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Subj: Overdue review of Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #12
Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 at 08:07:10 pm EDT (Viewed 134 times)

Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 #12 recap:

Lyla: "Hi, I'm LYLA. Miguel's LYrate Lifeform Approximation holographic assistant. Here's the download on SPIDER-MAN 2099'S Backstory.

"Miguel was a was a young genetics genius employed at Alchemax in the future city of Nueva York. One of his experiments to replicate the powers of your current Spider-Man rewrote his DNA to make it 50% spider! He gained amazing powers and became the Spider-Man of the year 2099.

"Recently, on an adventure across the multiverse, Miguel revisited his home in the future. While there, he went to an Alchemax lab and picked up a futuristic cure for cancer to deliver to his neighbor in the present, Tempest. Something went wrong after he delivered it to her system, though, and Tempest and turned into a massive and monstrous Spider-Wasp!"

Both S-Man and a winged Spider-Wasp-Tempest break through her apartment window, her trying to hurt him. S-Man (internal): "What the hell happened?! I mean, the cure MUST have worked! Tempest doesn't have cancer anymore! But now she's turned into some sort of...of Spider-Wasp?! Why? Maybe all the places, all the DIMENSIONS I was carrying the cure through, affected it somehow. Or maybe just the sheer act of traveling through time did the job. Or maybe...shock it...maybe this was TYLER STONE somehow getting the scientists to tamper with it, booby-trap it. Whatever caused it, that's certainly the LAST TIME I bring something from the future into the past to try to cure a modern-day ill. That's, of course, assuming that I manage to SURVIVE this current situation." Both continue to fly through the air above the streets. S-Man: "Tempest, this...this isn't you! Try to remember...who you--" An alien-movies-type mouth-creature comes out of hers and attacks S-Man, and something else "snaps." S-man (internal): "No!"

Nearby, in a helicopter with the woman pilot from a previous issue, she looks and reports over the ground below: "...and we can see that traffic is crawling on the FDR drive. Apparently an accident has closed the right lane and--" She suddenly sees S-Man and SWT, still engaged, coming right at her: "OH, CRIPES! NOT AGAIN!" The two crash into her windshield, with S-Man then kicking SWT in the jaw, and flies downward to escape. S-Man (internal): "Got to get some distance. Get some time to think. How do I reverse this? CAN I?" STW (looking down at him from above): "Come baaack! I only want to EAT you!! It won't hurt! I promise!" S-Man (internal): "Now why don't I believe her? She certainly seems to lack credibility."

He now glides downward to the NYC Central Park. S-Man (internal): "Maybe I can hide in Central Park. Need a chance to regroup. I don't have to worry about her attacking anyone else. She's a Spider-Wasp, so she's probably only interested in eating spiders." He lands. S-Man (internal): "And fortunately enough, I'M the only spider around." He then looks towards his "holo-watch": "Lyla! You there?" A small hologram of her appears on the watch: "Of course I am, Miguel. Are you having a nice day?" S-Man: "Tempest has been turned into some kind of humanoid Spider-Wasp!" Lyla: "Well, that's unusual. I thought she was interested in copulating. I guess that's off the table?" S-Man (now hiding up in a tree): "Lyla, just listen! Do you still have Alchemax's files in your memory?" Lyla: "Yes, Miguel." S-Man: "Access them! Find out how in God's name they can restructure someone's DNA just by using a formula!"

Elsewhere in the park, SWT is flying about, looking for S-Man: "So hungry....need Spider...need to...eaaat! There!" She sees something in the distance in the part: "So biiig! Must have spider!" She quickly flies towards it: "Must eeeeeaattt!" She then rams headfirst into actually turns out to be a statue, and falls to the ground. She gets back up: "Ow. Stupid statue." A nearby voice calls out: "What the hell?" SWT turns to see a female police officer. Officer (holding a gun on her): "DON'T MOVE!" SWT lunges at her. SWT: "Perfect." And the officer fires back.

S-Man is still in the same tree. Lyla: "I have scanned the files, Miguel. It is impossible for what you are describing to occur." S-Man: "It's NOT impossible! I've got one chasing me right now!" Lyla: "The procedure to permanently conflate the gene pools simply cannot occur with a single injection. At the most, the subject could be temporarily transformed in order to discern how a long-term change would affect them." S-Man: "Temporarily? So...not permanent." Lyla: "That is the standard definition of temporarily, yes." S-Man: "How long will it last?" Lyla: "It depends. Anywhere from six minutes to six hours." S-Man: "Faaantastic." S-Man turns to the a nearby voice of SWT: "Spiiiiider-Man! Come see what I haaaave..." S-Man (internal): "I am NOT loving the sound of that."

