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30 seasons. The show has been on for 30 seasons and nearly 30 years (28).

I could barely stand it for 30 minutes. (Which is the length of an episode.)

What was the appeal of this show? Did you watch it? It is arguably the most successful reality TV show of all time. And deserves the term "reality" quite a bit more than many others of the genre.

Here's the Wikipedia article:

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I do remember it the early days, I never watched it but was always vaguely aware of it. Later on I got a job at a Fox affiliate so I saw more of it. Cops and America's Most Wanted were fixtures on Saturday night for Fox. Apparently they had a strong following. At one point they decided to cancel or end Most Wanted because maybe the ratings weren't that strong, but the fans were very vocal about it and they had to bring it back the next season, now dubbed America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back.

Next I remember enjoying the Star Wars fan film "Troops," made in the style of Cops with "the men of the Imperial forces." It was right before or after the 1997 theatrical rerelease of Star Wars the Special Edition.


Then there was the X-Files crossover episode.


A year or two ago my wife was hooked on Cops repeats, airing on some cable channel under the name "Cops: Reloaded."

I see that there is a 1000th episode special that just aired on August 19th, just a couple of days ago, and is repeating tonight. I'll record it for her. It'll probably be a greatest hits thing. It probably won't do much for me but who knows, maybe if you condense 30 years into an hour or whatever it will be entertaining.


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I didn't know it was still on either. I always liked Cops. It was never a show that I would seek out but it was usually entertaining enough when nothing else was on. I think in today's world of on demand viewing such shows are shunted off to the sidelines and not as interesting as they used to be.

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