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Subj: Reviews of Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #6, Scarlet Spiders #1 (of 3), and Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #1
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S-Man Vol. 2 #6:

Recap by Lyla: Hi, I'm LYLA, Miguel's lyrate life-form approximation holographic assistant. Here's the download on SPIDER-MAN 2099's BACKSTORY. MIGUEL O'HARA was a young genetics genius employed at megacorporation ALCHEMAX in the future city of Neuva York. One of his experiments, to replicate the powers of your current Spider-Man, was turned against him and rewrote his DNA to make it 50% SPIDER! He gained AMAZING POWERS and became the Spider-Man of the year 2099. Recently,* Miguel joined forces with Spider-Men/Women/Animals from across the multiverse the battle the ravenous Inheritors who feast on Spider-totems. Daemos, the largest of the Inheritors, was killed in battle, but immediately returned in a new clone body! Spider-Man 2099, the steampunk-armed Lady Spider from Earth-803, and the Six-Armed Spider-Man from Earth-91200, escaped with Daemos's dead body in hopes of discovering more about the Inheritors' biology. But the restored Daemos is hot on their trail! (*-In ASM Vol. 3 #10)

Inside Alchemax tower, Tyler Stone is kicking-back in his office chair, with Winston nearby. Tyler: "This has been a good day, Winston." Winston: "A VERY good day, Mr. Stone." Tyler: "We are finally, finally rid of Spider-Man. He's trapped in the year with no way of getting back here. Things could not be going better." He yawns, then: "I better get to sleep early this evening. I didn't used to get so tired, so quickly. Getting older, I guess." He gets up and begins to walk out of his office: "Yup. Good day all around." Winston (looking at a nearby monitor): "Uh, Sir?" Tyler: "Whatever it is, can it wait until tomorrow, Winston?" Winston: "I don't think so, Sir. The Pubic Eye just forwarded you something." Tyler (also turns to monitor): "And what would they have--?" Shocked look on his face: "Oh, no." We now see the monitor image, showing S-Man fly through NYC, with Six-Armed Spidey and Lady Spider webswinging beside him. Winston: "Looks like he's back, Sir. And apparently he's brought COMPANY." Tyler (distraught): "How is this possible? How is this REMOTELY possible? He was in the past barely an hour or two! How did he find his way back so quickly?" Winston: "We don't know that he did." Tyler: "What?" Winston: "He could have been gone two hours, or days, or years. It's time-travel. We're fortunate he didn't come back BEFORE we sent him back in the past. He might have warned himself and we'd have both a paradox and two of them to deal with." Tyler: "So instead we have one of him and two of them, whoever they are. The Public Eye has them, yes?" Winston: "They've photographed them and are currently tracking them. Typically Spider-Man is able to avoid the P.E.'s spying on him. He seems to know where there are holes in the system and manages to slip through the viewing parameters. But in this case he may be distracted by his 'associates' and isn't thinking about us right now." Tyler: "Excellent. I want him tracked, and when he stops moving...send in the Public Eye to take him down once and for all." Tyler sits back in his chair, troubled. Winston: "So...not going home at the moment?" Tyler: "Figured that out, did you? Stop him, Winston. Stop him...once and for all."

