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Subj: Reviews for Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #8, Spider-Verse Team-Up #2 (of 3), ASM Vol. 3 Annual #1, Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #2, ASM Vol. 3 #11, Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol. 3 #1, All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1, S-Man Vol. 2 #7, and Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #12
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Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #8:

[The only 2099-related thing here is a club Miles' Dad goes to in a flashback from 25 years in the past, called "Club 2099" (sign on the front). The font used for the "2099" part on the sign is the same from the covers of the original 2099 books, pre-ONUD. While we see plenty of the inside of the club, the shown logo is on story pages 1 and 13 only.]

Spider-Verse Team-Up #2 (of 3):

featuring '67 Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man from TV, and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man


featuring Spider-Gwen and Goblin

The first story takes place within the '60's Spider-Man cartoon show dimension. JJJ at the Bugle demands Peter get proof of how two newly-seen Spideys are crooks working with the actual Spidey. Turns out the two Spideys are just cartoon Ultimate Spidey and Miles Morales Ultimate Spidey, swinging through the city, looking for this dimension's Spidey, and then just happen to run into him. They land on a nearby rooftop and fight for a bit, but the two convince this Spidey of their story about being from alternate universes and such. This Spidey says he'd like to help, but he has to deal with some bad guys on the loose who're also working with a "Dr. Noah Body," who just happen to show up behind the three: Vuture, Electro, Green Goblin, and Scorpion. The Spideys battle them, then Body shows up (who's invisible), and shoots the Spideys with a "uranium-powered futuro-rifle" (laser), making them fall down, almost completely paralyzed. While the Body and the other villains fight over who finishes them, MMUS quietly comes up with a plan... CUS shoots webbing on GG's ankle, pulling and causing him to fall forward. Body sees this at an attempted attack, and then uses his laser rifle on him and Scorpion. MMUS, standing invisible next to a chimnea near Body, venom-touches him with his fingers on his shoulder, knocking him out, while the other two Spideys punch out Vuture and Electro.

We next see the five villains all wrapped up upside-down from a street lamp. The cops there read the message, including it being from Spider-MEN at the end. On top of the same roof from before, the Spideys agree that they all need to join/rejoin the other Spiders, with this dimension's Spidey saying he needs to tell Aunt May and others he'll be gone for awhile. CUS comes up with the idea of him and 60's cartoon Spidey splitting the job to save time. Both get out of their costumes, and are each shocked by the other's regular clothing. Later, they're back up on the same roof, the Peters without their masks on. 60's cartoon Peter says he told his Aunt May that he's going on a school trip. Ultimate cartoon Peter said he cleared everything with JJJ. MMUS says he wish he could have helped, but that he wouldn't have convinced the others of being the same guy, while removing his mask. 60's cartoon Spidey comments on how a high-school-looking kid like him could really "know his stuff," that he thought he'd be older. MM then puts his arms around both Spideys, saying they need to go and save the multiverse.

The second story is said to be on Earth-21205. Spider-Gwen is chasing a glider-riding Goblin-character through an underground passageway, telling him not to fight "them," and that he has to come with her. He throws one pumpkin bomb behind him at her, but she dodges. "Them" turns out to be Verna's hounds, who seem to be Rhino and Scorpion with muzzels on. SG grabs onto the Goblin's shoulder, and pulls him into another passageway. This Goblin asks who those creatures were, and who SHE is. He then removes his Goblin-mask to reveal himself as the Peter Parker of this dimension, continuing on about having just been put into danger with those things, and that she knows who he really is. SG unmasks, causing to Peter to painfully flash back/explain to when he accidently killed Gwen Stacy, same as in 616, only in this timeline, he later murdered the Green Goblin for it, then killed "Spider-Man" by ripping up his suit and became the new Goblin. Gwen tries to calm him down, saying she was responsible for his death in her dimension, that she knows how he feels. She then shows him her teleportation device on her wrist, saying there are multiple realities, and a web of world's in danger. Suddenly, a large explosion goes off between them, and they see Verna and her two pets again. Peter is getting back up, but SG seems unconscious. Peter tries to hold her up and wake her up, hoping she's not dead, and succeeds. Peter says he can be better, then puts his Goblin mask back on, and throws a pumpkin between the two hounds, catching them in an explosion. Verna easily grabs him by the back of his costume, then uses her sharp fingernails to tear at Goblin's chest and face, which removes the mask and gets Peter three bloody cuts across his face. She says she's gonna eat him, but there's a clicking noise, and a pumpkin bomb goes off between them, violently throwing Peter to the ground, his stomache burned heavily. Gwen runs to Peter's side, saying she thought she could save him. Weakly, he says she did, then dies. Gwen turns to Verna saying, "He's dead. You're next," then opens a portal and escapes. Verna looks down on the fallen Peter/Goblin, dead, but with a smile on his face. Verna: "I don't see that YOU'VE got anything to smile about. Pity, though. All that life lost. Waste of a perfectly good meal."

The End.

Comments: I'm confused how this first story fits with the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon version of Spider-Verse. Any theories on that, anyone?

ASM Vol. 3 Annual #1:

[Nothing 2099 or SV related here]

Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #2:

SPIDER-MEN and WOMEN from across space and time have teamed up to fight against THE INHERITORS, a villainous family that's hunting down SPIDER-TOTEMS throughout the multiverse and feeding on their life essence.

Recently, Spider-Woman volunteered to protect Silk, an arachno-powered woman who attracts the Inheritors in like chum in the water. After Spider-Woman was assigned to an even more dangerous mission, Silk ditched her new guard detail and struck out on her own.

We see a large, advanced city with flying cars. Spider-Woman talks about it internally of being Loom World, the home dimension of the Inheritors who're trying to consume all dimensional Spider-beings. We also see other parts of the metropolis, such as a golden dome building, water and air sailing-ships, a man riding a horse with guys in spacesuits nearby. SW notices that it seems the shown stuff was "frankensteined" from other dimensions the Inheritors conquered, and that she was sent to check out this world as part of recon, and uncover the Inheritors' secrets. As she walks through the streets, other people and odd beings approach her in admiration, calling her "Miss Jessica." She tries to keep them from crowding her, only for one with octopus-tenticles for arms to grab her, and take her away.

SW is now on a sailing ship, with some pirate-like guy, apologizing for them fetching her so literally, and that he's suprised to see her in town without a guard detail. Both go to a room below in the ship, and SW just goes on as how she thinks her look-a-like would with him. He comments on the mask, how she's never worn one before, but again, SW rolls with it. The pirate-guy then goes on about their "arrangement," concerning "The Great Hall gets first crack at any valuable salvage," and that he's, "called her over to pick her cherries." She rolls with it again, thinking her last comment might expose her and get her killed.

Elsewhere, a boy and his mom are working on some sort of small owl mechanical device in their home, then, when it's then done, he runs outside with it, joining the already large crowd around the REAL Miss Jessica, who appears to be a version of SW without the mask, and wearing a sash around her waist. The crowd showers her with gifts and praise. Miss Jessica thanks them all. The boy offers her the owl device he and his mom made, but she just looks down on him, annoyed, with one of her guards knocking the boy down, and breaking the device in the process. She and the guards then continue on, with the kid sitting on the ground, sad.

Back on the ship with SW and the pirate-guy: SW is using her pheromone powers on the pirate-guy brainwash him into continuing to think she's Miss Jessica. He appears to be now trying to swoon her, with her just playing along to survive. She mentions internally that she learned Miss Jessica, who she looks like, works in the Inheritor's house. She then looks nearby to see Miss Jessica herself now on the boat a distance away. She then pulls the pirate-guy back into the cabin-area, using her pheromone powers and words to hypnotize him into forgetting he saw her today, then jumps out a window and into the water. The pirate-guy then hears the knocking of Miss Jessica, and says, "Coming."

Silk is still transversing the multiverse, trying to get away from the twins stalking her, Bora and Brix. She gets to some military-like Earth, with a military jeep and her getting caught in an explosion. She's unhurt, but looks up now to see the twins not too far away, coming out of a portal. Silk notices her teleporter wrist-device is now busted, and as the twins fight, as usual, she dashes between them and into the portal they came in from.

Back on Loom World, in some large hall within the Inheritors' house, Miss Jessica talks with machine-man-thing, who just brought her some wine. He says he can get her anything else, and she says she'll keep it in mind, and for him to run along before they're seen together with what they did. He does so. One of two passing guards says that she, "knows that kid has 30 lashes coming the moment they notice that bottle missing." Miss Jessica mentions he (Locus), "has a LIFETIME of lashes coming regardless," and at least she gets some wine out of the situation. Nearby is SW, watching from behind the side of a large hall-doorway, wishing she could pummel her double for treating that innocent so badly. The talking guard now says that Morlun would just bring her a whole case of that kind of wine, and Miss Jessica responds about getting to drink this one by herself. From one point of the room, in step the twins, followed by a ton of guards, arguing between each other who's fault it was for Silk getting away. They then report this to the now-kneeling-before-them Miss Jessica, also saying Silk is loose within the Great Hall, and they'll be taking her guards to search for them. Miss Jessica complies, asking if she can do anything else. Brix says it's be nice, but knows how CROSS Morlun gets when anyone chews on his favorite TOYS. He says to just to keep a lookout for Silk, and make noise if she finds her, and she agrees. The twins and guards leave the room, with Miss Jessica sighing in relief. As she kisses the wine-bottle, Silk runs by, then notices her, thinking she's SW, and tries to talk to her. Miss Jessica shouts "TOTEM!", and SW runs onto the scene and sucker-punches her out. She asks what she's doing here, and Silk replies about her teleporter breaking, and had to use the twins' own portal to escape them. AND that she ditched Spider-Gwen and Anya/SG. SW then gives her HER own wrist-teleporter, saying she'll find another way out of this dimension herself, and Silk uses it to escape into another dimension. SW then drags the still-unconscious Miss Jessica away by the hair.

Silk arrives on Earth-3145, in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world, and immediately starts coughing constantly. A portal carrying the twins arrives then, with Brix the first to step out (despite Bora's warning), only to start kneeling down and screaming. Bora pulls him back through the portal on the Loom World side, saying Earth-3145 is a post-thermo-nuclear war Earth, fully irradiated. Brix asks if she's stumbled across the one place in the multiverse they can't follow, and Bora replies that's right, and that now SHE knows they can't follow, as Silk smiles smugly at them.

SW is back at the docks, looking at some chest closely, with the pirate-guy and some other pirate walking towards her, saying it's usually him providing the chest of treasure. She makes an booty call remark, which confuses the two. she then asks him to take the nearby ship out to sea, and keep it there a couple days. He asks what they would get in exchange, and SW says it depends on how well things go for her while they're gone. The pirate-guy then asks why not offer him riches and influence? Power beyond his wildest dreams? They both know how convincing she can be. SW says she felt like being honest, and he asks two days, and she replies two days.

Now that her double is out of the way, SW now patrols the Inheritors' home as her, looking for needed info. She enters a hall with down-on-their-knees guards along both sides, and Morlun walking through towards her. She then kneels down before him, and once he reaches her, he asks why she's doing that, and helps her back up with a hand, followed by giving her a passionate kiss, much to SW's shock.


Comments: So does the Jessica Drew of this world not have spider-powers? Confusing. Still, nice story.

ASM Vol. 3 #11:



A terrifying family called the Inheritors is travelling around the multiverse feasting on the life-essence of Spider-People. A group of Spiders who have bound together to fight the Inheritors sought out Peter Parker, the only Spider who ever defeated an Inheritor.

