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Subj: My reviews of All-New X-Factor #20, Spider-Verse Team-Up #3 (of 3), Scarlet Spiders #3 (of 3), ASM Vol. 3 #13, and Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #3
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All-New X-Factor #20:

Welcome to the All-New X-Factor, Serval Industries' newest way of making your life better--a privately owned and operated super-team handpicked by Serval CEO Harrison Snow to serve the needs of both Serval Industries and the society and people that make up the world we all share. Why should super-teams like the Avengers be the purview of government, bogged down as it is with bureaucracy and politics? X-Factor has the backing and resources of a successful corporation, proven efficient in the free market and unmatched in its charitable works and contributions.

BEFORE: X-Factor has managed to defeat a reawakened Egyptian goddess in the heart of the Old City and recovered the body of the dead young girl it had used for a host. Unfortunately, Lorna was injured by plastic bullets, but she managed to bounce back quickly and now the entire team is headed home.

MEANWHILE: In case you haven't heard, this is the last issue of X-Factor, at least for now. I am hoping that we will return at some point, especially after people get a load of the end of this story.

Back in U.S. Airspace, aboard the X-Factor jet: Narrator (Some member): "We're all happy that we managed to get Polaris sprung from the hospital. It'll take her a couple weeks to fully recover from the attack, but that shouldn't be too bad. Still, it could take some time for everything ELSE t'get sorted out. Inside the passenger area: Warlock, Sunfire, Gambit, Georgia, Cypher, and Danger. Cypher: "So, Warlock, are you still not speaking to me? Are we still SELF-FRIENDS? I mean...I just wanna know if my having...RELATIONS with Danger has destroyed all that." Warlock looks concerned for a moment, then: "NOTHING could destroy that, self-friend Doug." Cypher: "THANK GOD." Warlock then extends his arm to slap him on the face. Cypher: "ARRRHHH! WARLOCK?! WHAT THE HELL--?" Warlock looks down, then: "Self feels better." Polaris walks into the room, using a crutch on her left arm: "Warlock? Can we chat for a moment?" Warlock: "Yes. Absolutely. Self is done here." Cypher: "You SURE?" Warlock: "Very much." Cypher (hand on face in dissapointment): "SHEESH."

Meanwhile, at Serval Industries, Harrison Snow is talking with Linda Kwan, his Public Relations officer, both walking down a hallway. Linda: "You used the MATTER TRANSMITTER?" Harrison: "Yes, Linda, I did." Linda: "You don't typically DO that." Harrison: "I'm NOT a big fan of having my molecules SCRAMBLED and REASSEMBLED, but time was of the essence." Linda: "May I ask why, Mr. Snow?" Harrison: "What's my afternoon like?" Linda: "Alchemax." Harrison: "AHHH, right. TIBERIUS STONE'S here to find out if I'm interested in selling to them." Linda: "Are you?" Harrison: "Of course not. I'd like you in on the meeting, though." Linda: "Why do you need me?" Harrison: "Because you're extremely attractive, and you never know the kind of man we're dealing with or the DISTRACTIONS that may need to be provided." Linda: "I guess I should be FLATTERED." Harrison: "Indeed."

Both then arrive in a room, with Mike O'Mara (Miguel O'Hara aka S-Man) and Tiberius Stone seated at a table, Miguel's back to Harrison and Linda. Harrison: "Mr. Stone." Tiberius: "Mr. Snow. Pleasure to meet you." Harrison: "Please, call me HARRISON." Miguel gets up from his seat to turn to face Harrison. Tiberius: "Absolutely, Harrison. Call me Tiberius. And this is my assistant, Mi--" Both Mig and Harrison stand and face each other. Miguel: "HARRY?!" Harrison: "MIGUEL?!" Both extend their hands to shake. Tiberius: "Uhm...have you two MET before?"

Back on the X-Factor jet, in some other room, Polaris and Warlock talk privately. Polaris: "I think you need to speak to danger." Warlock: "Why does sel...why do I...need to do that?" Polaris: "Because she's feeling really DOWN right now." Warlock: "I...was unaware she was capable of FEELING anything." Polaris: "She managed to stop a SOUL EATER because she says she doesn't have a SOUL." Warlock: "She doesn't. She is not truly alive." Polaris: "How do we KNOW that?" Warlock: "No blood. No pulse. No measurable vital signs." Polaris: "Really. How do YOU measure up in that regard, Warlock?" Warlock: ". . ." Polaris: "Yeah, that's what I thought." Warlock: "She has not expressed interest in me." Polaris: "She offered to SLEEP with you." Warlock: "You know about that?" Polaris: "Believe me, Danger's sex life is HARDLY a secret. I'm amazed it's not a crawl on CNN." She pauses to bite into a sandwich, then: "Warlock, of everyone on this team, you're the most like her. I think she needs someone to talk to. She needs a FRIEND. She needs someone to help her BELIEVE in herself again." Warlock: "WHY? Why does she need those things from ME?" Polaris: "Because she's a friend. And a teammate. And we HELP friends and teammates. Can you think of her that way? Can you HELP her?" Warlock stands silent for a moment, processing (I suppose), then: "Of course I...can."

Back in the office area with Tiberius and the others. Tiberius: "Mike? Why did he call you MIGUEL?" Miguel: "That's, uh..." Both Miguel and Harrison shake hands. Harrison: "Childhood name. Mig...MIKE and I grew up together." Miguel: "Went to the same school." Harrison: "Indeed we did." Turns to Linda: "You know what? I'd like a few minutes to catch up with Mike here. Linda, why don't you give Tiberius the nickel tour?" Linda: "Uh, sure. Absolutely." Turns to Tiberius: "Mr. Stone? This way. Yes, of course. And you are...?" Linda: "Linda. I'm head of promotions...among other things." Tiberius: "Really? WHAT other things?" Linda: "Oh, this and that..." Once both are out of the room, Miguel grabs Harrison by the suit and tie, and rams him into a wall-window, cracking it. Harrison: "Whoa! WAIT--" Miguel: "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" Harrison: "What're you DOING?!" Miguel: "I should KILL you! I should tear your shockin' HEAD off! Where's BARRY?! Is he here, too?" Harrison: "Can't...breathe...I...I can't...brea--" Miguel lets go, and Harrison kneels on the floor: "UNFFFF...What the shock happened to you? Since when did you get VIOLENT?" Something's changed." Miguel: "You have no idea." Points down at Harrison: "You didn't answer my question. Is Barry Huff here, too? You were working TOGETHER on the time dilation equipment. And then the BOTH of you vanished from Alchemax. Everyone assumed you'd died." Harrison (getting back on his feet): "Barry WAS here. But he wanted to return to 2099. So I sent him BACK. I collapsed the dilater to the size of a handgun and returned him only hours ago." Miguel: "Then you just killed him." Harrison (standing up a fixing his tie): "Don't be ridiculous. I sent him HOME..." Miguel (distraught): "It's not THERE anymore, Harry!" Harrison: "What do you mean, it's not--?" Miguel: "The 2099 that we both come from. It's...changed. There was a temporal rift or jump or something and it's all...DIFFERENT." Harrison: "HOW different?" We see an image of Maestro on his throne. Miguel: "VERY." Back to showing the two. Miguel: "What are you doing here, anyway?" Harrison: "I could ask the same of YOU. You're no time traveller, Miguel. How the hell did you wind up in 2014?" Miguel: "TYLER STONE. He sent me back." Harrison: "Why?" Miguel: "Because he saw me as an ENEMY." Harrison: "Good lord. Why?" Miguel: "Because I'm his ENEMY." Harrison: "Oh. Okay. Well...GOOD CALL, then, I guess." Miguel: "And you?" Harrison: "Because I want to take Alchemax down." Miguel: "Oh, really?" Harrison: "Yes. Really." Miguel: "You know I WORK for them, right?" Harrison: "Well, Stone introduced you as his ASSISTANT, so yes. I cracked that code." Miguel: "May I ask how yhou intend to DO this?" Harrison: "Mutants."

