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Subj: Review of this week's Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #8
Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 at 04:40:17 pm EST (Viewed 140 times)

Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #8:

Lyla recap: "Hi, I'm LYLA, Miguel's LYrate Life-form Approximation holographic assistant.

Here's the download on SPIDER-MAN 2099'S BACKSTORY.

MIGUEL O'HARA was a young genetics genius employed at megacorporation ALCHEMAX in the future city of NUEVA YORK. One of his experiments, to replicate the powers of your current Spider-Man rewrote his DNA to make it 50% SPIDER! He gained AMAZING POWERS and became the Spider-Man of the year 2099.

Recently, Miguel joined forces with Spider-Men/Women/Animals from across the multiverse to battle the ravenous Inheritors who feast on Spider-Totems. Daemos, the largest of the Inheritors, was killed in battle, but immediately returned in a new clone body!

With Daemos running rampant in 2099, Spider-Man and his ally, Lady Spider, from the steampunk Earth-803, had no choice but to teleport to the Safe Zone--an Earth protected by a Spider-Man who never gave up the powers of Captain Universe. When they arrived, though, they discovered not only his body, but the bodies of other Spiders, as well.

Earth-13: S-Man and Lady Spider walk around the outside area with the trashed fight-area with Spider-bodies. S-Man (internal): "The Safe Zone. That's what this was SUPPOSED to be. Some safety. The place is trashed and there are bodies everywhere. So is this it? Is this the end of it? Are Lady Spider and I the last of the Spiders? And now we just kill time until Morlun and his pals track us down and--" S-Man turns to his side, seeing LS missing. S-Man: "May?" Nearby, LS can be seen throwing up: "BLAAUGHH!" She then sits down on the ground: "Sorry. I'm...I'm so sorry. That was...unprofessional." S-Man helps her up: "Unprofessional? We're ALL unprofessional. It's not as if we get paid for this. It's--" She's back up, and hugs him: "We're all going to die, aren't we?" He hugs her too: "Yes. But not today." He turns his head: "Hold it." LS: "Hold what?" Both start walking in one direction, LS folling S-Man. S-Man: "I saw something." LS: "What did you s--?" S-Man: "Could you perhaps stop asking questions for five minutes?" LS: "What did you see?" S-Man: "No questions for twenty-five seconds. A new record." LS: "A smart aleck." S-Man points ahead of himself: "There." LS: "Holy..." They both see Spider-Man-Takuya's robot, Leopardon, destroyed from the Inheritor-attack from before. Both walk onto it. LS: "What in the world is THAT?" S-Man: "Some manner of robot, I guess. Looks pretty trashed." LS: "Why don't we fix it?" S-Man: "Fix it how? Where? We can't return to 2099 with Daemos running around." LS: "I know of a laboratory." S-Man: "It'll have to be pretty big." LS: "From what I've heard, it is."

Earth-803, New York, 1895, inside a large mansion: May Reilly (aka Lady Spider) and some man are talking at a table drinking tea, at night: Man: "Oh my, yes. It's gigantic. My father calls it 'The Stadium.' Only slightly smaller than a football field. May I ask why you're inquiring, May?" May: "Well, Lord Osborn..." Lord Osborn: "Harold, please." May: "Very well. Harold. Tell me, have you heard of Lady Spider?" Harold: "Of course. The one who interceded at your party and stopped the mayor's kidnapping." May: "Yes, well...the reason she was there is that she is a friend of mine." Harold: "Really?" May: "Indeed. And she has need of the stadium. I would have to be done under absolute secrecy." Harold: "I'd have to get my father's permission." May: "Only him, then. No one else in the lab." Harold: "This is quite a favor, May. Tell me...will you have dinner with me?" May: "Absolutely."

On this Earth's Norman Osborn's study, Harold talks to him. Norman: "The Lady Spider?" Harold: "She was quite specific." Norman: "Well... How can we turn down the needs of such a brave woman? Please convey to Miss Reilly that our services are at her disposal." Harold (bowing slightly and hands together): "Thank you, Father." Norman: "'Tis of no consequence, my lad. I assure you... The activities of the Lady Spider are quite intriguing to me." We see the right-half of his body showing his 803-Green Goblin costume to express he's secretly that villain.

Earth-13: S-Man stands on the robot, holding up a couple circuitboards and such. S-Man (internal): "This is hopeless." Out of a nearby portal steps LS: "We have somewhere to go." S-Man: "Seriously?" LS: "Seriously. A friend's laboratory. I've already set the coordinates into the transport device." S-Man: "Okay. Transport back home...then we start transporting the robot piece by piece. I just wish..." LS: "Wish what? That you were more of a technician?" S-Man: "Than a biologist right now? Yeah, I do." LS: "Well, fortunately you have me. Shall we?" Both step through the portal to Earth-803 now. S-Man (internal): "God, let this work."

