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- Authority volume 1 number 1 came out in 1999 so they're one of ours!

The real reason I was even thinking about the Authority is the recent end, after 24 issues, of Warren Ellis's The Wildstorm, which is one of the best things I've ever read, bar none.

I often don't like Warren Ellis's work. I didn't like The Authority back in the day. Or rather, I didn't bother reading it, because it was clearly a warped Justice League, and I had no interest in warped Justice Leagues. To this day I have no interest. JMS captured my imagination briefly with Supreme Power but that was a weird anomaly for me. I frankly don't know why I took an interest in that. I think it might have been the art.

Speaking of art, I notice the original artist for volume one of The Authority was Bryan Hitch. Back then that name meant nothing to me. Of course Hitch went on to do a variety of things, one of which was a warped version of the Avengers in The Ultimates with Mark Millar. I have to believe his work on The Authority was a big reason why Hitch was chosen for The Ultimates.

Did you read The Authority volume one? Did you enjoy it? Do you think it's withstood the test of time?

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I'll admit, I never read any of it. The Authority was part of Wildstorm after DC bought the imprint, correct? Along with Stormwatch and such?

I was basically only reading core DC stuff at the time. I think I heard it was a good book but the only thing that sticks in my memory is that the Superman and Batman analogues were lovers, right?

Whatever became of this group after Wildstorm got folded into the DCU proper after Flashpoint?

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