On the X-Factor jet, Polaris (by herself) sees a computer message sent by Quicksilver on a laptop. Quicksilver: "I'm LEAVING, Lorna. By the time you get back, I'll be gone. You said it's what you wanted, and I've been thinking about it and decided that you were right. It's probably for the best. You don't trust me, and that's my fault. I should have been HONEST with you. That way when Wanda told you--and believe me, she and I are going to be having words about that--you wouldn't have been so shocked. My life screwed up and I've no one to blame but MYSELF. In any event, I'll be returning to the Avengers, and taking Luna with me. But I want you to know that if you ever need me again--" Gambit comes up from behind: "What're ya watchin'?" Polaris (closes laptop): "Some video with kittens. S'up, Gambit?" Gambit (sits down in front of her): "Nothin'. Is Danger ok?" Polaris: "Yeah, why do you ask?" Gambit: "She just seems distant. I mean, more so than USUAL." Polaris: "Okay, well...I'm working on that." Elsewhere on the jet, Danger and Warlock sit in front of each other, by themselves. Warlock: "Are you alright?" Danger: "Why would I NOT be?" Warlock: "Lorna believes that you are depressed because you say you have no soul." Danger: "I am not DEPRESSED. I am what I am." Warlock: "You are LYING." Danger: "You are very perceptive." Warlock: "I...have my moments. Lorna has instructed me to speak to you about your DOUBTS." Danger: "There is nothing to say." Warlock: "I...agree." Danger: "Then I do NOT understand what your intent is." Warlock (extending his arms out to her): "You need to feel. I can accommodate you. If you are willing to give me access to your CENTRAL PROCESSOR." Danger: "As you wish." His fingers attach to her face. Warlock: "You believe you have no soul. I...do not know the specifics of such matters. I...am not qualified to speak with authority, but I...am reasonably certain that *I* have a soul. It is EPHEMERA to me, something that I...have always taken for granted. But if it will help...I...will SHARE IT...with YOU." Electricity sparks all over the two, then both rise in the air within a cicrular area of electricity. Georgia (enters the room, seeing this): "LORNA! GAMBIT! Guys! Get in here." Cypher, Polaris, Gambit, and Sunfire enter the room. Polaris: "WHAT'S WRONG?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" Georgia: "I dunno! But it's WEIRD!" Danger: "Oh...my god." Warlock: "Is this...helping?" Their light gets brighter. Gambit (him and the others covering their eyes): "WHAT THE HELL?!?" The light shoots out the sides of the jet, as well. Cypher: "Warlock! Are you--okay?" All look up to see Danger and Warlock merged together in a circular form. Cypher: "Uh..." Polaris: "Anyone want to give me a guess as to what's happening here?" Gambit: "I think they're having s**." Polaris (turns around and walks away): "I'm gonna have another sandwich." Gambit: "Sounds good. I'm in." Sunfire: "Do we have tuna?" Georgia: "That's just what *I* was thinking!"

At Serval industries again, in the same room. Miguel: "MUTANTS?" Harrison (sitting down in front of the table & Miguel, his fingers pressed together in thought): "Yes. We both come from the future, Miguel. We KNOW what happens. I'm not going to allow Alchemax to rise to the level of power it does in 2099. Recruiting X-FACTOR is only the start. I'm going to recruit them ALL. Every mutant in the world will become an employee of Serval. And then THE AVENGERS." Miguel: "And then the world?" Harrison: I'm not JOKING, Miguel. I have a very detailed plan worked out. Within five years I'm going to have every super hero working for me. And then..." We see an imaginary image of superheroes attacking Alchemax tower. Harrison: "...then I will have them DESTROY Alchemax. By the time I'm done, nothing will be left. Not Stone. Not Liz Allen. No one who works there. It'll all be gone. The most evil corporation in the world will be utterly abolished, and then..." Back to the two. Miguel: "And then WHAT?" Harrison: "Then I will help guide the world in the direction it should go. Mankind will experience a new golden age. And you can either be PART of it...or get out of the WAY." Polaris and Gambit enter the room. Polaris: "Hey, boss. We're back. Mission accomplished." Harrison: "Good to hear. Lorna, this is--" Miguel (walking out of the room): "A guy who was just leaving. I'll go round up Tiberius and tell him there's no point in discussing anything." Harrison: "That's probably wise." Polaris: "Who was THaT?" Harrison: "No one important." Gambit: "He certainly seemed as if he had something on his mind." Harrison: "Yes, well...you never know what some people are HIDING."


Comments: Nice story. Not sure how I feel about getting a story that hasn't even happened yet in S-Man Vol. 2. However, I know Linda's last name is Kwan as I looked it up on Marvel Wikia, and asked PAD about it, who replied he DID create the character, and DID make the last name Kwan as an ancestor of Xina Kwan. He also said that the S-Man stuff presented here will be explained in S-Man Vol. 2 at some point.

Spider-Verse Team-Up #3 (of 3):

Welcome to the SPIDER-VERSE! The insatiable Inheritors have been rampaging across the multiverse, ravenously feasting upon the essence of Spiders. Spider-Men and Women (and sometimes animals!) have been joining forces to stand against these hungry hunters who threaten to wipe out EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER! These are the tales of some of the unlikely inter-dimensional team-ups that result!


featuring The Amazing Spider-Man, The Superior Spider-Man, the Spider-Girl of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Punk, Spider-Man India, Ashley Barton, and Spider-Man U.K.!


featuring Spider-Girl, the daughter of Spider-Man, and Uncle Ben Spider-Man.

Story #1:
Earth-3145: SSM, Spidey, and Anya/SG argue over going to a dimension to confront Karn, based on what the scrolls said about him, to turn him to their side. They all agree a short time into the discussion, and prepare to teleport out.

