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Subj: Spider-Miles #235: More "power" to you (if you read it)...
Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 at 09:01:04 pm EST (Viewed 232 times)

Spider-Man 235 (2018)

This was not a very satisfying chapter. The art detail was much weaker than it's been in previous arcs. On the plus side, the shoulder punch was sweet, though, for Ganke anonymously funding the web fluid costs. But, the extra number of unclearly expressed bracketed speech was annoying. The 0-Day reactions, so far, at fourchan, copycensored below, are less than favorable too. What did you thinks of Miles' new power?


    Spider-Man #235 Thread Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:17:17 No.97314848
    Renumbering is stupid. But anyway, Storytime!

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:25:50 No.97314972
    Hey, it's Big Red! How many Hulks are there anyway?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:29:43 No.97315034
    Hey look, Venomblast isn't op-ing Rhino!

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:31:20 No.97315061
    >Venom blast didn't work for once

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:31:37 No.97315066
    No, that's Armadillo.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:31:48 No.97315069
    6 hulks. I am counting the females one too. ;\)

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:32:07 No.97315078
    *WARNING!!!* The next pages will probably piss a lot of people off. You've been warned!

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:36:19 No.97315155
    >>new web power
    BRAVO BENDIS. You just couldn't help yourself.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:38:08 No.97315187
    Does he got organic webbing now? Energy webbing?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:39:06 No.97315206
    >Pulling a new power after the old attack didn't work
    Is this Miles' Ultra Instinct?
    ...Activated against fucking Armadillo?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:41:59 No.97315258
    Hey, it's Lana! Expect girlfriend drama in future issues

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:42:34 No.97315268
    So when does Miles learn he can fly like Superman and breathe underwater? ;\)

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:42:38 No.97315271
    Well, a couple issues later they establish that he lost the webshooters that Peter gave him, and even if he hadn't, Ganke couldn't afford to keep making the fluid for him. So yeah, this is probably some kinda energy webbing to replace the webshooters.
    So now he has:
    >Venom Blast
    >Mega Venom Blast
    >Venom Webbing
    >Venom Punch
    It's like a &^%$ing shonen manga except instead of getting these new powers from fighting stronger and stronger opponents, he's getting them by fighting weaker ones. Starts off the book by beating Blackheart then gets his ass kicked by Hammerhead and need to develop new powers to beat &^%$ing Armadillo.

    Bendis' complete lack of care for power levels really is something else.

    Anyways, since this whole arc is clearly just setting up for Miles getting his own superhero identity to use once Bendis leaves and he stops being "Spider-man," what will it be?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:45:37 No.97315338
    Can we even call this guy Spider-Man anymore? Shocker would be more fitting.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:45:44 No.97315340
    Kingsley is too good for this.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:46:00 No.97315344
    I don't why miles isn't sad about losing his webshooters, it was given to him by aunt may and ultimate Peter park.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:46:20 No.97315348
    Miles still can climb walls so it has to be spider based.
    Aw, isn't that cute.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:47:56 No.97315373
    So can Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Batman, jackass.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:48:56 No.97315396
    And that's that. Thanks for reading!

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:50:13 No.97315424
    Bendis is over, so who's writing the January issue?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:52:06 No.97315467
    I am still confuse, is miles still in another universe or not?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:52:36 No.97315475
    >I love her
    Bendis, stop wanking your OCs. She'll be forgotten as soon as you're gone because the Tinkerer already exists.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:53:26 No.97315494
    She said her mom is out of jail 5 times on that page

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:53:33 No.97315496
    >Miles and Lil Bombshell vs. Aaron and Mommy Bombshell
    Man, I'm actually pretty excited for next issue. Hopefully Bendis doesn't phone it in.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:53:38 No.97315499
    This, no surprise, is Bendis ignoring continuity. Red Hulk is in no condition to stay as Hulk for more than a few minutes now, much less while he's sleeping.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:53:48 No.97315504
    Well &^%$, that power's the first big twist Miles got after Secret Wars.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:54:46 No.97315521
    No, this is 616. The Ultimate Universe was destroyed, so Molecule Man did him a solid and copy-pasted most of his family and supporting characters (dupes aside) into 616 so Miles could pick up over there. The only people that knows this are Miles and Peter though.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:55:21 No.97315535
    Is it me or Armadillo has a wrong accent?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:55:41 No.97315539
    >Black guy gets more electricity powers
    Why do comic book creators always do this, just because Black Lightning did it first doesn't mean that all black superheroes have electricity powers.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:55:42 No.97315541
    Nope. Not Kingsley. Not buying he'd do this shite.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:55:55 No.97315543
    Bendis is still on until this arc wraps up. Same with the rest of his books. I think February is his last month at Marvel, since that's when both the current Jessica Jones, Defenders, Iron Man and Spider-man arcs all end.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)12:56:51 No.97315563
    They're just assuming it's Kingsley. Probably just yet another not-Hobgoblin that's renting the identity off of him or has been hypnotized into thinking they're Kingsley. Like, y'know, almost every Hobgoblin.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)13:00:56 No.97315641
    I can't believe Bendis writes him as if he was Macendale. The two had two different personalities. This heist is so Macendale, but for Kingsley it is beneath him for not calling the shots.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)13:01:18 No.97315647
    he beat army with energy webbing?!

