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Subj: Spider-Men II #5 [of 5]: Not worth the wait...
Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 at 04:53:21 pm EST (Viewed 365 times)

"No closure." Ha. You can say that again. That IS funny. Heck, there wasn't much of a plot premise to OPEN this mini series either. And now it's over...

Spider-Men II 005 (2018)

PBP reactions to compare if you read it.

> The pulse-racing final issue! Peter and Miles are faced with their toughest challenge yet, and it's one that challenges far more than their super hero skills. If you thought the end of the first SPIDER-MEN series was huge, brace yourself.

That was the solicit but the conclusion felt hardly "brace-worthy" at all. The villain gets the happy ending he doesn't deserve. Miles is motivated to give up the Spider-man codename which, as yet, is not properly acknowledged in mainstream titles which evidentally includes Spider-Miles #234 which is implied to follow chronologically after this.

Cover: Unmasked! Ooo... We'll see...

So, evidentally they escaped being tied by Tasky BETWEEN ISSUES and after an INDETERMINANT TIME. Bah. That 2 panel flashback didn't make much sense, 1st read thru, and was poorly transitioned. Pet peeve: Peter implies he "CONTEMPLATES" saying the bracketed "(IDIOT.)" in lieu of a thought bubble BUT in other Bendis books this week bracketed phrases this week appear to be said aloud. Bah.

For some reason great minds think alike and they both return to CSI Evil Miles and Tasky's getaway. They beat around the bush SOMETHING related to "great responsibility", passing on the legacy (and legal claim) of the name Spider-man, and even the Multiverse. But really wrap up nothing coherently.

"Spider-man is pain." ...heh.

04 More boring discussion. Until: ironic gag for last panel. ;\)

05 Tasky finally shows up to get the party started. Makeshift gas masks is something.

title page/recap combo: Was it worth it?

06 Fight. That biga$$ sword looks as silly as Magik's bighonkin' Soulsword.

07 Fight. Miles can vary time delays on his Venom Blast now? Sheesh. Instead of making him Spider-man 2.0 they're going Spider-Woman 2.0. ;\)

08 So, Evilmiles was just concerned with his getaway 'cuz now he seems fine with Tasky going off to kill the Spider-mEn he thought wise to spare last ish. Oh wait. Ahhh. The heroes were CSI-ing the Portal Site, not the airport, and Tasky is fascilitating cover for Evilmiles to jump thru. Meanwhile Sasheer comes is bequeathed an undisclosed fortune[?] should any other writer want to reuse her in the future.

09 Nuff 'Said coasting page.

10-11 Miles meets up with Miles. Nothing to say. Miles shoots Miles. Uhhh... Evilmiles wins.

12-13 TERRIBLE TERRIBLE choreography. Spidey had Tasky on the ropes but suddenly the building is exploding. Evidentally Tasky found a car and drove away none the worse for wear. Easypeasy - after all they're only Spider-mEn. *rolls eyes* Most importantly the non-descript building was next to a generic skyscraper. Huh? Wasted double spread.

14-15 So, not only did Miles get a bullet in the shoulder he was buried in the building rubble. What a crappy day he's having. He tries to capture the WHOLE ish awesomeness of ASM 33 in a double spread escape. Good luck with that.

16 Spidey was just chillin' all that time. ??!! Sigh. SIDEBAR: What James Bond installment is being referenced?

17-22 Can somebody tell me if we are to know if this is 1610 Universe?! Guess it never registered in my brain after 5 issues. If so: ARRRRRGH! It's bad enough Evilmiles hooks up with his alt-Barbara for a happy stretched out ending. Complete with cheap gimmick cameo by "The Ultimates". And was that minor Spidey/Goblin clash verbatim to any Ultimate Comics back issue 'cuz it looked familiar.

23 Miles tells Ganke he quits the name Spider-man. (Yay!) Hardly a satisfying concluding conversation covering the aftermath.

24 In the end, and Miles (minus REAL Spidey) gets a date with... wait for it... (someone named) Barbara! Ooo... Beautiful cosmic symmetry - certainly not worth waiting 5 issues for.

Technically, there's 4 extra pages from a regular ish for your entertainment. Hmmph. Does any value to this mini depend if Miles decision to give up the name Spider-man sticks? In spite of how weird this whole adventure would motivate that decision?

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