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Subj: Do Any Movies From The 80' Still Hold Up? Which Ones?
Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 at 01:57:53 pm EDT (Viewed 893 times)

I think that most of the 80's movies in particular have probably aged and dated the worst. I think that 70's movies like Taxi Driver, The first two Godfathers, Chinatown, etc, are timeless, but I kind of cringe when I rewatch The Star Wars (And even Indiana Jones.) movies, etc. So, what are the best movies from the 80's that have stood the test of time? My favorite movie from the decade would probably be Once Upon A Time In America (The REAL, uncut and unedited version.). I think that Blue Velvet (Another favorite.) would still hold up. Even one of my favorites like The Stepfather (With a FANTASTIC Terry O'Quinn!) doesn't really hold up all that well. I still have to catch Raging Bull, which is considered by many to be the BEST movie of the decade.

What do you guys think?