Back in 803-Norman's study again, by himself, he talks into an old-timey microphone: "My dear fellows...happenstance has given us a tremendous asset. The Lady Spider who thwarted us in our kidnapping of the mayor? As of this moment, she is in one of Oscorp's largest laboratories. And I think we should provide...a little visit."

Inside the lab stand S-Man and LS, mostly empty building except for large gears, pipes, tables, and such. S-Man: "Impressive work with the power conduits. But I'll tell you what it needs." LS: "What?" S-Man: "Radiation. Morlun and his crew are especially vulnerable to it. That was confirmed by our autopsy. If this thing could have radiation in its arsenal, it could be devastating. I know it's 1895 here, but is anyone using that yet?" LS: "I've heard rumors. Scientists working with strange glowing materials that are supposedly poisonous. It's all very secretive." S-Man suddenly gets a call over his wrist-device from Spidey. Spidey (over radio): "Miguel? You there?" S-Man (talking into his device): "Peter. Oh, thank god. Where are you?" Spidey (over radio): "Earth-3145. You?" S-Man: "A laboratory on May's world. They destroyed the Safe Zone." Spidey (holding communication device): "Can you join us here?" S-Man (over radio): "Not just yet. We're working on putting together a surprise for the Inheritors. Send us your coordinates and we'll get there soon as we're ready." Back in the lab, a voice is heard behind S-Man and LS. They turn to see Harold: "Excuse me. I know I shouldn't be here, but..." Notices the large robot-head nearby: "Good lord! I've...I've never seen the like... What is all this?" LS (facing him and putting a hand on his stomach): "You're right. Lord Osborn, you shouldn't be here." Harold: "My apologies, Lady Spider. But I couldn't help--uh, have we met?" Suddenly, there is an explosion in an upper-wall-area, with 803's Green Goblin (on some kind of steampunk-Goblin-glider) leading a team of villains also from this world: Vulture, Mysterio, Doc Ock, and Electro. GG: "LADY SPIDER! Some eligible suitors have come to call!" GG looks down to see his son on the ground below: "What in the--?" S-Man leaps towards him: "We do NOT have time for this." GG tosses a pumpkin-bomb at him, which he dodges: "So the lady has an associate! How charming to meet y--" S-Man uses his left-hand talons to slash GG's neck slightly. GG grabs his neck, and speaks weakly: "Wh-what did you--?" S-Man: "I cut your throat. You should bleed out in about two minutes." GG (weakly still): "I...what?" S-Man (internal): "Actually I haven't. I missed his throat deliberately. But he should still bleed a hell of a lot. Now we see what we can do with that." S-Man: "YOu fight me? I kill you. It's THAT simple. Anyone who's got a problem with that can leave right now!" Harold (looking up in fear): "This is a private facility! Get out!" Doc Ock uses his lever-controlled arms to punch out Harold (accidently, I think): "Harold!" Mysterio disappears through purple smoke to escape. Doc Ock: "Mysterio! You coward! Fine! The Six Men of Sinestry can proceed without you!" LS leaps at him to attack. LS: "You know 'sinestry' isn't a word, right? Just so we're clear." Each of Doc Ock's arms grabs hold of each of LS' spider-legs, then he removes two of them from her so he can use them to raise himself up: "Yes, it is!" LS: "Is not!" S-Man jumps and kicks Vulture in the jaw. Vulture: "Electro! Now!" Electro shoots electricity at S-Man, electrifying him, and propelling him through a nearby church-like glass window to outside the building. He then rams into the side of some steampunk flying mechanical device, with 803-Kraven in the driver's seat, shown through the green-glass area on the front. S-Man crawls around the devie to the glass covering to see Kraven. Kraven: "Well, well. It seems I arrived just in time! Hammer away, spider-freak! My windshield is impenetrable. So just hang there as I select which weapon to unleash on--" S-Man punches through the glass and crawls inside: "I'm sorry. You were saying?" Back inside, Doc Ock attacks LS more with his mechanical arms. She ducks behind Leopardon's head. Doc Ock (I think): "Back away! I'm warning you!" Electro approaches from another side: "One side, Octopus! You're taking too long!" He then electrifies the head, making LS move away from it slightly to avoid being shocked: "UNNFFFF!" Vulture now leads the charge towards her, with Doc Ock and Electro on either side: "Would you like to do the honors, Electro?" Electro: "I would love to! The Goblin's run off!" Doc Ock: "Good riddance. He was an idiot." Electro: "Now, Lady Spider, it's time to--" Suddenly, Leopardon's eyes glow back on, and his left arm/fist nearby elsewhere rockets and rams into Electro, then crunching him against a nearby wall. Electro: "UNHHH..." Vulture: "What is happening?! Where did that come fr--" A lower leg then rockets into Vulture, tossing him aside. Vulture: "OOOOOFFF!" Doc Ock: "GET UP, Vulture! Don't just lie there! I ORDER you to--" Kraven's flying device from before comes in the room through a hole in the wall the villains made when they originally-arrived, shooting down Doc Ock. S-Man (inside at the controls): "I'm sorry. Were you saying something?" Doc Ock falls unconscious. S-Man parks the device on the floor and jumps out the glass-hole. S-Man (to LS): "Status?" LS: "Goblin has escaped and Doctor Octopus is out cold. Electro and Vulture are down. Kraven?" S-Man: "Webbed up." He then inspects Doc Ock a bit: "Let's make sure this guy is down for the-- The shock--? Lead! I need a lead container, right now." LS: "Why?" S-Man: "Trust me."