Elsewhere, in Miguel's old apartment (I think), Gabe is talking to Conchata over a vid-phone. Gabe: "No, Ma, I don't know where the shock he is. Because he doesn't tell me every move he makes, THAT'S why. And why do you care about what he's up to, anyway? You never care!" Conchata: "'Never' is a long word, Gabriel. Of course I care." Gabe: "Why? Do you need to borrow money or something?" Conchata: "That's a cruel thing to say." Gabe: "You do have to borrow money, don't you?" Conchata: "Just have him call when he gets in." Gabe: "Right, Mom. Whatever." Call ends. Gabe: "Jeez." A bright light shines on Gabe's back, and he turns to see what it is: "HOLY--!" Voice from that direction: "Gabe, calm down. It's me." Before Gabe stands S-Man, SA Spidey, and Lady Spider, before a large open doorway. Gabe: "I know it's you, Miggy. What I don't know is who the hell THESE two are!" S-Man: "They're Spider-Men from other dimensions." Gabe: "Of course they are! I mean, who else would they be?" SAS walks over to Gabe: "I'm Peter Parker. I took a formula to try and rid myself of my spider powers and wound up with four extra hands." Gabe: "Well, sure, because that's BOUND to happen. Which one do I shake?" SAS: "The one I'm extending." S-Man: "And this is Spider-Lady." LS: "Lady Spider, actually." She removes her mask: "But you can call me 'May.'" S-Man: "Fine. This is MAY. May, this is my brother, Gabriel." The two shake hands also. Gabe: "Uh...hi. I'm Gabriel." LS: "Yes, I know." Gabe: "And you're May." LS: "Two for two." Gabe: "Where do you hail from?" LS: "New York. In the year 1985." Gabe: "Welcome to 2099." LS: "Thank you. You, uh, can stop shaking my hand now." Gabe: "Sorry, what?" LS: "My hand. You can release it." Gabe pulls his hand away. Gabe: "Oh, right." LS: "Peter has some unshaken ones if you're still in the mood." Gabe: "No, no. I'm good." Turns to S-Man, now maskless: "So what's going on? I ran into Peter Parker a little earlier. Brought him to your apartment." Mig: "Actually, that wasn't...nah, forget it. Too complicated. Long story short: There's a metric ton of Spider-People running around Nueva York at the moment. And someone is trying to kill us." Gabe: "Who?" LS: "His name is Daemos. He's part of a family of Spider-killers." SAS: "They live forever by draining our essence." Gabe: "And he's running around Nueva York right now?" SAS: "I'm afraid so." Gabe: "And he's chasing you guys?" Mig: "He might very well be." Gabe: "And you thought the best way to deal with him was to lead him HERE?!" Mig: "Don't worry. We're NOT leading him here. We just needed a safe harbor and this was the closest place. I needed somewhere to coordinate forces." Gabe: "What forces?" Mig: "The Punisher. Hulk. Strange, if I have to. We have some pretty formidable folks that I've run into and they pack quite a punch. Daemos and his kind are mostly used to Spiders. So we'll mix up the offensive team." Gabe: "Are you sure?" Mig (cocky): "I'm Spider-Man. Trust me." A large CRASH sound is heard, and all turn to see Daemos break in through a hole in the wall he just made. Daemos: "THERE you are! You led me on quite the chase! Took me ten whole MINUTES to find you!" S-Man/Mig (internal): "Damn it! Gabriel's never gonna let me hear the end of this...for the five seconds or so we have left to live." Daemos: "The body you stole! Where is it?" S-Man/Mig: "Where you'll never find it, Daemos." SAS rushes him, shooting four weblines: "Go! GO! I'll stall him!" Daemos just catches all the weblines in his right hand: "Will you, now? How are you going to do that?" He then grabs SAS, and slams him into the floor: "Dazzle me with your wit? Fluster me with your intellect? Try to seduce me, perhaps? You do have a surplus of hands. Think of the possibilities. But I think not. Instead I will simply--FEAST." He grabs SAS by one of his arms and his head. S-Man and LS (with their masks back on) try to assist by rushing Daemos. S-Man (internal): "It's all happening so insanely fast. We have to do something before--" Daemos just knocks the two aside: "WAIT YOUR TURN!" He then regrabs SAS by the chest of his costume: "You were quite delicious, Peter. That formula of yours really juiced you up. Made you exceptionally tasty. I suspect that wasn't your purpose, but it's impossible to argue with the results. Now..." He tosses SAS' body aside: "Who dies next?" LS punches him in the face: "Keep back, creature!" Run, Miguel! I'll hold him off!" Daemos: "Yes, by all means, because that plan worked so well for your predecessor." He grabs her by the neck: "Eh? What's this? You're no spider!" LS: "I...I am..." Daemos: "You're not! You're just some...some PRETENDER wearing mechanical legs. You have made yourself in the Spider's image. You have the essense, yes, but it reeks of technology! Still..." He licks her face with his tongue. Daemos: "Perhaps I can find other ways to amuse myself with you." Then, out of nowhere, an energy blast hits Daemos, knocking him into a wall. He quickly gets back up: "How...DARE Y--?" and Gabe fires another shot, shooting him out the side of the building and beyond that. Daemos can be heard screaming in pain. S-Man (standing near Gabe): "Gabe?! Where the hell--?!" Gabe: "It's Dana's. She left it here as a 'just in case' weapon." S-Man: "Holy shock, man!" Gabe: "Go. Get him." S-Man jumps through the hole Daemos made: "He's gotten." LS puts her hand on Gabe's back from behind: "Thank you!" Gabe: "You're welc--" She kisses him on the lips for a second, then takes off in front of him. Gabe (smiling): "Stop by ANY TIME!"