The Amazing Spider-Man discovered that a second team of Spiders had been assembled by the Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock in the Amazing Spider-Man's brain), but even their combined forces were not enough to fend off a suprise attack from the Inheritor family! The Spiders were scattered on missions across the multiverse; meanwhile, Superior Spider-Man declared himself leader of those that remain.

The Safe Zone. Earth-13.: 616 Peter Parker (Spidey unmasked still) stands before SSM, with lots of the other Spider-beings standing behind him (including Spidey 2211 again). Pete: "No, you don't get to make that call. You're NOT in charge here." Pete (internal): "Can't believe I'm about to say this..." Pete: "I am. The whole reason I was brought here is because I have the most experience with Inheritors." SSM (takes off his mask): "Nonsense. I've been studying them for weeks...and I'm YOU, from LATER in our timeline. Logically, I've been through everything you have AND MORE. Between the two of us...I am the SUPERIOR Spider-Man." Pete (internal): "No, you're DOC OCK--from that time you took over my mind. And there's NO WAY I'm leaving our fate in your hands." Ock/Pete: "And I've seen what you call 'leadership!' HA! My team was faring better WITHOUT you! We were holding our own against the Inheritors! Until YOU blundered in and got some of my best men KILLED! Why on Earth should YOU lead us? SHOW ME! Take your best--" Pete then punches Ock/Pete hard in the face. Pete (internal): "Know what? If that leaves a permanent mark on my face, I don't care. So worth it!" Ock/Pete (rubbing his face): "Very well. If you wish to settle things this way...SO BE IT!" Nearby, among the Spider-onlookers. ???: "Fight!" Spider-Gwen: "Go get 'im, Pete!" Cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man (without mask): "Which one? They're BOTH Pete. Heck, MOST of us are Petes." spider-UK (to Spider-Punk): "Ten pounds on the red and blue." Spider-Punk: "I'll take a piece of that." Ock/Pete tries to attack Pete with his mechanical spider-legs, but Pete jumps and flips into the air to avoid them. Pete: "This is really happening! I'm up against the jerk who stole my life last year." Pete: "A swing and a miss!" Pete (internal): "I'm STILL digging myself out from the mess he made. Hate to admit it, but I'm gonna enjoy this!" Pete (shooting webbing at two of Ock/Pete's spider-legs): "Look at you, eight limbs...and you STILL can't hit me. What's the matter, old-me? Arthritis setting in?" Ock/Pete: "Jokes? Really? I outgrew those, got smart, wised up, and realized..." Frees the two spider-legs of webbing. Ock/Pete: "...this ISN'T child's play! It's a WAR!" May/SG (still holding Benjy, as usual) to Cosmic Spidey: "This is time we could be using going after Daemos and the Inheritors. You have the powers of a god, break it up. CS: "Sorry, May. I can't pick sides here. This conflict needs to play itself out." Back to the fight: Ock/Pete: "And you don't have what it takes to WIN! You NEVER go for the KILL!" Pete (in air again shooting more weblines): "And I never will! I'll never be that RUTHLESS!" Ock/Pete: "Oh, you WILL, when you're ME!" Pete lands on all four before Ock/Pete. Pete (internal): "Wait. That's why he thinks I'M the younger version. 'Cause Ock can't imagine a world where he loses. Or one where I come back, reclaim that body, and WIN!" Pete stands strait up now, holding his hands up high. Ock/Pete has his mechanical legs aimed right in front of Pete's face. Pete: "All right. Show me your winning move. Kill me." Ock/Pete: "What? But you're an earlier point in my timeline. I can't--" Pete then upper-kicks him in the jaw, and he falls unconscious. Pete: "We've already seen the Inheritors can't be killed. Killing's not the answer. It NEVER is. We need to be better. And THAT'S why I'm in charge."

Earth-13989: Karn is killing some kind of giant, werewolf-looking creature with his staff, in some kind of low castle-room, fire coming up on both sides. Karn: "Are you watching, Father? Can you see my latest kill? The great Spider-Wolf of the Lycansphere!" Spider-Wolf: "AWROOO--" Karn pulls the staff out of him, and raises it into the air. Karn: "Is this tribute enough, Lord Solus?! Is my hunt at long last OVER?! May I finally come HOME?!"

Earth-000: Solus stands before the Web of Live and Destiny, having just seen what Karn did through it. Solus: "Weaver, send my wayward son to another world. Somewhere CHALLENGING this time." A figure can be seen approaching Solus from the shadows. Solus: "Karn will have to journey far and wide if he's to earn a seat again at my table. And what of you, Morlun? where your brother wanders without end, your path has come to an abrupt halt." Morlun (guy in shadows, now about to be seen fully): "It's nothing, Father." He stands near Solus. Solus: "Is that so? There are whispers that you're afraid. Of a certain spider who's entered our web. The one who's killed you twice over." Morlun: "ALL that concerns me...is the prophecy." Master Weaver: "The prophecy." Morlun: "Three players have appeared on the board, Father." Solus: "Three pieces that could end our reign over reality itself." Morlun: "The Other, the Bride, and the Scion." Solus: "I know where they all are." Morlun: "But one lies in their refuge. Out of our reach." Solus: "NOTHING is outside of my reach. Gather your brother, Jennix. We've played with these totems long enough. It's time to crush their last hope."

Earth-13 again: Pete offers a hand to the now-waking-up Ock/Pete. Ock/Pete: "Unh. what is the meaning of this? Explain!" Pete: "I'm reaching out here...because I NEED you." He helps him back up. Pete: "You HAVE held your own against the Inheritors...and I'd be a fool not to seek your advice on what to do next." Ock/Pete: "THAT is the smartest thing you've said so far." Back on his feet, Ock/Pete gets Spider-Monkey onto his back. Ock/Pete: "First off, this "safe zone" of yours is NOT very safe. We're all out in the open." Pete: "I'm with you. There are no walls to crawl. Nothing to swing off of. We should be closer to the streets and buildings." Cosmic Spidey: "There's no need. I'm here. To watch over all of you." Spider-UK: "It's been working well for us." Pete (putting his Spidey mask back on): "Well, not for me. I don't like having all my eggs in one web-sack." Spidey (has his mask on now): Next up, let's check in on the away teams. Kaine? Reilly? You there? No signal." SSM (has his mask on now): "Two options. Their communicators are off. Or they're dead." Spidey: "Oh, you're just a bundle of laughs. Miguel?" We see S-Man, Lady Spidey, and Six-Armed Spidey leaping around Neuva York in 2099, the last two carrying a web-sack containing Daemos' old body. Spidey (over radio communication): "How's everything back in 2099?" S-Man: "Can't talk now." Spidey (over radio): "Did you autopys that Inheritor corpse yet?" S-Man: "Busy. Shock off." Spidey (over radio): "But that's the whole reason you're still there! Spidey (back to Earth-13): "Look, I know you're finally home, but you can't let that distract you from--" S-Man (over radio): "Sorry. Going through a tunnel. Tssss--" Spidey: "'Tunnel'? These things can talk across...dimensions. Son of a--he hung up on me." Spider-UK: "More bad news, I'm afraid. Spider-Woman's called in. '30s-era Spider-Man is down. They're taking him back home--" SSM: "But the Inheritors KNOW that world! That's the worst place to take him!" Spidey: "As long as Silk keeps moving, he's probably safe. And I have an idea..." Spidey (turns to SSM): "You still have those cloaking devices on you?" SSM: "Of course." SSM hands him one. Spidey: "I'll bring one to the fallen Spider-Man--" SSM: "And since he's in a world the Inheritors have already visited...it's unlikely they'll return. A sound plan." Spidey: "Thanks, glad you approve. Now any chance you could REVERSE this tech?" SSM: "To DETECT Inheritors? I've already done that. AND located their home dimension. But we're not ready to take the fight to them. Not yet." Spidey: "It'd be a massacre. But we need information. Someone behind enemy lines." Turns to Anya and Spider-Gwen: "And I know the perfect person for the job. Anya, Gwen. I'm taking a quick trip. Could use some back up*. (*-Check out Spider-Woman #1) Spider-Gwen: "You want ME to go? That's a switch." Spidey: "About that, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to be so over-protective before, I just--" Spider-Gwen: "Yeah. I know. The others told me." She put a hand on Spidey's face. Spidey: "I couldn't save the Gwen Stacy of my world." Spider-Gwen: "Hey, I couldn't save Peter Parker in mine. Make you a deal, what say we watch over each other." Spidey: "Sounds like a plan." Spidey turns to Cartoon Ultimate Spidey and Miles Morales Ultimate Spidey. Spidey: "And speaking of plans...I've got a special mission for two special volunteers." MMUS: "Why are you looking at us?" CUS: "What'd we do?" Spidey: "You just volunteered. Miles. Younger-me. I need you two to round up the troops. I'm giving you your own portal-jumpers and cloaking devices. Go to as many worlds and bring us as many Spider-Men as you can. You up for it?" MMUS: "You sure? I was kinda hoping WE could team up again." CUS (putting an arm on MMUS' shoulder): "What? I'm just like him. But your age." MMUS: "I know. That's what's weird. I look up to Peter Parker..." CUS: "Ok, I'll stand on a box." Two new portals open up. Spidey: "Everyone look out for each other. Stick to the plan. Stay in touch." Turns to Spider-UK: "I'll be right back. Until then...Spidey-Brit, you're in charge." SSM (standing next to Spider-UK): "Or I could fight you for it." Spider-UK: "You having a laugh?" SSM: "... Sure, why not?"

Earth-67: MMUS and CUS are swinging around together through some cartoon-y NYC. MMUS: "Whoa. What IS this place? Where are we? CUS: "Pastels. Bright colors. It's like we're in a big cartoon. That or hallucination world...wait! This is the '60s!" MMUS: "Really? How can you tell?" CUS: "Just look down there. All the vintage cars. And you see what everyone's wearing?" Suddenly, a small-bodied/big-headed Spidey appears in the air before them, with hippie hair and a vest, saying: "Dig those groovy threads, man! Far out!" It then disappears. MMUS: "What was that?!" CUS: "Um. A quick day-dreamy cutaway sequence...um...I...do that. Sometimes." MMUS: "Ugh. Never meet your heroes." CUS: "Hey!" MMUS: "Sorry. Now come on. We have to find this world's Spider-Man." We see a man down on the street, seeing the two swing by, and picking up a phone in a phone booth: "Holly hannah! TWO Spider-Men? I better call this in to the Bugle!" Both Spideys swing by this dimension's Daily Bugle building. CUS: "Y'know, I thought this was going to be tough, but look...there's like only ONE place with a sign on it. Three guesses where we'll find their Peter Parker." MMUS: "That can't be the Daily Bugle. It's only six windows wide. What building in Manhattan's only six windows wide? That's crazy." Inside, JJJ is on the phone, with Betty Brant to his side: "What's that, you say?! TWO Spider-Men?! MS. BRANT! Get me PARKER!!!" Peter enters the room. Brant: "He's right here, Mr. Jameson." Peter: "What's up, J.J.J.?" JJJ stand up from his desk: "WHAT'S UP?! I'll tell you what's up, Parker! I WANT PICTURES! PICTURES OF SPIDER-MEN!" (Follow this adventure in Spider-Verse Team-Up #2!)

