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Subj: Review of Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #11
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Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #11:

Lyla: "Hi, I'm LYLA, Miguel's LYrate Life-form Approximation holographic assistant. Here's the download on SPIDER-MAN 2099'S BACKSTORY.

"MIGUEL O'HARA was a young genetics genius employed at megacorporation ALCHEMAX in the future city of NUEVA YORK. One of his experiments to replicate the powers of your current Spider-Man rewrote his DNA to make it 50% SPIDER! He gained AMAZING POWERS and became the Spider-Man of the year 2099.

"Recently, Miguel returned from travelling the multiverse and found that the world he knew was gone, replaced with a 2099 ruled by Maestro, a 200-year-old Hulk. He was imprisoned, but used Doctor Doom's time platform to escape back to the present.

"Now, it's up to Spider-Man to stop whatever led to Maestro gaining control of the future, as well as face problems in his personal life--not least of which is his neighbor and friend, TEMPEST'S ongoing battle with cancer."

Miguel O'Hara's Apartment Building, the present:
Tempest is talking to her mom on the phone in the evening on her bed in her apartment. Tempest: "Fine, Mom, FINE. I'll go in for the check-up tomorrow. Okay? But we both know nothing is going to be different. So let's not kid each other. Okay?" Mom (over phone): "Miracles DO happen, Tempest." Tempest: "Not to me. I'm going to bed. Goodnight." She then hangs up the phone, and turns out the lamp-light also next to her: "Jeez, why can't she just wrap her head around the face that I'm dying? What the hell is her problem? Not like she ever gave a damn about me growing up. What's she trying to do now? Make up for it?" She then lays down and falls asleep. S-Man (internal): "Maybe. Maybe she IS trying to make up for it." We now see that he's up above Tempest, clinging to the wall with his finger and toe talons, looking down at her. S-Man (internal): "People do that sometimes, Tempest. Take me, for example. I've spent the past few years trying to make up for what a shocking uncaring jerk I was for most of my life. Trying to help people I previously wouldn't have given a damn about. Running around in a costume, trying to lend a hand and sometimes getting it slapped down for my trouble. And yet I keep coming back for more. Occasionally I wonder if it's all worth it... Occasionally? Hell, CONSTANTLY. But I keep coming back anyway. Go figure. I wish I could just approach her. Tell her I've got a CURE for her cancer. But she wouldn't believe me, I'm SURE of it. She doesn't like me already. She'd assume the worst. This is the only way." A while later, he then scales down the wall to her. S-Man (internal): "Okay. She's been asleep for about an hour. That should be enough time. Just stay asleep, Tempest. Atta girl. Because I'm bringing you a cure for your cancer, concocted by the best minds that 2099 has to offer. Man, it sounds unbelievable even to me. This is definitely the best way to handle this." He then pulls out a spray and sprays it on her. S-Man (internal): "There. Contents of one spray-hypo delivered. That was eas--" Suddenly she wakes up and sees him: "AAAAAAAHHHH!" She now sits up on her bed: "Y-You? Are you STALKING me?!*" (*-Spider-Man 2099 and Tempest crossed paths waaay back in Amazing Spider-Man #1) S-Man (with his hands up): "Okay, just calm down. This isn't what it--" She pulls out a gun from her dresser. S-Man (internal): "Are you kidding me?" S-Man then webs gun and her right hand that it's on. S-Man (internal): "Ease up, for God's sake! This was a mistake. I'm in the wrong apartment, okay?" Tempest: "GET OUT! GET OUT!" S-Man (backing up a bit): I'm getting. Will you stop--? You know, THIS is why you don't have any friends." Tempest (walks more towards him, getting him in front of a nearby window): "GET OUUUTTT!" S-Man jumps out the window, falling: "If the Goblin swings by, tell her I couldn't wait." Tempest (looking down from the window at him falling): "GET--" S-Man: "Out, right. Message received." We now see him climbing up the building wall again elsewhere. S-Man (internal): "Well, that was slick. I mean, yeah, I just saved her life, but I also scared the hell OUT of her. Still, I guess it was a worthwhile trade-off. He then jumps around the area and (I guess gets back into his apartment. S-Man (internal): "On the downside, I freaked her out. On the upside, I just shot her up with a medication from ninety years hence that will cure her cancer. I think the popular modern term is that that's a 'wash.' Not quite sure I get it..." He's in his apartment now (I think), and unmasks. S-Man (internal): "...but who knows what people are shockin' saying anymore?"

