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Subj: NOTICE Regarding Posting, Please Read
Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 at 12:12:50 pm EDT (Viewed 4738 times)

Recently, the administration has had a growing concern over the overall negativity and lack of respect afforded to varying opinions here. While this is a discussion forum and it is expected that occasional debates will grow heated, there is a very clear difference between this rarity and the too often found dismissive and even insulting nature that has been arising as of late. Most of the time, this takes the form of either a response that essentially “poo-poos” a poster’s thoughts without providing any real reflection or debate, contains veiled insults directed towards a poster rather than directing criticism towards their stance or by tossing up a no text reply that adds nothing to a thread.

This notice is being posted to both address this concern and to let the community know that we want everyone to give some consideration to your posts before submitting them and, if you are wondering whether it crosses a line, than it probably does. Humor is great! We love it! When you decide to respond with humor, it should be directed at the subject being discussed, not at the person making the original point. “Can’t you take a joke?”, “I was only kidding” and “You’re being too sensitive” are not a valid defense to insulting someone with sarcasm. We will be deleting replies that we believe feed into this negativity and lack of respect for others. Obviously, some of this is going to be subjective, though the moderators are here to moderate and so will be making these decisions. If you find that one of your posts has been removed, feel free to e-mail us to question it. If you have concerns over this policy, feel free to e-mail us with those concerns. We welcome any concerns about this policy to further everyone’s understanding of it, though it will not be debated on this board.

The management loves hosting this site for anyone who loves the characters and joins in the enthusiasm for the medium. They also understand that the site isn’t for everyone and that those who don’t like the atmosphere or the manner in which it is moderated have the choice and freedom to go elsewhere. With that in mind, feel free to contact them as well with concerns about these or other issues. They are easily accessible by going to the top of this board, clicking on the “Comic Boards” icon on the right and then scrolling downward and clicking on the “Contact Management” link on the left.

Continue talking about the stories, character and creators that you care about and have fun! After all, that is what this site was always meant to be about.

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