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Subj: Spider-Man Revisited 45: David Michelinie Part One
Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 at 07:30:43 pm EDT (Viewed 22 times)

Original opinion: Perfectly solid. Maybe a little more hit and miss after Peter's parents came back, but his stories always had something going for them.

MTU #103 (The Assassin Academy, w/ Ant-Man)
Featuring two of DM's favorite toys - Scott Lang and the Taskmaster. A buddy of Scott's from his days in The Joint offers a spot in the Taskmaster's school, but forgot to ask the Principal first and got himself killed. Pete, of course, had an assignment from the Bugle that led him to the school. Wackiness ensues.

(I'm quickly realizing that it's difficult to say much about Marvel Team-Up stories. Since the whole idea is to stick two characters into a blender, play with them a bit, and leave them back there they started, most of the stories tend to be fluff. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

MTU #108-109 (Critical Mass, w/ Paladin and Dazzler) (#109 was by David Kraft.)
Introducing nutriotionist turned insane serial killer, Thermo. Paladin is hired to snag him and Spider-Man gets involved when he see Paladin walking around with a gun and they do the "misunderstanding leads to a fight" bit. They settle things quickly (although Spidey still doesn't like him all that much once he finds out that Paladin only works for money - hits a bit close to home (because of Spidey's initial motivation once he got his powers)) and go on the chase. Alas, Thermo whips their heinies. Good thing Dazzler was there to help out. One recovery period later, Spidey puts his brains to use and we get the big fight.

MTU #110 (Magma Force, w/ Iron Man) (Plotted by Herb Trimpe)
Introducing the original Magma, industrialist turned armored blackmailer. He wants to destroy New York in revenge for perceived slights (although he was willing to give them the chance to buy themselves out of it) and has an earthquake machine to do the job. Iron Man takes care of Magma and Spider-Man takes care of the machine.

MTU #136 (Webs, w/ Wonder Man)
Daniel Steyr wants Spider-Man's webbing to make protective devices for cops, in the name of a cop who once sacrificed his life to save Steyr's. Alas, rather than ask Spidey for help, he sics the Mauler on him. Wonder Man is also around helping the company test other safety devices and naturally gets involved. Then Steyr sacrifices his life to save a cop, bringing everything full circle. Good, but you'd think there would have been a moment where Spider-Man considered whether or not there'd be something he could do about the problem Steyr was trying to address. The means were bad, but the ends were valid.

MTU #142-143 (Shifts and Planes, w/ Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) and Starfox)
A well meaning scientist attempts to solve the world's population problem by ejecting a billion people into other dimensions. Sure, why not? The machine used to do it also had a tendency to dork with Captain Marvel's powers. She and Spider-Man take save the day (by sending the machine itself to another dimension instead of the people) but Monica got stuck in energy form. So Starfox and Spider-Man go to her rescue by tracking the machine down, figuring that destroying it will solve the problem, but it's being used by a clan of hot women (and some guys who don't do much) to protect themselves from this manly man. Starfox volunteers to take out the guy in return for the machine, but he gets sick and Spidey has to do all the heavy lifting. Tsk. But Spidey's up to the task, the evil guy accidentally drops himself off a cliff, the machine is destroyed, and everyone goes home.

And then, DM gets his shot at solo Spidey stardom.

Web #8-9 (Local Hero)
The tale of the Smithville Thunderbolt, who touched a meteor in the 50s, got powers and became a local hero. Then his powers start fading but he's too addicted by the adulation to quit, so he starts faking emergencies so he can continue to "save the day." But then an ambitious photographer discovers his secret, gets a picture, and Spider-Man and the Thunderbolt unsuccessfully try to convince her to not run it. The population of Smithville takes the news well but rather than accepting his "Hollywood ending," the Tbolt shoots himself. Sad.

Web #14-15 (Fox Hunt)
The damage from Peter's apartment fire is going to get him kicked out if he doesn't get it fixed. Nathan Lubensky is the hospital from a beating he received from his... ummm... creditors (gambling problem, y'see) but can't afford the bills. Time for Pete to suck it up and sell the gold notebook. He runs into the Black Fox (octogenarian master thief who has an uncanny knack for getting Spider-Man to let him go) and new villain/compulsive gambler Chance. Chance gets beaten up, the Fox gets away and Pete ditched the notebook for far below market value. So it's either the apartment or Nathan, which isn't much of a choice. Good thing MJ is there to save the day, not that Pete was thrilled about that.

Web #16-17 (Underworld)
Magma's back, now with more spikes. Pete and Joy Mercado get sent to the Virginia/West Virginia border to investigate strange doings. Then things get blown up, including Pete's last red suit and, possibly, Pete. (That tattered costume at the end had me a little worried back in the day.) And so the "Missing in Action" event is officially underway. (A two issue event? Golly.)

Web #18 (The Longest Road)
So where was Spider-Man? Wandering North without money (or pants), getting caught for vagrancy, playing "The Most Dangerous Game" (home version) with a crazy old dude thanks to a corrupt sheriff (fortunately, the deputy was honest), and then hopping on a semi. Duh. Also featuring the debut of... Eddie Brock's hand! (Thanks to the Marvel Universe Handbook for pointing that out to my dense self back in the day.)

Web #19 (Humbug)
Turmoil in May's life following the break-in in Spec #113 - she's dumped Nathan (although he's still a boarder) and a couple of her borders have left. International Punisher wannabe Solo makes his debut (and is then promptly shelved until ASM #323). And Spidey faces entomologist turned super-villain (he needed more funding for his research) Humbug. Good clean fun.

Web #20,22 (Local Wars) (#22 was plotted by Jim Shooter and scripted by Len Kaminski; #21 was a straight fill-in)
Terrorist activity in London and Belfast as Roxxon attempts to create a new market for a weapon system rejected by the Department of Defense. Okay.

Web #23 (Slip Slyding Away) (Script by Len Kaminski)
Joy's pissed off at Peter because she thinks he has Spider-Man do all the legwork (not that anything comes of it) and Slyde returns doing more of what he did in his first appearance.

Web #24 (High Stakes) (Script by Len Kaminski)
The Vulture attempts to sell rigged dice in Atlantic City (with Peter, Aunt May and some seniors visiting at the time...) and Eddie Brock's hand makes a return appearance.

Michelinie's Web run certainly fizzled, but he apparently did enough to impress Jim Salicrup that he got a shot at the big time. But before he could get properly started, he had one minor job to do.

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