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Subj: Reviews of Secret Wars 2099 #'s 1-5 (of 5)
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Secret Wars 2099 #1 (of 5):

Nueva York.
The Year 2099.

A man and a woman walk down a city street together, arm in arm, with many buildings around them promoting various things, such as the Alchemax tower having a large hologram image of a female Captain America, with the words below:


Man: "You think Captain America is sexy?" Woman: "I've never given it any thought. Don't swing that way." Man: "I dunno. I don't think a woman should have that many muscles." Woman: "Whatever you say. So how about we go to your place." Man: "C'mon, Tania! Let's grab a drink first! And some food. I"m famished." Tania: "Actually, I am, too."

They're now in a restaurant, and the man is chowing down: "I always thought it would be cool to be a super hero. To be employed by Alchemax, have everything taken care of..." Tania: "Might be restricting." Man: "Restricting how?" Tania: "Somehow. Some ways. I dunno. You done eating yet?" Man: "You haven't had any." Tania: "Not hungry." Man: "You said you were." Tania: "Not for that." Private radio message to Tania: "Black Widow. Front and center." Tania: "Not now." Message: "Yes, Tania, NOW. Avengers emergency. Get to 123rd and 7th, right now." Tania: "Damn it." She then rushes out of the restaurant: "Have to go. I'll call." Man: "Wait, what?! TANIA!" He runs out of the restaurant front door, and looks around: "Where the shock did she go?!"

A female Captain America 2099 is shown, leading a charge (somewhere in the city) of fighters consisting of an Iron Man 2099, Hawkeye 2099, and Hercules (the real one) behind her. IM: "Where's the Black Widow? She likes a good brawl." Cap: "I'm told she's on her way. Don't worry, Iron Man; I'm sure we'll be able to keep ourselves amused until she arrives. Stay sharp. We're in a heavily populated area; the Avengers protect people, we don't hurt people during battle. No collateral damage."

New York is no more! In it's place stands Nueva York, a towering metropolis filled with new incarnations of the heroes of the past! Taking on the mantles of such heroes as Captain America, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, these new Avengers fight for truth, justice, and megacorporations like Alchemax. This is


The multiverse was destroyed!

The heroes of Earth-616 and Earth-1610 were powerless to save it!

Now all that remains...is Battleworld!

A massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, Victor Von Doom!

Each region is a domain unto itself!

One of those regions is a New York of the near future - one where megacorporations control not only the citizens, but the Avengers, as well!

The Avengers 2099 team here is confronting five masked and armored thugs with guns. Cap: "I don't suppose there's any chance you might surrender peaceably? Return the gems you've stolen and we can forget all this." Hercules makes a mad dash at the group: "The Chain Gang, surrender? Thou dost underestimate them, surely, Captain!" Cap: "Herc, WAIT!" He body-slams one of the criminals: "Certainly they would not flinch from a chance to battle the Prince of Power!" Same criminal, firing an optic blast at Hercules, pushing him away into the distance: "Idiot." Hercules: "URKKHHH!" He slams into a woman's flying car. Woman: "Holy shock!" Hercules: "UNF!" He turns to her: "Greetings, damsel. Thou art attractive. Let me attend to these mongrels and then perhaps we can have dinner." Woman: "You SMASHED into the side of my car!" Hercules: "What car?" IM fires a bolt at at the foes from his left hand: "All right, I'm shutting this down right now." One of the thugs, as the others start to take off using jetpacks: "Scatter! Leave 'em behind!" IM takes off after them, with Cap talking to Hawkeye below: "Hawkeye! Give me a lift!" He takes off, carrying her, and follows IM: "Not a problem." Two of the fleeing thugs turn around in the air and fire back at the chasing IM. One of those thugs: "What's the matter, IRON HAM? Having trouble aiming?" IM (with Hawkeye and Cap following from behind): "Only need four accurate shots to take down all of you." Same thug (still firing): "Same goes for us, hotshot!" One of the shots hits Hawkeye, causing him to let go of Cap. Hawkeye: "ARGH!" Cap: "HAWKEYE!" She continues to fall: "Okay, well...THIS is unfortunate." One of the thugs flies towards her position: "This is too good to be true. A five million-credit bounty for whoever kills Captain America, and I'M gonna be the one to get it!" Cap then produces functioning hologram wings on her arms: "Really? Is THAT how much I'm going for?" She flies towards the thug: "Last year it was just a million." She tackles the thug in mid-air: "I must be doing something right. Hold on a moment..." She starts removing his mask: "...I like to see the face of whoever I'm talking to." She removes it, tosses it aside, and hits him a couple times in the face: "There." Thug: "NONON--" Cap: "Face-to-face is so much better, don't you think?" Both are falling for a bit. Cap: "You should have taken the opportunity to surrender, you know." She punches him down, and he rams into the top of a passing flying car: "Maybe next time..." She then flies off: "...you'll be smarter!"

Hawkeye is kneeling on the ground, in pain: "Unhhh..." A thug is in front of him, pointing a gun at him: "No, no. Don't move. I want to remember you this way." Black Widow 2099 (Tania) drops down behind the thug. Thug: "WHAT THE--?!" Then she grabs his chest from behind. Thug: "NO! GET OFF!" She then rips off the chest of his uniform. thug: "I SURRENDER!" She now extends a kind of "stinger" from her wrist: "I don't recall giving you the option to surrender." She's about to jam the stinger into the thug's chest. Cap: "TANIA, STOP! THAT'S AN ORDER!" Cap is carrying the thug she was fighting before: "We don't kill. Not if we don't have to." BW: "And if I have to?" Cap: "Sheathe your stinger, Widow. I'm not kidding. Sheathe it, or I swear...the next one we hunt will be you." She retracts the stinger: "Fine. Happy?" Cap: "Ecstatic." IM arrives, carrying three thugs in some kind of "bubble." IM: "Everything all right here?" Cap: "Everything is fine." Hawkeye: "Tania was going to kill someone, but Cap stopped her. IM: "That's par for the course. Where's Hercules?" Nearby, Hercules is trying to court the woman who's car he crashed into, holding tight in her right hand. Woman: "Let go of me!" Hercules: "I said I would pay for your vehicle's damage. Now calm yourself." Woman: "I said leggo!" She slaps him across the face, but doesn't hurt him at all." Woman (holding her hand): "OWWW!" Hercules: "Well, that was MINE mistake." He now tries to kiss her: "Come, let me kiss it and make it all better!" Woman: "NO!" Cap punches him in the face, staggering him: "BACK OFF!" Hercules: "OOOOOFFF!" He's now sitting on the ground: "You...dare!" Cap: "I'll dare a lot more than that. Now apologize to this woman." Hercules: "For what? For gifting her with the romantic attentions of the son of Zeus?" Cap: "For forcing yourself on her with your stinking breath that reeks of alcohol. How do you think the Zeus you keep boasting about would react to knowing his son is acting like a drunken assaulter of women? Hmm?" Hercules: "You are...corret, Captain. I know not what I was thinking." He gets back up, rubs his head, and turns to the woman again: "Milady...I beg thy pardon. My attentions upon you were....well-meaning but indelicate. Please accept mine heartfelt apologies." Cap: "We need to report back." Hercules (turning and walking off): "I wish to be by mineself, if that is acceptable. Report on my behalf." Cap: "..."

