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Subj: Psycho Slasher Cinema 5: Friday The 13th - The Final Chapter(1984)
Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 at 10:35:14 am EDT (Viewed 42 times)

In 1984, the Friday The 13th franchise decided to kill off it's star, Jason Voorhees, just as his horror icon status was about to start.  The film was directed by Joseph Zito, who had directed the slasher film The Prowler and would later direct Chuck Norris films Missing In Action and Invasion U.S.A.  Special effects master Tom Savini returned to the series and actors Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover had early roles.  This movie takes place directly after Part III, making entres II-IV occur within a few days of each other.

Following the events of Part III, Jason's body is brought to the morgue.  Not as dead as originally thought, he rises and kills a couple of workers, then returns to Camp Crystal Lake.  At the lake, a new group of kids meet the Jarvis family, including youngster Tommy(Feldman) and start to get bumped off.   Meanwhile, a young hunter whose sister was murdered by Jason in Part II shows up.  He's seeking the killer, whom he does not believe is dead.  As it becomes apparent that Jason isn't dead, and several other people become dead, Tommy and his sister fight off the mass murderer.  Tommy had read the hunter's news clippings about Jason and shaves his head and uses makeup to try to make himself look like Jason when he was a boy.  This confuses Jason and allows Tommy to attack him with a machete, hacking him several times while screaming "Die!"  
Afterwards, Tommy and his sister are at the hospital.  As he hugs her, he stares into the camera with a disturbing look and the screen fades to white.

I saw this movie for the first time, and many times afterwards, on cable in the 80's.  At the time it came out, I would've ranked it as my fourth favorite of the series, behind the first 3 movies.  Now, I'd push it up some.  It's probably the best of the movies, though not in my personal top 3.  The acting is some of the best in the series and Savini's effects are great.  What I never agreed with is the killing off of Jason.  Even back then, I didn't believe this would be the last sequel, and remember laughing about that when A New Begining was released.  
This movie gives you more of the really outrageous characters that you can't wait to be killed.  The morgue attendant is an over the top exercise-video watching hornball who lets out a hilarious string of profanities when Jason's hand moves.  Crispin Glover's character is very likable and goofy.  
I'm glad to say, this one was better than I remembered.

Best Kills:

The morgue attendant.  He gets dispatched rather brutally with a bone saw to the neck.

Glover's character yells out "Where's the damn corkscrew?", then gets it in the hand, followed by a cleaver to the face.

Glover's friend, the b&w porn watcher, who gets a knife through the movie screen.

Jason himself.  His death is particularly gruesome, as his head slides down the blade of the machete that Tommy hits him with.  The sound effects help.  His hideous unmasked face makes followed by the child Tommy losing it and hacking Jason's body to pieces as his sister screams makes this scene one of the best of the entire series.  This isn't a campy scenario as would happen in later movies.

As I said earlier, this movie could be the best in the entire series, but, for me personally, I'd rank the movies I've watched recently like this: II, I, X, IV, III.   Part VI and Freddy Vs Jason are probably the only two left that could enter my top 5, and I'll update my list as I go on.

The Final Chapter was another financial success, grossing almost $33 million on a budget of $2.6 million.  
Tommy Jarvis would return, grown up, in Parts V and VI.  Many at the time believed he would take over the series after Jason's death, but, of course, Jason would return.  
From what I heard on a podcast by people who probably did more research than I did, Corey Feldman was a fan of the films and contacted the producers about being in IV after seeing III.

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