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Subj: Lazarus Contracts- character assassination
Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 at 08:44:56 pm EDT (Viewed 9 times)

Someone help me out here.

I think it is HIGHLY out of character for Robin to EVER have such an agreement with Deathstroke. I can understand a retcon, but have it make sense!!!

Robin/Nightwing would never have gone after Deathstroke on his own. RobinNIgtwing would NEVER agree to let Deathstroke roam free. It would have made his soul itch. The history is a little skewed because the situation with Deathstroke/Terra is what created the Nightwing persona. Damn you Crisis...adn I mean DC Editorial Crisis, to the actual COIE!! They way they have it set up now, I can't see Grayson not enlisting Batman's help. Before, he was cutting the cord...now...this is stupid. lol

The other character that pissed me off was Flash. What is he without his speed...he's a freaking hero ready to give his life to defeat the enemy. Wally West would be afraid to fight a speed enhanced Deathstroke?!?!? NO! Now, I'm not saying it wasn't the smart thing to do....but Wally is kinda known for going off half-cocked (compared to his teammates because he's a speedster). Not as bad as Bart, but not as settled as Barry.

Slade mastered the Speed Force that quickly?!?. I call bull. He would have to get used to being able to move that fast. He should have problems stopping, turning, etc. Wally as a senior Flash should have sufficient tricks/skill to stop a newbie speedster. What does Wally do against other speedsters?!?! UGH!!