Inside Alchemax tower, later...
Cap is talking with someone in charge at a desk. We can't see his face. Man at desk: "And you recovered all the gems?" Cap: "Yes, Mr. Stone." Man at desk: "'Mr. Stone'? Really, Cap? After all this time? What do I have to do--" He spins around to reveal is face: "--to get you to call me 'Miguel'?" Cap: "I'm sorry, Sir. That doesn't come easily to me. You're the CEO of Alchemax. You reformed the Avengers. I have difficulty with...informality." Miguel: "Funny. Roberta doesn't." Cap: "Yes, well...I'm NOT Roberta." Miguel: "Right. Of course you're not." Cap: "Also, I'm concerned about Hercules." Miguel: "Why so?" Because he drinks all the time." Miguel: "I"m reasonably sure Olympians can handle their booze better than we can." Cap: "He's consuming the equivalent of a liquor store a day. I can't remember the last time I saw him sober. And he was treating a woman in a manner inconsistent with a hero." Miguel: "I'll talk to him." Cap: "Thank you, Mr. Stone." Miguel: "That it?" Cap: "Yes, Sir." Miguel: "Okay, dismissed." She removes her helmet, and walks off. Winston walks past both in the room: "Good evening, Captain. Captain?" Miguel: "She's in transition mode--have to call her ROBERTA now. What's up, Winston?" Winston: "Your Father called. He'd like to have dinner with you." Miguel: "Screw him." Winston: "Yes, Sir."

Elsewhere in the building, maskless-Cap walks and sits down in a seat at a terminal, and "Roberta" takes over. IM (who just happens to be nearby): "Hello, Roberta." Roberta: "Hmm...? Oh! Hello, Iron Man. Uhm...can I help you with something?" IM: "No, I'm fine. I was just going to go downstairs and check in with the Vision." Roberta: "Well, don't let me stop you." IM walks off, talking to himself: "Incredible." She gets an incoming transmission on her terminal, and answers it. Computer voice: "Incoming call. Husband." Roberta: "Answer." We see a man and a young girl on the video-feed. Man: "Hey, honey. How was your day?" Roberta: "Almost over." Man: "Do anything interesting." Roberta: "Processing claims is pretty much the same every day. You?" Man: "I wrote five thousand words today." Roberta: "Outstanding!" Girl: "Mommy! I got a 96 on my science test!" Roberta: "That's great, Emma. And how did Sara do on that English paper?" Man: "Don't ask." Roberta: "Uh boy." Girl: "Are you coming home, Mommy?" Roberta gets up, putting her jacket on and still looking at them: "On my way." Girl: "Oh! I saw the Avengers on vid! They were only a few blocks away from our house!" Roberta: "You didn't go near them, did you?" Girl: "No. But why, Mommy? They're heroes!" Roberta: "They solve everything by FIGHTING, Emma. There're far better ways to go through life than fighting with everyone...trust me on that."

Hercules sits alone in a dark room, drinking. Miguel walks in: "You're off the booze, Herc. Effective immediately." Hercules: "I have already removed myself from 'the booze.' This is apple cider." Miguel: "Okay, well...good. You care to tell me why you were hitting it so hard?" Hercules: "Today is the anniversary of Megara's death." Miguel (sitting down next to him): "Well, we mortals do tend to die, unfortunately." Hercules: "I killed her. In a fit of madness lain upon me by Hera, I killed her and our three children." Holds out his hands: "These hands did it." Miguel takes a drink of the bottle of cider.

In another room, IM walks in, then a male little person steps out of the back of the suit, and walks to a mechanical pool area nearby with a naked woman laying in it, hooked up to some machines to her brain: "Hello, Vision." Woman in water (Vision): "Identity match: Sonny Frisco. Voiceprint confirmed." Sonny: "See anything? Our next major job, perhaps?" Vision: "Yes, Sonny. I do. I see...new enemies." Sonny: "Enemies? What are their names?" Vision: "Will call themselves...The Defenders."


Comments: Ok story, just not sure how I feel about present heroes like Hercules being around. In the old 2099 stories, it was a no-no to use past characters like that. Still, it was ok.

Secret Wars 2099 #2 (of 5):

New York is no more! In it's place stands Nueva York, a towering metropolis filled with new incarnations of the heroes of the past! Taking on the mantles of such heroes as Captain America, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, these new Avengers fight for truth, justice, and megacorporations like Alchemax. This is


The multiverse was destroyed!

The heroes of Earth-616 and Earth-1610 were powerless to save it!

Now all that remains...is Battleworld!

A massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, Victor Von Doom!

Each region is a domain unto itself!

In one such domain, in a futuristic metropolis called Nueva York, the Avengers are Captain America, Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man, the Black Widow and Vision. Led by Miguel Stone, they work to protect the people of the city, as well as Alchemax's interests.

Neuva York.
The year 2099.

Roberta is sleeping in bed with her husband. She is woken up by a samurai guy holding a sword over her, who then uses it to slice their bed in half, which also wakes up her husband. Husband: "What the shock--?!" He faces the attacker: "Who the--?! Get out of here! What're you--" The samurai punches the guy out. Just then, his sword is grabbed by Roberta, but Cap 2099 is now in control: "Care to try that again? I don't normally kill, but I'd be willing to make an exception in your case." Samurai: "What...are you?" Maskless-Cap: "You tried to kill me. I think *I* get to ask the questions." He punches her in the face, but doesn't really do much. Maskless-Cap: "Ow. Wait, sorry. Not 'ow." I meant to say...my turn." She grabs him by the ankle, and slams him into a wall, dropping his sword. Maskless-Cap then grabs it, and points it down at him: "Now...you have one chance--exactly one--to tell me who you are and why you tried to kill me." Samurai: "I am called...THE SPECIALIST. As for why I was hired to kill you, I am afraid you will never learn that." MC: "Oh, I don't know. We have some formidable means of extracting information where I work." Specialist: "I am sure you do. You're not taking me in!" He then thrusts himself into his own sword she's carrying. MC: "WHAT THE--?!" She then touches her hear to contact someone: "Wonderful. This is operative one-nine-four-one." Radio voice: "Alchemax central, go ahead." MC: "I've been attacked at home. Enemy is dead. Come by for corpse pickup." Radio voice: "Roger that. Be there within five. Shall we come to the door?" MC: "Negative. There are civilians present. He'll be outside." She then slams The Specialist's body out the window, hard, then reverts back to Roberta, who helps he husband back up: "Harry! HARRY!" Harry: "Huh, ROBERTA?! Wha--?" Roberta: "What in God's name happened here?!" Harry: "I...I don't know. There was a guy with a sword!" Roberta: "Where'd he go?" Harry: "How am I supposed to know?!" Roberta (walking into a nearby room): "I've gotta check on the kids!" Harry: "I'm right behind you!" HE then presses his ear and talks with someone over a radio: "Alchemax? Operative one-nine-four-zero. I was attacked." Radio voice: "We know. Captain America already reported in." Harry: "Okay, good." Radio voice: "Is her cover I.D. still in place?" Harry: "Yes, her Roberta Mendez identity has no recollection of the events." Roberta walks back in the room: "They're both asleep. Thank God! If something happened to them, I don't know what I'd--" Harry: "Shhhh. It's okay." They hug each other. Harry: "Everything's gonna be all right."

At Miguel's office in Alchemax tower, the next day:
Miguel: "That was the Specialist, all right. You KILLED him, Cap? Not typically your style." Cap: "I didn't kill him, Mr. Stone. He slammed HIMSELF forward onto his sword." Miguel: "You know, if anyone else that works for me told me that, I'd figure they were full of crap. You, I believe." Cap: "But who WAS the Specialist?" Miguel: "He was a samurai--one of the last known ones--and he worked for Stark-Fujikawa." Cap: "Why would S-F want to kill me?" Miguel: "Well, there's a five-million-credit bounty on your head, but that's chump change for them." Cap: "And how did they know about Roberta?" Migue: "It's possible we have an internal leak. I'll have Sonny use his Iron Man tech to run a check on our computer systems. See if anyone has been tapping into it. Meanwhile, I'll have a 24-hour watch put on your home." Cap: "Thank you, Sir." Miguel: "Dismissed." She removes her helmet to show to be in a trance again, and walks off. Miguel: "I never get tired of watching that."

