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Subj: Would you re-cast Superman/replace Cavill if you had the chance?
Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 at 11:06:42 pm EDT (Viewed 285 times)

I would.

I know (Lord how I know) that he hasn't been given much to work with so it's not entirely his fault that his Superman isn't given the acclaim of Gadot's WW or even Batfleck.

But something about him rubs me the wrong way; he just comes off as a very cold fish; very self-interested and calculating. He in it for the bucks and has outright said so. In one sense this is refreshing because it is honest.

On the other hand, it shows that he doesn't care; (I kinda got the same vibe from Welling who wasn't even an actor).

Christopher Reeve *did* have artistic pretensions and a desire to infuse Superman with something special and get to the heart of what make the character long lasting. If you look at some old interviews, he talks about how he thought about the character abstractly and wanted to get underneath to real psychological appeal. (Of course he did enjoy the money too!)

Also, Cavill is TOO SHORT! To me, the Superman costume only looks really impressive and credible in someone say 6'3" to 6'5". It just adds something special to the aesthetic appeal; and getting down to the 6'0" range is noticeable (to me).

Really, the only thing pro-Cavill folks can point to is his bulbous Snyder-y physique; which I personally think is overdone. He just stands there like a pumped-up slab of beef looking all broody or something. (again, that's not his fault; it's how the character has been written).

But alas Cavill is not going anywhere. He knows the Superman flicks he's doing are uninspired trash, but doesn't really care so long as the check clears. I'm not saying that makes him a bad person (it makes him smart!).