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Subj: Marada the She-Wolf
Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 at 05:02:40 am EST (Viewed 304 times)

Marada's mother was born of Julius Caesar, her father, a prince in his own land, a slave in Rome. He was disembowelled on the rack, her mother fleeing the Eternal City, taking Marada with her to be raised free.

Julius Caesar had two daughters, the first named Julia (c. 76 B.C. – 54 B.C.), who was the fourth wife of Pompey and who died in childbirth while Caesar was in Britain.

But it was a mysterious second daughter, who supposedly died in infancy, that Claremont appeared to be basing his historical premise on.

So was his intention to suggest this daughter hadn’t died but survived, and lived on into adulthood to become Marada’s mother?

This would set the stage from the point when Caesar invaded the isle of Britain (in 55 and 54 B.C.), so was the idea that Caesar captured a Celtic Prince during the invasion, this prince in turn meeting Caesar's daughter upon his return to Rome, falling in love and then marrying her?

Of course, Caesar was then assassinated by Brutus, so any children of his direct lineage would be considered a serious threat to the surviving powers who were now violently vying for the throne.

If Brutus and Cassius had been victorious at the Battle of Philippi (in Macedonia, 42 B.C.), then the entire lineage of Caesar would have been wiped out.

Would Marada, being of the direct bloodline of Julius Caesar, have a legitimate claim to the throne? Octavian had been adopted by Caesar, but was not a biological son of the dictator. These facts fit in very uncomfortably with Octavian’s (Augustus) bid for rulership of Rome and the ambitions of his scheming wife. Marada and her father would therefore now be liabilities in the eyes of the ruling powers. So her father perhaps gets arrested and publicly executed and Marada’s mother flees Rome to raise her far away!?

At the opening of the first episode, The Shattered Sword, Marada (now 24 years old) is being returned back to Rome by a Roman Tribunal who is trying to procure favour from the Emperor. So the big question is was the plan for Marada to eventually circle her way back to Rome and a possible confrontation with Emperor Augustus Caesar?

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