Daemos is standing on the ground below, standing above the cracked concrete he fell on and broke, with people running away from him: "Spider-Man! Get out here before I find more people to kill!" A flock of P.E.s appear overhead. One P.E.: "Put your hands on your head! That is a direct order!" Daemos jumps to the speaking-P.E.'s skybike: "I do not take orders!" He then kicks the pilot off, and takes control of the vehicle: "Do you understand that?" He then fires at one of the other skybikes: "Am I making that abundantly clear?" The fallen P.E. lays on the ground, moaning. S-Man jumps down to him, and knowing there has to be a spy-camera nearby, says: "Tyler! TYLER STONE! I just know you're watching this. Listen to me very carefully." He grabs the P.E. by the chest-outfit: "You sent me back to 2014. Ordinarily I would beat the living crap out of you for that. But this is your lucky day. I'm about to give you a free pass. Alchemax, Floor 22, Lab C. You know what I mean. Have it ready for me...and instead of rightfully pounding you into oblivion, I will owe you a favor. This is a one-time offer. Make the right decision." Tyler and Winston see the video-message on their monitor. Tyler: "Winston. Do what the Spider says." Winston: "Yes, Sir." Tyler: "Good man." Daemos is riding a skybike still: "Anyone else?" S-Man then weblines his skybike: "Yeah." Then pulls it onto the building top he's on: "Me!" LS (while webbing his wrists to the destroyed skybike): "I have him!" Daemos: "DO you, pretend Spider? My offer is still open, you know. You may be a sham of a Spider, but I admire your spirit. And your figure is quite striking." LS: "I would rather die." Daemos breaks free from her webbing and moves towards her: "That can be arranged." S-Man drop-kicks him: "Me first." Daemos tries to punch him back, but he dodges it. Daemos: "Now YOU are certainly no imposter. The spider power surges through you. You will provide quite the feast." S-Man punches him in the face. Daemos: "UNNFFF!" S-Man then takes off into the air, away from him. Daemos: "Is that it? Is that all you have to offer?" S-Man (internal): "No, I have lots more than that. But I've got to get you to follow me first." LS joins him in the air, both webswinging. S-Man (internal): "And knowing this guy, that shouldn't be an issue." LS: "Where are you go--?" S-Man: "Just follow me." LS: "All right, if you're sure." S-Man (internal): "I'm anything BUT sure, but I'm not about to tell her that." Daemos gets on another skybike: "A RACE! I LOVE RACES!" LS is still webswinging, and S-Man is flying using his web-cape. LS: "You're FLYING now. Can you do that on your own?" S-Man: "Anti-grav material on my back." LS: "TECHNOLOGY, then. You would enjoy my world." S-Man: "Is anyone trying to kill us there?" LS: "Yes." S-Man: "Then I'm thinking not so much. Now...listen carefully. Here's what I need you to do..." S-Man is shown flying towards the Alchemax building. S-Man (internal): "All right. Now we see if Tyler got my message. If the front freight door on the 82nd floor is open, then--" A close-up shows it is. S-Man (internal): "PERFECT!" Daemos, on a skybike behind S-Man: "Where do you think you're going, Spider-Man? How far do you think you can flee? Do you truly believe that--" S-Man then leaps higher into the air, flipping to behind Daemos on the skybike, then covers his eyes with his hands." S-Man: "MAY! NOW!" We see LS sticking to the building, right above the entrance to the lab: "Is this spider enough for you?" She webs the skybike, pulling it into the entrance: "THAT is for being an officious DOLT!" The skybike then crashes inside the entrance. Daemos: "What is this?! Where--" It then hits a wall and is destroyed. Daemos: "UNFFFF!" Daemos, back on his feet now, stands near where S-Man and LS are. S-Man: "Hey there. Welcome to Lab C." Daemos: "It doesn't matter where I am..." Suddenly, a series of vertical electrical charges attack and hold Daemos in a kind of painful stasis. S-Man: "It actually does. See, this is a stasis cell. It kept Venom buttoned up. It should be able to handle you. Welcome to Alchemax, Daemos. You won't be leaving anytime soon."