Earth-3123: Karn is in the Parker house, confronting Uncle Ben and teenage Peter, about the Spider-Totem he detected. Someone says "Me." behind them, and they turn around to this world's Aunt May, aka Spider-Ma'am, in costume, and having removed her mask. She offers herself to Karn, in making sure Ben and Peter stay safe. Karn says she reminds him of someone he knew once, then gets ready to kill her anyway. Just then, a portal opens up, and Ashley Barton/SG, Spider-Punk, Spider-UK, Any/SG, and Spidey-India leap out of it. Spider-Punk hits Karn in the face with a guitar, but Karn slaps him back a distance. Anya/SG explains to him what they learned about him in the scrolls, how he's not like his relatives, and that they'd never take him back, etc. After Spider-UK shoots a webline to take away Karn's staff, he explains they're here to ask him to join them. He denies, and continues to attack them all. Spidey-India adds to Karn that they sent him away because they feared him because he questioned them. Ashley/SG uses his own staff to stab him through the chest, who points out he's been spending hundreds of years trying to, in vain, kill Spiders just so his family would take him back. For a moment, Karn starts to listen, asking if there's another way, that they might have the means to stop them, and Anya/SG says that they don't, but if he helps them beat his family, they could use their technology to find alternate sources of feeding. Karn throws Ashley/SG into Anya/SG, who goes back to how he was, saying his family can't be defeated by anyone, and continues his attack. Spider-Punk tries to convince him that what the "power structure" wants people to believe, in that there's no hope, and that's when you really have to fight (and headbuts his chest). Spider-UK wraps him in heavy webbing, with Karn "the natural order." Spider-UK asks if there's really just one natural order. He adds about the beautiful universes Karn's seen, and according to the scroll, Karn wanted to explore their beauty; record it; celebrate it. Not bring death and destruction. Anya/SG adds also who knows more about fate than the master weaver? She then holds out one of the scrolls to him, saying the MW gave them it, with Karn in somewhat-disbelief. He then agrees to help them, mentioning that his hunger can be intense and uncontrollable. Anya/SG says he can take a little of their life force from each of them to keep him going for awhile. Spidey-India says for him and them to create a new fate together. Karn then begins to feel back for his actions, with Spider-Punk saying that no on is beyond redemption. Karn thanks them, then Spider-Punk says they can take some of their energy now. He then does take some of their combined energy (except from Ashley, who refused), Anya/SG mentioning they all are taking a chance, and it paid off. They all then take off together through another portal, with Uncle Ben, Peter, and Spider-Ma'am watching on, having been doing so from nearby. Peter makes a comment on how that was weird.


Story #2:
Earth-3145: May/SG is upset, pushing the other Spiders around, saying it's important that they go to Loom World and save baby Benjy. Spidey-India tries to calm here down, saying only death awaits them there. May says she's suprised other Spider-Men won't join her, and if not, she'll just go herself. Anya/SG and 3145-Uncle Ben tell her the same thing, with May/SG calling him a coward for what he did in his reality; that her father looked up to Uncle Ben, but would be ashamed of HIM, then takes off down the hall angry, bouncing off various walls. She continues to go down the hallways, away from the others, then, out of continued anger, punches the side of a wall, cracking it. Ben approaches her, coming down on a webline. He tries to calm her, saying they've all suffered losses, and wants to know more of HER Peter. She then puts her mask back on, and curses Ben, and takes a hand-swipe at him. Both get into a "spider-fight," talking about "power and responsibility" and pride/honor and such, and at the same time, the hole May/SG made earlier cracks more and more open. A little bit into the fight, both of their spider-senses go off, which tells them the danger is coming from the growing crack itself. Out of that crack comes a horde of mutant spiders. Both work together, using their webbing and powers to repel the spiders back into the crack, saying that should hold until a real repair job can be done. Ben then reaches a hand out to her, saying her wall-punching brought those spiders, that she needs to get her emotions under control, and to forget Loom World, as she can be safe here. May/SG turns it down and walks away, saying Benjy is all she has left, and that she's going to rescue him from Loom World, then kill Daemos.


Comments: Glad Karn is on the Spiders' side, although I think it was inevitable. And nice to get another May/SG story from her comics' writer and artist team. Will her boyfriend and parents come back at the end? Or perhaps this is just an alternate May/SG, and the real one from the comics is just fine? Hope one of the two happens at the end of SV.

Scarlet Spiders #3 (of 3):




A family called THE INHERITORS has been hunting Spiders across the multiverse. In the midst of one of their battles, three clones Spiders - SCARLET SPIDER, REN REILLY, and ULTIMATE BLACK WIDOW - realized that the Inheritors' co-called 'immortality' must come from cloning technology.

The Spiders infiltrated the source of the clones, an Inheritor-controlled world whre the sadistic Jennix uses super heroes as his personal army. Reilly and Kaine located Jennix's clone holding room, but they also discovered something else: his failed attempts at cloning Spiders - none of which contained the essence on which the Inheritors feast.

Now that Jennix has clones Kaine and Reilly in his clutches, however, he's ready to perform a few tests.

We see BRSM in his dimension, with narrator bits talking about he's learned that if you never give up, you always win, and he's never been actually beaten because Ben Reilly is a hero. And heroes always win.

Back to the story: Jennix stands before BRSM and SS2, preparing to take them on. SS2 turns invisible, but Jennix states he can still see him, but SS2 (now visible again) webs his eyes, leaps, and tackles him through the wall and into the circular clone-room. Both then start battling each other within it, damaging some parts. BRSM joins in too. SS2 then goes Man-Spider some. BRSM says for SS2 not to, but he says he has to, and uses the spider-spike from his wrists, and stabs Jennix with both. BRSM scolds him for killing Jennix, as SS2 feels bad, and tries to get control of himself. Another Jennix just pops out of another nearby clone-tube, but is incinerated by a nearby plasma ray in the room. A communication comes in from UBW, saying she did it, as she got into their defensive grid. BRSM says to shut them down, as if they get control back from her they're dead in seconds, AND that it's wrong for her to kill too. Another Jennix just pops up out of yet another tube and takes on SS2 and BRSM, with BRSM suggesting to UBW that she slow or stop the carrier signal of the Inheritors' consciousnesses to new clone bodies, and she says she thinks she's found it. Just then, she's attacked by this dimension's Human Torch, who says he knew of her hacking into his system, and both get into a fight. Inside, both other Spiders are still battling Jennix, continuing to take apart parts of the room in the process. After UBW leads Human Torch into a shaft, where she webs up her arm and sucker-punches him, he falls into the area with Jennix and the others, followed by UBW, whom Jennix takes note of, then throws BRSM at her. She hold him, as he's badly injured. He gets back up, however, and orders her to save Kaine, as he's the one Jennix wants. As UBW goes down to help SS2 with his fight, BRSM's dimensional back-history is explained: How Peter lost his powers and handed the mantle onto Ben, who saved the city and world plenty of times, even being address on the Daily Bugle as a hero after saving Marla Jameson from Alistair Smythe. Ben had done the right things and things always worked out. So what now? He then grabs the nearby plasma ray, and tells Jennix he's going to blow up the building, as it's the one that receives the signal that carries Inheritors to their new bodies. He webs away upward, with Jennix following, completely distraght and fearful. UBW radios to BRSM, who's now at the top of the tower where she was, saying she deactivated those weapons, but can still guide him though the sequence on her terminal to rearm it. BRSM makes note that the device was fried. He also has some large bullets ("unstable" rounds, they or one must have placed there earlier?) near him, in a box, and he pulls them out. He asks her if she said that was what they are, and she says yes and they can rig a timer for them, but BRSM says there's no time with Jennix on his tail, and says his final goodbyes to her. Jennix comes out of the top of the shaft, standing before BRSM, still fearful, followed by BRSM throwing one of the rounds at all the others on the floor, completely blowing up the top of the buildling, followed by the rest, throwing Jennix back down the shaft, screaming. Down below, in the rubble, UBW helps an injured SS2 out of it. UBW says he sacrificed himself, but SS2 says they killed him. Out of vengence, SS2 opens a portal to Loom World and goes through. UBW stands there, alone, with BRSM's damaged-mask hanging on a support beam.


Comments: Ben Reilly dies again? Otherwise, great final issue!

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #13:



A terrifying family called the Inheritors is travelling around the multiverse feasting on the life-essence of Spider-People. A group of Spiders have bound together to fight the Inheritors, but it has been a bloody battle and many spiders have been lost. What's worse, when an Inheritor dies a clone soon takes its place, making them unkillable. Their only weakness is radiation.