Meanwhile, in another part of the building:
Hawkeye and BW are having a chess game, Hawkeye's move, trying to decide which one to make. BW: "This is the longest you've kept pace with me so far, Hawk. Make that move, you're in check. Don't want to make that move, either. That'll give me mate in three moves." He then violently swipes all the chess-pieces off the board. Hawkeye: "RRAARRRRRR!" BW: "I guess you win." Miguel enters the room: "Max? Can you give Tania and me the room, please?" Hawkeye: "WHY?!" Miguel: "Because I asked politely. And because if you give me lip, I'll throw you back into the device that spit you out, combine you with a weasel, and see how much attitude you give me then." Hawkeye (coldly): "FINE." Miguel (to BW as she picks up the fallen pieces): "You've got to stop playing chess with him." BW: "It amuses me." Miguel: "Well, I guess your amusement is what's REALLY important. Tania, have you ever heard of a guy named Francis Novak?" BW: "No." Miguel: "Really?" BW: "Never." Miguel: "Want to hear about him?" BW: "Not especially." Miguel: "He was married and his wife was brutally murdered. Police believed he did it but couldn't prove it. Then he was going with another girl and she turned up dead. Investigation was going nowhere." BW: "Sounds nasty. Women should watch out for him." Miguel: "Funny you should say that." BW: "Oh? Why?" Miguel: "He was found dead this morning. Dead and half eaten." BW: "That sounds nasty." Miguel: "It was. So tell me, Tania... If I run a DNA scan on his corpse, how many SECONDS do you think it will take me to find traces of your saliva on him?" BW: "I have no idea what you're talking about, Miguel." Miguel: "Of course you don't." He then turns and walks towards the door: "I find this again, Tania, and we're going to have another conversation that won't end this peacefully. So either stop doing it or get better at hiding your skills. Understood?" BW: "Yes, Sir. Hey, Miguel--?" Miguel: "Yeah?" BW: "Have any PLANS tonight?" He continues walking out of the room, no responding.

In some large room, Hercules is fighting Jumkpile. He has him in a hold. Hercules: "Is that...the best you can accomplish...Junkpile...?" Junkpile (weakly): "Just...gimme a moment...to catch my breath..." Herc holds him over his head: "You have no moments, my friend." He then throws him away: "For the Prince of Power is finished with you." Junkpile is slammed into the wall, then tries to get back up: "Awwww...no ya don't. You don't get off...that easy..." Herc punches him in the head: "Aye! I do!" He then begins to pummel him: "For I am Hercules! Son of Zeus! Prince of Power! YOU CANNOT STAND AGAINST ME! NO ONE CAN! I AM INVINCIBLE! I AM--" Voice from nearby: "HERCULES! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Herc turns to see Sonny. Sonny: "Back off. Now." Herc proceeds to walk out of the room: "It was mearly exercise, Sonny. One needn't sound so upset." Sonny: "Your exercise buddies keep winding up in the infirmary." Herc: "It is their honor." Herc walks past Roberta at her station. She turns to him: "Oh! Hello, Hercules." Herc: "Hello, Captain. I mean, Roberta." Roberta (to herself): "'Captain'? What was THAT supposed to mean?" She gets an incoming transmission on her station: "Oh! Mr. Stone, yes. What can I do for you?" Miguel (on monitor): "Avengers Assemble." Roberta (now Cap): "On my way."

Miguel's office room:
He sits and addresses the five Avengers: "We found a business card on the Specialist's body. It belongs to a Martin Hargood." Cap: "And he would be?" Miguel: "An operator Downtown. Gun runner, weapons master, all-around criminal type." Cap: "And you think he had something to do with the assassination attempt on Roberta?" Miguel: "I have no idea. I figured you'd want to find out." Cap: "I do indeed. But do we really need the entire team?" Miguel: "It would help to put a scare into him." Hawkeye: "If we need to put a scare into him, I'm all for volunteering." Miguel: "I thought you would. Grab a quinjet and get going." Cap (to the others as they all leave): "Let's go, team. Mr. Hargood tried to kill me last night. And I'm interested in asking him why." They then take off in the quinjet.

At a nearby restaurant, a man is sitting, eating, and another man, in a green shirt, is addressing him. Green shirt guy: "Are you Martin Hargood?" Hargood: "I am indeed. And you would be?" Green shirt guy: "JOHN EISENHART. I need to have words with you." Hargood: "As you see, I'm in the middle of lunch. So if you wouldn't mind--" John violently tosses his food aside, and then stands up. John: "I'm sorry. I don't seem to have had your attention. Is that better?" Hargood: "What do you want, Mr. Eisenhart?" John: "I have an ISSUE with your after-hours activities. And what would those be?" John grabs him by the collar: "We going to play this game? Fine, let's play." Voice nearby: "Put him down." Both turn to see the five Avengers memebers. Cap: "Now." John: "Bug off, Avengers." IM: "Excuse me?" John: "I said get out of here. This isn't your fight." Herc: "Or what?" John: "Or THIS." He then transforms to his Hulk 2099 form: "Any questions?" Herc runs at him: "Aye! The question is...where do you want thy remains attended to?!" Hulk punches him: "I'm sorry. Was that supposed to be a threat?" Herc is then blown straight through the wall to outside the restaurant. Back in side: Cap: "Iron Man! Take him!" IM: "He's taken." He fires an optic blast at Hulk's chest, but does no damage, and then starts walking towards him as the blast continues. Hulk: "Unnhhh... Yes! EXCELLENT! A little to the right...PERFECT! Thanks. That takes care of the itch." The blasts stop. Hulk: "Let me return the favor." Cap rushes ahead of him: "Out of the way! I've got him!" Hulk: "You're kidding, right?" Cap is knocked down, but starts to get back up: "You're THE HULK, aren't you?!" Hulk: "Nice to know my fame preceds me." She punches him in the face: "We don't need to fight!" Hulk: "I think we do." He then tosses her upward into the air: "Assuming you call this a fight." Cap then suddenly gets a purple forcefield surrounding her, and is still in the air. Nearby voice: "All right. Everyone just calm down. Hello, Captain America." The nearby voice is shown to be Strange 2099, alongside the Silver Surfer, all now standing behind Hulk, who're facing the Avengers. Strange is using her magic to hold up Cap. Strange: We're the Defenders. Nice to meet you."


Comments: I wish they'd have explained if there were more than one Specialist. I think the Captain Marvel Time Flies story said there was. This LS' whole story seems like an imagining of what things might have been like if S-Man Vol. 1 had continued, with other factors changed (like Miguel using the last name "Stone"). It was great to see Junkpile from X-Men 2099 here too, although I have issue with some of how he was drawn.

Secret Wars 2099 #3 (of 5)

New York is no more! In it's place stands Nueva York, a towering metropolis filled with new incarnations of the heroes of the past! Taking on the mantles of such heroes as Captain America, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, these new Avengers fight for truth, justice, and megacorporations like Alchemax. This is


The multiverse was destroyed! The heroes of Earth-616 and Earth-1610 were powerless to save it! Now all that remains...is Battleworld! A massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, Victor Von Doom! Each region is a domain unto itself!

In one such domain, in a futuristic metropolis called Nueva York, the Avengers are owned and operated by Alchemax, a massive corporation that controls superhuman activity. Someone has targeted them, however, and Captain America was nearly assassinated in her home. One man, Martin Hargood, knows why. The Avengers tracked him down, but crossed paths with the Defenders, a group of superhumans operating without Alchemax's authorization.

Back to outside the restaurant, the Avengers (Hawkeye, Iron Man, Hercules, Captain America, and Black Widow) and Defenders (Strange, Hulk, and Silver Surfer) of 2099 facing each other down. Watching is Martin Hargood, wanted in connection with an attempt on Captain America's life. BW: "The 'Defenders'? Weird name. What are you DEFENDING, exactly?" Strange: "Downtown. From various nasty threats. Which we're quite sure you definitely are not." Hulk: "I ain't sure of that at all." Hargood runs off. Someone from one of the two teams: "Look...we're obviously all interested in Martin Hargood. We can certainly set aside whatever differences we may have and focus on him."

