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Paste Pot Pete 

Wolfman Pete!

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I listened to this great Rush album last weekend.

I'm familiar with "Tom Sawyer" (which is one of my favorites) and "Red Barchetta."

I really liked the instrumental "YYZ"

Fans of this album? I thought it was great.

Sadly my wife was not impressed. \:\(


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America's Captain 


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I'm a Rush fan from way back. I have "Moving Pictures" on CD and have listened to it in the car on more than one occasion.

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Love it! Rush is a band that grew on me over time. I wasn't a big fan back the day, although I had Signals on vinyl and Moving Pictures on cassette. Neither really moved me back then. I only really came to appreciate the band in the last decade, and have managed to get all of their studio albums on cd. I have to say that they've really been doing outstanding work in this decade and their last album, "Clockwork Angels", is one of the finest they've ever made. It's their first ever full-length sci-fi concept album. I also had the priviledge of seeing them live last summer, and would love to do so again.

"Moving Pictures" is awesome. It's perfection from start to finish. It's hard to pick a favorite song, but if I had to, it would probably be "Red Barchetta". I love that it's based on a sci-fi story.

I also love the fact that this band is still going strong, and are still very close friends. In an industry full of bickering, fueding, and back-stabbing band members, this is really refreshing.

Sorry your wife didn't like the record. It's a known fact that girls hate Rush, Miss Fantastic being one of the few exceptions.

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Nose Norton

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This album is stored away in my Mom's basement. Used to love it, but the only songs I remember by name are Tom Sawyer and Limelight. I'll have to give it a listen some time soon.

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