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Subj: Walking Dead march 12th
Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 at 08:35:04 pm EDT (Viewed 564 times)

Carol gets suspicious about why Rick and crew visited the Kingdom, but Morgan won't tell her.....at first.

Richard from the Kingdom sets a plan in motion to sacrifice himself to start a war between the Kingdom and the Saviors.

However it backfires and the jerk that is always with the Saviors picking fights with Richard shoots the kid that Morgan had been training.

The kid bleeds out and dies.

They find the missing piece of the tribute and Morgan learns of what Richard had planned. Morgan is not pleased.

ezekiel's crew goes to give them the missing piece. The Savior squad leader is far from pleased that the kid is dead and orders the jerk that shot him to start walking back to base on his own and to keep his mouth shut or he will kill him.

Morgan's rage overcomes him and he kills Richard with his bare hands in front of them all and he tells them what Richard had planned. Ezekiel is NOT pleased at all, and even the Savior squad leader seems to be a bit shocked at the information.

Morgan assures the Saviors that they understand what they need to do regarding the tributes.

Morgan also gets his stick back and now it seems that Morgan's sanity may be crumbling a bit. Morgan is now back into KILL mode and he isn't happy but he plans to fight the Saviors.

He then goes and tells Carol the full truth about what happened with the Saviors and Alexandria and how Negan has killed Abraham, Glenn, Spencer, and more and how Rick is trying to unite the towns for war.

Carol packs up her gear and heads to Ezekiel who now seems far more inclined to fight the Saviors.

Carol is now shifting back into Rambo mode, Morgan is slowly going off the rails of the crazy train again, and Ezekiel now seems to understand that it is time for war.

Episode ends with Morgan apparently working on carving either a new staff or else sharpening one end of it to serve as a stake.