Later at the lab, both are busy working, doing stuff. S-Man (internal): "I'll say this for the Six: Their technology was first rate. Once we disassembled it all, there was a ton of stuff for May to work with to rebuild the robot. Especially Doc's radioactive power center to his arms. He didn't have it properly lined at all. Another year or so and he'd have been dead of cancer. We won't be making that mistake." Both Spiders look at their finished work, off-panel. LS: "What do you think?" S-Man: "I think we're ready to try it." LS: "Where's Lord Osborn? I know he regained consciousness." S-Man: "Took off. Guess he lost interest in what we were up to when his life was threatened." LS: "Be nice, Miguel. He's doing his best."

Harold is walking down a hallway, and reaches a door and knocks: "Father! Father, we were invaded!" Norman (inside): "Go away, Harold." Harold rams the door open: "No! We need to talk now! Open up! I said--" He manages to get the door to open: "Open u--! Oh my God!" Inside, we see Norman, sitting in a wooden chair facing his son, wearing his Goblin-suit, holding a gun, with the helmet/mask hanging on the side of the chair. He is clearly bothered. Norman: "Well. It seems we have a problem." He then shoots his gun at Harold, presumably killing him.

Finally, we see Leopardon, with S-Man and LS on each shoulder, passing through a dimensional portal. LS: "I wonder where Harold will take me for dinner." S-Man: "You'll have plenty of time to find out once we're back from Loom World and have FINISHED THIS!"

To Be Continued in Amazing Spider-Man #14!

Comments: Another great issue! ASM #14 (two weeks) must-likely be quite a fight, what with S-Man and LS are bringing to the table (Inheritor-cure and radioactivity-shooting giant robot). I totally didn't see coming them redoing the robot, but I guess it was inevitable so Spidey-Takuya and Leopardon could go back to their Earth without problems.

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Also worth of notice that the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors cartoon (Ultimate Spider-Man season 3) will start featuring S-Man at some point in the future (was going to be Oct. 19th of last year, but got changed).


List of all current issues of S-Man Vol. 2: #'s 1-8

List of all SSM/ASM/etc.-issues with S-Man:
ASM (Vol. 3) #1, 9-13 (#13 also Wamester Animation SV Variant Cover & Larroca Welcome Home Variant Cover)
SSM #'s 17-19, 23, 27.NOW-31
SSMTU #'s 5, 7 & 11
SV #1 (of 2) (Cover only)
SV #2 (of 2)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #1 (Cover & inner-cover only)
All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1
All-New X-Factor #20
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible S-Man appearances)

Current list of UA-issues with Doom 2099:
#'s 14, & 18.NOW-22 (Vol. 2 doubtful of Doom appearances)

List of all Spidey 2211 appearances:
ASM Vol. 3 #'s 10-11

List of all X-Men 2099 appearances:
Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol. 3 #1

List of all Punisher 2099 appearances:
S-Man Vol. 2 #7

2099 Universe appearances:
SSM #32-33
Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (of 5)
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10
All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #1
(Other Spider-Verse-related comics and Web Warriors comic have possible 2099 Universe appearances)

2099 mentions/references:
Uncanny Avengers #23 (Vol. 2 possible 2099 mentions/references)
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #8
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #13

- Rodimus

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