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Has it ever been properly explained why Daydreamer of the Young Gods tricked the Gwen Stacy clone into thinking she was Joyce Delaney? As I understand it Daydreamer was created by the Celestials and not the High Evolutionary. Why would Dreamweaver trick the Gwen clone during the Evolutionary Wars (presumably on HE's behalf) into thinking she wasn't a clone?

Did the clone saga that took place several years later have sort of cosmic significance to the Celestials?

And did we ever find out if there really was a Joyce Delaney? I don't think we've ever had proof one way or another whether Joyce Delaney was an actual student at Peter's college. Or whatever happened to Anthony Serba. Did the Jackal really put him in the smoke stack? Did Jackal really have a genetic modifying virus (like was claimed in Evolutionary Wars) that he used on Anthony and Anthony was the Spider-Man skeleton they later found in the smoke stack? Is Ben, Kaine or even Spidercide really Anthony?

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She did it for the Hostess Fruit Pies, brutha! And wouldn’t you?

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