Earth-13 again: May/SG: "Do you feel that?" Cosmic Spidey: "Spider-sense. We all feel it, May. Even your brother." Benjy: "WAHHH..." SP//dr: "Mine's never gone off this way before." Spider-Punk: "This is some bad mojo." Suddenly, Jennix and Morlun come out of a portal before the Spiders. Jennix: "Interesting. So this is where they've been gathering." Morlun: "No, brother. This is where they've been COWERING." CS: "Inheritors! Never thought they'd DARE come here!" SSM: "By all accounts, that's Jennix. And Morlun." Captain Spider (turning the other way): "There's one more coming through...I don't know that one. Out of another portal he's looking at comes Solus. Solus: "One or a thousand, doesn't matter. Not against ME. I am something you have never seen before. I am SOLUS. I herald the death of you all. Boys, feast! Kill as many as you can." Morlun bites down onto Captain Spider. Betty Brant/Spider-Girl: "Captain Spider!" Spider-Punk: "That was too damn fast!" SSM: "Faster than our spider-senses!" Jennix bites down onto Spider-Monkey. Spider-Ham: "MONKEY!" CS (now masked, hovering in the air and shooting fire-blasts downward: "ENOUGH! Everyone get clear of them! I have this! You were foolish to come here. This is MY world. Where I possess cosmic powers you can't even begin to comprehend!" The blasts rain down on Jennix, killing him. CS: "You and your family came a very long way just to die." Solus: "How little you understand US, little totem. Death holds NO sway over my family...we conquered mortality ages ago...and now live the life eternal."

Earth-802: A new Jennix clone body comes out of a glass tube. Nearby scientist guy, next to new Jennix and two other scientists: "Lord Jennix? Are you all right?" Jennix: "Smythe. Madison. Warren. Ah. Back in my lab, I see." Smythe: "Yes, m'Lord." Jennix: "Been so long since I had to respawn." Madison: "Do you need to eat, m'Lord?" Warren: "Or perhaps transport back to the field of battle?" All four begin to walk out of the room, with other respawning-tubes should around. Jennix: "No, let my father and brother deal with their blood sports. It's degrading. I ate a monkey. How is that worth my time? I will get far more accomplished here on my world with MY research. Come! There is much work to do..." Outside the building, being shown in the distance, with Ultimate Black Widow, Scarlet Spider 2, and Reilly Spidey on another rooftop nearby, looking at it. Jennix: "...and I will tolerate no further distractions. There it is. Jennix's stronghold: The Baxter Building. Ready, boys?" Reilly Spidey: "Yep. You came up with a pretty good plan, Jess. C'mon! Go team clone!" SS2: "No. We're NOT calling ourselves that." Reilly Spidey: "You are no fun, brother." SS2: "Spiders are dying, Reilly. This is anything but fun. Let's go." (Check out Scarlet Spiders #1)

Earth 13: CS: "Coming to our Safe Zone will be your undoing, Solus." Solus: "Spiders. So many of you believe yourselves funny." He then jumps towards CS. Solus: "'Safe Zone.' There is no such thing." He then grabs him and slams into into the ground with him. Solus: "Not from us." Spider-UK (talking over wrist device): "Parker! It's Spider-UK, mate! Come in!" Spidey (over communicator): "Cheerio. Pip-pip. What's up?" Spider-UK: "Get back here--NOW!" Spidey: "In a sec. Picking up some reinforce--" Spider-UK: "No! Whatever you're doing, DROP IT! We need ALL HANDS!" Spidey: "What's going on?" Spider-UK: "End of the flippin' world!" CS and Solus are still going at it, on the ground, CS using his powers to move dirt around them around. CS: "This is IMPOSSIBLE! I'm the most powerful thing in the UNIVERSE!" Solus: "THIS universe, Totem. I am SOLUS! Patriarch, King, and GOD--of those who have inherited the MULTIVERSE! I loom over all realities!" The others stand nearby and watch. Morlun: "Father." Spider-Punk: "*#$@! ME! That--That's--" SSM: "Impressive." CS then forms a cosmic energy sphere between his hands. "Whatever you are--you are no match for the ENIGMA FORCE!" Solus grabs him by the face. Solus: "Your precious primal force of creation? You poor fool! That is PURE LIFE FORCE!" He then starts sucking out CS' life-energy from his face." Solus: "The power that my brood FEASTS ON. And while it may be too much for any of my children to handle--I am the first of my kind, and my hunger KNOWS NO LIMIT!" CS (almost entirely a burned skeleton, final words before dying) "No. I had ultimate power. Ultimate respon--" Solus walks past CS' now-dead body: "Now you all know It's over. There is no safe ground. Anywhere. Son, it's time we claimed our prize." Behind Spider-UK and others stands May/SG, still holding baby Benjy. Morlun can be seen approaching her from behind. May/SG: "Guys? This can't be it. What do we do? Where do we go?" Spider-UK: "I--I don't know." Morlun punches her in the face. Morlun: "Enough, child. Hand it over." May/SG: "Unhh--" Morlun can be seen taking something from May/SG, but not what. Baby Benjy starts crying again. Morlun: "Yes. There you are. Father, I have it." Morlun stands up again, holding Benjy by his right leg, who's still crying. Morlun: "THE SCION IS OURS!" May/SG (looking up from the ground): "No. No. No. No. Oh God, please, no! BENJY!"


Comments: The S-Man part is definately from between ASM Vol. 3 #10 and S-Man Vol. 2 #6. Can't wait until S-Man Vol. 2 #7 comes out tommorrow to touch up on this again.

Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol. 3 #1:

Cyclops is the public face for what he calls the New Mutant Revolution. Vowing to protect the mutant race, he's begun to gather and train a new generation of younge mutants.

One of these mutants is Eva Bell, a young woman with an untapped but potentially immense power to manipulate time. By producing bubbles that seem to freeze the world around her, she has recently experienced a couple of small, accidental time jumps.

During a training mission in Tabula Rasa with her team of young X-Men, Eva disappeared, only to reappear later having aged from a teenager to a young woman. She has told no one what happened to her during that time.

We see Eva in some kind of time-whirlwind, with little blue spheres with mostly-unrecogizable numbers in them. Eva: "Oh, no. Oh, God. Why am I here? Why did I agree to any of this? Control it, Eva. Control. This is you. Choose to control it and you will. Choose to. Choose to...#&$%!" She's just arrived at what looks like a post-apocalyptic War of the Worlds type-time/dimension, with number-spheres still around her. One of the alien WotW large "legs" passes overhead, then drops down hard near her." Eva: "&#$&#!" Some flying squid guys with laser guns approach her, but someone with a sword cuts them down, and turns out to be Killraven. Killraven: "Ho. My name is JOHNATHAN RAVEN. Come with me if you want to live." Eva: "Um, wh-where are the X-Men?" Killraven: "X-MEN? I'm not sure what you're talking about." Eva: "The X-Men! Is this part of the test?" Killraven: "There's a shelter under the old-timey movie theater. You're clearly in shock of some--hold on..." He goes and cuts up more squid guys. Eva (looking around): "Christopher! Fabio!" Another squid guy points a gun at her, saying something in some alien language. Killraven turns and sees: "DON'T MOVE!" Eva (putting her index finger in front of the gun): "Wow, this looks so real..." She turns and looks around again: "Professor Cyclops?!" The squid guy's gun charges up, fires, but Eva seems to, just then, go into a blue time bubble with everything outside of it shown having digital numbers on them. Eva: "Geez. Um, if this is a danger room thing...this seems REALLY real. Fabio? Ben? Anyone? Ms. Frost?" Outside the bubble, We see another WotW alien leg crash down where she's at, with her shouting "NOOO!"

She now materializes/appears in some kind of old-western-setting, waking to consciousness on the ground in the desert by a buffalo licking her forehead. She swears again, and it runs off. Eva: "Buffalo? Uh-oh." She then hears a CRACK CRACK sound. Eva: "Uh-oh." She sees a train go by in the distance, then starts walking. She arrives at a small western town. Eva (looking up): "Um, hello?" She then walks through the town, asking: "Um...anyone happen to know what year it is?" Some of the cowboys nearby notice her. Cowboy #1: "Well, hot damn. Look at this one!" Cowoy #2: "What she do to her HAIR?" Cowboy #3: "Someone should call the Sheriff." Cowboy #2 approaches her, touching some strands of her hair: "You speak english?" Eva (unnerved): "Uh, yeah, I speak english." Cowboy from before: "You sound funny! What's your name?" Eva: "Eva. I-I know I look weird." Some other cowboy: "You look like a-a-a I don't know what?!" Sheriff: "Step on back! All a'ya!" The local sheriff has entered the scene: "Everyone back on up. What is a'going on here? Lil' lady, what're you dressed up fors?" Eva: "Sheriff! (A sheriff, good.) Sheriff, my name is Eva Bell." Sheriff gets close into her face: "You SOUND as funny as you LOOK." Eva (uneasy): "I just need to know what year this--" Sheriff: "What are yer clothes made out of? How'd you get your hair like that?" Cowboy #2: "I asked the same question. Maybe she's a-a WITCH?" Sheriff: "Shaddup. I don't know what this is, but--" Eva: "If you'll just let me explain--" Sheriff (turns around and walks off): "Tie her up and bring her over to the courthouse 'till we fig'r this out." The others begin doing as he says. Eva: "Tie me--NO! STOP IT!" STOP!" She now finds herself back in a blue time bubble with everything out of it covered in digital numbers. Eva: "I said--STOP! (Ah, no...) Uh, sorry. But you really weren't letting me get a word in. I just--I just need to know what year it is. Just somebody please tell me this is--" Unknown cowboy: "It's 1875. I can't imagine how that could help you right now." Eva: "Uh, who are you?" Unknown cowboy: "They call me Johnny Bart. You can call me THE RAWHIDE KID." Eva and TRK both talk along the barrier of the bubble. Eva: "Really?" TRK: "Look what you can do..." Eva: "Why don't you look shocked?" TRK: "Ya come from the FUTURE, huh?" Eva: "Uh, if it's really 1875, I do." TRK: "I've seen yer kind before." Eva: "You have?" TRK: "Colorful critters called themselves THE AVENGERS...came around here last winter. Funny fella called himself HAWKEYE." Eva: "Wow." TRK: "Where you from with that funny voice?" Eva: "Australia." TRK: "I don't know what that is. How ya come to find yourself here?" Eva: "I have these...these POWERS...these things I can do. Thing is, I'm not very good at it when I'm in a stressful situation." TRK: "I dunno what that is, either." Eva: "When I'm in trouble...I travel through time." TRK: "Ya can't stay here lookin' like that. Don't know how you did that to your hair. Is that what happens to our hair in the future?" Eva: "I'm lost. I really need to go home...to my time. I don't know what to do." TRK: "What happened when you made this mess?" Eva: "My--My life was in danger. Instictively, I-I seem to push myself out of harm's way, but then I end up--" TRK: "Sounds dangerous." Eva: "I have to find a way to go home and--AGH!" He points a gun thorugh the bubble and at her face. TRK: "I think it's better if I put you out of your misery." Eva: "What?!" TRK: "Yer too dangerous for these parts. Probably some kinda witch!" Eva: "Hey!" TRK: "And I ain't killed anybody all day." He shoots her (I think), and she gets propelled back through the time-stream. Eva: "NOOOO!" The bubble, and Eva, are gone now. Cowboy #2 (I think): "--Get you!" Sheriff: "Just tie her--Hey! What gives?" TRK (speaking softly to himself and pushing the side of his hat up with his gun): "Yer welcome, Miss Bell. Happy travels."