Hargood (some distance away): "Gotta get outta here!" Some unseen individual before him: "Where do you think YOU'RE going, Hargood?" Hargood (stopping in his tracks): "Shock! So...it's going to be that way, is it? You'll never stop me!" Unseen person: "You have the interest of our compatriots. So we suggest that you surrender and return to--" Hargood (holding up his hands that are now glowing with purple energy): "I have never been much for surrendering." He fires hand-blasts at what are actually two individuals, who dodge. Hargood: "So, whoever you are, I suggest you get OUT OF MY WAY!"

Back with the Avengers and Defenders:
Cap (still in forcefield): "What was that?" Strange: "Where's Hargood?" Hulk: "I thought YOU were watching him!" Hawkeye: "Perfect. That's just great." The Silver Surfer takes off on his board: "He will not get far."

Hargood is still firing blasts at the two unknown individuals: "OUT OF MY WAY, I said!" One of the two blocks a blast with his/her trident: "You DARE assault me? You slug!" He/she then (I think) repels the blast back to him: "You have not earned the privilege!" The Avengers and Defenders run to the scene, Silver Surfer and Cap in the lead. Silver Surfer: "Ah. Captain, this is the rest of my team. We see the two individuals now: Roman the Sub-Mariner (with the trident) and Valkyrie, with Hargood unconcious at their feet. Roman: "MY team. You serve beside me." Valkyrie: "This is the Sub-Mariner. I am Valkyrie. And you are--?" Herc: "A Valkyrie? A true daughter of Odin? One side!" Cap: "Herc, for God's sake..." Herc: "For my sake indeed." Herc (holding up Valkyrie's hand): "I am Hercules. Prince of Power. Son of Zeus." Roman: "Release her hand, Godling." Herc: "I am not addressing you, blue one, but this charming--" Roman: "She is my woman, Godling. I will thank you to stop speaking to her." Valkyrie: "'Your' woman? I am my OWN woman, Roman, No matter what our relationship may--" Herc punches Roman hard: "I'm sorry. You were saying?" Roman: "UNNNFFFF!" He slams into a building, but quickly gets back up, and races back to the scene. Strange: "Perfect." Roman: "You want more, Godling?" Herc: "Aye, I do! But I much doubt you are the one to provide it!" Both start to get into a brawl. Herc: "IN THE NAME OF ZEUS, HAVE AT THEE!" Roman: "Imperius Rex!" The hands of both suddenly have a white-glow over them, and their bodies are risen into the air. We see the Silver Surfer is the one doing it. Roman: "What--?" Herc: "Who dares?" Silver Surfer: "These is no reason for this battle. Hercules, I am sure you considered your approach suave, but it was oafish. Roman, you need to have more confidence in your relationship with Brunhilde. Apologize to each other." Roman: "Never!" Herc: "How dare you seek to issue orders to a--!" Silver Surfer moves the glowing to around their wrists, squeezing on them tight. Silver Surfer: "NOW." Herc: "Unnnhhhh!" Roman: "Urkhh!" Herc: "Sorry." Roman: "Apologies." Silver Surfer removes the bonds, and the two fall to the ground. Roman: "OOOFF!" Valkyrie to Roman: "You're an idiot, you know that?" Roman: "It has been brought to my attention." Hawkeye grabs hold of the still-unconscious Hargood: "What do we do with this guy? Should I just slit his throat?" Cap: "Hardly. For one thing, we need him to answer our questions." Strange: "I'm afraid he's OUR prisoner, actually. We have it on reliable authority that he's involved with MYSTIC elements that could prove globally destructive." Cap: "Really? Well, it so happens he may be connected to an attempt on my life." Strange: "That sounds about par for the course." Cap: "Look, come with us to Alchemax. We'll question him there." Strange: "And when we're not allowed to leave?" Cap: "Of course you'll be allowed to leave. You have my word." Strange: "Fine." Hulk also punches aside the still-rising Herc, hard.

Back at Alchemax tower, IM and BW are walking down a hallway. IM: "The Vision warned about this." BW: "Warned about what?" IM: "About these Defenders. She said they were a danger." BW: "They don't SEEM dangerous." IM: "True danger never does. That's what makes in dangerous." BW: "So what are we going to do?" IM: "Wait for them to make their move, I suppose. Can't say I'm enamored with Cap's LAISSIZ-FAIRE attitude." BW: "She's doing what she thinks is right. That's all any of us can ever do." IM: "That reminds me: Did you eat some guy?" BW: "Stone was speaking to you, huh?" IM: "He voiced concern. Did you?" BW: "You think I'm literally a black widow. I have sex and then kill and eat my lover." Both stop and look at each other. IM: "I think you have yet to answer the question." BW: "That's true." She turns and starts walking again: "Let's go see how Hargood's doing."

Elsewhere in the tower:
Hargood is hooked up to some machine, with Miguel and Strange there, and a scientist working with the machine. Miguel: "He's refusing to cooperate." Scientist: "So far, yes. And he took out two of our guards." Strange: "I can't say I like strapping him into this...device." Miguel: "Iron Man created it. He assures us it's quite safe. Your friend will suffer no long term damage." Hargood:" You think you can scare me? You know...NOTHING." He gets zapped with some electricity from the device. Miguel: "I'm sorry. I didn't quite hear that." Strange: "I REALLY hate this." Miguel: "Your teammate wasn't the one he tried to have ASSASSINATED. Now, what do you know about the assault on one Roberta Mendez?" Hargood (weakly): "You have...no idea...who you're dealing with." Miguel: "Why don't you enlighten us?" Hargood: "My grandfather was KARL AMADEUS MORDO... He was a mystic. He was a Sorcerer Supreme. He was a God! And if you think you can permanently entrap his decendant, then you are sadly mistak--" He gets another shock: "EEEEYYAAARRRRRHHHHH!" Scientist: "He's dead, Sir." Miguel: "Bring him back to life and let's start over. He doesn't get away THAT easily."

Hawkeye, Silver Surfer, Herc, Hulk, Valkyrie, and Roman sit/stand in some other room at Alchemax. Hawkeye: "I thought you were ruler of NEW ATLANTIS. How'd you wind up on this crew?" Roman: "Circumstances." Hawkeye: "That it?" Roman: "That is it." Hawkeye (turning to Silver Surfer): "Chatty guy, isn't he?" Silver Surfer doesn't respond. Hawkeye takes a swing (of either cider or booze), and turns away: "Oooookay." Herc (to Valkyrie): "Why him?" Roman: "Excuse me?" Valkyrie (to Herc): "I'm sorry?" Herc: "I said, why him?" Valkyrie: "Meaning why not you." Herc: "I am a God. Only a God is a suitable mate for a Valkyrie." Valkyrie: "We're not even the same religion." Herc: "That means nothing in this day and age." Roman (standing up and waving his finger): "If you continue this course of conversation, I will not be responsible for my actions. And this time not even the Surfer will be able to contain my wrath." Silver SUrfer: "Actually I will not even try. If you are that determined to pound on each other, I have stopped caring overmuch." Herc (addressing Roman): "Then let us finish what we started." Roman: "You will have no argument from me." Valkyrie covers her face in annoyance, and gets between the two: "And then what? The winner will win me as a PRIZE? LISTEN to the two of you! You are both being idiotic. Besides, if the two of you pound on each other, you could wind up taking down this entire building! Some heroes you both are." Hawkeye (raising the bottle): "You want to settle this? You should have a DRINKING contest!" Herc and Roman stare face-to-face. Valkyrie: "Oh, Odin's beard."

