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Author Topic: Amazing Mary Jane#5: Principal Brutality

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Principal photography wraps on MJ's movie, Mysterio tells her that he has shown footage of the film to executives and they've agreed to bankroll pick-ups, and they can now include scenes they had to cut due to budget restraints. MJ leaves Peter a video message letting him know it's a wrap and that she loves him, wishing they could be together now so they can celebrate. The Savage Six come calling and confront MJ, but she mops the floor with them using the resources of the set and a few X-Men robots. Beck and the rest of the production team arrive and help MJ fight off the Six, Vulture retreats and the crew all go out to lunch

My thoughts:

The cover and solicitations for it lied. There is no appearance from Peter, no confrontation about MJ working with Mysterio, and MJ isn't in the Spider-costume dealing with the Savage Six either....and boy does MJ mop the floor with them all. If I weren't an MJ fan, I'd complain a bit about how massively OP she is here, but all I see is "Chameleon and baseball bat" dialled up to a thousand here and I love it.

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