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Subj: Nostalgic revisit to the Transformers episode Dark Awakening
Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 at 12:20:14 am CST (Viewed 271 times)

The year is 1986 and season 3 of the Transformers cartoon has begun on TV.

First came the Five Faces of Darkness that showed us the Quintessons as the creators of the transformers and enemy to all Transformers.

Then came the episode Dark Awakening......

Rodimus, Magnus, Kup, Arcee, Spike and Daniel are in space fleeing from an attack by Galvatron. The Quintessons led Galvatron to them so that Rodimus and the Matrix could be destroyed.

Well they escape in an escape pod and they find themselves approaching the Autobot Mausoleum that they built to inter the fallen Autobots from the Great War.....including Optimus Prime.

They enter and begin to walk around and Daniel wanders on his own and sees the tombs of some Autobots then getss startled when he sees a battered and damaged OPTIMUS PRIME walking around!

he tells the others but they are skeptical however Rodimus states there is only one way to be sure and he opens Optimus' tomb...over the objections of the other Autobots....Rodimus knows the Matrix would have alerted him if Optimus were alive but wants confirmation. Smart move. He opens it and they are startled to see that it is EMPTY

Decpeticons attack and they are being driven back....amazing given that Rodimus Prime has all the power of Optimus combined with all previous Primes in him thanks to the Matrix.....but then Optimus Prime appears and the Decepticons flee in terror....

Optimus approachs the Autobots, somehow alive, and very confused and dazed. His body still has all the battle damage from the movie, as well as some signs of possible metal fatigue/decay from being dead. Yet Rodimus PRime is immediately in awe and happy to have optimus back and quickly wants to return the Matrix to him......ID10T!

Optimus shows he built and escape vessel and thus Rodimus thinks he is fit to command and returns the Matrix. This causes him to revert back to Hot Rod. optimus then blasts them senseless and sets the place to destruct by flying into a sun.

Optimus leads the Autobot fleet into a Quintesson trap and Hot Rod and crew having escaped death intercept and get onboard. Hot Rod orders them to turn the fleet around and goes after Optimus.

Despite the warning that the blast doors to the command center are locked down and that no one can get through them.....Hot Rod easily smashes them down. Now look closely, after he enters the command center he looks like he is RODIMUS again despite not having the Matrix...turns out the Matrix has been radiating energy to restore Optimus and since Optimus is full of holes and cracks in his armor that radiating energy likely also made him Rodimus again as PROXIMITY to the Matrix can still change him.

Optimus then remembers what the Quinttessons did to him, they noted he had lingering traces of memory and personality but they reanimated him with special circuits to simulate life and keep him going despite further damage he received when he fought Rodimsu including his left arm breaking off.

The Matrix finally restores Optimus' spark to his undead body and he gives the Matrix back to Rodimus and sacrifices himself to save the Autobots. He receives tremendous damage but his Quintesson animated undead body won't quit and he drives the ship into the trap that detonates a supernova.....

Now this episode aired soon into the season after the movie and it was clear that Optimus was intended to be destroyed forever.

But never underestimate the power of traumatized kids and irate parents, for THAT IS WHY Optimus Prime was retconned back to life in th two part Return of Optimus Prime. it was not due to Rodimus being a lousy character. Also this is why the GI JOE animated movie had to make a last minute change to keep DUKE alive after being speared in the heart by a poison serpent and the serpent was then ripped out of his chest before medics could arrive....

Anyway this was a good episode despite any mental trauma it gave kids who cant realize that cartoons are not real.

A good plan by the quintessons and we get an Optimus/Rodimus fight.

Rodimus didnt' want to fight Optimus but finally realized he had to stop him, preferably by knocking sense into him as he didn't want to destroy him.

Rodimus though was predictable in that the Quints knew he would be eager to return the Matrix despite Optimus clearly not being fit to lead.

Also an interesting thing to note: the Matrix did restore Prime's mind/spark to his body and thus he was not in the Matrix when he returned it to Rodimus...thus Rodimus Prime's power/wisdom should be slightly diminished with out the spark of Optimus inside the Matrix of leadership. However Rodimus didn't notice or else this wasn't thought of at the time as he was still able to handle Galvatron in combat and he still had excellent leadership ability.

Also proximity to the Matrix does make Hot Rod into Rodimus:

1. He was near it after it was knocked out of his hand in the movie and didn't revert

2. He was near it as it radiated energy in Dark Awakening to fight Optimus

3. In Burden Hardest to Bear, after his crash, the Matrix was knocked out of him but still nearby until the stunticons stole it. After they left with it, Rodimus reverts to robot mode and you can see him start to revert to Hot Rod. The Matrix gave Scourge power so that he would attack Earth and draw Hot Rod to it in the hope that Hot Rod would prove he was still worthy.

Also it should really be pointed out that:

1. Rodimus was a complete ID10T for returning the Matrix to Optimus. He thought just because Prime had allegedly built an escape craft that he was fit to lead despite showing extreme battle damage and decay, that Optimus seemed to be in a daze, and his eyes occasionally would flash as if a power overload were occurring. Rodimus also didn't even care as to the hows and whys of Optimus apparently being alive.

2. if Rodimus were paying attention I bet the Matrix of Leadership was trying to warn him, but he doesn't listen.

3. All the Autobots on Cybertron and in the attack fleet were also ID10Ts. Despite Optimus' tale of how the others sacrificed themselves against the Quintessons for Optimus to escape, no one questions the fact that Optimus is somehow alive, shows extreme physical damage and his eyes are flickering and that he was a bit hostile to his commands being questioned by Perceptor! Also no one questions why Optimus is not taking any action after the Quintessons start blowing up parts of the fleet???

Seriously is everyone that much in awe of Optimus Prime that they don't invoke any medical regulations to force him into the repair bay for a diagnostic and full repair? No one asks him how he is still alive when he clearly perished, his spark joined the Matrix and his body turned dull gray??

Perceptor and the Protectobot medic First Aid should have insisted Prime report to the repair bay before they even left Cybertron.

Also check out the picture I uploaded of Optimus right before his ship detonated the trap. It is quite obvious that the writers had ZERO plans to ever bring him back after this.

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