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Subj: Babylon 5: The Vorlon's Inquisitor
Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 at 08:42:47 am CDT (Viewed 440 times)

So for those just watching the series for the first time, or that have seen this episode before, what do you think about the Vorlons taking one of the most notorious serial killers in Earth's history and:

1. Showing them the depth of their crimes

2. The depth of their arrogance

3. How they are not a chosen on/messiah

4. Teach him some of their ways and about the upcoming war

5. Empower him with some Vorlon/cosmic power

6. Put him to work as their inquisitor for the next 400 years.

400 years of penance which for him basically ends up being a purgatory or living death, and that with his mission completed he hopes they will let him die. Sheridan agrees that might be for the best and we then get a rather chillign delivery of dialogue that confirms that the man known as Mr. Sebastian is forever remembered in history.......as JACK the Ripper

Babylon 5 is well known for any of is characters being in the moral grey area a lot of the time.

This revelation and his methods also pretty much reveal for the first time that the Vorlons while being a mysterious and somewhat kind race also are not quite the good guys, which subsequent episodes reveal more fully.

Clearly no one else could fulfill the role of Inquisitor like he did, but still.....400 years of service/penance.

Clearly the Vorlons saved many lives by taking him off Earth, but 400 years......

Were the right? Wrong? Or both?

He is put through some type of rehab, and is put to productive use but still....

Also it seems pretty clear the Vorlons didn't ask him, they just took him. Which in his case may not be a bad thing given who he is.

With the Shadows, people willing agree to serve them, but they are usually offered what they most desire, but with the Shadows its all honey and lies, their servants are corrupted in the process of being empowered. Those that choose not to serve end up as living CPUs for their ships which wipes out their memory and personality, as was the case with Sheridan's wife.

So the Shadows are definitely fitting the description of evil aliens.