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Subj: Hobgoblin Poll
Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 at 11:03:21 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: OneMore Day part 1 ASM 544 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 at 12:59:24 pm EDT

Yay! This thread has nothing whatsoever to do with OMD/BND!

Here's some Hobbie related questions for you:

1) What's your favourite all-time Hobgoblin story (you can choose any of them - Kingsley, Macendale, that female one from 2211 etc)?

2) What did you think of the Flash being framed storyline?

3) What was your initial reaction to ASM #289 (Hobbie revealed as Ned Leeds)?

4) If you're an old-time fan (or just an old fan) and were reading Spidey in the 80s - who did you think Hobgoblin was at the time?

5) If Stern's plan of the 'evil twin' Kingley was originally done in the 80s comics, how do you think you would have reacted to the revelation at the time?

6) What did you think of Hobgoblin Lives?

7) What's been best and worst Hobgoblin incarnation? (Kingley, mercenary Madendale, demonic Inferno Macendale, Demogoblin, souped-up clone saga era Hobgoblin, Bendis Secret War Hobgoblin, 2211 Hobgoblin... am I forgetting any?)