The Spiders of the multiverse have been scattered, fleeing for their lives. By sheer luck, they were able to find Earth-3145, an irradiated wasteland, where the Inheritors cannot follow them. The Spiders are holed up in a bunker to keep themselves safe from the radiation; a bunker containing that world's Spider-Totem - Peter Parker's Uncle Ben!

Loomworld, Earth-001, the Great Hall of the Inheritors (the outside of it shown): ???: "Forgive me, Lord Solus." Bora or Brix: "It was HIS fault--" Brix or Bora: "No, it wasn't!" ???: "Humble apologies, Father." ???: "I have failed you." Solus: "ENOUGH! One at a time. Jennix?" All shown inside kneeling before Solus and Morlun. Jennix: "The Spiders got the better of me, Father. They destroyed my cloning facility*. It will take months to rebuild. And in that time if any of us should perish--" (*-Scarlet Spiders #3) Bora: "That's nothing. Brix let THE BRIDE get away--" Brix: "Shut up, Bora!" Bora: "We HAD her in our sights, and he let her run off to the ONE world where we can't follow.*" (*-Spider-Woman #3) Benji in Solus' arm: "WAHHH" Verna: "Have mercy, Lord Solus. I have disappointed you as well. I--" Solus: "Shush." He looks back behind himself to the great web and Master Weaver: "All is going well. We have the SCION. Soon The Bride and The Other will come to US. Isn't that true, Weaver?" MW: "Yes, Lord Solus. it has been foretold." Solus (back to his family): "Rise, children. These losses are nothing compared to the bloody swath we've carved across reality. We have hunted these totems to the brink of extinction. And after tonight, we shall sever their remaining threads. Forever. But my decree, there shall be SPIDER-MEN NO MORE."

Earth-3145: The Sims Tower Bunker: Spidey (internal): "In the past day I've seen robot Spider-Men, talking animal Spider-Men...every kind of Spider-Man you could imagine. But this? I-I never--" Spidey: "Uncle Ben?" Silk: "Yes. THIS world's Ben Parker." Spidey: "And he--YOU'RE Spider-Man. Here." Silk: "He's not their Spider-Man, just their Totem." Ben: "I gave it up, Peter. I quit." SSM: "WHAT?! That makes no sense at all! EXPLAIN!" Spidey (internal): "I hear his voice. And it's like I'm a kid again, but... The words coming out of his mouth are things Ben Parker--MY Ben Parker--would NEVER say." Spidey (removing his mask): "Yeah. How is that even possible? What happened here? To this world? To YOU? Please." Ben: "A long time ago, there was this crazy science experiment you--MY Peter wanted to see. But no one would go with him. So I took a day off from work and kept him company... I'm sure you know the rest. Spider-bite. Super-powers. Petey thought it was the bee's knees. He made me a costume and some gizmos. Said we could make a few bucks. But I knew better. I had great power...and with it came great responsibility. Pretty soon, they were saying I was a HERO. Only problem with that...heroes make enemies. One of mine, the Emerald Elf, figured out my secret identity. Blew up my house with my wife and nephew inside. I thought I did everything right. Everything a good man should do with such gifts. But they were really a curse. One that cost me everything and everyone I ever loved in this world. So I threw it all away and never looked back. One day, a guy named Sims shows up. Tells me this thing--MORLUN--is gonna kill me unless I bunk down here. Didn't even have to think about it too hard... Took him up on his offer, for no other reason than to save my own skin. I tell you, every choice I've made has haunted me. I often think...if I'd only listened to Peter, looked after me and my own, clowned around with my powers, not rocked the boat..." Spidey: "No. You've got it all wrong." Ben: "Have I? May and my boy would still be here. With me. And I--" SSM: "Yes. They'd be with you, old man, TRAPPED in this cage! Admit it! This world is a burnt-out cinder because you QUIT! Because something TERRIBLE happened and there was no Spider-Man to STOP IT!" Ben: "Yes. While I was hiding down here, a madman held the world hostage with a nuclear ransom. I'll always wonder if I could've made a difference, but I'll never know. Maybe I should have stopped OTTO OCTAVIUS." SSM: "WHAT?!" Ben: "Maybe not. The man was arrogant. And worse--a fool. From all I can figure out, he must've made some miscalculation. All his demands were being met--but his device went off prematurely. Doomed us all." SSM: "No. He could never--he..." Spidey (holding the scrolls): "Enough. Everyone shake it off. This is--it's a distraction. We've got the Inheritors to deal with. And a lot of Spiders counting on us." Silk: "Um, speaking of which...I don't see Spider-Woman with you. She okay? Is there any word?" Spidey: "Sort of. She sacrificed her teleporter to send us these..." Silk: "She sacrificed her teleporter to send us these..." Silk: "So she's still all on her own...on Loomworld?" Spidey (opening and examining the scrolls with other Spiders): "Yup. Right in the thick of it. Which means she must think us having these scrolls is pretty important." Spider-UK: "Blimey! Can't make heads or tails out of any of it." SSM: "Wonderful." Spider-Takuya: "[It is like no language I have ever seen.]" SSM: "We've given up one of our most powerful players...for something completely and utterly USELESS." Silk: "... Excuse me." She then begins walking away from the others, looking sad. Spider-Gwen takes notice: "Silk. CINDY, wait up. Don't think I didn't notice you taking off again?" Silk (turning to her): "No, I... Look, it was getting crowded in there. Walls were starting to move in. I spent most of my life in a place EXACTLY like this. Just needed to--" Spider-Gwen: "What? Go outside for some "fresh air"? Try again. For REAL this time." Silk: "You're good. Police detective's daughter. So what's the deal?" Silk: "Spider-Woman. That damaged teleporter she used was MINE. I busted it. We swapped. Now she's trapped behind enemy lines because of ME. I want to go to Loomworld and get her back. But last time..." Spider-Gwen: "Last time, everyone told you to stay behind, to play it safe. Told ME that, too. All right. Let's do this. In and out. No one'll even know we're gone. You and me..." A portal opens up, and both go through. Spider-Gwen: "...let's be heroes!" Silk: "Okay. Next stop...Loomworld!"

