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Subj: Thor's steady transition from Odin-worship to Odin-disdain
Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 at 12:19:25 pm EST (Viewed 385 times)

In the old days, Thor worshiped Odin like a god, not just as a father. The God of gods. Odin was deemed to be All-Wise, All-Knowing and Justice Incarnate. These days, the faith is largely absent. This is not because of Aaron. Thor's love for Odin has been on the decline for years, maybe even decades.

First came Blood and Thunder. Thor went mad; the result of Odin having tampered with Thor's spirit. They've had their spats over the years, but this was first strong crack in their relationship. Then came the Godpack era, when Thor was effectively ex-communicated from Asgard and Red Norvell was resurrected to replace him (as Odin's true son). This probably set the course of their continued relationship. No longer was Odin the equivalent of God, he was merely a spiteful father running his own agenda.

This continued over into the death of Eric Masterson, which Thor blamed on Odin. Then Worldengine occurred, and Onslaught, and the Dark Gods in the aftermath of Worldengine and Seth.

Odin was again the All-Father with the restoration under Jurgens. But did their relationship ever fully heal?

Post-Ragnarok, with the resurrection of Odin under Fraction, their relationship seemed to be back at Godpack-era levels of animosity.

Thor said during their fight in FEAR ITSELF, 'This is not the Asgard of old. You hold not the sway you once had.'

With the revelation of Cul, and Odin's later alliance with Cul, I think its safe to say that Thor is pretty deep into his disdain for Odin. It's baked into their relationship at this point.