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Subj: What if Mayday received a movie that was a sequel to one of the already existing Spider-man movies/shows
Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 at 04:17:40 am EDT (Viewed 1200 times)

Out of curiosity, if they HAD to make a Spider-Girl movie out of one of the Spider-Man movie/TV franchises, which one would it be?

I strongly feel like spinning it out of Sam Rami's trilogy would be great, Toby would make a great dad for Mayday, HOWEVER no Venom symbiote and probably no Normie if Harry dies also at the end of 3. Still... I'd love to see Spider-Girl as that 4th movie.

If it was in the Garfield one... well, Spider-Girl would probably hate Mondays but love lasagna. J/K, but I just... it wouldn't be a logical one to choose. Garfield as a dad with a goatee and an MJ we had never seen... probably wouldn't be great, BUT Harry is alive and thus we could have Normie. That's... Something?

Homecoming's so new it's unfair to use it probably, but May would have the MCU to play with, AND she would probably have an AI like Karen, which well... that would take the place of her 2nd person narration that Tom uses in the comic. That could be really funny. "Your name is May "Mayday" Parker, and you are the daughter of the Amazing Spider-Man" "Uh, yeah Karen... I know."

Ah... who am I kidding. Spider-Girl should be a direct sequel to Toksatsu Spider-Man. She could be the new emissary of hell.