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Subj: Rewatched Highlander 3 for the heck of it.
Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 at 09:47:10 pm EST (Viewed 357 times)


This movie is still in my mind a disappointing rewrite/rehash of HL 1.

This movie was released at about the same time as Season 4 of the TV series was starting.


HL 3 does serve one good purpose: it negates HL2 from movie continuity. HL 2: Brenda died from U.V. poisoning but in HL 3 she was reported as killed in a car crash while Connor walked away without a scratch.....

Connor is living in another country with his adopted kid. He recalls how long ago in Japan he met and was trained by immortal Nakano who taught him how to forge weapons, fighting skills and also helped teach him to tell what could be illusion vs reality as Nakano did have the power to cast illusions. He offered Connor his head so that Connor could take all his knowledge and the power of illusion but Connor refused to kill a mentor and friend.

Kaine arrives, seeking Nakano's power. he sees through the illusions and takes Nakano's head, but the head speaks that Kaine will not be the one and ensures his quickening seals the cave even as Connor escaped.

Now, 400+ years later the cave is unsealed and Kaine and his two goons revive from death/stasis as oxygen enters the cave.

Kaine senses that Connor is alive and sends one of his goons to find him, but not engage him in battle. AFter goon #1 leaves, Kaine kills goon #2 and takes his power.

Connor is across the world and sees the energies in the sky and knows other immortals walk the planet....but is astounded as he thought they were all dead and the Prize was his.......despite not having Nakano's power in him.....

Also it is not stated if Connor had the prize at the start of the movie and lost it when Kaine revived or that he never had it in the first place. That is open to interpretation.

So somehow despite being 400 years behind the times, goon #1 gets to New York where Connor traveled to. Connor is "killed" by street punks only to revive in the hospital and be locked up as a lunatic.....

Goon #1 somehow knows where Connor is......despite being miles away. This again makes one wonder if an immortal can somehow vector in on a specific immortals location via concentration or if it is just sloppy writing....I'm going with sloppy.

Connor is not armed but knows a few tricks and beheads goon #1. The police find the body and one of the detectives remembers that the main suspect from years ago is Russel Nash aka Connor and confronts Connor warning him that he is on to him.....yawn.

Connor is practicing in a Buddhist monastery/holy ground, Kaine confronts him and doesn't care about the rule and attacks. This establishes they CAN fight on holy ground but cannot go for the kill. Kaine tries for the kill, Connor loses his sword in the process and the statue starts to glow ominously and they both decide to flee.

Connor goes home to the Highlands to reforge hsi sword, the love interest who opened the cave tracks him down, now knowing he is immortal. Connor cannot reforge his sword as he doesn't have the right metals on hand. She gives him a metal square that was from Nakano's forges, of course it is the right alloy and in record time Connor remakes his katana....all the while Kaine NOT being able to divine Connor's location but somehow gets Connor's adopted kid......Connor of course confesses that he cannot die to the love interest which acts as an aphrodisiac and gets lucky.

Anyway then comes the show down......long story short we do see a slightly humorous part where Connor cuts Kaine in two at the waist but Kaine reassembles himself and the fight goes on. Kaine loses his had and Connor now presumably has the prize and rides off with his new love an adopted kid.

But an ominous lighting bolt striking the Macleod sword that marks Heather's grave makes one wonder......

Sloppy writing and a rehash of the first movie.

Does Connor truly have the prize? It really isn't stated. Are other immortals lurking around? maybe. Is HL2 negated from continuity of the movies? Yes.

Does this link to the series? Nope. Big mistake.

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