To Be Continued!

Comments: Wow, I didn't think they'd have only had 1-2 hours pass in 2099 since S-Man was sent to the present. It's a good thing they did, as I'd imagine Tyler checking Mig's apartment to see if he was missing too. But why would Tyler want S-Man lost in time, or have him taken down? Doesn't he care about Miguel more than that (sure, he just SUSPECTS it's Mig, but...)? He said in the original volume that he wanted S-Man "captured." Sliney's gotten better on S-Man's costume, but still draws the eye-pieces too small; AND he drew S-Man shooting his webs like Spidey, with his fingers (as he also did in #3 or 4), although the webbing still comes out of the tops of his hands. Hopefully PAD will catch on it and it'll be corrected from here on out. Where in the original S-Man series timeline does this S-Man come from? What happened to Miguel's apartment? And will LS fall for S-Man, making this the THIRD time he's "stolen a girl from Gabe?" Still, great story, and from what I've heard of next ish, it's going to get better.

Scarlet Spiders #1 (of 3):

After a high school demonstration on radioactivity, Peter Parker became the crime-fighting super hero Spider-Man. Across the multiverse, though, his DNA has been cloned and altered time and again. Now, as the Spiders from every dimension have come together in a war for their own survival, three of those clones have joined forces to embark on a dangerous mission.



After an explosive clash with the Inheritors, the Spiders of the multiverse realized that the interdimensional hunters on their tails have access to cloning technology, making the family a nearly unstoppable force.

Three clones of Peter Parker--KAINE, the Scarlet Spider of the Marvel Universe, BEN REILLY, the Spider-Man of his own dimension, and JESSICA DREW, a female clone of Peter Parker and a member of the Ultimates--travelled to the dimension that the clones have originated from.

They had no idea what was waiting for them on the other side.

The three Spider-Clones walk through a high-tech hallway, presumably having materialized there, unsure of the outside world. Reilly/Spidey kicks open a door at the end, and on the other side is a huge, beautiful city with flying zeppelins and such. As BRS states it's beauty, and questions how a villain dimension could be like this, Black Widow reminds them that they need to change from their suits so they're undetected elsewhere, despite the fact that they have the device one of the other Spideys gave them that prevents the Inheritors from sensing them. Scarlet Spider 2 comes out with some smocks for the other two.

BRS and BW begin to change outfits back in the hallway from before. SS2 tells them he doesn't need to as his costume can turn invisible. Once changed, they leave through another door, and BW tells SS2 to "scout ahead and lead the way." They walk into a convention-type room, with videos of Jennix saying: "Jennix sees you within the machine. There is nobility in your utility. There are elegant secrets in COMPLEXITY. You are part of something COMPLEX." Ben confirms this thus has to be one of the Inheritors' homeworlds. Suddenly, a group of smock-wearing patients, wearing some kind of control-helmets, and half identical male clones, and half identical female clones, walk by, seemingly mentally-directed. Jennix recording now: "Jennix is not capricious. Jennix does not create in vain. Each of you has PURPOSE." SS2 mentions they were like zombies, with BW adding they had to be clones, adding not the actual Inheritors, but that "it would make sense they maintain order be genetically engineering a vast majority of the population," and "that they're probably in some clone-hatchery for normal people." While she also comments on how they probably won't run into trouble here, a guy in a lab coat approaches them (name tag saying "Modell", a version of that guy from the Superior Spider-Man book), questioning who they are and such. SS2, nearby and visible again, webs Modell's mouth, and mentions that armored guards are on the way. SS2 provides the other two their costumes back; and once they're on, all three break out through a nearby window, high above the street, only to be greeted by the armored guards anyway, which they all quickly take out. Immediately following, their approached by this dimension's Iron Man. At first he acts like he's on their side, but quickly reveals he works for Jennix, and laser-blasts BRS, knocking him out. This Iron Man says he's going to turn them in to Jennix, but invisible SS2 punches him out. BW mentions they have to get out of the open.

