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Subj: IDW ROM #12 and Classic Marvel ROM #12
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 at 12:45:51 am EDT (Viewed 140 times)

Okay so is anyone even reading the new ROM series besides me?


IDW ROM #12: nice cover art. interior artwork is improving. ROM and Livia are fighting undersea wraith monsters that are draining them of their power. ROM attempts to save Livia but she appears to perish stating that she will make ROM a warrior even in death.

We also see their armor adapt to the underwater environment so they can maneuver better. Very nice.

The backup story: Tales of the Solstar Order, again has Buscema working the artwork and it looks even better then the main story art. ROM definitely looks both 80's and modern in this story vs the main story where he looks modernized. he and his fellow Knight are on a planet that is a giant living cell that assimilates life forms that it comes into contact with and has a collective mind. (I'm thinking of EGo the Living Planet for some reason...). It turns out the planet absorbed and cleansed some wraiths some time ago but despite the apparently benevolence of the planet, ROM thinks it should be wiped out as it contains Wraith genetics. His fellow spaceknight reveals he was assimilated by the planet.....

Seriously this book would benefit if Buscema could do the artwork of the main story, or else see if Bob Layton wants to do some artwork.


ROM has regained his neutralizer and faces the guards at Project Safeguard. ROM states his weapon will banish Wraiths but kill any human it blasts, so he analyzes them and blasts only the Wraiths.

The hero Jack of Hearts arrives and sees what appears to be humans being disintegrated and attacks ROM. The fight is fierce and ROM quickly learns his neutralizer will kill Jack as Jack is pure energy. Jack also mentions the HULK during their fight and ROM begins to think he needs to reevaluate humans a bit.

Note: this is the first time ROM would hear of the Hulk and eventually ROM would one day meet the HULK.....

ROM's armor absorbs Jack's blasts and ROM tries to flee before he overloads and shuts down again like when he took in too much power from a downed electrical line.....yet Jack can't shut him down.....ooookkkkaaayyy.

ROM gets into near orbit and knocks Jack aside to protect him as his armor discharges the power. Jack thinks ROM is destroyed and is hailed a hero. ROM is still alive and passes out as he plunges into the atmosphere and lands in the sea.

Also the human reporter Ace was there taking photos of the action and begins to plan her story about ROM but she will be in for a surprise.

Also Wraith-Steve proposes to Brandy Clark who accepts.

Next issue begins the backup story Saga of the Spaceknights.

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