Hargood and the others again:
Hargood (weakly): "I never saw him. Never met him. He...sent word through sources. D,,,didn't tell me...why... But none of it will matter...when the Dweller comes...uhhh..." Scientist: "He's out again. But his heart rate is holding. No reason to think he's lying." Miguel: "So he really doesn't know anything. He's just a go-between." Scientist: "It seems so." Strange: "He mentioned a Dweller. That might not be good." Miguel: "Who is the Dweller?" Strange: "There's several who go by that name. And you wouldn't want to meet ANY of them." Miguel: "Don't worry. We'll bury him so deep he and this DWELLER won't be able to destroy a thing." He then talks towards the exit to the hallway, passing Cap as she enters. Miguel: "Captain. Gather the Defenders and have them report to my office. We need to have a meeting." Strange (to Cap): "Bury him so deep HOW, exactly?" Cap: "I've learned that it's often better not to ask questions." Both then leave the room also. Strange: "I wonder how our teams are getting on." Cap: "I'm sure everything's fine."

Both enter the room with Roman and the others:
Roman: "FOOL!" Herc: "IMBECILE!" Strange: "It doesn't LOOK fine." Herc and Roman are having a drinking contest while somewhat laying on the floor, the others standing and watching. Roman: "Did you seriously think you could OUTDRINK someone who lives underwater?" Herc: "Unless you live under mead, that means nothing! Outdrink a God? What fools these mortals be! To Hades with it." Cap (Addressing Hawkeye): "Do I even WANT to know?" Hawkeye: "It was my idea." Cap: "Why am I not suprised? Okay, fine. Shock it. The rest of you, come with me. They'll be no use to us." All but Roman and Herc (drunk) leave the room for Miguel's office." Cap: "Miguel and I will need to talk about Hercules' status on the team, AGAIN." Herc (to Roman): "Clod." Roman (to Herc): "Moron."

In the officer are all the heroes except Herc, Roman, and BW. Miguel addresses them: "So, the Defenders. Nice name." Strange: "Glad you like it. Some people took issue with it." Miguel: "And you are the leader, Strange?" Strange: "When Roman isn't around to claim the title for himself." Miguel: "Well, Strange, it is my honor to offer you a position with Alchemax. Welcome to the team. You'll find we have the excellent compensation package. Plus superb benefits, including medical. I know that people in your line of work oftentimes have much need of medical, yes?" Strange: "That's kind of you, Mr. Stone. But unnecessary. We're not interested." Miguel: "May I ask why not?" Strange: "We're a Downtown group. We always have been. Alchemax is purely interested in Uptown activities." Miguel: "Well, that is where the majority of issues occur, but--" Strange: "AND our headquarters is in the heart of Downtown. It's where we're needed. We cannot relocate here. So thanks, but it's not happening." Miguel: "You don't quite seem to understand, Strange. You don't have an option here." Strange: "Excuse me?" Cap and IM stand by Miguel's side. Miguel: "The law is quite clear: Anyone who is a practicing must work for Alchemax. Independent operators simply do not exist in our world. If you are not an Alchemax employee, you are by definition a super villain. Now you don't seem the villainout type to me. So again: Welcome to Alchemax. I'm sure you'll be very happy here." He holds out his hand to Strange for her to shake, but just stares at Miguel for a bit, then says: "Hulk. Get Roman. We're leaving." Miguel: "No, you're not." A door opens and inwards come some armored soldiers. Silver Surfer (while firing a hand-blast at them): "You dare!" IM (coming at him from behind): "Yes. We do." He tosses some small device on Silver Surfer's back: "Shutting you down isn't that hard. Just cut your contact with the cosmos and you're reasonably easy to take down." Silver Surfer: "AAAAARHH!" Strange opens up a portal behind herself: "VAL! HULK! HURRY!" Hulk rams IM: "I'LL KILL YOU!" Miguel, from behind: "Hulk!" Strange reaches into her portal, and pulls Valkyrie into it. Strange: "DA*MIT!" Miguel leaps towards Hulk, finger-talons extended. Hulk (turning to him): "Oh, you wanna play, huh? I'm gonna enjoy ripping you apart!" Miguel grabs onto his back. Hulk: "What're you--" Miguel sticks his fangs into Hulk's back. Hulk: "OW! You BIT me? How did you--? Hulk begins to fall over. Miguel: "With my fangs. Which inject a paralytic venom that not even YOU can resist." Hulk fully falls to the ground. Miguel: "Find the others. Lock them down. The Defenders are now officially enemies of the state."


Comments: Ok, this CANNOT be the real Miguel. And what became of BW after the first part of the issue? Still, good story.

Secret Wars 2099 #4 (of 5)

New York is no more! In it's place stands Nueva York, a towering metropolis filled with new incarnations of the heroes of the past! Taking on the mantles of such heroes as Captain America, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, these new Avengers fight for truth, justice, and megacorporations like Alchemax. This is


The multiverse was destroyed! The heroes of Earth-616 and Earth-1610 were powerless to save it! Now all that remains...is Battleworld! A massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, Victor Von Doom! Each region is a domain unto itself!

In one such domain, in a futuristic metropolis called Nueva York, the Avengers are owned and operated by Alchemax, a massive corporation that controls superhuman activity. When an attempt was made on Captain America's life, the Avengers began an investigation and crossed paths with the Defenders, a group of heroes operating outside of Alchemax's control.

Miguel Stone, the CEO of Alchemax, ordered their immediate arrest to the dismay of Captain America, who now finds herself having to chose a side.

Alchemax, Headquarters of the Avengers. The year 2099.
Herc and Roman sit with their backs pressed against each other, still drinking and drunk. Herc: "I told Miguel I would give up drinking." Roman: "How did that work out for you?" Herc: "Not so well. How did you do it?" Roman: "Do what?" Herc: "Captivate the Valkyrie. What said you to engage her? I would truly like to know." Roman: "Why? You must have women at your disposal. You are a muscled God. You must be beating them away with a stick." Herc: "Nay. Modern women are a MYSTERY to me. Nothing I say satisfies them. Women no longer want to be swept off their feet." Roman: "Of course not. They wish to be engaged. Mentally stimulated." Herc: "You mean like...card tricks?" Roman: "NO! Not card tricks! Select topics that intrigue them. Discuss matters with them." Herc: "And if THAT doesn't work?" Roman: "Feats of strength." Herc: "That I can do." Some voice: "HERCULES!" We see corporate officers entering the room. One who spoke before: "One side. We're here to arrest the Sub-Mariner." Herc (getting back on his feet): "ARREST him? For what? He may be a bit of an oaf, but he is not so bad, really." Roman: "I appreciate that. I think." Officer: "We weren't given reasons, Sir. Just orders from Mr. Stone himself to arrest him and his entire team of DEFENDERS." Herc: "Well...that makes sense." Officer: "Step aside, Sir. We don't want to have to bring you in t--" Herc then throws him through the nearby wall.

Back in Miguel's office:
Miguel, Cap, Hawkeye, (BW?), and some officers stand over the forms of Silver Surfer and Hulk, both covered in red-line bindings. Officer #1: "Sir! Beta squad is reporting a problem with apprehending the Sub-Mariner!" Officer #2: "Apparently Hercules is offering resistance." Miguel: "Oh, for... Widow, Hawk, get down there. Sweet-talk him, Tania. We don't need a full-blown battle in the building." Cap (to Miguel): "Sir, I cannot say I'm enamored of this protocol. I promised the Defenders they could leave. I gave them my word." Miguel: "And my word outranks yours." Cap: "Mr. Stone, we're taking them prisoners! And they're heroes!" Miguel: "Not if they don't work for us." Winston comes in through the door: "Mr. Stone, your father..." Miguel: "I'll call him back! When hell freezes over!" Winston: "No, he's HERE." Miguel: "Oh, perfect." Cap: "Sir, please listen to what I'm saying. I believe these are fundamentally good people. I know the law, but isn't there a way to--" Miguel: "Dismissed." Cap (holding her head in her left hand): "But...But isn't...I..." Miguel: "I said DISMISSED." Cap (looking back up at him, transfixed): "Sir."

