to possibly be in a new ice age, with all the tons of snow around. Silk: "Screw YOU, Jessica Drew! Act like it's MY fault these psychos are after me. I've spent like TEN YEARS hiding in a vault from them. Now I'M the careless one?! Whatever... You think I'm some big LIABILITY, Spider-Woman? Dead weight that's gonna get everyone KILLED? FINE. I don't need any help. Silk may not be much of a super hero yet. But I can do ALONE like a champ." She then turns her head to see a giant, growling monster come out of nowhere and attack her. She runs off yelling. She webs herself a webline up to the top of a building, managing to get to it and away from the beast. Nearby, a portal has opened, and out come the twins again. Bora: "Interesting CHOICE she's made, our rabbit. Running off all by her LONESOME." Brix: "Don't worry about that, sister. We'll keep her company."


Comments: OK story. It was around this issue, or the one before, where I could finally tell which one was the male of the twins. Before, they both looked female. And it's hard to believe that Silk would go on her own like that, as she well knows of her importance as "The Bride." What's the condition of Noir Spidey? When Bora stepped down on NS's back, with that large cracking sound, and Silk hovering over him, I assumed he died, but he looked like he had a fever later in Earth-90214.

Sorry for the delay again on these. I'll get to last week's (S-Man Vol. 2 #6, Scarlet Spiders #1 (of 3), & Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors #1) when I get home tonight. Fortunately, there are no 2099 or SV comics this week, so I should get the time I need to do last week's.

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February 4th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #14:

February 11th: Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #4:

February 18th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #15:

February 25th: Spider-Gwen #1:

February 25th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #9

Also worth of notice that the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors cartoon (Ultimate Spider-Man season 3) will start featuring S-Man at some point in the future (was going to be Oct. 19th, but got changed).


List of all current issues of S-Man Vol. 2: #'s 1-6

List of all SSM/ASM/etc.-issues with S-Man:
ASM (Vol. 3) #1, 9-10
SSM #'s 17-19, 23, 27.NOW-31
SSMTU #'s 5, 7 & 11
SV #1 (of 2) (Cover only)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #1 (Cover only)
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible S-Man appearances)

Current list of UA-issues with Doom:
#'s 14, & 18.NOW-22 (vol. 2 doubtful of Doom appearances)

List of all Spidey 2211 appearances:
ASM Vol. 3 #'s 9-10

2099 Universe appearances:
SSM #32-33
Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible 2099 Universe appearances)

2099 mentions/references:
Uncanny Avengers #23 (vol. 2 possible 2099 mentions/references)

- Rodimus

Laura Bertram's Fan-Made Video Tribute Project

Help make an "Evil Dead: The Game" tie-in and/or continuation comics from Dark Horse Comics or IDW Publishing:

Starz cancelled the show, Bruce Campbell has retired as Ash, and there's going to be a post-show video game called "Evil Dead: The Game", so help us with our petition for tie-in and/or continuation comics of it!

Also, I've made a .doc file for a posted flyer for the page. Please also print and post these pages at your LCS.


This is a (private) Facebook group about anything entertaining. Movies, books, magazines, music, video games, television, memes, pictures, collections, artwork, new and old tech and sports etc. Enjoy!

New 2099 UGR Fanfiction Group Facebook Group!
THE place to go to chat about the 2099 UGR fanfics, and 2099 in general!

New 2099 UGR Fanfiction Group Forum!
Also a place to chat about all things 2099:

2099 UGR Fanfiction site:

G1 Transformers Cartoon: Virtual Season 4 Extension:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PVTransformers (Staff List)

Virtual Transformers Forum:

(Sunbow/Marvel) G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Virtual Season 3:

MUGEN 2099 Project Staff list:
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