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Subj: could Mephisto be norman's special friend?
Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 at 04:40:21 pm EDT (Viewed 11 times)

Does it seem werid that Spiderman's greatest foe is now the head man and holds all the cards and two of his worst foes Mysterio and Vulture have come back to life and serve a demominc master who we don't know maybe all this crap is connected to Mephisto . I also wonder is the love of marry Jane and peter all the demon got or could the vision of his daughter they would have had have something to do with it . I wonder if that daughter someday was going to stop the demon from doing something. I also wonder if the girl was going to become sorceress supreme since in the vision the girl was in a cloak. Sentry seems like a weak weapon since norman is a ssmart man and sentry is 50% effective given his mental state . half the time he runs away and is not used. And given how smart doom is wouldn't he by now have a counter measure agianst senty.