Both Cap and Miguel are in another room, with Tyler Stone in a white robe and some kind of chair. Cap removes her mask. Tyler: "Captain. Good day. Capt--? Ah. Transitioning. Of course." Miguel (arms crossed): "I'm busy running the company you handed to me." Tyler: "Handed? That you took, as I recall." Maskless-Cap: "No. No, this is... This is wrong." Leans arm against wall: "Harry? Harry, help me. I...I don't need help. I need..." Punches same wall: "I promised! I GAVE MY WORD! My word has to mean something! America'a word has to mean something...! It...I...have to..." Looks down, serious: "Assemble."

Four technicians are in Vision's pool, dealing with her thrashing about. Technician #1: "What the shock is wrong with her?" Technician #2: "I don't know! She just started thrashing around! She won't even tell me what she sees!" Technician #3: "Of course she won't! The only one she talks to is--" IM runs quickly into the room: "I'm here! What's going on?" One technician: "It's like we told you, Sir. Everything was fine and then she suddenly started having violent reactions." Sonny gets out of the IM armor: "VISION! It's SONNY! Whatever it is, it's gonna be okay! Calm down!" He reaches her and grabs her left hand: "Do you hear me? Calm down, I said! Tell me what you--" She now pulls him into the pool with her, and wraps her arms around his head, with him gasping for air. One of the technicians pulls him out, with him finally able to breathe. A technician: "You okay, Mr. Frisco?" Sonny (weakly): "I've had better days..." Vision is now someone pulled out of the pool, and starts speaking: "It's all falling apart. All of it... No more Avengers. It's all going to be gone." Sonny: "What are you talking about? Vision, the Avengers are FINE!" Vision: "Roberta..." Sonny: "Roberta...? You mean the CAPTAIN? What's wrong with the Captain?" Vision: "I...I don't know." Sonny (to the technicians): "Get Harry on the line! NOW! And find the Captain!"

Corporate officers are trying to take Roman down. Officer #1: "We got half a dozen tranqs in him AND he's drunk! How is he still moving?! Officer #2: "Will somebody zap this idiot?!" Nearby, BW is watching, with Hawkeye holding up Herc. BW: "It's alllll going to be fine, Hercules. I swear to you. come down to my room and I'll make it all better." Herc: "That sounds...most tempting, fair Tania." Hawkeye: "You're not gonna eat him, are you?" BW: "Shut uuuup, Hawkeye..." Cap arrives: "Hercules." Herc: "Yes, Captain?" Cap: "Hit Hawkeye." He then punches him in the face. Hawkeye: "OOOOOFF!" He then knocks into the officers attacking Roman. One officer: "Unnhh!" BW turns to Cap: "Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" Cap: "I gave them my word that they could leave. My word has to mean something." BW: "It means you said what you HAD to to get them in here!" Cap: "This is wrong, Tania. You know it is." BW extends one of her stingers: "I know this is going to hurt you a lot more than--" Herc punches BW out. Herc (to Cap): "I improvised that." Cap: "So I see. Nicely done. Get Roman and let's go." Herc: "Excellent idea. WHERE?" Both start running. Cap: "Anywhere but here." Herc: "Good. I was getting tired of this place. They tried to stop me from drinking!" Cap: "Yes, well, we'll have to discuss that."

Tyler is now in Miguel's office, stilling down. Tyler: "I've invited you to dinner three times this month." Miguel: "I've been busy." Tyler: "Busy blaming me for everything you don't like about your life?" Miguel: "I blame no one, Dad. We are what we are." Tyler: "And what I am is the man who made this comapny what it is today. I founded the Avengers. I developed the programs that created super-powers. I found Sonny Frisco and harnessed his brilliance. And you know what that means?" Miguel: "It means you show up to boast about it periodically?" Tyler: "It means I should be involved in the direction of this company." Miguel: "Or what, Dad? Bottom line. If you're not involved... What are you going to do about it? Kill me?" Tyler: "You mean like I did your mother?" Miguel looks shocked, and Tyler pauses for a moment, then: "I'm joking, of course." Miguel (standing up and angry): "Are you sure?" Tyler: "I think I would remember having your mother killed, Mike." Winston appears, with IM passing by him towards Miguel: "Sorry, Mr. Stone, I couldn't stop him from--" IM: "Quiet. Miguel, we have a situation. Something's wrong with Captain America." Tyler: "This was inevitable. You gave her a CONSCIENCE, Mike. I always WARNED you about--" Miguel: "Shut up, Dad. Sonny, what are you talking about?" IM: "I just checked. She helped Hercules and Sub-Mariner avoid capture." Miguel: "Get down to the holding level!" IM: "Already on it." Miguel: "Move quickly...they'll go after the Surfer and Hulk next!"

Hercules is trying to break through the forcefield holding Hulk and Silver Surfer, but isn't getting far. Technicial #1: "Our security forcefield should hold him!" Technicial #2: "We better HOPE so! We can't let him get to the Surfer and Hulk!" Herc: "MORE! BRING MORE!" Technician #2: "How the shock is he doing that?!" Technician #3: "Up the power!" Technicial #1: "I can't! It's on MAXIMUM!" Behind Herc are Cap and Roman. Cap: "You can do it, Hercules! Keep going!" Herc: "I am...endeavoring to...but this is...difficult to--" Cap: "Difficult? You're a God! A Prince of Olympus! Do you seriouisly believe that some toys produced by humans can possibly stop YOU? Don't make me laugh! You can be slowed, perhaps, yes. But stopped? Never. And you're going to show these pathetic humans exactly what you think of their force field! You will show them--" Herc looks more determined, facially. Cap: "--WHO--YOU--ARE!" He finally breaks through, with Cap and Roman passing him and into the room. Herc: "Go. I shall be...along...in just a few moments..." Above are Silver Surfer, Hulk, and (I'm guessing) Hargood, hooked up to some machines. Cap: "Let them go!" Technician #3: "We...We can't! Mr. Stone would kill us!" Roman grabs him by the neck: "I assume you're being metaphorical, yes? Were I you, I'd be more concerned about literal. Technician #3: "Shut it down! ALL of it! Inhibitors! EVERYTHING!" Silver Surfer and Hulk break from their mechanical bonds. Silver Surfer: "Excellent." Both now drop to the ground. Hulk: "I KNEW they couldn't be trusted! That they'd make us prisoners here!" Hulk dashes towards Cap: "YOU STINKIN' LIAR!" Cap: "Uh-oh." She jumps and flips out of his way, as he then breaks through the wall into the hallway. Cap: "In case you haven't noticed, I'm helping you break out of here." She lands back on the ground: "All of you, follow him ou--" She then get laserblasted from behind: "UNNHHH!" We see that it was from IM: "Freeze! All of you!" Cap (motioning to Roman and Silver Surfer): "Go. Get out of here. I'll handle him. GO, I said!" IM (firing another face-blast at Cap): "You aren't going to be in any shape to handle anything, Cap." Cap (fliping backwards through the air, also dodging his blast): "Stand down, Iron Man. I'm warning you." IM: "YOU'RE warning me?" She flips onto his back: "Well, I thought it would be sporting." IM: "Get off me!" She then grabs around the suit's neck-area. IM: "ARRHHH! Knock it off! All right! FINE!" He then electrifies the suit, zapping Cap off him: "You want to PLAY? We'll PLAY."

Elsewhere, Herc, Silver Surfer, and Hulk make their way through the various officers. Herc: "This is exhilarating! I haven't had this much fun in ages!" Hulk: "Head for the window!" Silver Surfer: "What window?" Hulk: "The one I'm about to make!" He then punches through the wall, and jumps out of the building, high above the ground.