Eva now materializes to near some futuristic city, raining heavily. Eva: "This is NOT 1875." She puts her index fingers on her temples: "You can do this. Concentrate. Focus. BE the ball. Let's get back to where we belong..." She lowers her fingers: "I don't know how to do this. I'm really in trouble." Nearby voice: "May I help you?" Eva then turns and sees members of X-Men 2099: Skullfire (face-paint coming off in the rain (or perhaps painted differently), and in a coat with no undershirt, paintings on his chest), Meanstreak (with spikey hair), Xi'an Chi Xan, Metalhead (with a coat on), Sham, and Serpentina (alive, and with some red-markings over her left-half face and head). Xi'an: "You seem lost." Eva: "Um, oh, uh...hi?" Xi'an: "What are you wearing, mutant?" Eva: "How--How do you know I'm a mutant?" Xi'an (messing with a wrist-device): "Cerebro said a near omega-level mutant just appeared out of nowhere. We thought it was worth checking out." Eva: "You have a-a cerebro on...on your watch?" Xi'an: "Where else would I have it?" Eva: "What, oh my God, what year is it?" Skullfire: "How tops are you right now, ladies?" Sham: "2099." Eva: "2099. 2099." Metalhead approaches her, and holds an umbrella ove her: "Whoa, there..." Eva: "Uh, hi. I'm Eva Bell. Who are you?" Metalhead: "'Eva Bell.' That's funny. What's your name, really?" Eva: "Uh, who are you?" Xi'an: "We're the X-MEN." Eva: "Sure, you're the..." She then faints. ???: "Well..." Metalhead picks her up. Skullfire: "Is she dead?" Serpentina: "What is she wearing? Mean it. There's retro gold and there's retro GOLD." Metalhead: "She's still alive." Xi'an: "What's on her shoes? Is--Is that mud? Where did she get mud from?" ???: "Deft. Real mud." ???: "You're going to think me Nord but, I think this might really be the ACTUAL Eva Bell." ???: "Knock off." ???: "THE Eva Bell did have time powers." ???: "Knock off." ???: "Hold on, maybe..." Skullfire pulls out Eva's wallet. ???: "What's that?" ???: "It's a-a wallet." ???: "Like cowboys used to have?" Serpentina: "Who's Eva Bell?" Skullfire (looking through the wallet): "You need to teach yourself about our histories, Serpentina." Serpentina: "If you'd answer my question, I'd learn something right now." Xi'an: "Oh, my stars and groots." Eva's driver's licence is shown, and has the date "may 2023" as it's expiring date. Skullfire (to Xi'an): "I think we should bring her to the SORCERER." Sham: "Gorno! I hate going there? Xi'an: "I agree. Do we have to?"

Eva awakens in a large room with floating objects and some kind of female meditating sorcerer with a sword to her back in the middle. Eva (looking at sorcerer): "Professor Rasputin? Professor? Does--Does that mean I'm home?" Nightcrawler in a tux appears next to a nearby door with a BAMF, holding a tray of two cups of coffee). Nightcrawler(?): "She is meditating." Eva: "Geez!" Nightcrawler: "She is in the astral plane seeking answers." Eva: "What is this? Am I home?" Nightcrawler (bending down in respect): "I'm sure I don't know where your home is, but you don't live here, so no." Eva: "Um...sorry to ask, but what year is it?" Nightcrawler: "What year? Dearness, it is really you..." Eva: "What does THAT mean?" Sorcerer: "One thing at a time, Eva..." Sorcerer: "Drink. It will help you settle. The atmosphere in 2099 is quite different than the one your body is used to. That's why you feel so light on your feet." Eva: "It--It's still 2099? Are--Are you Illyana Rasputin's granddaughter or--?" Sorcerer: "No. It is actually me. I am Illyana Rasputin. I was once you're teacher." Eva: "Well then, you--you aged very well." Sorcerer: "Thanks to a series of some tricks of the trade, darling." Eva: "Tricks? What does that mean?" Nightcrawler: "You're talking to the Sorcerer Supreme of the entire galaxy." Eva: "Wow. Really? Uh, good for you. But that still makes you like a hundred. How--How can this--? Just how? How to all of it? SS: "The X-Men were right to bring you here. Powers hiccup, Miss Bell?" Eva: "More than a HICCUP. I think I'm--I'm, like, lost in time." SS: "I hate when that happens." Eva: "It's--It's happened to you?" SS: "Something similar, sure." Eva: "Can you help me? Can you send me HOME?" SS: "I don't know." Eva: "Can you cast, like, a spell or--?" SS: "My powers over time have been removed from me." Eva: "Removed? Someone can do that?" SS: "That is a long story. And not one that concerns your predicament." Eva: "If I use my powers again I could just end up anywhere." SS: "I would seriously refrain from any more time jumping if you could." Eva: "Does that mean--am I STUCK here?" SS: "I believe that may be entirely up to you."

Seven Years Later: Both Eva and SS sit in meditation before a large portal (I think). A man nearby: "Pst! Are you almost done?" Eva turns to see her husband, who's holding their child. Husband: "(You said four. Now it's four-twenty.)" Child: "Mommy!" Husband: "Shh! (Mommy medidatles...)" SS: "Can you two wait outside? Auntie Illyana needs to speak to your mother for a moment." Eva (smiling): "Go! Shoo!" Both Eva and SS stand up. SS: "Do you remember why you originally came to train with me?" Eva: "Of course." SS: "Will you ever try and go back to your time?" Eva: "How can you ask me that?" SS: "You have to go home eventually...everybody does." Eva: "You told me not to even try. This--This is my home now. I have a child." SS: "I love you. I'm not trying to upset you." Eva: "You just told me to leave my HUSBAND AND CHILD." SS: "The energies of the universe flow like a twig down the course of a mighty river." Eva: "Yeah, you've said th--" SS: "Everything has it's place and time and nothing us mortals do will ever be able to change that." Eva: "Stop. Don't. I'll--I will see you this weekend." She then takes off, leaving SS behind by herself.

Outside SS' mansion, Eva meets with her husband and child (former still holding the latter). The husband's head is shown better, shown to be all green, with no nose or pupils. Child: "Mommy!" Husband: "Sorry for putting the barge in." Eva: "Don't be." Husband: "What's wrong? What is it?" Eva: "She asked me when I was going back." Husband: "Going back where?" Eva: "Going BACK." Husband: "Oh." Eva: "Yeah." Child: "M'hungry." Husband: "Why would she ask that?" Eva: "Exactly." Husband: "Are you thinking about it?" Eva: "No! No, I told you. This is my life now. This. Right here. I--We have a child." Husband: "So she just came out of the blue and--" Eva: "Exactly." Child: "M'hungry." Husband: "That's treco obnoxious." Eva: "Very." Husband: "You know--you don't have to come around here. You were going there to train yourself to do something you don't want to do anymore. Teach the screw to Illyana Rasputin." Eva: "Let me think about it." Child: "M'hungry." Husband: "Yeah, if you do ever go back you're taking us with you." Eva: "You would have hated it back then." Husband: "Sure. All the cowboys and dinosaurs." Eva: "I wasn't THAT far back." Husband: "I know. I just love to tease you." Eva: "I know you do." Husband: "Let's go home." Suddenly, without warning, the entire mansion blows up. Eva: "Oh no." She runs towards the burning bulding. Husband: "Eva!" Eva (looking back): "Get her out of here!" Husband: "No. Come back!" Eva: "Don't come anywhere near here!" Runs through all the flaming areas. Eva: "Dr. Rasputin!" Nightcrawler teleports and rams into her. Eva: "Wagner, what is going--?!" He then falls to the ground, unconcious or dead. Eva looks up to see SS fighting some large humanoid monster. "Illyana! ILLYANA!" SS turns to Eva: "Eva! Get out of here NOW!" Eva: "No!" She uses her powers to put the monster in a time bubble, sending it somewhere to get rid of it. Eva: "What the hell is that?" SS falls to the ground: "It...it would seem...I may have been wounded...un...favorably..." Eva approaches her: "Illyana! Wh-what happened? Who is this?!" SS (weakly): "Listen. Listen to me... Wh-When you go back...you mussst make sure...Hank McCoy stands trial..." Eva: "What?" SS: "The B-Beast has to pay for his crimes! They will try--they will try to--" Eva: "BEAST? What does--did HE do this? Did he send this THING?" SS: "Listen to me...you have to go back!...you have to m-make...and you can never, never come back here! It...me...it won't...be..." SS then dies in Eva's arms. Child nearby: "Mommy?" The husband is nearby, holding the child. Eva: "I told you not to come in here!" Husband: "Oh Eva, is--is she dead?" Eva: "I told you to run away!" Husband: "What is that thing?" The creature rematerializes, breaking through the bubble Eva put it in. Eva runs towards her husband and child: "Go! Go!" Husband: "What is this?" Eva: "GO!" Child: "Mommy!"
Again finally for Eva, her powers get her tossed through time again. Eva: "Oh, no. No, no." She lands in the dinosaur age, with more time-bubbles with digital numbers around her and a Triceretops charging at her. Eva: "Oh, no..."


Comments: I'm guessing this is some alternate 2099, where Serpentina never died, among other things? It seems that in both here and in S-Man Vol. 2 that 2099 is being revamped/remade. Could it have to do with the plots from Uncanny Avengers having this effect on 2099? I sincerely hope they explain all this at some point.

All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1:

Residing at Cyclops' new Xavier school, the young mutant Eva Bell is a woman with an untapped but potentially immense power to manipulate time. By producing bubbles that seem to freeze the world around her.

She has recently experienced a couple of small, accidental time jumps. During a training mission in Tabula Rasa with her team of young X-Men, Eva lost control of her abilities and disappeared. Suddenly transported far into the future, Eva was unable to get herself home with such limited control over her abilities. Furthermore, each time she found herself in mortal danger, her powers activated, sending her to a new time and place. Eventually she landed in the year 2099, where the Sorcerer Supreme of this time, Illyana Rasputin, offered to train Eva so that she might one day be able to return to her time.

As the years passed, Eva established a life, even getting married and having a child. This was all torn from torn from her grasp, though, when a demon attacked the Sanctum Sanctorum, killing Illyana. With her teacher dead and her family in danger, Eva unfortunately lost control of her powers, sending her spiraling through time yet again...

Back to where we left off last, with Eva saying, "Oh, no..." and then running for her life from a charging Triceretops. She eventually shouts "NO!" and uses her powers again, entraping the dinosaur in a large blue time-bubble. Eva: "Oh God, okay. Time bubbble. That--That should hold this DINOSAUR that just tried to KILL ME!" HOlds a hand to her head: "Ow. Head really hurts." Looks back at the dinosaur in the bubble: "Oh, no. Oh no oh no oh no. Dinosaurs. Have to get to my family. Have to get home." The dinosaur breaks through the bubble. Eva: "AAAAWW! This is it. This is ACTUALLY my worst nightmare." She runs off. The dinosaur get hit through the neck with some green energy from an unseen assailant, and falls dead. Eva sees: "Uh...hello?" ???: "Oh, good. English. A language I KNOW." Eva: "Um..." ???: "You have no idea how long I have missed the language of speech." Eva: "Uh...hi?" ???: "How did you find yourself here?" Eva: "I, uh, I'm not supposed to be here. 'Tsss a mistake. I made a missstake. I can--I just need--" ???: "Oh, you're HURT." Eva: "I can get myssshhself home...I jushht need..." She falls from a concussion. A woman with a large spear approaches from behind her, and is the mysterious voice: "If you can get yourself home...that is very good news for the both of us."