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)13:06:33 No.97315754
    Thanks for reminding me that SHIELD is gone, Bendis. I forgot after the last time you pointed it out.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)13:15:49 No.97315926
    Miles needs a name change.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)13:26:55 No.97316126▶>>97317557
    KIngsley's PR Team pls. He always has some stupid that he realizes was stupid after Spider-Man kicks his ass. I know you guys like to pretend Kingsley is some Dr Doom level mastermind, but he is not. He is really just your asshat boss who got too much power.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)14:18:07 No.97317152
    Well, Bendis only has, what, 3 issues left? I can't imagine he'll be able to give him THAT many powers in that time. Then again, he just gave him 2 new powers in one issue so who knows. He'll probably get one more before the arc is done.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)14:32:53 No.97317520
    The numbering is a little depressing, they even took his chance at hitting his own 100, not that he had the best chance to hit that in this climate. God though how confusing is it going to be to explain this to people asking if they want to read his back issues? No you have to read through like 150 issues of alternate peter parker spider-man that never brings up miles than have him die than have miles take over for a few issues until that universe dies yet his backstory never changes? i read it as it happened and i'm confused

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)14:34:01 No.97317548
    evil mom = h-hot

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)14:43:49 No.97317762
    Yeah, the evil mom and uncle hooking up is a given

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)15:04:00 No.97318213
    UU did happen. Miles remembers everything that happened in the Ultimate Universe, as confirmed in Spider-men II. All those things still happened. In a different universe, sure, but to Miles, they all still happened since his memories and how those experiences affected him are still intact.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)15:18:11 No.97318458
    miles said in the issue his powers are acting weird

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)15:51:35 No.97319087
    According to Bendis in an interview over Miles vs. Blackheart, he said that the venom blast works differently on different opponents and implied that it's super-effective against demons. Similar to how it was earlier established that when used against machines, it causes them to explode.

    But then this 1. begs the question as to why it would be ineffective against Armadillo and 2. if it's super-effective against demons, why would you not follow up on this? Miles becoming some kinda demon hunter could be cool.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)15:56:40 No.97319209
    So now he's ripping off Julia Carpenter's powers with webs made of energy. Jevus, why is any of this along with the 'Miles you should be your own hero' plot even necessary? Does Bendis honestly think Miles will still sell if he's not Spider-Man?

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)15:58:11 No.97319243
    Rhino has a horn but to be fair the rendition was poor

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)15:59:13 No.97319265▶
    So-- Bombshell should have no problem vs Sandman.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)16:26:39 No.97319826
    I thought venom blasting was Bio-energy or something like an eel. But, now it is doing a lot of weird stuff.

    ate Pym. Ultimate Cap was killed though. The rest of the Ultimates are on a multiversal journey to hunt down and kill each universe's Marker.

    Also, by the by, a bunch of Ultimate X-men survived as well and are working for Miss Sinister. Ultimate Quicksilver died though. Current Ultimate X-men still running around are Ultimate Armor, Mach-2, Jimmy Hudson, and The Guardian.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)17:32:42 No.97321021
    WHY is her Mom out of jail exactly? She says she was supposed to have a 10 year sentence, why the fuck would anyone release an unrepentant superhuman that likes blowing stuff up and robbing banks early?
    Say what you will about America, they're very good at keeping non-rich people in jail.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)17:50:06 No.97321383
    Armadillo has been used a lot in the last year or so!

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)18:28:25 No.97322118
    &^%$ing Venom Webs

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)18:28:29 No.97322120
    Because Shield is gone and they didn't have any reasons to arrest her IMO.

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)18:29:28 No.97322138
    SHIELD got dissolved after Secret Empire and apparently to Bendis the lack of interagency communication means that superpowered criminals can just walk out of jail

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)18:36:39 No.97322278

    Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)18:52:40 No.97322576
    Why? That doesn't make any sense. Not only would no goevernment be STUPID enough to do that unless they got something out of it, there is no way there wouldn't be mass outrage from the public over hundreds of super-villains being released solely because the agency in charge of their prisons was gone.

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