Back in the main area, Spidey-India (maskless) sits on the floor, next to a wall, looking sad. Spider-UK talks to him: "Hullo. You all right?" Spidey-India: "Oh. Um. No. Not really." Spider-UK: "With all the goings on, haven't had a chance. Name's Billy Braddock. Spider-UK. And you are?" Spidey-India: "Pavitr Prabhakar. The Spider-Man of Mumbai." Spider-UK: "India." Spidey-India: "Yes." Spider-UK: "Why so down, Pavitr? Outside of the fearful odds and most certain doom." Spidey-India: "I guess my problem is...him, Peter Parker. Don't you see it? The pattern? Our names are so close... He had an Uncle Ben, I had an Uncle Bhim. My spiritual guide is called "MASTER WEAVER," and now... There are too many similarities. I cannot escape it. That feeling...that he is the REAL Spider-Man. And I am some sort of echo. Or strange reflection. And expendable." Spider-UK: "I don't believe that. Not for a second. Back home, I'm a member of the Captain Britian Corps. There are THOUSANDS of us. And what I've learned is that each member, from each world, is unique in their own way. Pavitr, you ARE Spider-Man. You're a HERO wherever you are and whoever is by your side. And that OTHER fella? Who's to say HE'S not a pale reflection of YOU?" SSM: "This--This is an INFERIOR Spider-Man and an INFERIOR Doctor Octopus! None of that means ANYTHING! All that matters is what we do HERE! NOW!" Grabs the scrolls: "Give me that! I'LL decipher it!" May/SG: "Hey! That might hold the key to what the Inheritors are doing with my brother!" Spidey J: "[We were looking at it!] SSM inspects the scrolls, with his Anna hologram coming from his wrist device: "SILENCE! Anna, scan these scrolls. Search your database for any language using these symbols." "Anna": "At once, Doctor." Spidey: "Wait. All this time you've had...a talking computer?" SSM: "Yes, I constructed it with 2099 tech. Try to keep up." Spidey: "And you based it on Anna Maria Marconi?" SSM: "Why wouldn't I?" "Anna": "Sorry, Doctor. No matches." SSM: "Blast. What am I missing? Why can't I see..." SSM (internal): "Hold on. If that's Parker from the past...he's NEVER met Anna. How could he...? No! He's from LATER in our timeline. Then that means...Parker comes BACK. In the end, he WINS. And I lose...everything." Anya/SG grabs them and takes a look: "Time out! I can read this!" SSM: "Impossible! If *I* can't, how can YOU--?" Anya/SG: "It's my powers. They're all tied up with this weird cult that worships Totems. Long story. But the important thing: This ALL makes sense to me!" Spidey: "Anya Corazon, you just became the MVP of the 616! Now speed read and give us the cliffnotes." Anya/SG: "Near as I can make out, the first scroll is a prophecy... How the Spiders are destined to end the Inheritors' reign of power..." Spider-Ham: "Sweet!" Anya/SG: "...a thousand years from now." Spider-Ham: "Sour." Anya/SG: "The only chance of avoiding that is--ooh not liking this bit--wiping all the Spider-Totems out of existence. There's a ritual laid out here, three sacrifices, that once performed will STOP any NEW Totems from emerging. They need the blood of THREE specific Spiders: The Other..." Spidey: "Kaine." Anya/SG: "The Scion..." May/SG: "Benjy!" Anya/SG: "And the Bride." May/SG: "They'll cut my brother open?! Use his BLOOD?! THAT'S SICK!" Spidey: "May, we've GOT this. You heard her. They need the Bride. And as long as we've got--where's Silk?" Spider-Punk: "@#$%! She took off again, didn't she?" Spidey (looking down at his wrist communicator): "Took the words right out of my mouth. CINDY! Where are you?!"

Earth-001, Loomworld: Spider-Woman, Silk, and Spider-Gwen are on a pirate ship, fighting for their lives. Spidey (over her communicator): "And do NOT say 'Loomworld.' Silk: "Pete? Um. I'm sort of on--" One of the pirate's swords destroys her wrist device. Silk: "Opps." Spider-Gwen: "Wait, why did you say 'Oops'?" Silk: "I...um...busted the teleporter." SW: "Again?!" Silk: "It wasn't me. It was a multiversal pirate." SW: "That's your answer for everything."

Earth-802, The remains of Jennix's cloning facility, Reilly's mask on the support beam as at the end of Scarlet Spiders #3: SS2: "They killed him." UBW: "No. Reilly sacrificed himself so the mission could succeed." SS2: "No big deal, right? Just one more dead clone mixed in with the rest." He raises his arm, with Reilly's wrist-teleporter on it. UBW: "C'mon, don't be like that. He--wait. Is that his teleporter?" SS2: "Yes." UBW: "What're you doing?" SS2: "I'm going to Loomworld." UBW: "Don't be insane! One of them thrashed all three of us. We have to go join--" He punches her aside as the portal opens: "No! I'M going to end this! And for YOUR sake--I'm going it alone!" He goes through the portal, which then closes. UBW: "Oh. Not good."

Earth-001, the Great Hall again: Brix: "*Sniff* Brothers? Sisters? Do you smell that?" Verna: "The Bride!" Daemos: "The Other!" Solus: "Here on Loomworld. As predicted." Jennix: "Really, Father. You can't believe this was somehow preordained--" Solus (handing him Benjy): "Never doubt me, Jennix. Here, look to the Scion. Prepare him for the ritual. As for the rest of you--come, my children. They're here! THE BRIDE! THE OTHER! Feel the FRENZY building inside you. THE GREATEST HUNT OF ALL AWAITS!" All: "HSSSSSAAAHH!"

Earth-3145 again: May/SG: "I'm begging you! ALL of you! The bad guys have my brother! They're going to kill him in some stupid cult-thing. We know where they are! We NEED to go! NOW!" Anya/SG: "Not ALL of us." Spidey: "Anya, are you sure?" Anya/SG: "You saw what was in the SECOND scroll. We can use this--and maybe turn things in our favor. I've put together a team." Before her is her team: Spider-UK, Spidey-India, Ashley Barton/SG, and Spider-Punk. Spider-Punk: "We got this. C'mon, kid. I'm bored. Let's get the @#$% out already.*" (*-See story #1 in Spider-Verse Team-Up #3) They presumably teleport out. May/SG: "Okay, now?" Spidey: "No. First, there's ONE thing we CAN do that'll mess up the Inheritors' plans. Kaine, come in! This is REALLY important, brother."

On Loomworld again: SS2 is getting Spidey's transmission: "Can't talk long. Inheritors might be listening in. So here's the short version...whatever you do, do NOT go to Loomworld. Do you copy?" SS2: "Too late." Spidey (over communication): "WHAT?!" SS2: "Reilly's DEAD 'cause of these bastards. I'm here to KILL THEM, Peter!" Spidey (over communication): "Kaine! No! You have to get out of there n--" SS2 begins morphing into a Man-Spider again: "Gonna kill them all! HWRARRR!"

Back at 3145: Spidey (using wrist device): "Son of a-- The Scion. The Bride. The Other. All together in Morlun-land. Anyone who's still out there--whatever you're doing--DROP IT! We are GOING TO LOOMWORLD!"

S-Man and Lady Spider in old Safe Zone, working in some kind of lab. S-Man: "I vid you, Parker. But Lady Spider and I made it back to the Safe Zone--" Spidey (over communication): "There is no Safe Zone!" S-Man: "I know! But we're working on something. We need five shocking minutes, okay?!" Spidey (over communication): "No five minutes! NOW!" Lady Spider: "Touchy, isn't he?"

Earth-802: UBW is at a large communications device. Spidey appears on the monitor. UBW: "Black Widow here. You don't have to worry about Jennix listening in." Spidey (on monitor): "How do you know?" UBW: "I'm calling FROM what's left of his base. He's cleared out. But here's the thing--I'm STUCK on his world. Kaine took our only teleporter.

MMUSM, AUSM, with Spider-Mobile and the rest from before shown travelling through the dimensions. MMUSM: "Miles, here! Don't worry, Pete. Me and the Web Warriors will swing by and pick her up on the way." AUSM: "HA! You just said, 'Web Warriors.' Admit it. It's growing on you." MMUSM: "Yeah. Like a fungus."

3145: Spidey: "All right! That's everybody! All together now, LET'S GO!" Ben: "I-I'm sorry. I can't." Spidey: "WHAT?"

