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Subj: So, How Was The Second Clone Saga SUPPOSED To End, And What Would Have Happened If It Went As Planned?
Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 at 12:23:33 pm EST (Viewed 404 times)

I still would have LOVED to have seen the story play out as planned. It obviously was not meant to go on for two years, and Norman Osborn (And Stromm?)wasn't supposed to return or have anything to do with this. I've read The Life Of Reilly column (More than once, for sure.)that details EVERYTHING about this, but I'm still not sure what the original plan was. Was Aunt May supposed to die (She should have STAYED dead!) in #400? Was Peter supposed to become Spiderman again, or was he supposed to just live a normal life with MJ (Along with their child.)? I know that Ben was going to be Spiderman and have his own book, but were both of them going to be Spidey? Was The Jackal supposed to be brought back, etc. I think that things would have been a LOT different if the original storyline played out. What issue/title was the ending planned for? Their was true potential that obviously got derailed (Probably not for the better.). Thanks.