We see SWT holding the officer hostage in her arms. SWT: "Get ouuuut here and give yourself to me...or she diiies..." Officer: "NO!" SWT: "Quiet, woman. This is not your--" Officer: "*P YOURS! SPIDER-MAN! STAY HIDDEN! I'M JUST ONE DAMNED COP! THE CITY NEEDS YOU WAY MORE THAN ME!" S-Man moves to on top of a the park statue: "Wow. Considering all the hits cops have been taking publicly lately...where the hell have YOU been hiding?" SWT: "Do you surrender?" Officer: "Get out of here! RUN!" SWT: "Shut up!" S-Man: "Tempest...listen to me. This isn't you. This is some...some THING you've transformed into. But it's not permanent. If you can just keep yourself together..." SWT: "Choose!" S-Man (internal): "I've got one play here." He then weblines the officer's nearby gun on the ground, then pulls it to himself. SWT: What are you doooing?" He now holds it in his right hand: "The only thing I can." SWT: "And nowwww what? I still have her. There's nothing you can do." S-Man (internal): "With her EXOSKELETON, Tempest should be fine...just need to aim perfectly." He holds the gun with two hands now, and fires. The bullet hits SWT in the chest, and grazes the Officer's shoulder. SWT: "Unnffff!" Officer: "ARRRHHH!" S-Man (internal): "Her outer shell is too hard for bullets to penetrate." He fires a couple more shots. S-Man (internal): "It's staggering her, keeping her off-balance." The officer is now out of SWT's grasp, and the bullets push SWT further off-balance. S-Man (internal): "Setting me up to do--" He then rushes and tackles her. S-Man (internal): "--THIS!" SWT: "Ooooff! Get offfff me! Get--!" Both fall into the park pond. Officer (talking into her radio): "OFFICER DOWN! REPEAT, OFFICER DOWN! NEAR THE EAGLE AND PREY STATUE IN THE PARK! SIGHTING OF SPIDER-MAN FIGHTING SOME KIND OF...OF TALKING BUG!"

Underwater, SWT and S-Man are caught in a desperate fight, struggling with each other. S-Man (internal): "Under water, her wings aren't going to do her any good. If I can just find a way to knock her out cold for--" She then bites into his shoulder-area. S-Man (internal): "ARRHHH! SHOCK IT! Fortunately, her teeth can't penetrate my costume, but they still hurt like a mother!" He then punches her in the face. S-Man (internal): "I keep holding back because I don't want to risk hurting her. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the same attitude towards me." Both struggle and sink deeper. S-Man (internal): "OW! Okay, forget the gut punch. She's still too heavily armored." SWT starts to strangle S-Man. S-Man (internal): "This is starting to get really bad. Her strength level might be up there with my own. I can't...get her off me...starting to...run out of air...have to...to...to get through to..." S-Man: "Tempest...it's...it's...me...it's...Miguel." SWT: "Mi...guel...?" He then punches her in the jaw, and then falls downward into the pond. S-Man looks down on her. S-Man (internal): "Did it. And if I had any brains, I'd let her drown. Unfortunately, no one ever accused me of having brains. Okay, well, that's not true. Brains, I've got. It's common sense I'm lacking."

Outside the pond, two more officers are no the scene, tending to the previous' gunshot wound. New Officer #1: "You were damned lucky, Zadan. Clean shot, barely grazed you." Zadan: "Wasn't luck. It was sharpshooting." New Officer #2: "Who shot you?"

S-Man makes it to the surface, holding onto SWT, and catches his breath.

Zadan to Officer #2: "Dunno. Didn't get a good look at his face." The three officers then look at S-Man carrying SWT in his arms. New Officer #1 (holding out a gun): "FREEZE!' Don't move! Whoever you are!" Zadan: "That's Spider-Man, you idiot." New Officer #1: "His costume's completely different!" Zadan: "Do YOU only have one set of clothing?" New Officer #1 (to S-Man): "And what's that...that thing you're carrying?!" S-Man: "This? It's nothing. Someone dressed in a costume." More police arrive on the scene. Another Officer: "SPIDER-MAN! Put her down and step away!" Another Officer than him: "DON'T MOVE!" Another of the new Officers: "HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM!" S-Man (internal): "Oh, God. Now what?" SWT: "nnng..." Officer with the gun: "What the...?" We now see Tempest back to her normal self, and naked. S-Man: "No big deal. Just, y'know, a random naked girl. Nothing to see here, you can just move along." Officer with gun: "Put her down slowly and back up with your hands raised. FINAL WARNING." S-Man: "Yeah, I suppose I could do that. But here's an alternative." He then leaps away. Officer with gun: "GET HIM!"

S-Man leaps through NYC, still carrying Tempest's unconscious body, wrapped in a kind of white sheet. S-Man (internal): "It doesn't take me long to get away. Just a hop onto fifth avenue..." He then lands on top of a bus: "...where I catch a bus." Next he's climbing up a building: "After that, it's just a normal trip. Gonna have to fix Tempest's window, though." Both are in Tempest's apartment, S-Man webbing up the window they broke through earlier: "At least I can make a temporary fix. Tempest (weakly, from behind him): "Spider-Man?" We see her groggy in her bed: "What happened? I don't feel so good..." S-Man (turning to her): "Yeah, that was my fault. The truth is that I shot you up with a drug to cure your cancer." Tempest: "I figured. "Thank you for that. How did you know about...?" S-Man: "I found out. It's kind of what I do. Anyway, something went wrong with it. Something I wasn't expecting. But it's all right. It wore off. You'll be fine." Tempest: "You sure?" S-Man: "Yeah. Uhm....what do you remember?" Tempest: "Nothing. Not a thing." S-Man: "That's...that's probably for the best, then. I'll let you get some sleep." He then walks out through her front door: "Good night, Tempest." The door closes behind him. Tempest: "Good night, Miguel."

Comments: Nice story. Not sure how SWT didn't know Mig was S-Man at the end of last issue, and the start of this one. She saw him change, and was still surprised who he really was, for some reason. I hope Vol. 3 will touch more on Tempest, and on the stuff talked about in All-New X-Factor #20.

Will next work on posting Secret Wars 2099 #'s 1-5, together, ASAP, and the rest after that.

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