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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man #595--American Son, part 1
Posted: Fri May 29, 2009 at 04:12:03 am EDT (Viewed 36 times)

Well, having read this, I'd have to say this was actually a pretty decent start to this storyline. The dialogue is good, with each character's voice distinct, and Jiminez's artwork is also nicely done (although, there was a mistake with Spidey having no webs on his mask in one panel, and there seems to be a bit of wasted space in some cases). I do, however, have a few misgivings mixed in with the good, though.













*It does seem like Kelly was going too much for Tobey Maguire as Peter and James Franco as Harry in that park scene in which Harry acts like a player while Peter is tongue tied. Basically, Harry being such a stud with the ladies just seemed a bit off, especially since it was another reason to show up Peter as the "lovable loser." However, we later see Harry essentially stand up to his father the first time he's offered to join the "Dark Avengers." Clearly, the idea is to get across that Harry has become a changed man--until he gets tragically dragged into his father's schemes, of course.

*Jay Jameson is proving to be nothing but a "Marty Stu" at this point. Oh sure, we learn he was "dishonorably discharged" from the armed services, but how much you want to make a bet that it was the result of disagreeing with the orders of an "evil superior officer?" Peter likes him, Harry likes him, Aunt May loves him, and he stands up to both his son and Norman friggin Obsorn, so therefore we must like him. It wouldn't surprise me AT ALL if he's being set up to be killed or seriously injured in issue #600 given how they're playing this guy up as the "perfect senior citizen." Although, I did get a kick out of Jameson's growing horror at the possibility of being Peter's "cousin" and him attempting to conspire with Peter to make him stop the wedding.

*And speaking of Jameson, some might feel a little put off by the fact that he acts like a total brown nose to Norman Osborn in this issue. Personally, I'm not bothered by it, as it's suggested that this is all pretense on his part because Norman is the most powerful man in the country and it's good to have someone like that on your side if your the mayor, regardless how you feel about him.

*I also am a bit mixed when it comes to Spidey essentially willing to kill Norman Osborn, as suggested when he attacks Norman. Granted, Spidey certainly has good reasons for doing so--he killed Gwen, almost ruined his life by making him think he was a clone, brainwashed him, buried his Aunt May alive, almost killed MJ, etc, and certainly feels he has to save Harry from his father's influence. However, as bad as Norman is, would Spidey really deprive Harry of his father? After all, doesn't Spidey know what it's like to loose a father figure? Sure, Harry is not exactly on the best terms with his dad, but does anyone think he wouldn't want to get back at Spider-Man for killing his dad? You know, just like the last time he thought Spidey killed his dad after Gwen Stacy died?!

*Finally, there's the issue of Lily being pregnant with Harry's child. As I and others are speculating, I have a gut feeling that not only is this obviously a scheme cooked up by Norman and Lily to get him to join the "Dark Avengers" but it wouldn't surprise me if Norman was the real father--although it makes me wonder whether Marvel would want to go down that road again with Norman deflowering blonds.

This leads to what I think could be a flaw with this arc, and that is we can already see how the pieces may fall into place well before the story is over. Since Peter failed at the direct approach, he's going to work with Norah to uncover some dirt on Osborn as a journalistic assignment--after Norah gets herself into hot water, of course. Likewise, the Dark Avengers will go after Spidey which will basically be "New Ways to Die, redux", with Harry as the new American Son being the guy roped to taking down Spider-Man. And, of course, he'll learn the truth about Lily's pregnancy, but realizes he can't back out now. And Peter, in a last ditch effort to explain things to Harry, will most likely reveal he's Spider-Man--unless, of course, it ends up being Jay, thus ensuring his destiny for the fridge even more likely.

Finally, I think there will be some who will find this issue a bit slow, as it is mostly character interaction--which is not bad mind you--and only one real fight scene in which Spidey beats Norman to a pulp, only to be interrupted from delivering the final blow by Osborn's cell phone.

Anyways, reservations aside, so far, American Son is starting off on a pretty good note.