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Subj: If we get everyone back after Rebirth, what do YOU want to see in Titans/Teen Titans?
Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 at 09:29:32 pm EDT (Viewed 1065 times)

Me, I'd like to see a LOT of things...
Tim Drake back as Red Robin in the Kingdom Come costume.
Kon-El back, in costume, as "Superion" or something now that Jon is Superboy.
Cyborg back with the Titans.
Bart Allen back as Impulse.
Wonder Girl reintegrated into the Wonder Woman family.
Bette Kane back as Flamebird.
Stephanie Brown back in a Bat alias.
Cassandra Caine back as the Black Bat.
Arrowette and Speedy back.
Connor Hawke in a new guise.
Tim Hunter on the Titans.
The return of Secret.
Aqualad, Aquagirl, and Lagoon Boy.
Supergirl, Mary Marvel, and Miss Martian doing a little girl power.
Freddie Freeman now a "Kid Marvel".
Linda Danvers in a new "Super" alias.

Maya, Arisia, Thunder and Lightning (Black Lightning's daughters), Jakeem Thunder, Stargirl, Offspring, Tomcat, the Hawk and the Dove, the Herald, Static, Rocket, Gear (from the Static cartoon), Mas y Menos, Terra Tara Markov, Mirage, Redwing, Golden Eagle, Sinbad, Halo, Vaporlock, Firehawk, King Chimera, Zatara Jr. Cyclone, Indigo, Girl Thirteen, Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes, Son of Vulcan, Molecule, Kilowatt, Skorne, Kole, Gnark, Jericho, Prysm, Argent, Risk, Pantha, Fringe, Red Star, Night Rider, Ravager, Young Frankenstein, Mon-El, Toyman 3, the Squire, Raven Red, Powerboy, Cir-El, Misfit, Zan and Jayna, Phantasm, Tula, Bombshell, Little Barda, Red Devil, Solstice, Kid Eternity, Empress, Battalion, Prestor Jon, Wonder Boy, Red Beetle, Bushido, Pantha from the cartoon, and Hot Spot all get at one point, a fair chance at being a Titan.

Interactions with non-hero supporting characters like Jimmy Olsen, Tana Moon, and Wendy and Marvin.

A dedicated evil counterpart to the Titans, Duela Dent, Enigma, Talon, Osiris, Inertia, Match, Devastation, Clock King Jr., Sun Girl, Persuader, Dreadbolt, Kid Copperhead, Disruptor, Book Worm, Pom Pom Girl, Tomboy, Harm, Kid Crusader, Kid Karnevil, Merlyn's apprentice Tyrk, the Ant, Wildebeest, YTerra (Atlei), Holly Grainger as "Kestrel", Skitter, Bunker Tanya Spears in a new alias, Anima, Witch Hazel, Blur, Silhourtte, Sapling, Quaker, Buster, Shiv, Kid Amazo, Klarion, a mysterious new Red X, Cyber Girl, White Lightning, Spazz, Chain Lightning, the Terror Twins, Tye Longshadow, Minion, Firefist, Karma, and Lodestone from Doom Patrol, Fever, Anarky, Dust Devil, Deathwing, Headcase, Brainiac 6, Aquamaria, and the Wrath's sidekick Scorn.

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