Elsewhere, Jennix sits in his throne-type seat, mentioning that the "Spiders are moving between universes in unheard-of numbers," and that "the web is TREMBLING." Shown somewhere near him are mechanical-cocoons (must be where the Inheritor clones come from). Jennix also adds: "This could be the most exciting work I've done in a CENTURY. And a FEAST, of course. A feast such as we've never known."

In some hidden room-area, BRS wakes up from his blast, with SS2 and BW standing near him. He asks BW if they're someplace safe. She concurs, then he apologizes for letting his guard down like that. BW mentions Iron Man is in the next room, where she was able to remove his armor, and all three go there. There, BRS asks Tony Stark where the Inheritor clone bodies are made. He just explains that they're all Spiders from the multiverse, and that he "works for Jennix as Chief Architect of three of his cities, and his designs are the framework for half of his security systems." SS2 now demands he reveal the location of Jennix's HQ, where the Inheritor clones are made, with his underarm spikes coming out to scare Tony. He explains it's the Baxter Building, and says he told them because he'd be delivering them to him, and that he'll be rewarded for it, but BRS says they'll go there and win. Back in the previous room, BRS says the building has to be heavily-guarded. BW says she has a plan, and that they'll "need an escort," while holding up Iron Man's helmet.

Next, outside the Baxter Building, we see "'Iron Man,' who's really BRS, holding Kaine and Jess (maskless) in cuffs into the building. Once inside the main room, "Iron Man" says: "I've got two clones here who aren't with the program. I'm bringing them to Jennix personally." Jess easily snaps her cuffs, puts her mask back on, and attacks the armored guards there, to buy the others some time for what they need to do. "Iron Man" continues guiding Kaine through the complex. Soon, a voice can be heard from behind: "Hey! What the hell?! Hey, Iron Man, hold up for a second! That's Peter Parker! I know that face anywhere!" Both turn around to see what looks like some "punk" version of Johnny Storm, who's wearing some kind of high-tech military armor. His air is shaved off on the sides and has a visible earring on his right ear. JS: "What the hell is going on here?"


Comments: Pretty good. Better than the Spider-Woman story, but not as good as current S-Man Vol. 2. This reality reminds me of the alternate reality from that Fringe show, with the zeppelins and all. Interested in seeing how the Inheritors' world (or this one of many they may have) is more different from 616.

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man : Web Warriors #1

[S-Man just appears on the cover and inner-cover. I'm guessing he won't make an actual story-appearance until he does first in the cartoon, and it's airtime is still unknown.]

Other definite/possible 2099-related appearances:

December 10th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #11:

December 10th: Spider-Verse Team-Up #2 (of 3):

December 10th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 Annual #1:

December 10th: Scarlet Spiders #2 (of 3):

December 10th: Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #2:

December 17th: Amazing Spider-man Vol. 3 #12:

December 24th: Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors #2:

December 24th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #7:

January 14th: Spider-Verse #2 (of 2):

January 21st: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #13:

January 21st: Spider-Verse Team Up #3 (of 3):

January 21st: Scarlet-Spiders #3 (of 3):

January 21st: Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #3:

January 28th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #8:

February 4th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #14:

February 11th: Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #4:

February 18th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #15:

February 25th: Spider-Gwen #1:

February 25th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #9

Also worth of notice that the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors cartoon (Ultimate Spider-Man season 3) will start featuring S-Man at some point in the future (was going to be Oct. 19th, but got changed).


List of all current issues of S-Man Vol. 2: #'s 1-6

List of all SSM/ASM/etc.-issues with S-Man:
ASM (Vol. 3) #1, 9-10
SSM #'s 17-19, 23, 27.NOW-31
SSMTU #'s 5, 7 & 11
SV #1 (of 2) (Cover only)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #1 (Cover & inner-cover only)
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible S-Man appearances)

Current list of UA-issues with Doom:
#'s 14, & 18.NOW-22 (vol. 2 doubtful of Doom appearances)

List of all Spidey 2211 appearances:
ASM Vol. 3 #'s 9-10

2099 Universe appearances:
SSM #32-33
Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible 2099 Universe appearances)

2099 mentions/references:
Uncanny Avengers #23 (vol. 2 possible 2099 mentions/references)

- Rodimus

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