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I always liked Romancing the Stone and in fact I recently bought it on VHS when my local Goodwill was having a sale. All VHS were 29¢. That's cheaper than Redbox! Since I still have a working VCR I am not biased against VHS. My only real gripe is that my VCR is a noisy beast and at night if I'm trying to watch a movie while my wife sleeps I usually have the volume turned way down and the sound of the machine is definitely noticeable compared to the DVD player or watching Netflix on the Wii.

Anyway, she was watching with me and made the comment that Michael Douglas was poorly cast as a romantic lead as he had "no charisma." I always thought he was kind of charming in a rough-around-the-edges sort of way.

I always found this movie pretty enjoyable which seems surprising to me since it's basically a romance novel come to life. I guess the action makes up for it. Maybe it's just Zemeckis that makes it work.

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I enjoyed the movie, but was disappointed they didn't play this song during it. I liked THIS version of the music video when it came out with the scenes from the movie interspersed throughout the video. \:\)

Watch it now! \:\)

Eddy Grant sings "Romancing The Stone!

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