We're back in 2099 (2106 technically), with Eva talking her daughter to sleep. Child: "Mommy." Eva: "Yes?" Child: "What did you want to be when you were growing up?" Eva: "It's bedtime, doll. You always do this. You stall me with questions and questions." Child: "I really want to know." Eva: "I wanted to be a geologist." Child: "What is that?" Eva: "It's a scientist. Of rocks." Child: "A rock scientist?" Eva: "You can learn about the whole world from the rocks." Child: "See, that suprises me." Eva: "What do you want to be when YOU grow up?" Child: "Well, first I'm going to marry a man with a lot of money." Eva: "Oh really? Where is THIS coming from?" Child: "I would like LOTS of money." Eva: "Well, you can earn that money yourself." Child: "Not from the beach I'm sitting on." Eva: "Well, this is--now you are the one suprising me. Listen, little thing. You are a smart, powerful woman. You're going to use that to do something good in this world. Yeah? You're smart. Smart people have to make the world better." Child: "It doesn't matter either way." Eva: "Why do you say that?" Suddenly, the child's eyes go all-white, and blood appears on her, around her, and on Eva's hands Child: "Because I'm DEAD. You got lost and now I'm dead. Forever." Eva pulls back, also looking at her hands: "No. That--That's not--" She then wakes up in a bed, saying, "God," and in a room foreign to her, with candles lighting it. A voice from behind a nearby door: "Are you ok, my dear?" Eva: "Where--Where am I?" Voice: "I believe the the question is--WHEN are you? But I have the answer to both." The voice steps in through the door, and it's a woman in a green, revealing suit: "You are trapped here at the dawn of man. You are centuries away from home. As, it would seem, am I. Your impossible journey has brought you to me. You and I are going to help each other. My name is MORGANA LE FEY." Eva creates a small time-bubble between her hands: "Get--Get away from me." MLF: "Darling, we're the only two evolved, language-speaking people in the world. We're both stuck here. We can help each other. There's no need to panic or threaten." Eva: "I-I have to get back to my family!" MLF: "I know you're upset and this is probably the last thing you want to hear right now, but...I don't think that's entirely possible." Eva: "How can you say that? You--You don't know anything about me OR my family!" MLF: "I do, EVA BELL. While you were recuperating from your concussion, thanks in part to my series of healing spells, I found out everything there IS to know about you. I know how you got here. I know you are lost." Eva: "How do you know about me?" MLF: "This may be hard for you to comprehend or believe based on your experiences in a world of technology...but I am a master sorceress. All it took was a lock of your hair and a drop of blood that you were already bleeding. Would you like to see? Maybe that will help you acclimate to where you are and what we can do to help each other..." Both go to another room in the what seems like a castle, with MLF standing before a larege cauldron with red-waves coming out of it, showing different 616-heroes within them. MLF: "I imagine this is a little off-putting...seeing your entire life play out in front of you. But I found it all so illuminating. You are a mutant. An X-Man. And you are so VERY lost." She turns behind herself to Eva: "It seems fate has brought us together. I am stuck here. Actually, I was put here by forces greater than my own. Or, I should say, I was betrayed and left here. And you are lost. *I* can point us in a direction and YOU can carry us out." Eva: "I-I need to get back to my family. I don't understand! Why do you think I won't be able to?" MLF: "Darling, you DO know they probably no longer exist, right? Nothing from there does." Eva: "What--What does that mean?" MLF: "Time is not linear, darling. You exist in a time. That's where you belong. But you travelled to a future that you didn't belong in...now once you left that future it most probably ceased to exist. The longer you stay here the more true that becomes. The future is, for everyone, a--a blank canvas. That time in your life no longer exists anywhere but in your mind's eye. I know this is hard to hear." Eva: "YOu STOP! You--You stop RIGHT NOW! I'm going home! I'm leaving here and I'm--" A flaming stick breaks in through the nearby window. Both look out of it to see a swarm of cavemen, each with a flaming stick. Eva: "What was THAT?" MLF: "The locals. Every time they stumble across fire they use it to attack my home." Eva: "Why?" MLF: "Because they attack what they do not understand." She generates some electricity between her hands: "That seems to be a constant. No matter what time we live in." She then fires her energy, frying two of the cavemen trying to break in through said-window. MLF: "You can see why I am eager to leave this all behind." Eva then puts her in a large time-bubble, where she stays frozen. Eva: "NYAAH! Okay, oh God. Morgana Le Fey. Does she not know there are BOOKS written about her? Sure, let's be BEST FRIENDS, crazy, evil sorceress." She looks up at the red-wave pictures: "Okay, I-I have to get out of here. I have to." She sees her baby: "I'm coming, baby. Mommy's coming." Talks to herself: "You can do this. You can control this time stuff. You can. Do it. Go. Get home. Move." She closes her eyes and starts to concentrate: "Do it. Go." She opens her eyes, and sees she hasn't gone anywhere: "Oh, no...why can't I do this?" Places hand over face: "I have to. I-I have to get out of here. This CAN'T be my life now." MLF breaks through the bubble using her magic: "Colista Vindianaga!" Eva tries to shoot another bubble at her, but she stops it. MLF: "HUH. No one has ever done that before. I sincerely apologize for underestimating you." She then attacks Eva with her electric-energy, striking her and sending her through time again. Eva: "NOOOO!" She now finds herself travelling through the time-stream, different times coming into view all around her as she flies through (also with tiny blue bubbles with digital numbers in them), such as those labeled 1944, 1966, and 2008. Eva: "What the %#$@?! No. You are going...KEEP GOING! No, no. Don't stop. Don't stop for anything." More time images come up, including those labeled as "2XXX" and "XXXX". Eva: "Don't interact. Don't change history. Don't stop. Keep going. Don't stop." She finally arrives back in 2099, with an image of S-Man shown in the time-stream, landing hard on the ground in some city under a lot of rain. Eva (looking around): "This is it. I know this. I recognize this. I did it. I"m HOME." She walks up to some steps and her home door and knocks. A purple-haired woman answers the door. Eva: "Oh, UH, I'm sorry." Woman: "Can I help you?" Eva: "This--This is my house. This is--" Woman: "UM...I think you have the wrong address." Eva: "No. M-My husband and child--" Woman (finishing putting on a jacket): "UM, I live here alone." Eva: "No. No, I'm--this is--His name is Danny Warburton. He's lived here for--" Woman: "I don't know who that is. Are you SURE you have the right street? It looks like you've had a rough night." Eva: "Can I look inside?" The woman steps out with an umbrella, locking the door, walking down the steps onto the street: "There is no man in there." Eva: "I--" Woman: "There is no child. I have to be somewhere. I'm sorry. Are you going to be OKAY? Is there someone I can call?" Eva just looks at her, sad.

She then approaches where she remembers to be SS' mansion. Eva: "Please...PLEASE be there..." It's there, she opens the door, and inside teleports Nightcrawler in his tux again. Nightcrawler: "Can I help you?" Eva runs into her arms: "WAGNER! Oh, thank God. Thank God thank God thank God..." He then teleports to behind her. Eva: "OOHF!" Nightcrawler: "NO TOUCHING." Eva: "Please tell me you're just being a pill and--and you know who I am." Nightcrawler: "I am sure I'd remember THAT tacky haircut, Aussie. Whatever you're selling...we're not buying." Eva (trying to grab him): "I need to see the doctor, Wagner. I need to see her right now!" Nightcrawler: "HER? Lady, you are not right! Has anyone else told you that?" Eva (with Nightcrawler pushing her back): "What? She's not a her?" Nightcrawler (laying a hand on her shoulder): "Let's say you leave before I--" Eva: "Doctor?!" She puts him in a bubble then walks through the nearby room doors: "DOCTOR?! Sorry, Wagner..." Inside, she looks up to see, hovering... Eva: "D-Doctor Strange?" DS?: "Now that is a name I have not heard in a VERY long time. It's also a name that is not mine. My name is DOCTOR ANTHONY STARK. But I AM the Sorcerer Supreme. Can I help you, young one?" Eva (on her knees): "Oh, no...my baby." DAS lowers himself to the ground to face her there. Later, Nightcrawler enters the room, holding a tray carrying hot coffee: "Drink, Ms. Bell. It will calm you." Eva (sitting on the ground with her head and arms on/around her knees): "Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for BELIEVING me. DO you believe me?" DAS: "No one has lied to me and gotten away with it in a very long time. I believe every word. And I sympathize, I certainly do. First of all, I just want to tell you that keeping that evil b*tch Morgana trapped back where she is was the most heroic thing you have ever done and probably will ever do. Let her rot and die there. Know that this journey was worth it if only for that. Now I know it's easier for me to SAY that than it is for your to FEEL it..." Eva \(crying\) : "What happened to my family? There is no record of them. It's like they never existed." DAS: "The truth is...the evil witch was right. The butterfly effect is real. You are NOT where you belong...you have not been where you belong for quite some time...so you can actually feel the butterfly effect. You can feel it. You've been bouncing around time and who knows what little thing you did here and what little thing you did back then... Everything we do affects everything around us. Effect after effect after effect. Millions of billions of interconnecting fates every minute of every day. It is the butterfly effect building to the billiard ball effect. All of us. Every single man, woman, child, creature, artificial intelligence, animal...we all do it, every day. You're just aware of the outcome because you have travelled futher than any of us will ever get to. And this outcome affected you directly...so it hurts. You feel it." Eva: "You're talking about my DAUGHTER! My HUSBAND!" DAS: "I'm sorry about your daughter and I'm sorry about your husband and I'm sorry you've been through all of this...you can't get her back because she no longer exists and TRYING will only make things worse. And it doesn't take a scientist or sorcerer to know that if you keep pursuing this you will lose yourself. You're still young and you still have a long way to go on your journey. In your OWN time. The whole story of Eva Bell has not been told yet. It's time to go home. It's time to go back to where you came from with the full comprehension of your power and your responsibility." Both materialize on some weird outside planet/dimension. Eva: "The--The--" DAS: "The TABULA RASA." Eva: "This is--This is where I first lost myself." DAS: "Yes." Eva: "Are we back in MY time?" DAS: "No. No, I don't do that." Eva: "It looks the same." DAS: "A piece of Montana that was artificially evolved 130 million years...I imagine another few decades aren't going to do that much to it." Eva: "I'm amazed it's still here." DAS: "People are still scared of it. No one comes around here. This is where your journey BEGAN and where it must END." Eva: "Can you help me get back?" DAS: "No." Eva: "What if I CAN'T?" DAS (places his index and middle figners on her forehead): "But you can." He removes them and floats a small distance away: "If and when we meet again...be nice to me. I believe where you come from I'm about to go through one of the most heart-rending existential crises of my entire life. Or maybe not." Eva then activates her powers again, getting surrounded by blue light, and disappears: "I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry. Please..."
Eva then opens her eyes to realize she's back where she started in present day. Nearby young male X-Man: "Eva? Geez, Eva--what HAPPENED to you?" She hugs him. Young Male X-Man: "Eva?" She looks around, taking in that she's back. Some other young male X-Man with large red glasses: "UGH! Can we go HOME now?" Some young female X-Man behind him: "Oh, Celeste--YOU'RE OKAY!" Young female blond X-Man: "I'm okay. I'm okay. I almost wasn't." Young female red-haired X-Man: "What happened?" Eva: "Celeste...I know you can read my mind. I know you know where I have been. Please, PLEASE don't tell anyone." Celeste pauses, her facial expression unreadable. Another young male X-Man: "Eva! Where'd you go? Didn't you hear me calling for you?" Eva (kissing him on the forehead): "I'm sorry, Fabio. I really am." Fabio: "Oh, uh, okay." Glasses guy: "Geez, Eva, did you fall down a hole? Here, let me heal--" Eva (angry): "No! NO! DON'T TOUCH ME!" Glasses guy: "You're banged up...I'm a healer. I was just--" Eva (hiding her face for a second): "I'm fine." All the others line up next to each other to look at her. Eva (turning to them, smiling slightly): "I'm fine."


