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Subj: Some questions for Tom and Ron regarding ASM #259
Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 at 06:20:43 pm EDT (Viewed 1032 times)

I was going over some old comics for a Mary Jane related project I'm considering and I skimmed the Wolfman, Stern and of course DeFalco/Frenz run in the course of my reading. When I got to ASM #259 a few questions struck me that I'd appreciate the answers to if that would be okay.

1) MJ's parents being divorced (and this making MJ apprehensive about marriage) was revealed in ASM #194 during the Wolfman run and MJ's sister Gayle was revealed via a daydream in ASM #246 (I believe) during Stern's run. Obviously these elements were important in MJ's origin from ASM #259.

My question to Tom and Ron is, was literally everything else in ASM #259 pertaining to MJ's backstory dreamed up by you guys?

2) I believe I once read a statement from Mr. Frenz that during his and Mr. DeFalco's run they had plans for Peter and MJ to get engaged but for MJ to jilt Peter on the day of the wedding. I apologize if I'm getting any details wrong there.

My question is where those plans around when you guys did ASM #259, like was that issue written in any way with the intention of eventually leading into that potential story?

3) Finally I've always noticed a really interesting parallel created by MJ's backstory between her and Peter.

MJ actively ran away from her sister, which she always felt guilty about.

And in Peter's origin, he passively stood by and let the burglar escape, which he always felt guilty about.

Was that an intentional aspect of the story you guys built into the issue?