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Subj: Titans #19
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 at 08:35:19 am EST (Viewed 1416 times)

The Trial of Donna Troy:
Well, no trial. The Justice League, under Mr Sensitive's lead, decides to order the Titans around and tell them their latest adventure and battle with Troia makes them callous and irresponsible. Pretty funny considering the REAL problems the League is facing now in their own book. Titans Tower is shut down, Wally and Donna are being evaluated by the League who are very effectively portrayed here as condenscending Big Brother, and to drown his woes Roy decides to pick a fight all by his lonesome with Intergang. Last page cliff hanger has Roy literally falling straight out of the pan and into the fire.

Paul Pelletier, as usual, provides some of the absolutely most gorgeous artwork possible and one has to think that the very dimensional and punched up look this book has are in no small part due to Andrew Hennesey's inks. Although it seems a tad bit contrived that Batman would waltz in and be this big of a jerk at this point in the team's career over this particular incident (Didn't a future version of some of their own recently try to murder everyone? Hypocrite much?), the dialog and flow of the story are well handled by the almost always stellar Dan Abbnett.

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