Comments: So perhaps this NEW 2099 is the Earth-928 we all know and remmeber, with Dr. Stark (who looks like Dr. Strange) as the one who prepared the 2099 heroes for the WoT flooding-Phalanx stuff? I sure hope not.

Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #7:

Lyla recap: "Hi, I'm Lyla, Miguel's LYrate, Life-form Approximation holographic assistant.

"Here's the download on SPIDER-MAN 2099's BACKSTORY.

"MIGUEL O'HARA was a young genetics genius employed at megacorporation ALCHEMAX in the future city of NUEVA YORK. One of his experiments, to replicate the powers of your current Spider-Man, was turned against him and rewrote his DNA to make it 50% SPIDER! He gained amazing powers and became the Spider-Man of the year 2099.

"Recently, Miguel joined forces with Spider-Men/Women/Animals from across the multiverse to battle the ravenous Inheritors who feast on Spider-Totems. Daemos, the largest of the Inheritors, was killed in battle, but immediately returned in a new clone body!

"Spider-Man 2099 and the steampunk-armed Lady Spider from Earth-803 barely survived, but managed to trap the living Daemos in an electrified field in the year 2099 while his dead body has been stored at Alchemax in 2099. Using the company's facilities, it's up to them to examine Daemos' body to find a way to stop the Inheritors once and for all."

The year 2099: Daemos (living) is still trapped within the electrified field, still trying to break free. S-Man and Lady Spider watch. LS: "Is there any chance Daemos could break out?" S-Man: "None. The energy level holding him multiplies exponentially the more he shoves against it. He'd have to take out the entire eastern seaboard power grid to even make a dent in it. And even THEN it would still hold him. Like I said, he's not going anywhere." Both turn around and walk the other way. S-Man: "But WE are. Come on." LS: "Where are we going?" S-Man: "We have an appointment." LS: "How? We just got here. And with whom?" We see Tyler Stone sitting at his desk, seemingly thinking to himself, with winston behind him. S-Man (off-panel): "With a guy who runs this place. Tyler Stone. He's my--old friend." Both him and LS walk into Stone's office. S-Man: "Tyler. It's been a while." Tyler: "Spider-Man. Good to see you again." S-Man: "Somehow I kind of DOUBT that." Tyler: "I would stop where you are at the moment." S-Man: "Why?" Tyler: "I've redecorated." S-Man looks up to see a laser-cannon coming down from the ceiling, pointed at him. S-Man (internal): "Lasers. I hate lasers." Tyler: "According to what you said on your way over, you were willing to let bygones be bygones." S-Man gets up front with Tyler: "You sent me to 2014 and dumped me there!" Tyler: "And yet here you are. Not quite sure what you have to be upset about. By the way, who's your friend?" S-Man: "Lady Spider. She doesn't matter." LS: "Ex-CUSE me?" S-Man: "You know what I mean." LS: "Not really, no." S-Man (back to Tyler): "I need you to clear out the lab adjacent to where we have Daemos bottled up." Tyler: "Clear it out why?" S-Man: "For my use. I need to dissect something." Tyler: "Dissect--?" S-Man: "A previous body of the guy we're currently holding. And I need you to send someone to go pick it up from where I stashed it." Tyler: "And I'm to provide you this out of the goodness of my heart?" S-Man: "You can't stay here forever, Tyler. Sooner or later, you have to go home. Sooner or later, if you piss me off...I will get you. You want to test me on that?" Tyler: "... Winston. See to it." Winston: "Yes, sir." LS, and S-Man leave the room following Winston. Tyler: "And Spider-Man: Welcome back. It wouldn't have been the same without you." S-Man: "Which is what you were counting on." Tyler: "Yes."

In the lab, on one of the monitors, we see Daemos still in the electric beam: "This can't hold me. You must know it can't. Answer me, Spider. I'm aware that you're watching me." In the lab we see both LS and S-Man next to an operating table with Daemos's body on it. Holographic computer panels and body-imagery appear before the two. S-Man: "That's right. We are. And I'm afraid we CAN hold you. The field will kill you before it lets you go." Daemos: "Is that a fact?" S-Man: "Yes, it is. So, enough with the threats and tell us how we can end this murderous outing of yours." Daemos: "You truly believe my siblings and I can be stopped? How marvelously naive you are. We CANNOT be stopped. We always accomplish our goals. And we are immortal. You can fight us from the day of your birth to your final moments and we will still tread upon your deceased bodies." S-Man: "Well, if that's the case, I hope you're ready to spend the rest of your immortal life in a cage." Daemos: "That really won't be an issue. If you believe nothing else I say...believe that." S-Man (internal): "The unfortunately thing is: I do. But I'll be damned if I tell him that." Turns to LS: "While I'm working on the body, I have something else I want you to go over. With your tech background, it should be right up your alley." LS: "Happy to help." S-Man removes the part of his costume over his right forearm to reveal some arm-device. LS: "What...is that?" S-Man: "I got it off the arm of another Spider-Man. He appeared out of nowhere to try and warn me about Morlun and his pals." He removes the device: "He had a bag of equipment and some other devices, including this one. I think it'll enable me to jump dimensions." He hands it to LS: "Unfortunately, interdimensional jumping isn't exactly my field of expertise. Fortunately, the analytic machinery here at Alchemax can bridge the gap in my lack of experience." LS (examining the device with her mechanica spider-legs and hands): "Ah. The computers are already breaking it down, figuring out how it works. Astounding, I've never seen anything like this." S-Man (arms crossed): "Stick with me. You'll see all KINDS of new things." Back in Stone's office, he sits and looks at the examinations of Daemos' body and the device on two different monitors: "Indeed. We all will." Daemos (living): "SPIDER-MAN! SPIDER-LADY! I have an offer to make you." LS is still looking over the device, while S-Man continues to examine the body. LS: "That's 'Lady Spider.'" S-Man: "You may want to think about changing it. Daemos! What's your offer?" Daemos: "Release me now, and I will let you live. My siblings and I will promise to steer clear of you. The others can fight for their lives all they wish. But you will be spared to die of old age." LS: "This here. This is how we control where the armband will take us." S-Man: "Well?" LS: "Thinking it over." S-Man: "Think quickly. Damn. I was hoping to find some alternate means of food source that this body could ingest, so it wouldn't have to survive on us. But so far, nothing." Daemos: "I've given you enough time. I desire your answer. Now." S-Man: "Here's the problem, Daemos. First, I don't trust you because you're...you know...evil. Second, I really can't see sacrificing my fellow Spiders just so that Lady Spider and I can live. And I'm reasonably sure she agrees." LS: "I do." S-Man: "See?" Daemos: "Is that your final word?" S-Man: "I'm afraid it is." Daemos: "Very well. Then I'll tell you what will happen next. I will break free and my first priority will be destroying you and the lady. If you have any loved ones, I'd advise you to bid farewell now." S-Man then turns and runs to out of the lab. LS: "Where are you going? Are you doing what he says?" S-Man: "No. Just making a quick trip to another lab." LS: "Which one?" S-Man: "Bio. Have to pick something up. Keep an eye on laughing boy." Daemos then all his fingers together, as if in some kind of meditation. LS: "Why am I not liking the looks of this?"

A few minutes later, in the other lab stand S-Man and some scientist: S-Man: "So we've cured it, then." Scientist: "Yes, of course. Back in the 2040's. There hasn't been a case in decades." S-Man: "How involved is the cure?" Scientist: "We can synthesize a dose in about two minutes. One injection and done." S-Man: "Do it." Back in the first lab again. LS: "Spider-Man, can you hear me?" S-Man (over radio): "Yes." LS: "Can't get over this ear link. It's quite amazing." S-Man (over radio): "Yeah, it's fantastic. What's up?" LS: "It's Daemos. He's just sitting there in some sort of trance-like state." S-Man (over radio): "So what's the problem then." LS: "I think he's preparing to do something. I don't know what." S-Man: "Well, I guess we'll find out. Let me know if he's--" LS: "SPIDER-MAN! GET DOWN HERE!" Daemos: "I WARNED YOU! WHAT HAPPENS NOW IS ON YOU!" LS: "His bio readings are off the charts, Spider-Man! You'd better hurry!" S-Man (running back down the hall): "On the way!" Daemos: "It was...your own fault! You told me...this would...KILL ME...rather than let me...go... Your mistake was...in thinking...that would DETER me..." Lab people are shown running away from Daemos, with both Spiders running towards him. S-Man: "All of you, get out of here!" LS: "YOu don't think he'll break free?!" S-Man: "Unlikely, but you never know!" LS: "You said you DID know!" S-Man: "I lied! Happy?" LS: "Not really, no!" S-Man (internal): "I've never seen anything like this. He's absorbing enough power to light up Neuva York. How the shock is he even still standing?! If he keeps this up much longer, he'll--" Daemos: "Die! Is that what you're thinking?! I'll die? Yes, I WILL! And within minutes, a clone body will be coming after you! And it will know everything I know! And you won't...be able...to...to..." The energy field around him disappears. Daemos: "Uhhhh..." He then slowly falls to the ground on his back. S-Man (internal): "It's almost like he's falling in slow motion. And when he hits the ground...I know what they're going to tell me even before they say it." Nearby worker: "No life readings! At all! He's dead! It's over!" S-Man: "No, it's not. It's anything but." Both Spiders start running. S-Man: "Back to the lab! Hurry! I don't know how much time we've got! I just hope you've got that dimension-jumping device online." LS: "Don't worry about that. What about Daemos?" We see another Daemos on a Public Eye skybike somewhere above Neuva York. S-Man: "We have to assume that he's telling the truth. ...and there's another one of him heading here right now. Fortunately I contacted someone who might be able to slow him down." Daemos getting shot by a laser and knocked off his skybike. LS: "Someone who could slow him? Who? Is it a friend?" Daemos gets up from the cracked concrete he landed on. S-Man: "Well, 'friend' might be too strong a word. Let's says a good acquaintance." Daemos (looking up): "Who in the world are YOU?" Shown is Jake Gallows, aka Punisher 2099, standing up on a somewhat-higher building top nearby, holding a laser-cannon behind his neck: "They call me PUNISHER. And I take issue with people who go around murdering other people. I'll give you one chance to surrender. Please don't take it." Daemos (running in his direction): "Happily!" Punisher 2099 shoots him again, knocking him back to where he fell before. Daemos: "Quite...the weapon...you have..." He then gets back up and charges again: "But sooner or later, you will run out of ammo...or even worse..." Punihser 2099 shoots at him again, but he dodges the blast. Daemos: "Miss!" He reaches him, kicking him in the chest and knocking him back, and grabbing his gun, then tossing it aside: "As for your weapon, it's most charming. However...I have no need of such armament." Punisher pulls out his power bat: "You fight your way, I'll fight mine." Daemos: "A baseball bat? SERIOUSLY? How much impact do you truly think that will--?" Punisher 2099 hits him across the face: "It's titanium. So I'm thinking quite a bit." He then hits him on the other side of the face, then directly into his face. Daemos (staggering a bit): "You'll need more than that to stop me..." Punisher 2099 pulls out another gun: "Fine. I'm thinking a plasma gas cannon." He fires it on him, setting him ablaze. Daemos: "You think that will hurt me? Do you?" Punisher 2099 (smiling): "No, I don't. But I doubt it will do the ground beneath you much good." Daemos: "What?" He then falls through a burned hole beneath him: "AAAAHHHHHH!" After he falls through, Punisher 2099 sends a call to S-Man via ear-link: "Spider-Man. Can you hear me?" S-Man (over radio): "I got you, Jake. Go ahead." Punisher 2099: "Right now your friend is running around somewhere downtown. It'll take him a while to get back up here. If you have somewhere safe to get to, that's where I'd be."

