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Subj: Do you think DOOMSDAY CLOCK will address Pre-Crisis Superman?
Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 at 01:49:21 am EDT (Viewed 239 times)

I'm really not sure if Johns will go that route. But the more I think about it, the more I see how the door is *really* open because:

-Doomsday Clock is purportedly addressing ALL DC comics history from 1938 on.

-Superman (and his confrontation w/Manhattan) is the centerpiece of the whole shebang. Not to mention Luthor seems like a major player based on the covers for issue #2.

-Watchmen happened in 1986 at the same time as COIE and the reboot of Superman and the DCU. A pivotal junction in continuity and tone.

-It has *always* been an unanswered question of what happened to E1 Superman from the end of COIE to the reboot. Did he become the post-crisis Superman? Did he just vanish? He certainly did NOT die! He existed after the Crisis! Even the imaginary WHTTMOT happened POST-CRISIS!

-Dday Clock is about bringing back the optimism of the pre-Watchmen/86 time; which again leads to the pre-Crisis Superman.

-For all these reasons, it would be so easy to delve into why/how Superman lost/forget so much of his history, why he become so much less powerful, and why he became prone to continuity reboots.

Regardless all this, I still think it is possible that it WON'T be addressed. DC has gone to *great* pains to act like the Silver/Bronze age never happened for Superman. Further, Johns had a very clear opportunity to address this back in Infinite Crisis. But nothing!

I *really* hopes Johns doesn't ignore it this time. Because if it's not addressed here, it NEVER will be!