Back with Cap's and IM's fight: IM (while shooting another face-blast at her, but she dodges): "You can't keep this up forever, Cap!" Cap: "I don't have to. I just need to keep you busy long enough for the others to escape." IM: "Why? This is insane!" Cap: "No! Treating people like criminals simply because they don't work for us is insane! Breaking our promises is insane! All right, maybe not insane, but Un-American. We have to stand for something, Sonny. If we don't support principals and freedoms and ideologies...then we're nothing! We're just corporate stooges. We--" Voice from nearby, Cap turning to it: "Roberta? Bobbie?" Cap sees Harry. Cap: "Harry? What are you doing here, honey?" Harry: "You're dismissed. Dismissed." Cap (holding head with left hand): "No. I'm...I'm still needed...it's...you can't..." Harry: "Bobbie, listen to me very carefully: He's the boogie woogie bugle boy from company B." IM: "What's--?" Harry: "Fail-safe. It'll override any--" A portal opens up behind Cap, with Strange coming out somewhat and pulling her in: "Hi there. Don't mind me." IM: "Strange!" Both and the portal disappear. IM: "No! Wait!"

Elsewhere, in some messy room, stand Strange and Valkyrie, with Cap on the ground, appearing stunned. Strange: "Got her." Valkyrie: "Excellent." Strange kneels down to Cap: "I understand you helped our associates free themselves from Alchemax. They got word to us and are on their way here now." Cap (grabbing her helmet): "I...I don't understand. What's happening? Where am I?" Strange (standing back up): "You're in my sanctum. Captain, what's wrong? Why have you...?" Cap removes her helmet to reveal she's become Roberta, due to what Harry had just said: "What the shock am I doing here?! Who are you people? Why am I dressed like this? WHAT'S GOING ON?!"


Comments: This series is finally reaching a good highpoint. Cap realizes they should represent people on the whole, instad of just those who can pay. In this 2099, I'm guessing Tyler and Chanchata raised Miguel, with him somehow else getting his spider-powers, then, with Miguel still being somewhat moral, setup the Avengers 2099 to be more "heroic" than Tyler wanted, even if the "heroes" only helped paying people. Can't wait for the conclusion!

Secret Wars 2099 #5 (of 5)

New York is no more! In it's place stands Nueva York, a towering metropolis filled with new incarnations of the heroes of the past! Taking on the mantles of such heroes as Captain America, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, these new Avengers fight for truth, justice, and megacorporations like Alchemax. This is


The multiverse was destroyed! The heroes of Earth-616 and Earth-1610 were powerless to save it! Now all that remains...is Battleworld! A massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, Victor Von Doom! Each region is a domain unto itself!

In one such domain, in a futuristic metropolis called Nueva York, the Avengers are owned and operated by Alchemax, a massive corporation that controls superhuman activity.

One group, called the Defenders, operate without Alchemax's permission and were branded as outlaws. Captain America and Hercules disagreed with labeling them as criminals and staged a prison break.

Things are about to get a bit more complicated, however.

Alchemax, Headquarters of the Avengers. The year 2099. In one of the labs:
Hargood: "Excuse me. This is the virtual unreality laboratory, yes?" Lab worker #1: "What are you doing...? You're not permitted in here!" Hargood: "And yet here I am. Apparently someone shut down the power to the device that was holding me in place." Lab worker #2: "Who ARE you?" He raises them in the air with his powers: "My name is Martin Hargood. But I believe I shall henceforth go by the name of my ancestor...Baron Mordo." He steps within the gateway of the virtual unreality gateway, and starts channelling its energy: "And this gateway will provide me access to the being that I have been endeavoring to bring here. Down on your KNEES, Gentlemen! Be prepared to greet him! And then be DEVOURED by him!"

The Sanctum of Strange...
Roberta, still in her Cap gear, sits in a wooden chair with Roman, Herc, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Strange, and Valkyrie standing around her, looking at her. Roberta: "Just...Just let me go! I'm begging you!" Strange: "She's been like this ever since I brought her here. I have no idea what's happened to her..." Herc (placing a caring hand on Roberta's shoulder): "I can tell you. She has been transformed to her other identity." Roberta: "My other what? What are you talking about?! I'm just...I'm Roberta Mendez!" Herc: "Nay. You are far more." He then gets close to her face: "Your husband--Harold--he did this to you." Roberta: "Did WHAT? I don't understand..." Herc: "He subjected you to the super-soldier serum that created the first Captain America. You are his heir." Roberta: "You're insane! You're ALL CRAZY!" Herc stands back up fully again. Roberta: "Why did you stick me into this costume?!" Herc: "It is yours. All of the Avengers know this. But we are under strict orders not to discuss it with you." She stands up: "Just take me home! I'm not some...some super hero! I'm a normal woman!" Herc: "You are anything but." Roberta: "Stop saying that! Just stop saying th--!" Radio voice: "Cap, can you hear me?" Roberta: "Now what?! Where's that voice coming from?!" Voice: "Cap, it's Miguel. Listen carefully..." Roberta: "Mr. Stone? Oh my God! What are you doing in my head?! How is this...?" Miguel voice: "Assemble. Right now. Assemble." She enters her trance to become Cap. The other six watch in amazement (except Herc). Strange: "Whoa." Valkyrie: "THAT is unusual." Maskless-Cap: "Mr. Stone. Not unexpected." Miguel voice: "You need to get back here, Cap. Right now." Maskless-Cap: "I am afraid that is not possible, Mr. Stone. We have fundamental disagreements that--" Miguel is shown in the Alchemax building, everything shaking by what Hargood is doing: "Screw the disagrements! Bring more Defenders! The more, the merrier! We're on code red here! We need all hands! I swear to you, I'll take no one prisoner! They can leave afterwards, assuming any of them are still alive!" Back at the Sanctum: Cap: "Alive? Mr. Stone, what's going on?" Inside the building, Miguel says: "Kind of hard to say," with a huge, black, octopus-like monster on top of the building. At the Sanctum again, Strange is showing some mystical image of the creature to the others. Valkyrie: "What in the world is THAT?!" Strange: "It is the Dweller In Darkness. He's an incredibly powerful demon that specializes in generating fear. And, y'know, mission accomplished. Hargood must've summoned that thing. I knew I should've killed him when I had the chance." Silver Surfer: "But how did he summon it here?" MC: "There's a device at Alchemax called virtual unreality. It's supposed to be a way to summon beings from other domains. It's only in the testing stages." Valkyrie: "Well, I'd say it's been tested SUCCESSFULLY." Roman moves to leave the room: "All of you, head out. I'll meet you there." Cap (I think): "Where are you going?" Roman: "To summon an ally." Cap puts her helmet back on: "What ally is he talking about?" Strange: "I've learned it's better not to ask." Cap: "Surfer. Hulk. Go on ahead and take point on the "Dweller." The rest of us will take on Hargood and attempt to get him to reverse the spell."

We see the Silver Surfer and Hulk take off into the air above Uptown. Silver Surfer: "Are you prepared for the battle, Hulk?" Hulk: "Me? I wake up ready to fight and go to sleep the same way. Oh, and spend every waking hour in between ready, as well. So, yeah. I'm good t'go."

IM is flying through the air, shooting face-blasts at the creature. Dweller: "You truly think to duel with me? Are you mad?" IM: "What I AM is someone who belongs here! That's sure as hell not you!" Dweller: "Tell me, human...what fears do you have, eh? Some, certainly." He contines as we see Sonny's face in the suit, like in the IM movies: "Ahhh...What a tiny man you are. How you were tormented in your youth. And all that you have created was designed to protect you from abuse. Your fears are not at all buried, are they?" IM is tossed downward. Dweller: "How truly pathetic, to think that THIS is the best your world has to offer." In comes Silver Surfer, who blasts hand-blasts at the creature. Silver Surfer: "Think again. You are the Dweller In DARKNESS? Let us see then how you fare under the power of cosmic LIGHT!" Hulk also arrives, leaping towards it: "And in case that don't do any good..." Then kicks it: "...then maybe some good old-fashioned SMASHING'LL help!"