Back at the hallway within Alchemax stand LS and S-Man still, LS putting the arm-teleporter-device on S-Man's right-arm. S-Man: "Will do. And Jake...thanks for the assist." LS: "So where do you want it to take us?" S-Man: "Only one place: The Safe Zone." LS taps on the device. S-Man: "You sure you know what you're doing, setting this thing?" LS: "Call it an educated guess." S-Man: "Yeah, that's putting my mind at ease." S-Man puts his costume-sleeve back over his arm. LS: "I'm ninety percent sure." S-Man: "Ninety?" LS: "All right, fine. Seventy-five." S-Man: "MAY!" LS: "You want to stay here?" S-Man: "No, but--" LS: "Then activate it and get us out of here." S-Man: "Sure, why not?" The device then activates, pulling the two out of their reality.

They reamerge back in Earth-13, the Safe Zone dimension. S-Man (internal): "Well, the good news is, Lady Spider was right. We got to the Safe Zone. Bad news is..." We see the bodies of Cosmic Spidey, and other fallen Spiders. S-Man (internal): "Someone else got here first."

To Be Continued!

Comments: Another good issue, compared with the other SV books as well. Great to see Punisher 2099 again, although the mounting 2099 continuity-problems continue to bother me. What's wrong with Earth-928 needs to be explained at some point. Is this all leading to a 2099 rebirth of some sort, with revised history, as PAD would like it? At least a cure for the Inheritors was done in a good step towards a conclusion to SV. The electric "prision" that held Daemos should have been done so he couldn't kill himself either. You'd think S-Man would've known that. Can't wait for the next part, which comes out the last week of this month, thankfully.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #12:





Earth-13: The area that used to be "The Safe Zone": Morlun still holds Benjy, standing next to cosmic-energy-radiating Solus, and before the assembled Spider-Beings. Spider-Punk: "Holy #@$*! He just killed the Captain Universe guy! We are SO SCREWED!" SSM: "Shut up! IT MIGHT HAVE WEAKENED HIM! He's their LEADER, and this might be our ONLY chance at him." May/SG: "But my BROTHER!" Solus: "Morlun, you have him? The youngest Totem?" Morlun: "Yes, Father. The SCION. The last to manifest itself in ANY reality." SSM: "Forget the child! All of you, converge on him NOW!" SP//dr: "What have we gotten ourselves into?!" Solus (while punching through Prince of Arachne's chest, making a loud KRNG noise): "HA! You think me WEAKENED?" PoA: "Zounds!" Arachnosaur's mouth then gets ripped up by Solus. Arachnosaur: "HSSKK!" Solus: "I've consumed the greatest life force of this dimension! I've never felt more ALIVE!" Morlun: "Weaver, I command you. Spin me a way home." A portal opens up, and Morlun, with Benjy, walk towards it. May/SG: "NO! YOU CAN'T GO!" She darts after him: "I WON'T LET YOU! Not with--" Morlun: "Child. I fail to see how you could possibly stop me." He then back-hands her, knocking her back, then escapes through the portal. May/SG: "Benjy?! NOOO!!!" Spider-UK: "PARKER, come in. We need you! We lost the safe zone! And we're getting SLAUGHTERED over here!" Spidey (over communication): "The girls and I are 'porting in now. We had to make some stops first." Spider-UK: "'STOPS?!' Where the bloody hell have you been?!" A portal opens up nearby, with Spidey, Spider-Gwen, Anya/SG, Mangaverse Spidey and Spider-Man J coming out of it. Anya/SG: "Would you believe Japan?" Spider-Gwen: "Like, three different Japans." Spidey J: "Kon ni chi wa!" Spider-UK: "What?! Why would you--?" Spidey: "Got a STRONG reading on the Spider-Totem..." A portal opens up in the sky. Spidey: "...and, as a friend of mine would say, we hit the JACKPOT! Everybody say 'Hi!' to Takuya Yamashiro, the Spider-Man of Earth-51778. Oh, and did I mention...he has a GIANT ROBOT!" Out of the portal comes the said large robot, flying out, hands first, flying straight towards Solus. Spidey-Takuya (from inside): "LEOPARDON!" Solus: "What manner of creature ARE you?!" Inside the cockpit is Spidey-Takuya, piloting, standing with his wrists-crossed, like in Power Rangers: "[I am the EMISSARY OF HELL! And I shall fight this great evil for the fate of ALL SPIDERS!]* (*-Translated from Japanese) Spidey and the other Spiders dodge out of the way of the speeding robot. Spidey: "How's THAT for reinforcements?" Spider-UK: "No complaints here, mate." Solus: "You think the size of your mechanized man intimidates me?" He extends a fist towards Leopardon, firing a large cosmic blast: "I am full of bursting with new energies untold. And if I must, I shall spend all of it to lay you low." The blast repels the robot. Spidey-Takuya (inside working the controls): "[Such power! Leopardon! Summon SWORD VIGOR--] Solus rips off the robot's left arm: "Enough of your toys. Time, I think, to punish the child within." Spidey-India: "We can't just STAND here. We have to DO something!" Spider-Punk: "I AM doing something. I'm crapping my pants." Spider-UK: "He's buying us time. We have to pull back--" May/SG: "No. SOLUS knows where they've taken my brother. We have to stop him!" Spidey (internal): "They took the baby? What happened while I was gone? We lost MORE men. The child's gone. This is all my fault." Spidey: "Everyone! Follow me! WE'RE JUMPING! NOW!" He opens a portal. SSM: "Leaving one man behind to save the rest? You're finally wising up." Spidey: "It's not like that. I have a plan." SSM: "Riiiiight." Spidey grabs May/SG by the arm: "May, we're GOING!" May/SG: "But, Benjy!" Spidey: "If he's out there, I SWEAR we'll find him. But it's not SAFE here anymore." Solus (to them): "Wrong, totem. It's not safe for you ANYWHERE."

Earth-3145: For Silk, this is the end of the line: We see her walking/looking around in the post-apocalyptic dimension. Silk: "What is this place? Where'd I port to now? Oh, God." Silk (internal, while getting down on her knees and covering her mouth): "The air! It burns! Feel like I'm gonna throw up..." (out loud): "*KOFF KOFF*" (internal): "...or die. Or both. Both is definately an option." Suddenly, an Inheritor portal opens up near her. Silk (internal): "No! Not NOW!" Voice coming out of the portal: "Ah! THERE'S our slippery little bride." Silk (internal): "The Inheritor twins. Brix and Bora. They've been chasing me from one dimension to the next." Brix (coming out of the portal): "Feeling a bit under the weather are we?" Bora: "No. Brix WAIT!" Silk (internal): "Won't stand a chance against them like this..." Brix then falls over on one knee, screaming in pain. Brix: "AAAHHH!" Bora: "Brother!" She reached through the portal, and pulls Brix back through. Bora: "Get..." Brix: "GAHH!" Bora: "...BACK HERE!" Brix (weakly): "What was that?" Bora: "Exactly what it looked like. Earth-3145. Post-thermo--nuclear-war." Their portal then closes, with Silk by herself again, and with a worried-looking face. Silk (internal): "This whole world's IRRADIATED. It hurts like hell, but it looks like it hurts them a LOT more than it hurts me. Y'know what? I'll take it." She then fully webs up her body, with a clearing over her eyes, and continues walking. Silk (internal): "Can finally catch my breath. Sure, it's radioactive air that's killing me, but...web insulation should help until I can figure out where to--wait! I know EXACTLY where to go!"

Earth-8847: The retreating Spiders from Earth-13 arrive in this new dimension, with dinosaurs, volcanos, and building structures of some kind. Spidey-India: "Oh my. Where are we?" Spider-Gwen: "By the looks of it? Jurassic Park Avenue." Spidey: "I used random coordinates. The bad guys can't know where we are...if WE don't know where we are. At least till we find a new safe zone." SSM: "NO. There's nowhere to go. Your ineptness lost me my base. Your absence cost us that refuge. And your return SQUANDERED what was probably our GREATEST weapon. AND a perfectly good Spider-Man." Spider-UK: "Maybe not. Over there!" We see Spidey-Takura arrive from a portal on the ground nearby: "[The device worked. I have escaped! But at too high a price. Leopardon, my faithful companion, lies fallen on the field of battle.]" Mangaverse Spidey: [The important thing, Takura, you are not alone. We are all part of a great Spider-Clan. And together we shall triumph.]" Spidey J: "[Agreed. We may not be a giant robot, but we have your back.]" Spidey-Takura: "[Thank you, my friends.]" Spidey (turning to May/SG): "May, about before, that wasn't just talk. I promise, we'll find--" May/SG: "Stop. I'm done listening to ANY of you. Far as I'm concerned, you're all FAKES. There's only ONE real Spider-Man. My Dad, and he's DEAD." Spidey: "May, please, I--" Voice over Spidey's communicator: "Hello? Check. Check. Anyone there?" Spidey (talking into it): "Jess? Spider-Woman? That you? Can you talk?"

We see Spider-Woman, wearing a red/gold gown, nothing Spider-Woman-like, sneaking around behind a pillar in the Inheritors' main chamber. Jess (Whispering): "Yeah, but not for long. Just testing to make sure my communicator still works. Had to switch with Silk after she got hers damaged. Long story.* Short version: I don't have enough of a charge to talk for too long. And definately not enough to call up a big enough portal if I need to jump." Spidey: "Do you want one of us to come and get you?" Jess (whispering over radio): "Negative. I'm good for now. Got the perfect disguise. In this reality--on the Inheritors' world--'Jessica Drew' is one of the help." Spidey: "What?" Jess (whispering): "Seriously. I'm one of Morlun's housemaids." Spidey (over radio): "Wow. That's...a little Too CONVENIENT." Jess (whispering): "I know." Master Weaver (nearby): "Almost as if it were planned...as part of some grand design." Jess sees him, and says: "Pete, I'm gonna have to get back to you." (*-See Spider-Woman #2) Spidey: "Jess, wait! Uh, lost her, this is getting out of control. Wonder how the others are doing. Miles? You out there?"