Loomworld: SS2 continues to morph into a Man-Spider, and does so fully as Morlun, Daemos, and Solus arrive before him. Solus: "Look, Morlun! Your sister and the twins must have followed The Bride's scent. The Other is all ours!" Morlun: "It can't be. I've seen The Other before. FACED it! It was never like THIS!" SS2-Man-Spider: "WRRR" Daemos: "The size of him! I'd have it no other way, brother. Tonight we feast!" Solus: "The OTHER has never stood here, in the center of reality! Or faced such hunters! How GLORIOUS!" SS2MS attacks Daemos and Morlun. Solus: "The Spider-Totem REVEALED! Revel in this, my boys, for we face THE ULTIMATE PREY!" SS2MS has a grip on the two sons now. Solus: "HA HA HA!" Daemos: "Father, have care! The creature is--UNH!" Solus (trying to find an attack point): "Formidable? YES! Finally a foe WORTHY of the great Solus! I have waited CENTURIES for THIS! I've NEVER FELT MORE ALI--" SS2MS extends spikes from one of his "spider-arms," and stabs/kills Solus. Morlun: "FATHER!" Daemos (quietly): "Impossible..." Both are shown free, and attacking SS2MS. Daemos: "Morlun, HOLD!" Morlun: "Four BEAST! I'LL KILL YOU!" Daemos: "The ritual! Morlun, we need it alive!" SS2MS: "WURRR" Morlun (while ripping off a spider-limb): "NO! WE JUST NEED ITS BLOOD!" He then stabs the limb through SS2MS's head, taking him down. Daemos (quietly): "Father...the Master Weaver always said I would outlive him." Daemos (to Morlun): "I--I don't understand. What does this mean, Morlun?" Morlun: "I neither know nor care, brother. ALL that matters now is the ritual. Bring the creature back to the Great Hall. Tonight our family assures its legacy. Once and for all--every Spider will DIE!"

Elsewhere on Loomworld: Spider-Gwen, Silk, and SW walk through some building passageway together. SW: "Two teleporters. In under a day. TWO." Silk: "I said I was sorry. On the other hand, we DID rescue you." SW: "I have NEVER needed rescuing. Ever. See my wiki entry." Spider-Gwen: "Great conversation and all, but what say we concentrate on getting out of here? The Inheritors teleport from Loomworld all the time. How do THEY do it?" SW: "They use something they call the great web. Tried it. It's a no-go. We have to find another--" Silk: "SPIDER-SENSE! It's the Inheritors! RUN!" Spider-Gwen: "But I'm not sensing any--THERE it is." Spider-Gwen (whispering): "How does she DO that?" Out of a new portal comes Verna, Brix, Bora, and a group of FIVE various Goblins on gliders. Verna: "She's The Bride, girl. That makes her special. Down to her last drop of BLOOD. GET HER, MY PETS!" Brix: "No, she's OURS!" Bora: "'Ours'? Think again." Spider-Gwen: "Goblins! They've got GOBLINS!" Brix (landing his hand over Silk's face): "Feel free to slay the other two. Only The Bride matters! And SHE'S MINE!"

3145: Ben sits on the ground, his head resting in his left-hand, troubled. May/SG: "What are we still DOING here?! The fate of every Spider that IS--or every Spider that will EVER BE is at stake! MY BROTHER'S LIFE is at stake! LEAVE HIM!" Spidey: "No. We need him. *I* need him." Ben: "She's right. One more man won't make the difference. Especially me." Spidey: "No. In my world, Ben Parker makes ALL the difference. Every single day, every moment in my life." He holds out Ben's Spidey-mask: "He was more than an Uncle...more than a father. He was my HERO. And he was a terrible liar. You KEPT the suit." He bends down to him now: "You knew. Just like he knew. The one great lesson that he taught me. With great power MUST ALSO come great responsibility. Put on the mask ONE more time. Fight by our side. By MY side." Ben: "No. A man with great power is still just a man. And men...men have feet of clay, they make mistakes. Great mistakes at GREAT costs. I--I can't fail again." SSM (standing behind Spidey): "YOU'RE PATHETIC, OLD MAN!" Spidey: "Hey!" SSM: "You, shut up! So that's it?! You're afraid to fail--AGAIN?! TOUGH! I've lost more times than I've won. And every d*mn time I got BACK UP! That's all that matters." Spidey (moving bending down to Ben's side, SSM bending in front of him now): "This isn't helping--" SSM: "When victory is easy, it's CHEAP! Every fight that's ever been worth fighting has been against adversity! Against a so-called 'unbeatable' foe! But there is no such thing! Every enemy has a weakness! You just have to find it! ONCE! You just have to win ONE TIME! SAY IT!" Ben (quietly): "One time." Ben abnd both Spiders stand up again, Ben making a fist. SSM: "We all have feet of clay. We all fall down. But in us is the spirit to RISE BACK UP! It's not the power of the SPIDER that makes any of us who we are! It's the will of the MAN! SO GET UP! GET UP, OLD TIMER AND FIGHT!" Spidey (quietly): "I don't believe it." Ben: "YES! The man I was before that stupid bite--he never would have-- Thank you, Peter. Both of you. For reminding me who I am." He then puts his costume on: "One. More. Time." Spidey (with his wrist device opening up a portal): "Fine. Whatever it takes. All right, Spiders. This is it. The final push!"

All step out of the other side of the portal, in Loomworld. SSM: "THE DIE IS CAST!" Spidey: "No, no, no. I'M running the show. I get the BIG LINE. SPIDER-FRIENDS, GO FOR IT!" Spider-Ham: "Nailed it."


Comments: I'm thinking the May/SG story from SV Team-Up #3 takes place between story pages 10 & 13 here. Best guess I can make. Took awhile. I'm almost certain this Uncle Ben dies too, next issue. And will S-Man's spider-hunger cure be used at all? Hope we find out in S-Man Vol. 2 #8 and/or ASM Vol. 3 #14.

Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #3:

As a child, JESSICA DREW fell ill with a fatal disease. To save her life, her scientist-father injected her with a serum of spider blood. The injection worked, but it also gave her unbelievable spider-like powers. With this power, Jessica became


Spider-Men and Women from across space and time have teamed up to fight against THE INHERITORS, a villainous family that's hunting down Spider-Totems throughout the multiverse and feeding on their life-essence.

Recently, Spider-Woman INFILTRATED LOOMWORLD, the Inheritors' homeworld, and while collecting intel she discovered that MORLUN, the eldest of the Inheritors, is sweet on this world's Jessica Drew! Meanwhile, SILK managed to escape her pursuers BRIX and BORA. Unfortunately, her hiding place happens to be a nuclear wasteland.

Earth-3145: Silk (internal, while wondering this post-apocalyptic world): "Here I am. Little miss play-it-safe...the girl who traded college for the catbird seat in a fallout shelter..." Silk: "KOFF KOFF KOFF!" Silk (internal): "...and that's not even the IRONIC part." She sits down in some rubble. Silk (internal): "THIS is what I've been looking for. The safe haven. I finally found the ONE spot in the WHOLE multiverse to which the Inheritors can't follow..." She picks up an old tuna can. Silk (internal): "...and it's nothing but a charred--" Sees a cockroach poking out of it. Silk (internal): "--death trap." She inspects the can and cockroach. Silk (internal, while also webbing up her entire body): "This is probably dumb. What are the chances it even EXISTS in this universe? But I have to look. I have to try. And that means surviving the WALK." The cockroach lands on her shoulder. Silk: "It's my websmat suit." Cockroach: "CHRRP" Silk: "You survived nuclear holocaust in a tuna can. This could TOTALLY work."

