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Ron F.

Subj: She's out there.
Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 at 07:02:12 pm EDT (Viewed 7 times)

Hey Everyone,

I came upon an old concept sketch of American Dream that I was sure had fallen into the dimension reserved for socks lost from front loaders,so I thought I'd share.

I believe I had posted a black-and-white xerox of this image at some point in the dim and distant past.

I THINK at this point we were considering making her a relative/daughter of Sam Wilson before we had the idea of using Sharon Carter.I never did like the blue next to the brown I used for her skin and don't know why I never tried a sketch with long dark hair like we ended up using on Shannon.

Also,I was doodling at the studio off of some photo reference and decided to color up this quick sketch of Mayday.

She's out there.

Hugs to all,