Next day, Miguel is at Alchemax tower, making his way through it. Miguel (internal): "The point is: I have other concerns to worry about right now. Alchemax, for starters. The Maestro said that Alchemax is somehow responsible for destroying the future. That a program that gets developed in the first half of this century winds up with nukes flying. He could've been lying, I guess. What with him being evil and everything. But I don't think he was. He didn't have any reason to lie to me. Which means that I have to be on the watch for whatever Alchemax might be involved in that could lead to... What? The world ending? How am I supposed to know what it would be? I guess the big difference is that I'm HERE. Which means that I could affect things. So if I just keep a low profile, that's a good start--" Liz Allen comes out of a nearby doorway and sees Miguel. Liz: "Mike! Excellent." Miguel: "Hi, Liz." Liz: "Come in here. I want to show you something. Miguel: "Uhm...okay." Miguel follows her into the room. Miguel (seeing what's inside): "What's, uh...what's that?" In front of Miguel we see a large table with a holographic-outline of a made-up prison. Tiberius, Liz, and two others stand around it. Liz: "It's a model for the prison!" Miguel: "Prison?" Liz: "The one YOU suggested, silly." She then introduces him to one of the two unknowns in the room. Liz: "This gentleman here is Jason Rubinstein..." Jason: "People call be Rudy." Miguel: "Why?" Jason: "They just do." Miguel: "Great." Miguel then turns to the other guy, who has a scar on his face. Miguel: "And why is MAC GARGAN here? You guys know he's THE SCORPION, right?" Mac: "If you want a good prison, you need advice from a guy who's been in one." Miguel: "Well, that's just spiffy." Mac (studying Miguel): "Man, there is SOMETHING about you." Miguel (internal): "Yeah, you know me from when I was in a blue and red costume and beat the crap out of you." Miguel: "Must be my clean living." Miguel takes a closer look at the hologram, with Tiberius showing it to him with his hands. Tiberius: "You came up with a helluva good idea, Mike. So Rudy put the pedal to the metal and designed this baby. Miguel: "It's...very impressive. Liz (walking by the side of the table): "We've got a stretch of abandoned property right along the east river that would be perfect for it. It can house up to five thousand inmates. Much smaller than Rykers, of course... But our inmates will be specialized." Jason (now next to Miguel, pointing out a part): "This is the best part: A Power Dampener. No one's super-powers will be functional. So no one will be able to escape." Miguel: "That's...amazing. And the city's gonna go for this?" Liz (also next to Miguel now): "Well, it turns out we have some competition. But I wouldn't worry about him." Miguel: "About who?" Liz: "An old friend. His name's PETER PARKER." Miguel (Internal): "Aw, great."