Loomworld, the Inheritors' Great Hall: Morlun is making small talk with Jess/SW as she sits at an eating table, still thinking she's the Jess of this world (also wearing that Jess' costume now). Morlun: "I remember a time when nothing in this life gave me greater pleasure than THE HUNT." Jess (internal): "UGH..." Morlun: "Now I feast upon legions of Spiders daily and feel NOTHING..." Jess (internal): "It's like having dinner with the boring parts of a bargain bin romance novel." Morlun: "But the unquenchable thirst for a few more STOLEN MOMENTS with my BELOVED Jess." He's shown corressing her hair and neck. Jess (internal): "If you don't stop PETTING me, I'm gonna quench MY thirst to stab a creep in the eye with a shrimp fork." Morlun: "Is there something wrong with your food, my love? You've barely touched a thing." Jess: "Yeah, no. I ate some bread and fruit. I just...don't really dig on shellfish." Morlun: "You've told me shrimp is your FAVORITE. I had these prawns specially procured from the deepest trenches of Earth-938. Just for you." Jess (digging her fork into some food): "Yep. LOVE shrimp. Usually can't get enough. Tonight I just...you know. Filled up on bread. Rookie mistake. Couldn't eat another bite." Morlun: "So, you're telling me our lovely dinner here...IS THROUGH?!" Morlun violently tosses aside the small table she was eating on. Jess (internal): "No wonder Loomworld me was such an @#$%...her boyfriend is the worst." Morlun (standing tall, arms wide): "Delighted to hear it. Now we DANCE." Jess: "That's so sweet of you to ask. Love dancing. I'm just...not much of a ball-gown-and-heels kind of girl." Morlun (extends hand to her): "You are the FINEST ballroom dancer in a thousand worlds!" Jess: "Heh. Of...course I am." Jess (internal): "#$%^! Does this chick just pretend to like ANYTHING that pops into his ponytailed head?" Morlun (holding arms out again): "What IS this?!" Jess (internal): "This, Jess." Morlun: "First I find you BOWING DOWN to me like some sort of COMMON SLAVE!" Jess (internal): "Time to get those spy juices flowing." Morlun: "Then you wouldn't EAT? Now you won't DANCE? I demand an explanation! Have you fallen suddenly ill or--" Jess (eyes wide open): "Ill! Yes, I'm SICK!" Grabs her stomach. Jess: "UGH! It's AWFUL." Morlun: "Oh." Jess: "Didn't want to say anything but that shrimp did NOT agree with me. Little buggers are doing backflips in there." Morlun (holding his hands out): "Is there anything I can do?" Jess: "No. No. No. This is gonna be a real...POOP sitch." Morlun: "Ooh..." She walks off, still holding her stomach: "Yeah, you just wait HERE for me. I'll be back in two shakes." Once she's out of his site, she makes a running dash. Jess (internal): "Well played, Secret Avenger. You've got about ten minutes before those pheromones start wearing off and he realizes the woman who just DITCHED him is NOTHING AT ALL like his shrimpy dancer girlfriend. Aka: Might be time to DO this thing."

Earth-3145: Web-covered Silk arrives at this dimension's Sims Tower: "KOFF KOFF KOFF! Well...That's Sims Building. Sort of." Walks inside the bottom floor: "Now we just have to hope crazy rich guys build their fallout shelters here in EVERY universe. Thoughts? No? You know, it's really not fair that I have to do all the talking here, cockroach. Conversation is a TWO WAY..." She arrives at a mechanical door with a keypad next to it: "...street. No way." She enters the code "616001", and the door opens like a kind of sealed mechanical door. Once inside, she presses a side-button and it closes, then removes her webbing-helmet, looking to the cockroach on her shoulder: "And you DOUBTED me."

Loomworld, also within the main building, Jess approaches this world's MJ Watson, Loomworld's Great Hall guard: "NOT gonna HAPPEN, Jessica Drew. I don't know what you think you're coming over here to do--but we are on LOCKDOWN, and with Mary Jane at the desk--no amount of FLIRTING'S getting you special privilages tonight." Jess punches her out: "WORKS for me, Red." She then approaches the door she was guarding: "I'm straight flirted out. I DO appreciate you loaning me your SECURITY CLEARANCE though. If some chick ran up and jacked me IN THE FACE--" The computer says "ACCESS GRANTED," and Jess then Walks into the room, then climbs the wall: "--I'd be disinclined to do her ANY favors at all." Jess (internal): "Now let's spend a few minutes providing that despite recent evidence to the contrary--I'm actually pretty GOOD at espionage." She then passes through a series of air-vents, checking her wrist device, whispering: "Hello? Check. Check. Anyone there? Of course not. Don't know why I bothered keeping this damned..." Spidey (over radio): "Spider-Woman KRRR that you? Spider-Man KRRR kinda fuzzy but we KRRR read you." Jess: "Not really a great time to talk. Just testing to make sure my communicator still works." Spidey (over radio): "Busted?" Jess: "Yeah. Silk broke it. I gave her mine." Spidey (over radio): "BROKE IT? KRRR still able to KRRR teleport out?" Jess: "Well, right now it barely works as a walkie-talkie. So...color me pessimistic." A part of her gown gets snagged on a side of the vent-wall, making a big RRRIIIP. She rips off the stuck part: "Dammit!" Spidey (over radio): "What happened? Are you okay?" Jess: "NNGH...never--" She jumps out of the vent, falls and lands into an area leading to the Great Hall. KA-TOOSH! Jess: "BETTER!" Spidey (over radio): "What was THAT?" Jess: "Nothing." Spidey (over radio): "Jessica, I don't know what's going on out there KRRR if you don't have KRRR way out. KRRR I'm concerned about your safety." Jess: "You and me both." She runs down the hall to the Great Hall itself, then slowly opens the door and peeks in: "I've got eyes on the web. Headed after that intel now. We'll figure out an exit strategy AFTER." Spidey (over radio): "How's KRRR cover?" Jess: "Believe it or not, Morlun is sweet on my doppelganger so my cover is HOLDING for now." She steps fully into the room, fully taking in the giant "web" before her, each open-part showing a different Spider dimension/time. Spidey (over radio): "Wow." Jess: "Yeah, wow." Spidey (over radio): "That sounds KRRR CONVENIENT KRRR." Master Weaver (nearby): "Almost as if it were planned...as part of some grand design." Jess: "Pete, I'm gonna have to get back to you." MW: "Jessica Drew. Earth-616. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent of S.W.O.R.D. Agent of Hydra. Spy. Super hero. Avenger." Jess: "So...YOU put this all into motion? Who ARE you?" MW: "I am the Master Weaver. I spin the web of life and destiny. Immortal caretaker of the web of fate." Jess: "And if I'm picking up what you're putting down, the guy who lured me here." MW: "Exactly right." He reaches out and holds her hand: "Come now. We haven't much time." Jess: "These are...what? Doorways to other universes?" MW: "Doorways and more. The entirety of human existence is caught within the web. He who weaves the web commands the multiverse. I've been watching. I sent for you. I may be little more than a slave to these sadists. They have long enslaved me. Forced me to show them skeins that are yet to come. That knowledge has helped them gain dominion over all reality." Uses two of his mechanical spider-legs to weave some web-strands: "But a small act of rebellion here and there can change the design. So I make the moves. Subtle though they may be. They couldn't stop me bringing you here." The strands form two scrolls, and he hands them to Jess: "All so I could give you these. The prophecies. Everything you need to know of The Other, The Bride and The Scion. And something else... My masters wish to do MORE than kill all the Spiders. Much more. But there's no time. Return to your Spider-Army. Tell them about The Other, The Bride and The Scion. And about their prodigal son.... Turn the tide if you can." Jess uses the web to somehow make a portal back to the others: "You don't have to tell me TWICE." MW: "NO!" He uses a spider-leg to knock her back: "YOU FOOL! Not THAT way!" She starts to get back up: "What the #$*%, man?!" MW: "ONLY the Inheritors may travel THROUGH THE WEB." Jess: "WHY?!" MW: "They would KNOW! They would know and they would PUNISH!" Jess (standing again): "There IS no other way. My teleporter's shot. Without that web, I'm as TRAPPED here as you are." MW: "That may be. But I've helped you all that I can." She then exits back to the hallway from before. Jess (internal): "Okay then... Enslaved robot legs Spider-God might be a little UNHINGED. NOW what?" Puts wrist-teleporter within the bands holding the two scrolls together: "I could always risk it. This broken piece of crap might be able to port me OUT. What's the worst that could happen? Death and dismemberment?" Voice of Morlun behind her: "THERE you are." She turns to him, putting the scrolls and teleporter behind her back: "Yes...my Lord." Morlun: "Feeling BETTER I trust?" Jess: "Um...yeah." Jess (internal): "Crap." Presses the teleporter button. Makes KZZT sound. Jess: "Much better." Jess (internal): "Crap." Teleporter light still on. Makes KZZT sound. Morlun: "Your hands. Why do you conceal them so? Show me--what are you hiding?" Jess: "Hiding?" Jess (internal): "@#$%!" Teleporter light still on. Makes KZZT sound. Morlun: "Yes, HIDING." She holds her hands out, totally empty. Jess: "Nothing, m'Lord. Just my hands. They were just wet. You know, the bathroom." The scrolls then teleport in front of Spidey, within the grassy area he was at: "What?" Back with Morlun and Jess, he walks away: "Gah! If I never hear ANOTHER WORD about your restroom trip...it will be TOO SOON." Jess (smiling to herself): "Sorry."