Within an Alchemax building's Genetics Division hallway, Miguel pushes Tyler chair, which turns out to have wheels on it. Tyler: "Where are we going?" Miguel: "To the safe room! Where we can hide until this is over!" Tyler: "So you're hiding, eh? I've taught you well." Miguel: "Dad, could we please not DO this now?!" Tyler (smiling): "You should've listened to me about Captain America. She walked out on you, boy. I knew she would. That's why I hired The Specialist to dispose of her." Miguel: "You...WHAT?" He then faces Tyler. Tyler: "Your team can do far better than her." Miguel: "You tried to KILL her? An Avenger? And the mother of two children?" Tyler: "Seriously, boy? That's your concern? She's a company cog! All cogs are disposable." Miguel: "You're right, Dad. You're absolutely right." He then starts pushing his chair again, but much faster. Tyler: "What are you doing?" Miguel and Tyler are shown approaching a nearby large window. Miguel: "Just getting rid of a cog, Dad." Tyler: "Wha--? No! Wait! I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!" Tyler is pushed out of the breaking window, chair and all: "EEEYARRRHHH!" Miguel (from the broken window area): "Send me a holomemo."

At the virtual unreality gate:
Hargood (arms raised in excitement): "I've done it! The Dweller will lay waste to this city! And once we've finished here--!" Voice from nearby: "Please. Don't serenade us with your plan because we're really not interested." Hargood: "You!" We see Cap (the one who was just talking), Herc, Strange, and Valkyrie approcaching him. Cap: "That's right. Us. Together again, for the first time." Herc: "I shall attend to the fool. The rest of you, dispense with the gateway." Hargood fires an energy shot at Herc, but doesn't phase him. Hargood: "Did you idiots truly believe I was without power?! I am descended from Baron Mordo! My power defies description!" He blasts Herc with more, but he still reaches further towards him. Herc: "Much as your...arrogance does...I will...stop you..." Valkyrie also approaches Hargood alongside Herc, both resisting the blasts. Valkyrie: "WE...will stop him!" Herc: "YES! WE...WILL!" Hargood: "You cannot defeat me! I have more power than you can conceive! Let us see how your resistance fares when I summon the--!" Cap punches him from behind: "Oh my God, shut up." Hargood is down, and Cap turns to the others: "I'm sorry, but I was getting bored waiting. We need to shut this portal. Strange?" Strange: "On it."

Outside, Silver Surfer is still shooting energy-blasts and the Dweller. Dweller: "Your effrontery is completely boundless. Do you think yourselves invulnerable to my powers?" He then shoots red-energy out of both of his eyes, one hitting Hulk, the other Silver Surfer. Dweller: "It is time to set aside that presumption." Silver Surfer (while still on board): "Galactus! No! My...My power is no match for yours! You made me and you can destroy me!" Hulk (back on the ground, standing): "I'm...I'm not really the Hulk! Not REALLY! I'm just John Eisenhart! A normal, everyday guy! I'm not stronger than anybody!" Nearby IM's fallen form stand BW and Hawkeye. Hawkeye: "Well, this isn't going well." BW: "Yeah, I'd have to agree on that." Hawkeye: "What do we do?" BW: "I don't know. Give up?" Hawkeye: "Can't say I've got a better idea." The Dweller now spread its reach all over the city: "You fools! There is nothing that my powers cannot defeat!" Nearby voice: "Nothing, except perhaps something that may be as old as you..." We see the voice is Roman, on the back of a large brown creature: "...AND KNOWS NO FEAR! Giganto! Have at him!" Giganto: "RRRAARRRRRRR" The Dweller gets its tentacles around it: "Nonsense! There is nothing that doesn't know fear!" Roman: "Indeed? Then prove it." Giganto grabs onto the Dweller. Dweller: "No! This...This is not possible!" Roman: "How interesting! It appears you were INCORRECT, Dweller! Giganto knows no fear!" Giganto then tosses the Dweller downward to the street. Roman: "YOU, HOWEVER, DO!" The Dweller crashed into the ground: "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!"

Back at the virtual unreality gate again:
Cap: "Did you hear that?" Strange (who's floating in the air, working with the energies coming from the portal): "I did. He sounds annoyed." Cap: "What can he do in his annoyance?" Strange: "Destroy the world." Cap: "Well, I'd rather that didn't happen." Strange: "Don't worry...I'm on it. Because whatever Baron Mordo can do..." She then raises her arms and channels more energy: "I CAN UNDO!"

Back in the street again. Dweller: "No! What is happening? You cannot!" He starts to get sucked into the tower and into the portal: "Release me! Release me!" Strange continues to work her best at maintaining the portal: "He's fighting back! Getting harder to hold!" Cap: "You can DO it! I BELIEVE in you! Stay steady! Keep at it!" The Dweller then fully gets sucked through the portal: "NOOOOO!" Cap: "You got him! Hercules! He's through! CLOSE THE GATE!" Herc then destroys the portal device. Cap: "I meant 'shut it down,' but that works, too. Let's go up topside, make sure everyone is okay."

At the top of the building is Valkyrie, Roman, Silver Surfer, Strange, IM, Cap, Herc, Hawkeye, BW, and Miguel. Miguel: "So...you realize your group is illegal." Valkyrie: "You've brought it to our attention, yes." Miguel: "I should have the Avengers arrest you." Herc: "You can try." Miguel: "Except you saved the city. My city. So in reality, you're only criminals in the eyes of the law. A law that my late father was instrumental in passing. Sometimes you have to move away from your father to be your own man." Hawkeye (to BW): "'Late' father?" BW (back to him): "I've learned it's often better not to ask." Miguel (facing Strange): "So my suggestion is that henceforth you stay out of our way, and we'll stay out of yours." Strange: "So that's it?" Miguel: "That's it." Strange: "No 'thank you'?" Miguel (turning around to leave): "Don't push it." Cap shakes Strange's hand. Cap: "Thank you." Miguel: "I heard that." Cap: "Good. Now if you'll excuse me...I have to have a long talk with my husband."

That night, at some apartment:
Tania is in bed with the man she ditched at the beginning of issue #1. Man: Ooohhhh maaan...I figured after you ran off the other night, Tania, I'd never hear from you again." Tania: "You figured wrong." Man: "That...that was incredible...I... You're the best I've ever had." Tania: "Yes." Man: "Shock, maybe the best I'll EVER have." Tania: "Yes. And by the way..." She then bites his arm with her fangs. Man: "OWWWW!" Tania: "You never should have killed your previous girlfriend." Man (holding his arm): "You...YOU BIT MY ARM!" Tania: "Yes." Man: "It's...it's going numb! What..the hell---?! Are those--? FANG MARKS?!" Tania sits up fully: "Yes." Now she lunges at him. Man: "NO! WHAT'RE YOU--?! NO!" She then takes a huge bite out of his chest, and just then: Radio voice: "Widow" Tania: "Aw God, not again." Radio voice: "YES, again. Emergency. Times square, pronto." Tania: "Damn it." She then gets up and leaves: "I hate to eat and run." The man is shown dead with part of his chest/stomache missing.


Comments: Finally, Miguel kills off Tyler, like he'd imagined to in the original comic series! Does this mean our team will project the poor and less fortunate from now on? Wish they'd solved that. Still, liked the story, and am very much looking forward to S-Man Vol. 3!

Next to review: Future Imperfect #'s 1-5!

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- Rodimus

Question I looked up on google: Will Ash Vs. Evil Dead be continued as a cartoon?

"In an interview with Collider during San Diego Comic-Con, genre entertainment icon Bruce Campbell confirmed that the powers that be are in conversation to continue his character's demon-busting adventures in a new animated series version of Ash vs. Evil Dead. 'You can do the future a lot easier in animation.'"

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