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I just miss not only Mayday but all her friends and such. I'm sure I'm not the only one...

I'd like to think that it's possible that in the fallout of whatever brings back the dead characters in the main MU in a few months, Peter comes back in the MC-2 universe, too.

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Tate Walters

My M2 collection remains one of my favorite collected reads.

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I have been particularly nostalgic for the MC2 of late. Re-reading various series in the MC2 has made me really miss the place. It was my escape and it's still my favourite fictional world to visit. If we could just ignore Spider-Verse and continue where Tom and Ron left off in Spider-Girl: The End, I'd be overjoyed. Please, Marvel.
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Tom D.

If you miss the MC-2 Universe, you should write Tom Brevoort a real, snail mail letter and let him know how you feel.

Editors don't react to message boards, emails or social media...but old fashioned letters still get their attention.

(By the way, even if Marvel does decide to bring back MC-2, the odds are real good that Ron and I won't be involved...but don't let that discourage you. Tell Marvel what you want and they may give it to you!)

Thanks for being there!
Tom D.

P.S.: I miss the MC-2 Universe, too!!!

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Co-signed. Slott and Costa's vision should not be the last word we have on Mayday or her family (though Costa at the very least wrote a half-decent book in Web Warriors), we need the real MC2 back, not what the company thinks we want.

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Would a petition work?

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Tate Walters

It would not the same without you guys. Both of you have been behind many of my favorite runs in comics and after your departure from them, the books lost a lot of the appeal that they had.

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