Meanwhile, at a nearby museum:
Present-day Spidey is taking on the villian Spot. In the battle, Spot is opening numerous portals with his hands coming out of all of them to attack and get at Spidey. Spidey: "So what's the deal here, Spotty? Stealing valuable fossils isn't usually your--UNNFFF!--your thing. And you...unffff...made the trail to finding you...pretty obvious..." Spot materialized in human form nearby, looking angry, covered in black spots and otherwise white, but through some spotty black portal, and various arms are coming out of parts of his body. Spidey: "Almost like you WANTED me here." We see more portals with hand trying to all grab Spidey now. Spidey: "So what's REALLY going on here? Are you hunting me for some reason? And if so, why?" Spots body runs towards him, looking more angry. Spidey: "Come on, Silent Bob! Spill!" Webbing hits Spot from behind, attached to the back of his head and one of his wrists. We see the webbing came from S-Man, now jumping in on the scene. S-Man: "Or don't. Spidey! All yours!" Spidey then punches Spot out, and the two Spiders start talking over the unconscious Spot. S-Man: "Hi. Your office said you were out. You were tough to find. Took me five whole minutes." Spidey: "What're you doing here?! I thought you went back to 2099!" S-Man: "2099 isn't what it used to be. Let's get this guy squared away and we'll talk."

Later, up on a high part of some big building:
Both Spider-Men sit and talk. Spidey: "Jeez, that's a lot to take in. Your world gone...a future Hulk in charge...and you think this prison might have something to do with it?" S-Man: "I don't know for sure. I mean... Originally, Alchemax didn't have me in the mix. That all got changed when I was pulled through to this time and had to start WORKING there... So I'm worried that something I come up with changes the future." Spidey: "But you don't know that for sure. Maybe you WERE a part of this all along. And this is all some huge paradox." S-Man: "Great. Something else for me to worry about. Just to me a favor. Win the competition between PARKER INDUSTRIES and Alchemax and build the prison, okay?" Spidey: "I'm really not that WORRIED about Liz Allan as a competitor." Spidey webswings into the distance. S-Man (internal): "That's what concerns me. You SHOULD be..."