Later, Loomworld Harbor: Jess is on a small, engined boat, already having left the docks. Jess (internal): "Got kind of a GOOD new, BAD news situation going here. Mission accomplished. Cover BLOWN. My only shot at going home is to hide out until the end of the war. HERE. On friggin' LOOMWORLD. With spider-fingers crossed that they actually manage to win the thing. I can think of exactly one hiding spot that MIGHT just work." She approaches the pirate ship from before, which starts to fire at her: "Big emphasis on the MIGHT." Jess' boat is destroyed. She manages to survive, and climbs onto the deck of the ship, bent down, wet, and coughing: "I really feel like KOFF you guys might be KOFF overreacting. I come in peace." Mysterious person who's face we can see on the ship: "Save it. These boys know EXACTLY how dangerous it can be--when you underestimate Jessica Drew." It's the Jess of Loomworld in pirate attire: "What did you think would happen? Sending ME out here with all of THEM?" Puts an index finger on 616-Jess' chin: "I should THANK you. Pirate Queen is a whole lot better job than concubine." 616-Jess: "Don't mention it." Loomworld-Jess: "Have to let them gut you anyway. To keep up appearances. You underst--" 616-Jess punches her in the face. Loomworld-Jess: "Ouch! Will somebody PLEASE! Kill! This!" B--" Webbing hits her mouth from an unseen area, which is immediately seen to have come from Silk, who arrives through a portal in the air, with Spider-Gwen, onto the ship. Silk: "You know, Jess, it's a LOT HARDER to swoop in and rescue somebody--when they're on a tiny boat way the eff out at sea." Spider-Gwen: "That's not true at all. We talked to that one guy at the docks and then teleported straight here." Silk: "Don't be a SPOILSPORT, Gwen. I was just spitting entrance banter." Spider-Gwen (punching some pirate octopus-guy): "UGH...Why is it your mission if life to suck ALL THE COOL out of EVERYTHING?" Silk (elbow-punching a lizard-pirate character): "You don't know anything." 616-Jess: "What are you DOING here?" Silk: "Returning a favor. Saving your butt. Fighting pirates. Doing a lot of things really." 616-Jess (hugs Silk): "All kinds of STUPID as usual...but very much APPRECIATED." Spider-Gwen: "Yeah. Good. HUG it out." We see more pirate-charaters approaching the trio. Spider-Gwen: "No real reason to HURRY." All three stand together to fight. Jess: "Have I mentioned I like the mouthy pink one?" Silk: "Everyone does." Spider-Gwen: "Seriously. Can we finish these guys and bounce? Silk is DANGEROUSLY close to some kind of terrible plank-walking joke and we still have that multiversal war thing happening." Jess: "Good call."

Continued in Amazing Spider-Man #13

Comments: Good story. Not sure what else to say, other than that I'm totally sick of the continuity-mistakes between different SV issues. The one with Jess and MW is probably the greatest one so far. Why is it so hard to maintain necessary continuity? At least it was done little with S-Man. Still looking forward to ASM Vol. 3 #14, as the final wrap up, most-likely.

I'll get Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #8 later today. And that'll be all there is for this week concerning SV and 2099. Don't see that many to keep track of, for awhile, at least until perhaps the new Secret Wars stuff.

Other definite/possible 2099-related appearances:

January 28th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #8:

February 4th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #14:

February 11th: Spider-Woman Vol. 5 #4:

February 18th: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #15:

February 25th: Spider-Gwen #1:

February 25th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #9:

March 11th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #10:
Links w/ SPOILERS:

April 8th: Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #11:

Also worth of notice that the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors cartoon (Ultimate Spider-Man season 3) will start featuring S-Man at some point in the future (was going to be Oct. 19th of last year, but got changed).


List of all current issues of S-Man Vol. 2: #'s 1-7

List of all SSM/ASM/etc.-issues with S-Man:
ASM (Vol. 3) #1, 9-13 (#13 also Wamester Animation SV Variant Cover & Larroca Welcome Home Variant Cover)
SSM #'s 17-19, 23, 27.NOW-31
SSMTU #'s 5, 7 & 11
SV #1 (of 2) (Cover only)
SV #2 (of 2)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #1 (Cover & inner-cover only)
All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1
All-New X-Factor #20
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible S-Man appearances)

Current list of UA-issues with Doom 2099:
#'s 14, & 18.NOW-22 (Vol. 2 doubtful of Doom appearances)

List of all Spidey 2211 appearances:
ASM Vol. 3 #'s 10-11

List of all X-Men 2099 appearances:
Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol. 3 #1

List of all Punisher 2099 appearances:
S-Man Vol. 2 #7

2099 Universe appearances:
SSM #32-33
Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10
All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible 2099 Universe appearances)

2099 mentions/references:
Uncanny Avengers #23 (Vol. 2 possible 2099 mentions/references)
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #8
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #13

- Rodimus

Question I looked up on google: Will Ash Vs. Evil Dead be continued as a cartoon?

"In an interview with Collider during San Diego Comic-Con, genre entertainment icon Bruce Campbell confirmed that the powers that be are in conversation to continue his character's demon-busting adventures in a new animated series version of Ash vs. Evil Dead. 'You can do the future a lot easier in animation.'"

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