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Subj: Axis Carnage #1...
Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 at 05:14:57 pm EDT (Viewed 182 times)

AXIS: Carnage 001 [of3]

So, we have to think positive with this whole half-heartedly introduced INVERSION cross-title plotline. Hopefully, it will yeild inspiring twists and tales. This NEW take on Carnage was completely average - and NOT at all compelling to me. Kletus is acting like a poor man's Deadpool who himself often acts like a poor man's Spider-man. Not an enriching premiere - although Sin-Eater has some potential.

To be fair, Marvel is fair to post the PARENTAL ADVISORY for the predictable overdose of gimmicky gore and gratuitous gutslashing inside. Blecch.

Ugly cover. Average inside art.

Was Carnage's web always colored red?

Carnage has dreams of being good like Superman and newswoman Alice Gleason plays the ironically? intentionally? 'Inverted' Lois Lane - even though she technically is not affected by the WandaDoom Spell.

So, Sin-Eater gets a revamp from street vigilante based to mystical spirit based it appears. PAD's version may or may not have been a successor and/or avatar of this new 'demon'.

Anyone going to stick around for all 3?

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