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Subj: IDW ROM #11 and Marvel ROM #11
Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 at 11:57:42 pm EDT (Viewed 6 times)

The renegade Wraith and the PTSD case blast into a Wraith base to retrieve the analyzer from a dead spaceknight that the wraiths took down long ago.

It is contained in a device that could only be breached by the Wraith perishing in the attempt. The analyzer is still attached to the severed arm of the dead knight, but the PTSD case has it now.

The human that was Wraith infected and "disarmed" by Orphion has awakened and it seems she has some wraith shape changing ability but her mind is her own.

Orphion sends ROM and Livia with him to investigate a Wraith energy source. Orphion claims he will investigate the 37th parallel and its concentration of Wraiths. However after they leave he says he will attend to his true business......gee let me guess, he still wants to blow up the Earth?

ROM shows Livia there are better methods then charging in blindly but the two Wraiths he dispatched summoned a sea monster that takes them both under the water.....end of story.

This issue also features the start of the Tales of the Solstar Order flashback set of stories. ROM's appearance in this story appears to be closer to the 80's version in terms of his torso, shoulders and head.

Also Sal Buscema is doing the ink work on the Tales of the Solstar Order \:\)

The artwork in the main story also appears to be a step up as well.

So basically ROM, Orphion and Livia are the modern incarnation of when ROM, Starshine and Terminator worked as a team back in the Marvel series. Livia is more like the Brandy Clark version of Starshine when she went a bit crazy and became cold blooded and ruthless. Orphion is similar to Terminator but different enough. Classic ROM was clearly the Optimus Prime of the Spaceknights of Galador, IDW ROM is more a blend of Ultra Magnus' military discipline and training and also some of the compassion of Optimus Prime.

Also the Wraith dying to get the analyzer free is a direct parallel to what happens to Firefall 2 in Classic Marvel ROM #11.

Classic ROM #11

ROM is a prisoner of the Wraiths in D.C. but before they can study his armor, the leader of the Wraiths orders him, his neutralizer and Firefall 2 to be destroyed immediately. We also get another cryptic comment about the fate of Karas the original Firefall.

Firefall 2 can't move but he still incinerates the Wraith that tried to kill him and ROM breaks free of his prison citing that a prison for Firefall doesn't work on ROM as all Spaceknight armors are different.

ROM gets Firefall 2 freed and tells him when he regains his neutralizer he shall give him instruction on how to reach Galador and be freed of the armor and restored to humanity.

Soldiers tricked by the Wraiths start to break in and ROM realizes that only by expending all his power could he break the shield on the Neutralizer, but that would kill him. So Firefall 2 makes the supreme sacrifice and uses his full power to shatter the field and perishes.

The soldiers break in and despite that only ROM can see the Wraiths he still blasts the head scientist to Limbo while an imitation Lois Lane photographs the event.

ROM then faces the soldiers and tells them he rid the Earth of an enemy but that if they choose to not believe him to bring it on!

Next issue ROM vs Jack of Hearts.

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