In some other dimension: Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man: "Peter?" Spidey (over radio): "Yeah. Just checking in. How's the Spidey-recruitment drive going?" MMUSM: "It's...goin'." Spidey (over radio): "Can you be more specific?" MMUSM: "Honestly, I have no words." We now see MMUSM with Animated Ultimate Spider-Man together in the Spider-Mobile, AUSM at the wheel, driving up the side of a city building. Holding onto the car with them is 60's cartoon Spider-Man and Mini-Marvels Spider-Man. Sweater-Clad Spider-Man (Spidey toy used on Wizard's "Twisted Toyfare Theater") holds onto the car by a webline, and Cowboy Spider-Man running up the building on a horse. Two police helicopters chase after them. Officer in right helicopter: "YOU! With the Spider-Mobile! PULL OVER!" Cowboy Spidey: "YEE-HAAA!" 60's cartoon Spidey: "Walloping web-snappers!" MMUSM: "This. Right here. This is where my life officially jumped the shark." AUSM: "Nah. THAT was back in cowboy-world. Know what your problem is Morales? You need to lighten up. Wanna drive?" Spider-Mobile: "Oh put-put-please, Parker. Like YOU'RE drivin'. C'mon, Miles. Open the put-put-portal already!" They all enter through the portal in front of them. Cowboy Spidey's horse: "NEIIIGH!" AUSM: "Web-Warriors awayyy!" MMUSM: No. No. No. STOP calling us that. I never agreed to--"

Spidey back at his wrist-device: "Cowboy-world? One thing at a time. Speaking of time...2099? You there?"

S-Man and Lady Spider stand in the lab room at Alchemax, 2099. LS is operating on Daemos' body. Living Daemos can be seen in one of the nearby monitors. LS: "Did he just address the entire year of 2099?" Spidey (over radio): "Um. Sort of. That's where you guys ARE, right?" LS: "That's rather vague." Spidey (over radio): "Lady-Spider, put Miguel on. O'Hara, any progress on your end?" S-Man (talking through ear-piece): "We've got that son of a glitch, Daemos, trapped in a stasis field...for as long as that will hold him." Spidey (over radio): "And his discarded clone body?" S-Man: "Starting the dissection now.*" (*-See more of the dissection in Spider-Man 2099 #7!) S-Man: "IF these Inheritors have an achilles heel, we'll find it. In the meantime, even a quick scan is telling me things about their cloning process." Spidey: "Finally! Something we can use. Fire away." S-Man (over radio): "First off, the parent D.N.A. is--SKKKKZZ" Unknown communication voice: "Sorry. But that's quite enough of THAT."
Spidey: "What? Who IS this?" Now shown as Jennix, presuably from his home clone dimensino (from : "Lord Jennix, totem." Spidey (over radio): "Who?" Jennix: "We've met. I...ate your monkey. I thought you'd like to know, I can hear EVERYTHING you've been saying." Spidey (shown on monitor): "How...?" Jennix: "You've been moving and speaking across the dimensional threads of the great web. My family mastered this technology centuries ago. Listening in on your conversations has been child's play." Spidey (on monitor): "But why would you--?" Jennix: "Show my hand? I admit, having you burble on has been somewhat amusing. But if you're going to share TACTICAL information? It's time to put a stop to it." A portal with Verna and her hounds (alternates of Ox, Hammerhead, and Rhino) coming out appears nearby. Jennix (over Spidey's wrist-device): "It was nice chatting. Send my regards to my sister, Verna. I just sent her your coordinates. Earth-8847, yes?" Spidey: "Damn it. Everybody, heads up! Company!" Verna: "Aleksei. Raymond. Joseph. My big, beautiful hounds. Make me proud. TRAMPLE THEM." The three then rush at the Spiders. A battle ensues between the Spiders in this dimension and Verna and her hounds. Verna can be seen sucking the life from BB/SG. BB/SG: "AHH--". Anya/SG: "What do we do? Jump somewhere else?" Spidey-India: "It wouldn't do any good. You heard. They know our every movement." SP//dr (to Verna): "Get away from her!" Spider-Gwen: "But we're dying out here!" Spider-Punk (head-butting "Hammerhead"): "Works for me. As long as we take some of these @#$! with us!" Spider-Ham: "Okay. Let's just call that PLAN B for now. Any OTHER suggestions? ANYONE?!"

Back on Earth-001 aka Loomworld: Jess climbs up one of the pillars, talking to Master Weaver. SW: "So...YOU put this all into motion?" MW: "Yes. I am the Master Weaver. I spin the web of life and destiny. And for ages I have woven it for Solus and the Inheritors. They have long enslaved me. Forced me to show them skeins that are yet to come. That knowledge has helped them gain dominion over all reality. But a small act of rebellion here and there can change the design." Jess: "Like this moment. Right now." MW: "Seemingly insignifigant threads I could entwine when no one was looking. Like those for you, and that of a serving girl. All so I could give you these." He hands her some rolled-up scrolls of some kind. Jess: "Okay. I give. What're they?" MW: "THE PROPHECIES. Everything you need to know of the Other, the Bride, and the Scion. And something else..." Jess: "I don't understand." MW: "My masters wish to do MORE than kill all the Spiders. Much more. But there's no time. Hurry, they approach." Jess hides behind a pillar as Morlun hands the Benjy over to Bora, with Brix standing near her. Morlun: "Bora! Brix! Here. See to this mewling infant. I've had my fill on the damn thing." Benjy: "WAHHH!" Bora: "Are you joking, brother? Do we look like nursemaids to you?" Morlun: "No. You look like the two incompetent children who let the Bride escape." Brix: "That's...most unfair, Morlun." Morlun (with Jess shown hiding behind a pillar behind him, still holding the scrolls): "Oh, is it? I think under the circumstances, the very least you can do is hold on to the Scion for me. The creature can barely WALK, so even you two won't be able to louse that up." Turns his head to see Jess peaking around the pillar: "Ah, Mistress Jessica." She approaches him, hands behind her back. Morlun: "Come here, girl. I could do with your pleasing--hold! What strange posture is this?" Jess: "Pardon?" Morlun: "Your hands, who do you conceal them so? Show me. What are you hiding." She then presents her empty hands to him: "Nothing, m'lord. See?" Morlun: "Hmm. Very well." (Catch the rest in Spider-Woman #3!)

Earth-8847 again: As everyone else still fights, the scrolls from Jess teleport into Spidey's hands. Spidey: "What?" Spidey (internal): "Spider-Woman's teleporter. She said it was too damaged to make a jump for herself...so she sent...TUBES? No. Scrolls. Whatever they are, Jess risked a lot to either send them TO me. Or AWAY from the bad guys. But what? I can't read 'em now!" Anya/SG: "Spider-Man?! Stay or go? What do we DO?" SSM: "You heard her. What's our next move?" Spidey: "One sec." SSM: "Come on. We're waiting on your brilliant leadership." Spidey (internal): "What an @$$. But he's right. I asked for this. The others are counting on me, and I don't know what to do! I need help! I need--" Silk (over Spidey's device): "Peter. It's Cindy." Spidey: "Silk? This line isn't safe. The Inheritors can hear." Silk: "Then I'll make it quick! Earth-3145! Trust me get--" Spidey (while opening a portal in front of himself): "Damn it. Jennix shut her off too. Hold on. You found a new safe zone?" Turns around to everyone behind him: "EVERYONE, FOLLOW ME! We're out!" All the Spiders cross through the new portal. Verna: "Back! Back, my hounds. FOOLS! Let's see how long they last in 3145." SP//dr: "You know, you're a very horrible person." MagnaVerse Spidey: "[See that? She's staying away from the light. She's afraid.]" Spidey-J: "[Good. Then it's my new favorite thing. After you.]"

The Spiders all arrive in 3145. Spidey-J: "[I take it back. This stinks.]" SSM (working with his Anna hologram on his wrist device): "Anna Maria? Give me a reading on the atmosphere." "Anna": "Processing. You have to leave right away, doctor. The radiation levels here are extremely toxic." SSM (to Spidey): "So THIS is our new 'Safe Zone' is it? You IMBECILE! What hell-scape have you and that woman of yours condemned us to?!" Spidey: "Hey! Cindy wouldn't have led us here without a good reason to--" SSM: "I swear, if you weren't my predecessor, I'd obliterate you right here and--" Spidey-India (points towards large webbing arrow on the side of a ruined building: "Both of you, stop fighting. Look! She left us a sign." Spider-Ham: "Not big on subtlety, is she? Y'know, something's telling me...that Silk wants us to go THAT-A-WAY." All the Spiders start webswinging around, following each new large webbing arrow on buildings and old ad boards. Spider-Punk: "You think?" Spidey-??? (can't tell): "Stuck with dozens of snippy versions of myself. Bossy-Spidey was right...maybe this is heck." Spidey: "Everyone, cut it out. I figured out where she's taking us." They all arrive above the top of a building, with two more webbing-arrows on it, pointing to a part on the roof they're now above. Spidey: "Sims Tower. And if it's anything like the Sims Tower from the world where Silk and I come from..." They all somehow get inside, within a mechanical room with a mechanical door, and a keypad next to it. Spidey starts pressing buttons on it. SSM: "A fall-out shelter? That's very convenient." Spidey: "It's better than that. Ezekiel built these to hide us from the Inheritors. And if the code's the same in every dimension..." The door opens to a dark mechanical room. Spidey: "Silk! Smart move coming here. I'm afraid it's gonna get a little crowded." Silk: "More than you think, Spider. The totem of THIS world was already inside when I got here. You might want to brace yourself for a shock..." The lights come on, and the Spiders see before themselves... Spidey: "UNCLE BEN?!" Silk: "Toldja." Uncle Ben: "Peter."


Comments: Why is the Spider-Mobile from the 70's Spidey comics talking like Speed Buggy? It didn't do that in the original stories, right? Got a little bit of S-Man in 2099 from his last issue, too, although the GR 2099-like swearing is kind of bothersome to come from him.

Should hopefully finally get Scarlet Spiders #2 (of 3) later today (LCS hasn't been able to get me a copy yet), as well as the new Spider-Verse #2 (of 2).

Other definite/possible 2099-related appearances:

Still waiting (personally): Scarlet Spiders #2 (of 3):

January 14th: Spider-Verse #2 (of 2):

January 21st: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #13:

January 21st: Spider-Verse Team Up #3 (of 3):

January 21st: Scarlet-Spiders #3 (of 3):

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February 4th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #14:

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February 25th: Spider-Gwen #1:

February 25th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #9:

March 11th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #10:
Links w/ SPOILERS:

Also worth of notice that the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors cartoon (Ultimate Spider-Man season 3) will start featuring S-Man at some point in the future (was going to be Oct. 19th, but got changed).


List of all current issues of S-Man Vol. 2: #'s 1-7

List of all SSM/ASM/etc.-issues with S-Man:
ASM (Vol. 3) #1, 9-12
SSM #'s 17-19, 23, 27.NOW-31
SSMTU #'s 5, 7 & 11
SV #1 (of 2) (Cover only)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #1 (Cover & inner-cover only)
All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible S-Man appearances)

Current list of UA-issues with Doom:
#'s 14, & 18.NOW-22 (Vol. 2 doubtful of Doom appearances)

List of all Spidey 2211 appearances:
ASM Vol. 3 #'s 10-11

List of all X-Men 2099 appearances:
Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol. 3 #1

2099 Universe appearances:
SSM #32-33
Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10
All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible 2099 Universe appearances)

2099 mentions/references:
Uncanny Avengers #23 (Vol. 2 possible 2099 mentions/references)
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #8

- Rodimus

Question I looked up on google: Will Ash Vs. Evil Dead be continued as a cartoon?

"In an interview with Collider during San Diego Comic-Con, genre entertainment icon Bruce Campbell confirmed that the powers that be are in conversation to continue his character's demon-busting adventures in a new animated series version of Ash vs. Evil Dead. 'You can do the future a lot easier in animation.'"

Support the "Ash Vs. Evil Dead" in-talks animated show continuation!:

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Cartoon Group

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