Later, back at Miguel's apartment building:
Miguel is knocking on Tempest's apartment door. Miguel (internal): "Well, this has been a day. I may be taking my life in my hands, but I should touch base with Tempest. I wonder if she knows yet." Tempest opens the door, holding a bottle of alcohol and obviously (happy) drunk: "Hey, hey! It's Michelle!" Miguel: "MIGUEL, actually. Is, uh...is this a bad time?" Tempest: "This is a great time! Just got back from a dinner with my mother. Whattaya need fixed? 'Cause that's what I do! I'm the fixit person!" Miguel (internal, and looking shocked): "Whoa." Miguel: "I...I don't need anything fixed. I just came by to say hi." She bows to him: "That's fantastic!" Miguel: "Fantastic." Tempest: "That too! Welcome in!" She then falls to the floor. Miguel picks her up. Tempest: "Whoa. You're strong." Miguel: "I work out. Here, let's get you to the couch." Tempest: "Okey-doke." He sits her down on her couch, and sits next to her. Miguel: "Sooo is this drinking in despair or--?" Tempest: "Hell, no! I'm celebrating!" Miguel: "Well...that's good." Tempest: "Ask me why." Miguel: "Okay." Tempest (pinching his cheek): "Ask me!" Miguel: "Uh...why?" She stands up, takes another swig, then says: "Do you believe in God?" Miguel: "No." Tempest: "Neither did I. Except I've had a miracle. A real miracle. I AM HEALED! Say hallelujah!" She sits back down again. Miguel: "You mean of the cancer?" Tempest: "Yup. My doctor can't believe it. He wants to write me up for a journal. He says he's never seen anything like it. He slammed the blood tests through and they all backed him up. The cancer's gone like it was never there." Miguel: "Well, that's...that's GREAT!" Tempest: "Why do you never take those sunglasses off?" Miguel: "I told you, I'm light-sensitive." Tempest: "You never told me that." Miguel: "Pretty sure I did." Tempest (grabbing hold of Miguel's sunglasses): "Lemme see your eyes." Miguel (twitchy): "Tempest, c'mon..." Tempest: "Lemme see!" Miguel: "Tempest!" She fully removes his sunglasses, and we see Miguel's red pupiled eyes. Tempest: "Wow! They're RED! I've never...that's...THEY'RE RED!" Miguel: "I know." She continues to stare for a bit, then touches his face with her hand. Tempest: "That's so beautiful. Like staring into a sunset at the end of the best day of your life and realizing all the possibilities waiting for you." She whispers in his ear: "Spider-Man cured me. You told him about me and he cured me." Miguel: "He, uh...he did?" She takes another swig. Miguel: "Okay, I think maybe you've had enough of that." He grabs the bottle from her, and stands next to her. Tempest: "He was in my room, and the next day, I was healed. He used some magic super-hero healing thing. And after the way I YELLED at him when we first met!" Miguel: "Yeah, well, super heroes are funny that way." He sits back down next to her again. She puts her hand on his face again. Tempest: "You're funny too." Miguel: "Yeah, I'm hilarious. Let's get you to bed." Tempest: "Great idea." She then reach forward and kisses him. Miguel (internal): "Aw, shock. Okay, this isn't happening. I mean, it's great and all, and..." He starts getting into it: "And it's been sooo long..." He then pulls back: "No, forget it. She's not in her right mind. Gotta shut this down, right n--" She bites his lower lip. Miguel: "OWWWW! You BIT me!" She pulls back, feeling bad for it all, but still drunk. Tempest: "I...I'm sorry. I don't know why I...I feel weird." Miguel: "God knows I've felt that way enough times myself. Let's get you to sleep." Tempest: "No, I..." She then bends down in pain: "NYAAARHHHH!" Miguel (reaching for her to help): "Tempest! What's wr--" She then grabs the sides of her head and gets on her knees. Miguel: "TEMPEST!" Tempest: "So...so..." She starts morphing into something: "...hun...greeee...." Miguel puts his hands on her shoulders. Miguel: "Oh my God..." Miguel (internal): "Funny how I don't believe in him and yet I call on him." Tempest forcefully pushes Miguel aside. Miguel: "UNNFFF!" Tempest begins morphing into some weird creature, something with wings: "Sooo...hunnngry...want to...to eat...to eat..." Miguel, shown standing again, holds his Lyla watch before his face: "LYLA!" Lyla: "Yes, Miguel?" Miguel: "Drop the clothing hologram right now!" Lyla: "Are you going to be in a fight--?" She then turns to in front of Miguel, in costume but no mask, seeing what Tempest has become: "Oh. Yes. I see you are." We now see the creature that was Tempest, some kind of human/moth hybrid creature. Tempest Creature: "Hungry...for you..."

To Be Concluded!

Comments: I liked it. Not the best issue, but.... Specific points to talk about:

1) How could Maestro be 200 years old, if he exists in the year 2099?

2) S-Man using the cancer-cure-spray on Tempest: When he got that cure it 2099 during SV, I originally thought that it was something to cure the Inheritors of their spider-totem hunger, as I didn't seem S-Man was going to return to the present after SV. Glad to see he did come back, and cured her.

3) S-Man's line: "If the Goblin swings by, tell her I couldn't wait.": I asked PAD if this was a reference to Father Jennifer being the Goblin 2099, and he confirmed. The impression from this series I'm getting more and more is that this how PAD would want Earth-928/2099 to be, rather than everything we remember it from all the writers.

4) The private talk on the building with him and Spidey: When they were leading us into this scene, I was hoping we'd finally get a masks-off scene between the two. This was still ok, though. I still like that they're buds.

5) Tempest turning into that creature: Wasn't expecting that. I'd already seen the #12 cover, but didn't think it'd turn out to actually be her. Why would the spray S-Man used do that?

6) The "To Be Concluded!" part: I was hoping that there's be a Vol. 2 #13 after the Secret Wars 2099 LS, but maybe not? Wish I knew for sure.

I feel the Future Imperfect story that was being setup in #9 as something big to be resolved in #10 turned out to be disappointing. That's my only major gripe with this series, aside from Sliney drawing S-Man's face-mask too small still.

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- Rodimus

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